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  1. Sidebottom slammed McLean with a pinned/sling tackle as well, not dissimilar to Trengoves on Dangerfied. It will be interesting to see the adjudication on that.
  2. i think Cale has improved this year in his physicality, but can still turn the ball over a number of times which is frustrating. The way I see it, is that at least he is not hiding and there were a number of times last weekend where he ran with the flight of the ball. He also did make a number of accurate passes but seems to have issues when he hesitates and perhaps tries too hard to create, and then causes a turnover. I am willing to give him time. If he also puts on some weight, he could be very handy in time. Mick Malthouse commented re Murphy of Carlton that sometimes players have to use common sense when going in for the ball. Sometimes it's unavoidable that the body has to be put on the line, but there are also cases where to dive in to prove toughness could only mean getting an injury, which doesn't help anyone at the club. I'm not comparing Murphy with Morton, but I'd rather have him on the field learning than flying recklessly in and only causing himself injury.
  3. 3aw commentators also thought it was a bad look. They said that some players were smiling and waving from up in the stands. They thought it liked like they didn't care about the result. Hawthorn cared about the result and worked hard to make sure they got the win.
  4. 'Jaded' is probably a good word to describe a lot of our support. This year I have noticed myself calling our players morons for some of the stupid errors they make. I'm a paid up member but it probably shouldn't happen i guess. However, after many years of watching the demons, I am short on patience. After all the pre-season training skills practising etc, I get to see our players look up and then kick it straight down the throat of opposition players, standing in the clear, or fail to find a player 3 metres away with with a handpass. The first few times I can put up with, but when it continually happens, the frustration comes out. It's difficult and we probably shouldn't let it get to us as much, but we are passionate and simple skill errors are frustrating. Anyway I hope your daughters keep the faith. Some better footy from Melbourne would make things a lot easier for all of us, and hopefully make the football a better experience for your family.
  5. We need to recruit an experienced ruck (tall..not follower) and a good experienced midfielder to help gel the current team. Jamar is struggling and the other ruck stocks are either injured or not up to it. Put Martin at CHB. He's not a forward but has played down back previously with ( I believe) success, Who the players are may be difficult. I don't know the contract status, but perhaps Warnock at Carlton. While injured, he may have slipped down the list so may want game time. I believe we tried for him before but failed...perhaps he'll change his mind ? We may have to look at the VFL to pick up some good mature footballers to give leadership to the current younger players. In hindsight, we have removed too many experience players, recruited the wrong players, while the senior players that are left are not providing the leadership required for some reason. Has the loss of Bruce, McDonald and others affected the psyche of the other senior players ?
  6. This is a very pertinent thread. Where ARE the supporters coming from ? . I have supported the club since the late seventies and can honestly say that this year is my first year of not looking forward to the season. If these pathetic displays keep on occurring I won't be attending games just to sit through a game and being associated with a group of players that get laughed at for being so inept. Then we get the usual 'we must do better...players take responsibility ...blah blah' platitudes after the game before the players dish up the same garbage the following week. Supporters will only take so much ridicule before droppping off....prehaps forever. I can take losing, but the disgraceful efforts this season is beyond just losing. It's a waste of my time. However....on a positive note, the club have instigated a great program whereby Auskick kids (first 500 from memory) that register with the club will get a free signed guernsey. There have been quite a few kids at Brunswick West Auskick last season wearing the guernsey, so it's great to see the jumper being worn. Like many of the other kids mentioned here, my son (5) went to the game yesterday and had a great time, wearing the clubs colours. i'm hoping that it's a while before he realises what a loss is and how many we are having ! He's currently with his mum at the shops proudly wearing his guernsey...I hope i can get some of his enthusiasm.
  7. Paul Roos at the Swans had a number of strong players at the club that provided the same leadership. He probably didn't need to go hard at the players, the leaders did that themselves. We need to weed out those that are comfortable at the club and do so without pre-conceived opinions about players. I liked Bailey, I thought he spoke well, but lacked in parts of his coaching. That the players loved him....but as they wouldn't perform for him tells me that perhaps we need a coach that is not necessarily popular with players but certainly respected and perhaps a little bit feared. You only need to look at the recent successful clubs to see either strength in coaching or player leadership.
