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  1. Dappa Dan


    @Gorgoroth Seriously... This Gurley game... It's like last year again.
  2. Dappa Dan


    Didn't realise he was that old. Apparently Shefty saying he won't get signed. As a result of the stuff around with location.
  3. Dappa Dan


    To go from 49ers v Seahawks a few days earlier, and then to that.
  4. Dappa Dan


    Can't believe it. Such a cleanskin too.
  5. Dappa Dan


    What a crap game. That guy should be banned for a while for smacking Rudolph with his own helmet. Disgusting.
  6. Dappa Dan


    Saints, Chiefs, Pats
  7. He's one I'm watching closely. He's exactly what we're screaming out for.
  8. Dappa Dan


    Ravens Chiefs Giants
  9. Dappa Dan


    Every year there's one that should make it and gets pushed out. Just had a look at their draw. Seahawks the hardest. Ravens and potentially 49ers tough. Cowboys maybe. Gonna be tough.
  10. Dappa Dan


    You think? I would agree, but they did smash the pants off the Eagles. Strange to see two stacked rosters in Eagles and Cowboys, but neither look anywhere near as good as 49ers, Seahawks, Saints, Packers... Or even Vikings or Rams.
  11. Dappa Dan


    Tipping is impossible.
  12. Dappa Dan


    I still can't get behind the 49ers as the best in NFC. But they could easily prove me wrong. Love what they're doing all over the ground. Otherwise I like most of that list... Though it's interesting you have no NFC East in there. I still have my Eagles in the top 12. If not for the debacle against the Cowboys we'd be rated much higher by all and sundry. 1 - Patriots. Historically good. 2 - Saints. TBH would have put the Packers here, but no Brees and Kamara and still able to do what they've done. They deserve it. 3 - Packers. Have both Jones and Rodgers in fantasy, so watching them closely. They're the real deal again. And defense is pretty good too. Would love to see them against Pats in Superbowl. 4 - 49ers. A bit of the Falcons from a few years ago about them. Not sure I can trust. Jimmy G has been good, but he's the sore thumb compared to the other QBs in this list. 5 - Chiefs. I still believe. Mahomes back makes them scary again. As well as some players back from injury. 6 - Seahawks. Good across the board. 7 - Cowboys. I don't understand how they managed to lose 3 in a row. Stars everywhere and a defense that's stacked with talent. Should be higher up, but have to do it again in a toughish schedule. 8 - Vikings. Cousins getting going has me interested again. Just don't trust him against the big boys in prime time yet. 9 - Texans. Might be a bit high. I just love Watson. JJ's injury might hurt them down the stretch though. 10 - Ravens. Jackson is a threat for MVP... I just don't love these running QBs. Ahead of the Eagles here because their defense is better. 11 - Eagles. Call me a homer, but I still have them as a playoff team. With that secondary you can't have them higher than this, but there's players coming back. And the rest of the defense, and the team, as well as QB are air tight. Have to beat Bears and one of Seahawks and Patriots... then their schedule opens up. Having said that, they're at best just making up the numbers in playoffs. 12 - Colts. Impressed as heck with what they've done. Have ended up with one too many NFC teams. So I guess it's down to Vikings and Eagles for that 6th spot. Gulp. Bills to sneak in to playoffs.
  13. Dappa Dan


    49ers, Cowboys, Packers
  14. Dappa Dan


    Seahawks, Packers, Broncos
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