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  1. Pardon my ignorance but are there any highlight videos of Brodie Kemp? I am open to drafting him at pick 8 if he is still available. The ACL issue is a risk, but we had Petracca do his knee in his first year that we drafted him so you cannot predict anything like that. I actually think Sydney will take Brodie Kemp as a long-term replacement for Josh Kennedy.
  2. Personally, I would like the Demons to take Hayden Young as we desperately need more players who are elite kicks and excellent decision makers. No more players who are "apple turnovers" and who constantly butcher the ball. I also found his highlights video package quite impressive.
  3. Hope that all the assistant coaches are announced soon. Especially having a kicking and/or goal kicking coach. Would love to have David Neitz, David Schwarz, Jeff Farmer and Brad Green back at the club on a regular basis. I know Aaron Davey was doing an AFL coaching course and was involved with our pre-season training last year up at the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. As I have said many times, we need good quality football people at the club. I'll probably be pretty angry if we don't recruit Mark "Choco" Williams as a development coach. He is being wasted as just a VFL coach. But I will wait and see as to who fills the vacant coaching positions first. Happy with Alan Richardson coming to the Demons. So that's a positive step in the right direction at least.
  4. Bit of a shame that we have lost Brendan McCartney. Think he is a quality football person. But some times you need a change if people get used to your message and it doesn't sink in any more. Hopefully we get another good quality football person to replace him. As I have harped on about I would love to get Mark "Choco" Williams as a development coach. But in the end, it doesn't matter who we get to the Demons as long as they are a good quality football person and help develop our players to reach their full potential.
  5. I am keen on taking Hayden Young. Topping the agility test at the Draft Combine is a big tick.
  6. Hayden Young from the Dandenong Stingrays apparently was number 1 in the agility tests at the 2019 Draft Combine. Hayden's agility score was 7.94 seconds. I am assuming that's good? Hopefully our National Recruiting Manager Jason Taylor takes note.
  7. Would like to see Matthew Lloyd become our goal kicking coach. Besides throwing grass up in the air and diving for free kicks he was a pretty good kick at goal. If not him, then Brad Green or David Schwarz (who has offered to do it in the past but got rudely knocked back by Jesse Hogan I think?). Otherwise Wayne Carey (if he can behave himself) Matthew Richardson or Brian Taylor should be considered.
  8. On ya Chunk! Selflessness personified. You are a legend Nathan Jones. Your commitment and loyalty to the Melbourne Football Club will never be forgotten. You have been a magnificent Captain and always been a tough blue-collar player who goes in and gets the job done. I hope this decision helps you extend your playing career. Would love you to play 300 games for the Demons and even break David Neitz's record. But as others have mentioned you have to continue to earn your spot in the team. Nobody should be gifted games. Personally I think Nathan Jones should play as a half forward flanker as I know he can be a handy goal kicker. His 3 goals against the Swans earlier in the year was an example of this. Nevertheless, I hope Nathan has a great pre-season and comes back the fittest he has ever been and proves the doubters wrong. All the best for 2020 with the Demons Nathan!
  9. Christian Petracca has the ability to become a superstar in the AFL. However, he needs to get serious. Focus on getting himself the fittest he has ever been and work on his skills "craft" every day. I think he should look to employ a former elite AFL player as his personal coach/mentor. Shane Crawford comes to mind. In the end he needs to look in the mirror and be determined to improve himself. As Paul Roos said a few years ago "you choose if you want to be great". Christian Petracca needs make the choice to become a great player for the Demons.
  10. I agree that the Demons need to make some big decisions on the trade table. I would be suprised if we traded Viney though. Not against that posibility. I just don't see it happening. I wouldn't mind trading Angus Brayshaw to Fremantle to join his brother Andrew and we get Adam Cerra but that would be doubtful too.
  11. I was most suprised that Gawn and Oliver were joint winners of the Demons Best & Fairest Keith "Bluey" Truscott award for 2019. The first time it has ever happened in the Demons history. I honestly expected Gawn to win with Oliver a close 2nd. Nevertheless, congratulations to them both.
  12. Getting Ben King or even Peter Wright from the Gold Coast Suns would be a massive coup. If not, I am happy keeping pick 3# in the AFL National Draft. I like the look of Hayden Young from the Dandenong Stingrays. The Demons are crying out for players who are excellent kicks with great decision making under pressure.
  13. So is it confirmed that Sam Frost is leaving? Hopefully we get a somewhat fair trade from Hawthorn. Nothing worse than losing a player for nothing.
  14. I wouldn't mind John Barker as an assistant coach at the Demons. How many coaching positions do we need to fill? I know we have Alan Richardson now. But I still think it is 3 or 4?
  15. As long as he turns up to Pre-Season super fit and at the correct weight this time I won't have an issue. I don't mind him having a sneaky beer...just not like how he got caught out this year. Have a quiet beer celebrating a win not while injured with the team struggling. It wasn't a good look. However, I think he has learnt his lesson. I can't help but like Steven May. He shows passion and care. Particularly after that interesting argument/discussion with fellow Demons defender Sam Frost during one of the games. He is a former Captain at the Suns and can be a leader at the Demons. But actions will speak louder than words. He needs to keep super fit and hopefully have better luck with injuries in 2020. I wish Steven May all the best in 2020 and hope he has a wonderful year both on and off the field. Both the club and Steven May deserve success but they need to work hard to earn it.
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