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  1. Wow! An excellent effort! Great work there! As other's have said, I don't think they will realign the off-ramp sadly. I would like more room. So we could have a museum for the Melbourne Football Club as well as a social club area. I also think the indoor hall is a great idea but could also be 3 storeys high to include our swimming pool on the first floor as well as the gym. Lastly, I was going to ask if there was enough room to squeeze in a MCG sized oval in that area? Perhaps the small hill can be gotten rid of and just have more trees? What if you had an MCG sized oval at the top across ways and the 2 soccer/rugby pitches below the oval so there is more room? Obviously the walking paths would need to be changed as well as some of the trees but more trees could always be planted too? Nevertheless, a really great mock-up design and I could imagine the buildings painted dark blue with red vees similar to what Richmond have at Punt Road with their jumper style buildings. We could also have a bronze statue(s) of Robbie Flower and/or David Neitz at the facilities.
  2. Good point. I agree. Nobody deserves anything. You gotta earn it.
  3. Thank you, I appreciate the kind words. I totally understand everyone's frustrations. But we need to stick together. I remember how disappointing the year 1999 was. Especially after we beat Essendon in round 7 that year. I thought we were on the rise after that game....but we fell in a heap and ended up finishing 3rd last. 2019 was bitterly disappointing as well. Especially after the highs of 2018. Nevertheless, that has been very much dissected by all of us already. In the end...I won't give up. We deserve Premiership glory....but the team needs to earn it.
  4. I apologise for this thread turning into a slanging match. That certainly wasn't my intention. I simply want to look at new ideas and possibilities to help the Melbourne Football Club become successful again.
  5. I think besides the obvious of winning a Premiership the main legacy of Melbourne Football Club President Glen Bartlett and this current board is being able to sort out this issue of a combined football department, administration and social club headquarters for the Demons close to the MCG. The biggest issue is the feasibility of the Demons headquarters. Where should it be exactly? How much room is required to fit everything we need? Can we have a MCG sized oval? And most important of all, how much will a new Demons headquarters cost?
  6. I understand that it failed. Which is why I asked about it because it basically went down the memory hole. But is it a worthwhile initiative to bring back the Demon Summit? Or best to make a better assessment at the end of the year? If not, that's fine. However, it is a bit disappointing to see so many negative comments. We need to be both realistic but also positive with our attitudes to help the Melbourne Football Club.
  7. Firstly, does anyone remember the Demon Summit? I think Jimmy Stynes organsed it back in 2011 or 2012? I cannot remember exactly what year. Basically, it was a conference or "summit" to look at ideas and strategies to help the Melbourne Football Club to become successful again both on and off the field. At least I think that is what it was for? Besides, asking if anyone here at Demonland remembers it, I was going to ask if it was worthwhile doing again? We could do a Zoom video conference version of the Demon Summit this time? I certainly think it would be worthwhile doing again to see what we can do to help the team we love. It could be something done every 4 or 5 years (or every 10 years at the most) to look at new and clever ideas to grow the Melbourne Football Club and it would also increase members engagement with the Melbourne Football Club. Maybe combine it with our AGM as an option? Anyway, besides being a Melbourne Demons member and supporting the club that I have barracked for my entire I wanted to look outside the box for different ideas and strategies to make the Demons successful again. The more creation of new ideas and brain-storming we can do the better in my opinion.
  8. I am hopeful both Daniel Cross and Max Rooke get re-employed by the MFC once things start going back to normal in the future. But we will have to wait and see I guess?
  9. I definitely think Nathan Jones can play another 2 or 3 seasons. Definitely this shortened season and next season. It will be wonderful if Nathan Jones can break the most amount of games played for the MFC which is currently held by David Neitz with 306 games. Nathan Jones could be very handy playing on the Half-Forward Flank and occasionally thrown back into the midfield. He certainly needs to focus on his delivery inside 50 and goal kicking this year when season 2020 re-starts.
  10. I heard about this. Quite interesting. I will reserve my judgement until after this upcoming court case.
  11. We definitely need another tall forward. I am still keen on Sam Weideman but he needs to keep bulking up. We definitely need either Garry Lyon, David Schwarz or David Neitz back at the club teaching young Sam about forward craft. Additionally, I would look to approach Tom Boyd formerly from the GWS and the Western Bulldogs and see if he is interested in coming out of retirement. Does the hunger to play still burn deep down? Although he may not wish to play AFL any more. However, if his back feels better and his mental health has improved then a fresh start might be good for him? The other fundamental issue is getting more skilled players who are good kicks! We need to start drafting and recruiting players that are excellent kicks that can hit our forwards lace out on the chest.