  8. My comments are not necessarily confined to yesterdays debacle. I have not been able to get excited about this year. Last year we had a number of new faces that we could anticipate seeing, which coupled with some of the previous seasons performances instilled some belief we would improve. This year, despite some new faces I couldn't see where the big improvement was coming from. The names usually bandied about have been tried and found wanting. Where is the top player we need to come through and show leadership THIS year. I don't see one. Jamar might win the tap, but the opposition continually take the ball away, Moloney fights hard to get the ball (usually) but then usually pumps it long to a contest, Jones tries hard but lacks the dynamism (?) that is required for him to go to the next level and McKenzie is a defensive midfielder also lacking in the attacking dynamism required. That's our top midfied (arguably Magner has come into this group). When we frequently win taps but the opposition get the clearance, we are not going kick big scores. As for yesterday..I think it in obvious to Neeld that we have a number of lazy players. I mentioned to my brother during one passage of play that Davey was just jogging after his opponent through the middle, trailing by 20 metres. Only when that player received the ball did davey put in some pace but by that time it was too late...another Brisbane goal. Our great hope Bate in the last quarter....one of the first things he did was fall over his own feet in the Lions forward pocket and virtually gift them a goal. Laughable and typical of most players yesterday. The team needs to stop the meaningless '...as a group we are aware that effort wasn't good enough..blah blah' carp that is becoming too frequent with this group and actually follow up these hollow words with actions. It shouldn't need jimmy, it shouldn't need any extra reason, they should just go out each week and put in 100% all of the time or go home. The football world laughs at them and they don't seem to mind. If they can't be arsed to put in an effort then just move to club to Tasmania, and I'll find something enjoyable to do on my winter saturdays in future. The only problem is, my son is becoming an avid fan of the dees at the time the players are killing my passion...
  9. Just one word on a big sign when we play GWS.....LIAR
  10. I have started my holidays, so while the kids are still at school, I also ventured down to watch a while (while I have the chance!). Parking is hard to get but you can find spaces just back over the river and walk 12 mins or so to the paddock. My general observations were; • Leigh Williams is one big unit, although in drills later, Frawley seemd to be able to push him around. However, he looks good in general movement. • Trengove was generally leading his group in the lap runs. • Blease hasn't developed the stamina yet to push in the lap trials. He was puffing hard and red in the face . • Davis and McDonald seem to have got bigger especially across the shoulders. • Bate has slimmed down in the thigh area and was moving a bit more freely than at times last year. • Davey looked proppy when doing the lap trials. He was almost half limping, but looked ok in the drills later. Perhaps it's just his running style. I'm not usually this close when at the games. • Jetta and Howe were doing forwards drills on their own with trainers while the other guys were running lap trials. Grimes was with them as well. • Tapscott was doing laps and he seems to have grow a bit taller with even more muscle. He is seriously solid. • Sellar looked ok in the running and drills. Looks like a bigger, more agile Brad Miller. • Viney Jnr was doing a few laps later and he will also be a very solid unit. He's already bigger than a few of the melbourne players. • Couch looked ok. He's certainly of a good size and held his own during the trials. He looked good in the drills. • Cook was doing laps ... continually on his own. He doesn't seem to have changed shape at all. • James Strauss was running freely, although at abn even pace while I was watching. I couldn't see any hint of a hindrance from the broken leg. • Jake Spencer was running laps ok.
  11. Ok. Not perhaps a leader in the traditional sense, and I wouldn't make him captain, but what about Mitch Robinson at Carlton ? I have no idea if he's out of contract or not, but he seems a decent size, has a bit of crap/mongrel about him, is physical and competitive. He'd certainly get up someone on the field if they weren't pulling their weight....
  12. Scully only going up for a look around and have chat...the next day he's on Youtube talking about GWS and how happy he is to be going up there. Then we have GWS saying they've only just met him...Liars. We couldn't compete with the reported millions nd we shouldn't IMHO for someone that age that's missed games already due to a knee issue. Save the cash for someone deserving. So good luck to him for getting that money, but Scully, don't treat supporters, or the club for that matter, as idiots and expect us to swallow that this deal has been done in 24 hours.
  13. And wasn't it good to see a forward line contesting when they did bomb it long. Geelong seemed to always have forwards at the fall of the ball, contesting marks and the small forwards contesting the crumbs, very disciplined, unlike our non-existant forward line (literally). I got so tired of this year watching our midfield look up to find no-one in the forward 50.
  14. "Up and About", and the game reviewers starting off with '3 things I learnt about <insert team here>'......do they always only learn 3 things a week per team ? Actually some of the things they learnt are dissappointing as they have generally been know for quite a while...
  15. While it looked like it was men against an under 19 team with a few seniors thrown in (as described by one commentator) the umpiring was dire. ALl season, umpires consistently have stood on the wrong side of the pack and given frees when they can't see what has happened to the ball. On Monday, the ball came free from a pack on the crowd side, only for the umpire to be watching from the blocked side....and gave holding the ball when there was no way he could confirm it was still in the pack. According to radio (Triple M I think) Razor gave 12 frees against Melbourne, 11 of which were from 80 metres or more away..
  16. I would love to say we will come out and finally back up our words during the week with action and hit St Kilda with everything we've got....but realistically I think we'll just play St Kilda back into form.
  17. The AFL....a multi million dollar organisation run by amateurs. Frequent rule changes, knee jerk reactions, inconsistent rulings...it's just a constant line of stuff ups.
