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  1. No big standouts for Casey. Kennedy-Harris doing ok. Joel Smith a bit rusty . Trengove doing a lot of organising down back and old boy Lucas cook is doing ok on Weideman when he is on.
  2. He didn't do himself many favours last night. He looked vey sore running past us late in the game so maybe he had picked up a knock. He was very good early in the vfl game last week, but he couldn't impact last night.
  3. That was my impression too. I thought they were in desperate need of cash to remain financial.
  4. While he has overstepped the mark and got suspended in this instance, I wonder whether he was trying to distract the St Kilda players from their game by some gamesmanship, the needling, little cheap shots to just annoy the saints and hopefully distract them. They certainly seemed 'on' in the first quarter so maybe he took it upon himself to annoy the carp out of the saints in an effort to try and disturb their concentration...
  5. It certainly helps the club when the player intake quality improves. We are a better club in many ways than the pre Jackson years so it's difficult to pinpoint any one area responsible for the turnaround. However, since Jackson arrived, he has certainly improved all areas of the football department (in particular) and the one area obvious to me is the increase in player quality coming into the club since Jason Taylor came in. We have better coaching structures in place now but you need the players to have the qualities required and Taylor seems to get it right most times.
  6. Yes it was around that time. It seemed to take us a little while to settle again. Smith was playing well I thought.
  7. So he should explain why each player has been left out ? Perhaps he didn't say anything because there is nothing to say. He just thought he would try different combinations in the game. That would be a given I would have thought, seeing as Ita a practice game with virtually nothing riding on the result (apart from supporter confidence etc)
  8. Yeah, I heard the original interview on that show. They started off with the Watts non-issue (after asking max about his beard). Max played a great straight bat to all their questions and in my opinion just confirmed what most of us assumed...that he was rested to see how the two rucks and Weideman would work. Max said that a few players had been training well and deserved a chance. He dIdnt single Watts out, just answered a question by saying there's great depth and competition for places. That's what is irritating that despite all that, the original Watts non-issue was persevered with despite getting no encouragement from Max.
  9. It was the end of the news sports headlines. I need to stop listening to this junk ...it is just so annoying that so many media 'personalities' seem to think the game is just about them and their theories.....
  10. Poor Max...my impression of his interview was that everyone, including Jack had to fight for their position because the depth is greater than it has been for some time.
  11. Ha ha..Sen have just said that Max Gawn has said that Watts is battling to be in Melbournes best 22. Talk about twisting words to suit your agenda or to seemingly create an issue where none exists...
  12. They asked him about his beard.... Gawn spoke very well, didn't get flustered at any time imo. Said that goodwin's game plan had been coming for a while, so it wasn't such a big change this year. I think the Watts issue is being blown out of proportion. They tried spencer and weideman so perhaps will add watts later. Gawn as much said the same. the interview is worth a listen. The media had an agenda and I don't think it would matter what Gawn said about Watts, they wanted an issue.
  13. I took an interest in watching what Dunn was doing that would keep him out of the seniors. I thought he had a good game but agree that most of his kickins and other kicks were to a contest or pack. A later poster on here mentioned the length of his kicks and there's no doubt most of kicks were monstrous, however, I was starting to wonder if the senior style requires less distance, but to a player on his own. The attacks stalled a little due to the contest where the ball dropped on his big kicks. This was the only issue that I could see. He moved well, used his body well, ran up the ground and provided a target, so I assume his issue is to do with lowering his gaze and hitting up someone free, closer to goal rather than a big kick to a contest.
  14. I thought he looked really good at times but then went very quiet at different stages.
  15. Well done to Albury, although they are packed with talent. Years ago I watched Daniel's old man Peter run around for the Tigers up there...and his uncle. Famous names for the footy club up there.
  16. I haven't seen the incident on tv but it appeared that Salem was run down from behind and forced forward into the ground by the tackler. His head appeared to hit hard. He sat up later when the trainers were there, but he looked out of it and they laid him down again before carrying him off.
  17. Hmmm....Freo tanking playing youngsters to improve their draft position to give to Melbourne (plus a quality player...Neale ?) for Hogan. We bring on Weideman and Huelett as forwards next year and gain another quality mid....just saying....I hope Hogan stays, it's our turn at the top.
  18. I would say week on week they decide which free kicks to pay. This week....virtually no deliberate out of bounds and also, seemed to change how holding the ball is interpreted.
  19. The commentators need to be taken with a grain of salt...they talk up ordinary games as blockbusters etc. They try to explain things which are just wrong. Case in point last night was when Cotchin got into Bernies back late in the game. On the replay this morning, as it showed Cotchins hand in Bernies back as they were falling forward, the commentators were gushing how umpire got it correct, no push in the back, when the vision showed the complete opposite, Bernie being pushed forward by Cotchin. i guess we should be used to crap commentating, there is so much of it about....and that's not even starting on Bruce's 'what do you thing duck ? We're great mates aren't we duck...huh duck ...duck?'
  20. Reading through a lot of the comments.......so much development in just one year.
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