  12. I just wanted to know if there are any new updates on the Melbourne Football Club's new training facility combined with the administration and a social club? I originally liked the Jolimont Station idea of having an new oval and headquarters built there. But it seems that the local community around East Melbourne sadly don't want it there. Nevertheless, I think Gosch's Paddock will be fine with an overhaul of Richmond Train Station as well as a training base, administration and social club for the Melbourne Football Club. The issue will be having enough space for everything we need. This plan for the new Melbourne Football Club headquarters will certainly cost a lot of money....but it would be a big project that would reinvigorate the sporting precinct and create a lots of jobs during the current economic climate. Anyway, I am looking forward to hearing more news soon.
  13. Wow! That's a disgrace! I don't understand why the Melbourne Football Club board would be so underhanded do that to Norm Smith let alone why Melbourne members wouldn't vote for him?! It sounds like it was Norm's last gasp to save the football club he loved. After that he gave up and went to coach the South Melbourne Football Club and give Bobby Skilton his last taste of the finals. I would certainly like to know the names of those Melbourne Football Club board members at the time. Although, in the end, what's done is done and we cannot change what happened. Not that I believe in curses but that certainly would of put salt on the wound of Norm Smith's feelings of betrayal. The final slap in the face for a club he had done so much for. Thank you for letting me know about what happened. I have been meaning to read the Red Fox about Norm Smith and this gives me even more reason to do so. Anyway as much as it is a bit of a play on another bemusing acronym I believe in the phrase of MMGA (Make Melbourne Great Again). I want to see at least ONE Melbourne Demons Premiership before I die and I also want to share it with my Dad who is now in his early 70s as well as all the rest of the loyal long-suffering Demons supporters out there who deserve a bit of joy and happiness in their lives. After seeing the Bulldogs and Tigers win their Premierships it has made me more determined than ever to see us have Premiership success. By the way, does anyone remember the Demon Summit that we had quite a few years ago? What was the purpose of that event? What happened to the ideas that came from it all? I apologise for all the questions. I just want to know what needs to be done to not only reflect and learn from our past mistakes but also what we need to do for the Melbourne Football Club to be successful once again.
  14. Thank you all for your insights. They are greatly appreciated. I never knew any of this information. Nevertheless, I apologise for bringing up unpleasant memories. It was not my intention to upset anybody or cause animosity. The lack of funds and lack of resources for such a long period of time really shocks me. You would think the MCC would of WANTED the MFC to be successful as it would be beneficial for bigger crowds and increased revenue!? Or they simply didn't care which club it was (e.g. Richmond) as long as they brought big crowds. I certainly agree with others here that the Melbourne Football Club definitely needs a proper home base as many others have mentioned. The big issue is funding and having the right location. I watched the Norm Smith interview. I can certainly understand Norm's frustration with the MFC board. They should have backed him......rightly or wrongly...at the very least privately and paid for the compensation payment that Norm Smith had to pay in an out of court settlement to that umpire Don Glew. At least paying the compensation would of showed Norm that the MFC board cared for him. An honourable man who played in 4 Premierships and coached 6 Premierships for the Melbourne Football Club. A simply amazing feat to be involved with 10 Premierships for the Demons! I think Norm felt betrayed by the MFC board and the club he loved so much and had given so much of his life to. Norm Smith was "Melbourne through and through" and basically didn't get the support he needed. This was a failure of all those on the MFC board at the time in the mid 1960s and why Norm Smith wanted the members to rise up and vote them out to bring about fresh changes. Finally, I would still like to know if it was true that Norm Smith ran in an election to join the Melbourne Football Club board in 1967-1968 though? Did he run in that election and did he not gain enough votes? Does anyone have that information?
  15. Being born in the early 1980's meant I missed out on the Glory Days of the 1950's and early 1960's. We all know about the sacking of Norm Smith and Ron Barassi Jnr moving to Carlton. Two things that should never have happened. But I want to know what else happened? Why did the Melbourne Football Club fail so miserably and fall into decline from the late 1960's into the 1970s? Who was responsible for the missed opportunities of recruiting players or the development of players? Who is responsible for our lack of success during that time? I also want to know why the Melbourne Football Club board didn't support Norm Smith 100% (rightly or wrongly) when he allegedly called an umpire a "cheat" in 1963? Why didn't they back him? Why didn't they do more to support their Premiership coach? At least pay for his legal expenses and other costs and look after him? Additionally why didn't the Melbourne Football Club board do more to prevent Ron Barassi Jnr from leaving the club to go to Carlton in 1965? Who were the board members and football department people? That were part of the club during that time in the 1960's and 1970's? Why were so many of them totally inept? I would like to know why the board wasn't held accountable for their mistakes? I also heard that Norm Smith attempted to join the Melbourne Football Club board in either 1967 or 1968 but failed to obtain enough votes. Is this true? If so, why didn't the Melbourne Football Club members back him? Obviously these questions may open up some old wounds. But I want to get my head around what went wrong in those days. I would appreciate the thoughts of those who have any knowledge of these times.
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