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  1. 100% Agree with this take RN. That should of been a non negotiable moment with 17 blokes letting Vardy know we are not coping that [censored] as a club. Every chance we would of then gone on & changed the result. Instead the WC arrogance machine just rolled on to a victory they didn’t deserve. I miss Rod Grinter 😡
  2. The game has changed rapidly & we haven’t adjusted. Stubborn coaching is not giving us a chance. Forget 2019. Its Over.
  3. This is Round one all over again. Turning the Ball over. Dominating inside 50’s & being bullied & pushed around by skinny kids. Absolute Joke.
  4. Cold hard fact is it’s been a terrible, disappointing start. We need to respond quickly before the doubts set in. Port Bullied us big time in round one & we seem rattled. Time to harden up & attack 2019 hard. We have the cattle, time to stand up on game day. No excuses.
  5. Someone needs to sort Robbie Gray out. He is showing our club at total lack of respect on our home turf. Needs to be hit hard.
  6. The entire team are being bullied by little kids. WTF is going on 🤷‍♂️
  7. I don’t get this suspension at all. When I played footy that was simply called a bump & appluded by your team mates & coach. These 2019 rules are just insane.
  8. JCB - I guess it’s still early, if any of the other regulars appear over the next 3 weeks I guess we can revisit. If not it was a great ride over the past 10 seasons 👍
  9. Not looking promising old timer 🤷‍♂️
  10. G’day JCB Happy New year mate Yeah I’m happy enough to go around again. Hopefully we get the numbers.
  11. Is it worth considering , The Ox, Robbo, Neitz & Stephen Tingay as surprise selections?
  12. Feeling Sick & Super Confident @ the same time. 🤢😎
  13. Huge Night, Huge Game, Gotta focus @ work somehow today... I was there in 2006 when we took out The Saints with my 12 year old son. He's now 24, long time between drinks, We Got this. I'm a mess - Go Dee's 👊
  14. Yep this could work. Cale Morton also would complement this centre line nicely 🤔
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