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  1. Many here wanted him traded a few years ago...
  2. Did he have OP before the JLT game or maybe was something aggravated by staying on the field?
  3. Has already been put forward by a few posters
  4. Now Hutchy owns Sen, I avoid the network and their stories
  5. Love watching Max play, a wonderful leader at the club. well done Max, keep up the great work
  6. The club should also look at single parent family packages
  7. [censored] defence IMO, we should not have argues impact but that it was not careless, it was a case of May standing his ground and protecting himeself
  8. Hawks and North have Tasmanian focused membership packages, why don’t we have one for the NT? Why, if you buy a package that only gets you into one home game does it have to be at the MCG and not Alice Springs or Darwin? Sure the numbers won’t be large but every member counts and the club is neglecting an opportunity in the NT.
  9. Didn’t Nathan Basset play a few games for us before going to Adelaide ?
  10. I know I was. Can’t remember a recruit who has surprised me more Ed. I actually think you calmed my nerves on trade, pointing out a very good season Melk had before the drug scandal broke.
  11. Not unpopular, just wrong😁 i have always backed Sam, because of his courage at attacking the ball in the air, not sure how you can’t see it, but am confident you will come around soon.
  12. Agreed and I don’t see why anyone would be upset at Saty asking people not to use his photos without permission
  13. I love Nev very much, but Clayton is a better player. Oliver
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