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  1. Make a Martin think we will draft him, force him to increase salary demands and pass
  2. Because I live in Alice Springs and it is the one game a year I get to take my children to
  3. You haven’t missed the boat at all, Alice is where you sit on the grass. This is great news for the club, Darwin’s climate meant it was never a good idea, Alice in winter is quite cool, the game must be made part of the indigenous round and the club has done a great job promoting the heart of the nation game, there is reasonable support here for the Demons (better than Darwin), though I would love to see the club put on a charter bus to bring people from Nyrripi to Alice (whose community team is the Demons - I have Imanpa Demons tracksuit pants, but they changed their name due to being embarrassed by our decade of misery). We also have an academy here, not sure how well we do this though. It must be said though, the NTAFL have done a pathetic job and getting worse at running this game, if the Demons don’t put some pressure on them to lift their game, our hard work in this part of Australia could become a bit counter-productive!
  4. Not to worry, will be about 6 months until you see a missed kick or goal by us again
  5. I like Petracca and want him to stay and succeed, butso far in his career, he has reminded me of Sylvia
  6. I would. otherwise he would be coaching Casey
  7. I am happy for them to get a priority pick, but not pick two, but end of first round is too late for them IMO, I think they should get their priority pick as pick 11, before any of the finalists get their first choice, giving them picks 1, 11 and 19
  8. 9 free kicks to none to start the game, this sport is a farce nowadays
  9. They have done this previous years, injured players (Garlett one this year) come up mid week and fulfill our community work, this is normal
  10. I wouldn’t be upset to see us really throw a cat amongst the pigeons and shake up the top 4, starting this week with a win over the Eagles.
  11. Demons have decent support up here. Each community has their own team generally, that being the team that matches their colours, ie Yuendumu magpies. For us, it is the Nyirripi Demons, which has Demons flags in almost every front yard. Unfortunately, it is one of the more remote communities, being some 450km from Alice. As for me, can’t wait to walk down to the ground, a few hundred meters from home, for what is one of the annual yearly highlights for my children. Thanks MFC for making that possible
  12. Resting one forward would be a slightly more attractive proposition if we had some decent small forwards
  13. Believe Pruess has a 4 year deal, but am sure SEN would be correct.....
  14. Love what Roos did for us, but don’t be fooled, money comes first for PR
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