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  1. The reason I think it was not one official was how the bus drivers were treated inside the ground, made to go spend the game under the grand stand, told they have to remain there. Sadly, it wasn’t just one [censored].
  2. But the ‘look’ is more important to the AFL
  3. AFL official according to the cop. The prat didn’t just point at us, he tried to tell the cop to move us on. The cop refused. Power hungry flogs.
  4. They were family of players, clubs employees and AFL staff initially they sat in stands, but AFL put them all in a room watching behind glass as all those people were to quite “not a good look”
  5. Yes, we were in a car park of tennis and basketball place here, of which I am a member and is not part of the stadium
  6. But back on topic, who the [censored] do these [censored] think they are trying to make a cop move on people who are doing nothing wrong
  7. Cheers mate, all good up here, no virus cases here. The prospect of what it will do in remote communities up here is terrifying. The AFL would have been much smarter to stay away from NT and not risk bringing virus
  8. They banned the public attending only yesterday afternoon. My son was due play little league, bit rough cancelling so late, especially as their is no virus here (unless they bought it with them)
  9. Yes, it was me on the horn. The cop was a nice guy, he was shocked that the AFL were trying to force us to move on!
  10. Myself, my kids and a few other supporters watched tonight’s women’s game from our vehicles in an adjacent car park. In the first quarter an official went and spoke to a cop, looking at us. He was trying to get the cop to move us on. Fortunately the cop refused, we were outside the ground and doing nothing wrong. Pity for the censorship here, as I would really express myself. The clowns running this sport have contempt for the common supporters!
  11. If our plan succeeds, look for the white car with kids on the roof and the horn blaring each goal. We’ll try add some atmosphere...
  12. I actually just ran into a mate driving the bus for the Blues women’s team, asked his to start coughing throughout the remainder of the day😂 Then as driving off, they started coming out of the reptile centre, in casual clothes so not clear they were team, let out a huge go demons, got some odd looks, a carn the baggers Back, so let rip even louder. Kids called me an embarrassment! Went to tennis club, organised to park the car there and will sit on roof top tent to want help the game, will do our best to fly the colours!
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