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  1. Any photos from training today please? Frustratingly, I cannot get the training photos on the MFC phone app to work. If anyone could provide some links to photos it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I am hoping Harley Bennell gets some luck his way. He has a huge amount of talent and just needs to get through pre-season injury free. He can do this if he listens to the medical staff and doesn't over exert himself. Let his body slowly build up steadily. I like the suggestion of Harley Bennell trying out Yoga to help his posture. It's definitely worth a try at least. I genuinely wish Harley Bennell all the very best and hope he can get the chance to run out onto the MCG to play for the Demons.
  3. Really like Steven May as a player. Tough, honest, passionate and has leadership qualities. Plays with a bit of mongrel. Hope he has an injury free year and repays the faith. Would love to see him become an All Australian player in 2020. But let's just get him fit and playing every match this coming season as a starting point. A few big "legal" hip and shoulders throughout the year would be nice to see too. Although would prefer all his agression focused on the ball and not the man in 2020.
  4. Losing $1.5 million from cash reserves is a big blow. Winning is the core to success as others have mentioned. Sustainable success is critical. As Hawthorn, Geelong and Collingwood have proven. But you gotta have a good business plan too. I am not against the idea of having another Debt Demolition campaign. But it should be done after a successful season when members are happy to fork out extra funds. It would definitely be good to be completely debt free. However, that can change very quickly if we have consecutive poor seasons. Finally having a home training base of our own should be the priority objective besides the obvious of winning Premierships.
  5. Now with Aaron Neitschke sadly reinjuring his ACL do we have another look at Sam Murray? I definitely like Sam Murray's pace and run and carry with the ball. Nevertheless, it's definitely worth re-opening the conversation. Another option could be the number 1# mid-season rookie draft pick Josh Deluca who was delisted from Carlton perhaps? Aaron Neitschke will probably be added to the LTI list for 2020 so it is worth looking at what other options are out there. Here is some highlights of Sam Murray. Highlights of Josh Deluca when he was originally drafted by Fremantle. Otherwise, we can simply wait until the mid-season rookie draft in the middle of 2020 I guess?
  6. Would be happy if the Demons took at least one of the following... 1) Deven Robertson 2) Josh Worrell 3) Jeremy Sharp 4) Trent Bianco 5) Will Gould 6) Hugo Ralphsmith 7) Dylan Williams 8 ) Jay Rantall 9) Elijah Taylor 10) Trent Rivers 11) Mitch O'Neill 12) Jake Riccardi 13) Josh Honey 14) Harry Schoenberg 15) Brock Smith
  7. I want to wish Jason Taylor all the best. I genuinely hope Jackson and Pickett become stars for the Demons. I will admit I was disappointed we didn't take Hayden Young at pick 3#, but it doesn't matter now. The raw talent of Jackson couldn't be denied. Some times you need to take a bit if a gamble when it comes to draft picks. However, having said that, if Jackson at pick 3# and Pickett at pick 12# don't turn out to be a success I will expect that Jason Taylor may indeed have his head on the chopping block. Anyway, I will reserve my judgement until 3 or 4 years down the track to see how both draftees develop. Time will tell....
  8. Geelong are apparently offering pick 14 and pick 17 for a top 10 pick. Would we swap pick 10 and pick 28 for pick 14 and pick 17? Certainly worth considering unless we are worried Pickett or Weightman will go earlier than pick 14?
  9. Bidding on Tom Green makes sense. We shouldn't let GWS get a free pass either. Let's force their hand to take him early. There is no way GWS will allow a bid to go unmatched.
  10. He kind of reminds me of a young Jeff "the Wizard" Farmer with his raw talent he does this Kysaiah "Kozzy" Pickett. Football is in the blood with Uncle Byron Pickett too! This highlights package of 6 goals was impressive. Even if it was only a SANFL reserves game.
  11. I am very conflicted...I do understand the "hype" around Luke Jackson. Big and strong and agile. But can he actually play AFL? Will he continue to grow beyond 200cms? Will his kicking improve? What if he wants to return to WA because of home sickness? These are all questions to be taken into account. Nevertheless, I still believe the best option is to put a sneaky bid on Tom Green so GWS have to take him early. Then go for the safe but guaranteed talent of Hayden Young with his sublime kicking skills and decision making. Something that the Demons have desperately lacked! It's about time the Demons have some more players that can actually kick well on the team. No more apple turn-over merchants! In the end, I will put my faith in Jason Taylor to make the right decision. It's his neck on the line if he stuffs up.
  12. I would be happy with Ash, Serong or Stephens slipping through to number 10. Maybe Kemp...but I think Sydney or Carlton will snap him up.
  13. I have had my heart set on the Demons taking Hayden Young for a few weeks now. I understand the "hype" around Luke Jackson. However, I think the go home factor risk is far too high. I don't want a repeat of a Jesse Hogan situation. I hope that Jason Taylor takes that into account when choosing who to pick at number 3# in the 2019 AFL National Draft. Hayden Young's elite kicking and decision making is far too valuable to ignore. Here's a reminder for those who need further convincing.
  14. Pardon my ignorance but are there any highlight videos of Brodie Kemp? I am open to drafting him at pick 8 if he is still available. The ACL issue is a risk, but we had Petracca do his knee in his first year that we drafted him so you cannot predict anything like that. I actually think Sydney will take Brodie Kemp as a long-term replacement for Josh Kennedy.
  15. Personally, I would like the Demons to take Hayden Young as we desperately need more players who are elite kicks and excellent decision makers. No more players who are "apple turnovers" and who constantly butcher the ball. I also found his highlights video package quite impressive.
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