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  1. .....and make sure we do what we can to keep the recruiting team/scouting system. They have brought some real talent into the club, not all of it obvious.
  2. I believe one of the commentators on a recent Collingwood game mentioned Pendlebury appeared to be carrying some sort of rib injury/soreness and hence was used only sparingly in the midfield heat of battle. Considering what they did during Jack Watts first game, I would hope we make sure the ribs get a good workout. Perhaps Kent can hit them a few times, he's a solid boy.
  3. From the scorpions website: http://www.scorpions.com.au/ Pre Season Game 3 Intra Club Friday 25th March 10.30 AM AAMI Park Gosch's Paddock
  4. Simon Goodwin mentioned it was a minor medial injury in his press conference. Thought he should be ok for round one.
  5. All good. They are both signed up now. MFC called and we did it quickly and easily over the phone. Always going to renew, but I want to know my club are on the ball for memberships and follow up enquiries. We need to be efficient in this area, given we can't afford to lose too many.
  6. I rang the club last Friday week, early afternoon to renew a couple of junior memberships. I was told the Membership team was at a 'seminar' and to leave my details and they would phone me back. I still haven't heard from them (as far as I can ascertain) so perhaps the Friday afternoon 'seminar' was a 5 day one... Anyway, I will give them a call today so the membership should jump by 2...
  7. I haven't seen him play much but he sounds competitive with poor disposal....don't we already have Terlich filling that role ?
  8. So many good points on these posts. We still get good attendances compared to our membership totals so I can't see how we can all get labelled as too negative. From my point of view, while I don't like losing, I can accept it if the players appear to be giving their all. I don't think they have in many games this season. I constantly see players trotting after opposition players until they receive the ball, and then speed up, but by then it is too late and the opposition have plenty of time to dispose of the ball. So many times the opposition (especially Carlton at the weekend) are 3 metres in the clear to take a mark....while we appear to be constantly under pressure for our possessions. I couldn't get excited about the win at Geelong (apart from being thankful that the Gee-long supporters at work would not get to be sickenly patronising as normal after an easy win against us) as I knew they would revert to type, which they have. I lived in Sydney for a number of years (in the 90's) and went to see the Swans play. They were a bit of a basket case for most of the time I was there, but I would say they gave everything out on the field. They'd get beaten but it wasn't through lack of trying. If we could just find out how to instil that desire in Melbourne fc. We will be thinking hard before becoming members next year. It gets embarrassing to be associated with such a group.
  9. I'm surprised people still care so much. I am interested but don't see wins as a stepping stone to consistent wins anymore, not for this season anyway. This season is shot. My interest would be to see Hunt and King perhaps get game/s sometime this year, if allowable. I'm not sure if King is allowed to play a game, as he is still rookied ? I've seen enough of most of the other young players, so would like to see what these guys can offer. Most of the young guys appear to show they have some talent to work with.
  10. Oh..and it was good to see a few of the younger melbourne players watching as well...Hogan, Harmes, Kennedy-Harris and Petracca (I think) were all there...
  11. Ok. I went down to the ground today with two young sons in tow so couldn't be totally focused on the footy unfortunately. We got there after quarter time and Casey already had a handy lead. . I was most interested in King and Hunt, as most of the others on show I had seen previously. I was generally impressed with their endeavour mostly. Hunt still appears slight but was very mobile when in the play. There was one occasion when he was confronted by two defenders, he wrong footed one and then just sped away from the other. He worked very hard from what I saw. Possibly still a bit too light to play In the seniors yet...but later in the season who knows. King competed all day for mine. He appears heavier than earlier in the season and really put himself about. Both of these players look like they deserve more time on the list. King looks like he could be very valuable as a tall forward in the future. He moves well and is quite athletic for his size imho. I was a little disappointed in Toumpas. I can't fault his effort but he was still doing those dinky little kicks to teammates which put them under pressure. He was running very sorely in the third...he has an unusual looking run at times and without knowing the real cause etc his hips still seem to affect his movement. Most of the other senior players did the usual. Jamar played well and the others flashed in and out of play. It was good team effort overall.
  12. Garland had just gifted the Hawks a goal and slumped over. Lumumba came over and tried to lift him up. We need to just keep trying to do the right thing and I think lamumba was trying to get that across. Definitely a positive.
  13. Did you go to the game or watch it on TV ? (I'm not having a go at you either way). I know some people saw it on TV that thought we competed ok, but I was at the game and watched numerous times where multiple Swans streamed downfield with no Demon near them. Interesting how different people watch the same game and have totally different opinions on the match. I thought the game was disappointing from a Melbourne point of view, but that's just the way I saw it.
  14. Well....watching wins sure beats the hell out of watching losses.
  15. I think we have improved, however, there were times on the weekend that players had the ball on the half back flank and looked up for a lead and no one was making a move. We had players in the vicinity, but none were willing to make a lead. Whether this was self-preservation or whatever, we need to be mentally stronger as you say, to compete all day as hard as possible. It may not be defeatist but it didn't seem we were willing to fight until the end. There were a lot of people leaving early (third quarter) around me...they had seen enough of an apparent acceptance of defeat.
