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  1. Demons have decent support up here. Each community has their own team generally, that being the team that matches their colours, ie Yuendumu magpies. For us, it is the Nyirripi Demons, which has Demons flags in almost every front yard. Unfortunately, it is one of the more remote communities, being some 450km from Alice. As for me, can’t wait to walk down to the ground, a few hundred meters from home, for what is one of the annual yearly highlights for my children. Thanks MFC for making that possible
  2. Resting one forward would be a slightly more attractive proposition if we had some decent small forwards
  3. Believe Pruess has a 4 year deal, but am sure SEN would be correct.....
  4. Love what Roos did for us, but don’t be fooled, money comes first for PR
  5. Some woeful efforts from a few of boys with goal kicking practice, Spargo only one kicking straight
  6. Few Demons at Shenanigans in Mitchell st
  7. Second this, fly in tomorrow afternoon as by some fluke I have had some meetings scheduled there Saturday, can’t wait for the game.
  8. This is a great initiative from the club, starting last year with the great song being covered in the Arrente language here in Alice Springs, something the locals were very impressed with. well done MFC.
  9. Many here wanted him traded a few years ago...
  10. Did he have OP before the JLT game or maybe was something aggravated by staying on the field?
  11. Has already been put forward by a few posters
  12. Now Hutchy owns Sen, I avoid the network and their stories
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