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  1. Spot on. Roosy used to play them for two games even if they were a ghost in the first.
  2. Dappa Dan


    Yeah sounds like a good fit. I'd like to see him go somewhere with a defense. Wish him all the best of course. I don't know too much about their offense, aside from De Fillippo and him loving each other. Could be awesome actually.
  3. Yeah. Was hoping to see just a few in and under type things. Tough to do in a half I guess.
  4. Max in is an instant +3 goals to us or -3 goals to them from high entries. Preuss just doesn't have his ability to drop in the hole... or at least doesn't have it based on what we've seen today. Not ready to give up on Preuss yet. I think what'll happen is if we go 6-0 and he's plodding, he'll keep his spot. If we're 3-3 and the pressure is on, he'll go back to the VFL.
  5. They're very much the same team, the Tigers. I'm not too worried about any of this. When we had some of our starters in, we looked the better side. Plenty of reasons to have confidence. I'm not even sure that our depth is even that bad. They're just outgunned. Any team has this many starters out they look crap. Except Pies last year.
  6. More about the lack of form of some of the other small forwards. He's done a few good things.
  7. Garlett shoulder? Oh man. He was looking like he might get a spot too.
  8. Bit bitter but optimistic, wouldn't you say? There wasn't much else to say about the second quarter. Just sucked. Nothing much more you can say. Noones slitting wrists.
  9. I feel like he'll be on the bubble every game, but won't get dropped once injuries start.
  10. Nankervis vs Preuss... so you'd think... One of Hore, Omac etc...
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