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  1. What had me thinking here was Goody saying that our brand was "brutal and dominant" when we were flying in 18, but that we couldn't execute that mode in 19 because of the injury count. The Burgess "defence of the previous fitness regime" comment that they were more contact injuries rather than soft tissues made me wonder whether there was an element of Catch 22 about the game style, with a query over its sustainability in the longer term. From a supporter's point of view I love "brutal and dominant", and if it is sustainable and can be effectively deployed count me in.
  2. Thanks for the great reports Kev. Just to clarify, AVB didn’t do the Tan run but was doing repetition 1km runs (to my eye) at Gosch’s (less stress on the feet?). After that he went out to do some ball work, and I can say I was mightily happy to see him looking “thereabouts” in terms of fitness. A really valuable new recruit if he can continue his development and translate it into substantial game time.
  3. Sounds like ya got trouble in River City there, MR!
  4. Agree. Would have been a nice move the year Dylan Grimes was in the draft, but...😢
  5. Watched that quarter myself last week (it’s a sad life in search of Demon joy!); has shown good decision-making, including when to go into the tackle and when to move to where the next phase is if we win ball; went when it was his turn and worked hard (if you can stand it, see esp the piece of play where it goes end to end quickly in the last play at the Cattery - he’s in the play at both ends!) Hoping that a good pre can bring him back to showing his hard working smarts again, even if does have weaknesses.
  6. Sadly, silver medals have been our 1 wood this year. 17 of the suckers.
  7. Sure. I crave in my "team" the spirit that lot showed yesterday and over a number of years. The "mighty buck" can't buy that. And speaking about the mighty buck, we'd be up that creek without a paddle if we hadn't had significant injections of that commodity from the same place that the Giants get it. They've used it well, better than we have, and have built something that has respect from many. But you stick with your narrative, I'm sure you enjoy it.
  8. My thinking also. I like the resilience they’ve shown over a number of years now; Saturday’s performance was a good example - overcoming adversity in an exceedingly hostile environment. They are a real football team despite their small nominal support. I salute them.
  9. Our hit out dominance together with what follows it has had me scratching my head for a while, with my thoughts being along the lines of 55 and DJ. Re Bradtke: I think one of his qualities is his capacity below his knees, for one who is so giraffe-like, given his young age. As is well appreciated, he's some years away from being a fully formed unit, but if the other elements of strength and ambition come together, there is something to work with apart from mere height.
  10. He was suspended for a week recently - was that the one?
  11. She's a beauty, and good to see her back in such good nick. However it was sad to see the death of Sea the Class after illness; she gave Enable a big run for her money in the last Arc as a 3yo, and the rematch was going to be something to savour.
  12. Also throw in the Trac (he “threw himself in” over the boundary line in front of the Members Stand)....
  13. One player not mentioned (I don’t think) would be the first picked for mine. Alistair Clarkson (position: captain coach). Don’t worry about the stats count, will do his best work on the bench.
  14. Is that the same brand that beat WCE in Perth at the 2 previous outings, and got hold of Adelaide the last 2 times at Adelaide Oval? Tough and memorable wins all of them. No doubt WCE were just foxing....
  15. Played well, building a body of work. The back line was a well-organised unit and he was a key part of that.
  16. Congrats, Big Fella! Enjoy, and have a great one!
  17. If that’s the case, why was it that our best wins over the previous 2 seasons were when Hogan was out injured?
  18. Agree, and they’re an interesting pair. As I posted in the Casey thread they have some nice attributes, incl. competitiveness, skills and speed (esp Bedford). Looking forward to watching their development, and they will bring some needed qualities if they can proof up at AFL level.
  19. Thought Stretch was good. Liked Declan Keilty’s game, also. Both looked like they could handle a call up if needed. The 2 smalls were interesting - Chandler and Bedford. Perhaps a little slow to start, but both showed quite a bit as the game progressed. Kade’s got a competitive, hard-working approach to the game and Toby has pace and intensity. Works in progress, but I like their skills sets. Kade likes to fly at times, and will snag a ripper at some point if he’s allowed the license to fly from time to time. It was good to see Oskar Baker getting through the game after the soft tissue issues he’s been having. He was probably even showing a fraction more toe today - his hair stylist has given him a ‘do with less air resistance (and a slightly different colour?). Took me a while to realise who it was in the #56! KK worked into the game, and agree with Drunken that he looks not far off. Can’t wait to see him in the seniors. Wonder if it’s a question of match fitness and conditioning as to when he plays for MFC. (Although the lack of such didn’t seem to stop several getting games yesterday!😳) Preuss was a mixed bag. Was quite good in the ruck, didn’t offer much around the ground and was not bad using his strength in clearances after ball ups - although I’m not sure how well he’d get away with that in the AFL. Amid calls to get him in to give assistance to Max, I’m not quite sure how well the twin towers strategy would work. James Jordon was effective in the backline, and took the kick-ins. A beautiful user of the ball.
  20. The blond-haired one wearing #9? You’ve gotta be kidding!
  21. Just listening to Jade Rawlings on SEN, and he mentioned the new recruits who’ll be stepping out for Casey on Sunday. If I heard correctly Tom Sparrow’s name wasn’t one of them, suggesting he’ll play against Port. Or Twig had a moment of forgetfulness...
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