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  1. I don't mind this! Although none of our players have started following him on Instagram, so probably not happening 😉
  2. 100% Best jumper we have by a long way!
  3. Not 100% the correct blue, but gives you an idea?!
  4. This one is also 50% off and is working for me: apparel50
  5. Might be worth a late pick in the draft considering his outside run and our need for his type. http://www.afl.com.au/news/2017-10-26/endurance-king-billy-hartung-axed-after-four-years-at-hawks
  6. Petracca is your man to have one out in the square...
  7. ...run nude from Brisbane to Melbourne
  8. Be interesting to see how many we got from the SEN membership day yesterday?
  9. Anyone have a comparison to this time last year?
  10. Unless Jones has grown hair, he is the one second from the left. The 3rd from the left has smaller arms than I do so that must be Daisy. So I think from left: Viney, Jones, Daisy and Watts.
  11. Farmer Jakovich Lyon Flower Neitz Bennett Tingay Schwartz Todd Viney Woewodin
  12. Funny that not many would go near Martin....he'd be the ONLY one I'd take from the list!
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