  18. Blease is still not 100% happy with his leg imho. I was at the Port v Casey game sitting near the interchange and he was shaking his head at what I assume was a club physio, and doing foot raises on his leg as he walked the boundary. As far as I could tell he still played the game out, but it appeared he didn't think he was able to get the 'spring' on his leg that he wanted. (this is just my interpretation of seeing him interact with the trainer/physio). Didn't stop him doing some nice things through the centre of the ground though....
  19. I voted a 7. It's not the real season, but I always look forward to seeing the new recruits in action to see if any show real promise....and it's been ages since we've played and....footy's back !
  20. Much to like about Melbourne tonight. Maric looked good, Watts showed a lot of class and smarts, in fact most of the younger players showed they had improved. The down side was Strauss doing a few dumb things and McNamara looking a bit out of depth in the first game. All 3 sides in this game looked rusty, but we did show some exciting glimpses of play, especially in the forward line. The clear standout in this game was that the out-of-bounds rule is garbage. One of the attractions of this game is to see the players full on bore in at the ball. The out-of-bounds rule means that if players do this, touch the ball and it goes out...it's a free to the opposition. It does not reward endeavour near the boundary line, it punishes it.
  21. 6/ Jon Ralph joins the debate http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/af...-1225999851531 7/ effects the AGM and Mark Steven http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/af...-1226000621248 Looks like the Point 7 link isn't working, although I may have read the article anyway. Is that the one where Mark Stevens said the Melbourne fan leapt out of his seat and said he'd pay half his pay to keep Scully ? It must have been a good jump....from my memory, the guy that said that, rode up to the microphone on a motorised people mover/wheelchair. Never let the truth get in the way of soem extra dramatisation.
  22. I worked in Sydney for around 7 years in the 90s, and to get my AFL fix became a member of the Swans. They worked very hard to engage the supporters into the club. Part of this after each home game, involved the team acknowledging the crowd, not by a half hearted wave from the centre circle but players went out to all sides of the ground and got closer to the fans as they walked back to the players race. It was a small but effective gesture, as during those years, the team was very consistent in the effort they put in and the crowd felt they were part of the club, win lose or draw. I notice that Melbourne have started doing something similar where the players are now putting more effort into acknowledging the crowd although it still needs a bit of work IMHO. Another initiative was the way they sent off chanpions. Paul Kelly was the recipient of a video of his highlights, shown on the big screen after his last home game. It was announced prior to the game starting (and during the intervals) that the video would be shown after the game and many supporters stayed back to watch the video (set to the tune 'Shine' if I remember correctly). It was very moving. I think Melbourne could perhaps learn from this, as in my opinion, James McDonald's last home game lacked some of the 'farewell pomp' his career deserved. After so many courageous games, to just be chaired off seemed a bit inadequate for me.
  23. I think Yze must be running out of chances now. I would also like a secondary stat on White that measures how effective his taps are. I heard commentators on the radio say White 'won the tap' but I am sick of seeing him win taps that go straight to the opposition. On at least two occasions today they resulted in Hawthorn goals, after a perfect tap to a running Hawk. I am also getting sick of watching Wheatley trot around as the game passes him by. He's had a few years to bulk up and become a stronger player but we still continue to get an insipid effort from him. Robbo needs to lose some weight and get interested in playing or retire and go into showbiz fulltime. What has happened to Davey ? he contributed little today. I thought Carroll did ok, as did the other defenders. Th ball was coming in relentlessly, with little pressure, and man for man we were generally undersized. The good thing to come out of today ?......Hopefully a wake up call to see how far we have to go (or is that how far we have dropped?) .
  24. Agree about Wheatley, although I think he may have a football brain, but not the desire to go with it. He just seems to go along with the flow and rarely gets fired up (as far as I can see....). I think he could be a huge asset to the club but doesn't seem to believe in himself enough. Bartram was one of the standouts for me on Sunday. He moved freely and showed a tough atack on the ball. He even had to ruck at one stage (after being caught under the ball) but didn't shirk the duty and showed a good vertical leap. He appeared very keen to get amongst it.
  25. Agree with most of what you said: - Cale Morton - the 'snap' from 50 metres was excellent but at times the game passed him by. Agree that he could be anything, he looks very skinny so may take some time to develop. - Wheatley - Still looks dashing when running with the ball.....and then runs out of ideas. He had a couple of runs that looked good until he couldn't decide what to do with the football and turned it over. There's an opportunity for him to take the next step, but is he good enough ? I have my doubts. - Dunn - Surprised me. he has really bulked up and could be a dominator in the middle. He looked very good at times. Bruce, Bartram, Rivers - All moved pretty well. Bartram really put in some good efforts. The others you mentioned were pretty spot on. Daniel Gribbin- His kO was when he flew for a mark and landed on his back. Took a while for him to get up.
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