  16. I noticed that against Freo as well. Freo got many handpasses away while being tackled, to supporting players who regularly gave away another quick handpass to a player in the clear and away they went. We seem to just get buried under bodies and any movement stifled. I also thought most of the first half was a throwback to the efforts of the Neeld years....I didn't think we were competing at all, not effectively anyway. The personnel changes, the coaches change, the board changes and we still seem to get the same gameday attitude on the field which is almost defeatist.
  17. I just don't understand the umpiring at times....at one end we get Hogan having arms wrapped around him and no free in a marking contest....while down the other end Sandilands (or one of their other talls) gets touched in a one on one marking contest and gets a free kick ?
  18. Dom had trouble moving at the end of Friday's game. He had one leg strapped and was unable to chase effectively. This was late in the game. Hopefully it wasn't anything too serious. We are starting to eat into our depth.
  19. The media is saturated with Footy shows. The personalities continue to pump themselves up at the expense of footy time. You just have to listen to some of the introductions and how long they go on. I switched off 3AW on the weekend because it was taking too long to go through all the awards etc that Caro has or how many GFs Dermie has played in etc. Then on SEN last week, it was all about how drunk some of the commentators had been on a recent trip to the U.S and what a great time they had then what they got up to.... I couldn't care less about what they get up to in their private lives, how about some sports comments ? I don't think there is enough news to go round all the media shows so any little thing is now blown out of proportion.
  20. I was only there for the second half and sat on the main stand side which was a fair way others wereaway from a lot of the action. I didn't see much of a standout performance from anyone, however I could have missed some earlier great play. I thought Grimes did some good things so wouldn't be surprised if he came in. Fitzy did well down back. Took some good marks (outmanoeuvred minson in one contest) and would have won every one on one I saw except for one fickle bounce. Toumpas isn't quite there yet for me. He tries hard, gets the ball, had his head over it on a number of occasions but then tried to get too cute with his disposal and turned it over. The other melbourne players were fairly typical in their performances.
  21. I assume that if you are not getting an IQ, you would be getting an older form of a Foxtel box that just has has the channels on it. We were able to tune our old recorder to foxtel and tape the shows as long as we had the desired channel selected on the box. We couldn't watch another foxtel channel though, if we were already taping something on Foxtel. We now have IQ and there are very limited connections options at the back of our newer Panasonic recorder and Foxtel box, so much so that we canot record Foxtel on it. I would say you need to check very carefully the 'out' connections of your box once installed and ensure any recording device you may get is compatible with the connection for a start, but unless things have changed since we were recording via external recorder, (couple of years ago) your options are limited.
  22. When the club has been as unsuccessful as Melbourne, the little things become so much more important to maintain some attachment, emotional or otherwise to the club, especially with young supporters. I recently went to a training session with my two boys and after the session we approached some of the players for autographs on their shirts. All the players that were asked, signed the shirts with a smile and really engaged with the boys, asking them what they got for Christmas etc. The boys were a bit overawed but were really thrilled to be able to speak to their heroes. It really strengthened their attachment, hopefully it evolves into lifetime support (for the club anyway...). A lack of success may eventually see them drift, but at least in the meantime, they have engaged in the club. It makes it easier for me to convince them to go to the footy ! As for Forest, hopefully you were old enough to enjoy the European Cup success.....the potter in my name refers to Stoke...you think you had it tough ?
  23. Max King looks fine in the skills area (from my limited views of him at training) but to me, his deficiency is with his tank. He is consistantly at the back of the group in running. I hope he gets there as a player as he seems worth persevering with.
  24. Ventured down today with two boys in tow (got there late, around 10.00 am). From what I could see, the session was quite demanding. Running sprint drills followed by full field running drills incorporating ball movement from one end of the field to the other and back again. Players were rotating around the field as part of the drill, some players providing defensive pressure. This was followed by more running drills (300 metre runs) followed by timed 70 metre run throughs. Some observations (at the risk of duplicating views already logged): * Max Gawn looks great. He moved well although at times slightly favoured his bandaged knee leg. To be expected I guess. I have high hopes for Max, I think he will be very important for us as long as he keeps reasonably free of injury. He appears bigger and more defined around the shoulders. * Newton moved well and seems to do things with a minimum of fuss. * Brayshaw moves very well, at one stage during the game drill he instinctively blocked a defender to allow the attacking player a clear path through. To me, it showed a good awareness of what was around him. He's still a bit slight but moved very well. * Jack Watts ran laps and also looks to have put on a few pounds generally (just looks more solid. * Max King looks ok when he has the ball, but is last in pretty well all the running drills. He puts in but doesn't seem to have the same tank as other players, There were plenty of other players giving him encouragement during the drills. * Generally, the entire group looked fit and moved well (those that were with the main group). A big thanks to the players after training as well. My boys asked a number of them for autographs as they were leaving the area and they all signed happily and engaged the boys in conversation, even after a strong session. It made my boys day and hopefully keeps them engaged until we start winning games on a consistent basis (makes my job of keeping them interested much easier).
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