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  1. Dappa Dan


    I love the under. These two defenses are absolutely superb.
  2. Dappa Dan


    Forgot to put picks in AGAIN. Damn fine work 49ers and Chiefs. I reckon aside from the Ravens, the right teams got there in the end. Hats off to Titans too. Did amaing things with not so much to work with.
  3. Dappa Dan


    Minnesota 27 San Fran 30 Titans 20 Ravens 35 Texans 27 Chiefs 30 Seattle 17 Packers 27
  4. Dappa Dan


    Oh man I did it again... missed first two games. I'll just do last two. Seattle 24 vs Eagles 21 Saints 31 vs Vikings 21
  5. Dappa Dan


    Not as good as Wentz.
  6. Dappa Dan


    Yeah it's a pretty good set up. If they're taking on Seattle who are spluttering and have Penny and Carson out, even with Lynch, Eagles Run D could make a mess of them. And playing at the Linc where they just smashed one of the better offenses in football. I like it. I don't think they beat San Fran or Saints tho. That would be one of the games of the year right there.
  7. Dappa Dan


    Would be oh-so-2019-Eagles wouldn't it. I still don't think I'll wake up to watch a playoff if the Eagles are in it. But that's important for Carson. To do it wit an entire team of guys they grabbed off the street, with his line banged up and Pro-Bowl TE with bashed ribs. Important for his confidence, and important to show he can do it like the big-time guys have with a rotating list of Wide Receivers.
  8. Dappa Dan


    Super game. 49ers have given us so much fun to watch this year.
  9. Dappa Dan


    Ravens Saints Cowboys
  10. Dappa Dan


    No way Lamar misses out on MVP now.
  11. Dappa Dan


    Eagles, Browns, Bills
  12. Dappa Dan


    I feel that way about a number of 49ers games this year. How about this clusterF they're calling Monday Night football?
  13. Dappa Dan


    Really good game from Rams. Really good defense and Wilson the almost MVP.
  14. Dappa Dan


    Here's hoping all my Rams love the past couple of years gives me some cred with the football gods.
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