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  1. Wasn’t McKenna on the coaching panel for the Casey Demons Women’s team?
  2. Cause and effect. Who’s been their the entire time and had nothing to do with the problem, it must be their fault!
  3. 6. Oliver 5. Gawn 4. Brayshaw 3. Harmes 2. Tomlinson 1. Pickett (Because I enjoy watching him)
  4. 6. Petracca 5. Oliver 4 Gawn 3 Hunt 2 Neal-Bullen 1 Rivers
  5. Jackson will be a seriously good player, of that I have no doubt but he is not ready yet.
  6. 6. Viney 5. May 4. Lever 3. O McDonald 2. Lockhart 1. Pickett
  7. Jim was essentially loaned to Prahran as Melbourne did not have a VFL affiliate in those days. He was still tied to Melbourne.
  8. This is just the AFL flying kites
  9. I was at this game. I have never left any game before full time and this one never gave me an inkling to; I was completely inured to another defeat and going home on the train trying not to make eye contact with anyone. Even when we kicked a few goals in the third, I had seen it all before; late rally after being putrid and going down by 20 points or so. I still could not make eye contact on the way home with anyone; I was still in shock.
  10. Brilliant! I remember all of the players except Sparks, Dean Bailey playing for Essendon. Bring on the second half, love Brett Bailey.
  11. That advantage that wasn’t allowed was one of the worst decisions you could ever see. The ball was kicked inside 50 to two Melbourne players with no North player within 30 metres of them, The umpire then called the ball back for a free kick to the Melbourne player who kicked the ball. All spectators were incredulous no matter what side they supported.
  12. And on the Moccapan scoreboard ...
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