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  1. 53 minutes ago, old dee said:

    I was contemplating which game to go to today when I heard the news on radio changed direction and now at Willy. Weather not too bad so far considering we are taking about this ground. I thought I would gain more watching a few of the injured coming back. 

    Good choice....

  2. 20 hours ago, bush demon said:

    Ian Cover and Champs (Coodabeens, ABC radio) have got some gripe with Melbourne, they cannot save themselves from making snide remarks. Cover was shocking on Saturday morning, don't know what his issue is. Fortunately they have a young guy on there now, "Andy" who remarked to Cover that they  (Melbourne supporters) wouldn't be driving Range Rovers, they would be driving Teslas....

    Ahhh....so you're the listener they still get.

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  3. 5 minutes ago, Demon Head said:

    Anyone think the pre match stuff presented by Hawthorn was utter crap?

    The compere’s performance  was very ordinary compared with Robbo’s class.

    Have to agree...the announcer was crap...especially when he was going on about the latecomers coming in with drinks and the gracious Hawthorn supporters having to stand and let them get to their seats.

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  4. 1 minute ago, 3183 Dee said:

    This is good news. Interesting comments by him, regarding him being frustrated that his form had dipped at the wrong time and he wasn't able to pull it round sufficiently in the 2s in time for the final rounds.

    I wonder if this means that, if we acquire Lever, TMac will be permanently forward?

    I certainly see upside to Frost - at his best, his intercept work is great and his sprint out of defence is at times exhilarating!

    Well done young man.

    I thought his loss of form, plus Hunts seemingly lack of impact running were a couple of reasons we seemed to lose momentum late in the season.  Not sure if stats back up my perception of Hunt but that's how it seemed to me. It was more than just those guys losing impact, but their late season form contributed in some way I think.

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  5. 3 hours ago, Demon17 said:

    Probably just grabbing at straws, but Jobe Watson on Footy Classified last night believed this would set the team up for the next 10 years in the ' resolve' department and lay the foundation for success with the memory of the last performance against Collingwood.

    Jobe is obviously not a long term Melbourne supporter...we know better.  They have a very long way to go before I trust them to put in the effort required on a consistent basis.  I don't think this year will make much difference to some of them.  I want to be proved wrong but we will see how they go next year.  The supporters know the ones that just seem to trot along to contests, I want to see more urgency in games. That wont happen until next year and I won't believe a word that the players say until I see actions on the field.  No promises, no players hurting about this season, I will wait until I see actions because I don't think some of them have it in them to change.

  6. 19 minutes ago, Bates Mate said:

    The words will have no meaning whatever is said. Only our ladder position after rnd 23 next year will matter

    Exactly. He must be stepping back from the captaincy.  I don't want to hear anything resembling that the players are hurting or that a line in the sand has been drawn, I've heard it all before. Just 100% effort each and every game next year.  If we win...great, if not then it wasn't for want of trying.  Just shutup and show us on the field how you intend to go about it....words are cheap .

  7. I'm not sure what time training finishes, but I do know that the players in the past have been very engaging after training when my sons and I asked for autographs on the boys guernseys.  They all took the time to talk a bit and JKH was especially good to them.  Certainly helps when trying to keep them supporting in trying times..

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  8. 2 hours ago, jnrmac said:

    No i don't think so because it was Billings that took the free. I think it was paid for front on contact to Billings. Appalling decision in any case.

    I thought it was against Jetta for holding in the contest. He wasn't holding anyway, he just had a hand touching his opponent momentarily to see where he was...

    It appeared razor gave a free at one stage from 50 metres away ...despite there being numerous players between him on the 50 metre arc and the infringement near the goal...I don't see how he could have possibly seen anything, we didn't and we had a clear line of sight.

  9. Playing Devil's advocate....I don't want to lose him but...would you trade Weideman to Collingwood (probably looking for a tall forward) for draft pick + possible player for on-forwarding to Adelaide for Lever ?    We already have Watts, McDonald and Hogan as talls (when all fit) and we could also look at Omac going forward if Lever comes in.   It looks worse when on paper, as I think Weideman will develop into a very good player...   

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  10. 14 hours ago, Melon22 said:

    Back onto the game itself.

    It was probably the most disappointing game for Casey all year, fumbling, a lack of intensity and totally out worked by Port Melbourne.   Casey were outnumbered in the forward line sometimes by 6 to 3 and then had players free out the back when Casey pressed forward, tell tale sign you are being completely outworked.  Port Melbourne pressure was good the inability of Casey to get into any sort of rhythm was very disappointing.  There were times that Casey broke through the press and they seemed that but they had no targets or idea of what to do with the ball, this caused panic with the ball carrier which led to some awful turnovers.  

    All the Casey players were down as well and just lacked any winners on they day, Fritsch and Hutchins were the best of the Casey players.

    Joel Smith - Looked good on return and was one of Casey's best, lacked a bit of touch but this wasn't helped by teammates.  He is probably 1 -2 weeks away from consideration but at the rate we are losing players might be chance.

    JKH - The best of the Dees from what I saw, was terrible in the first half but responded and looked lively in the second half trying to get the team back into it.  Disappointingly though he lacked impact in the midfield as Casey was smashed by Port in close, probably the most likely to come in from the game.

    Ben Ken -  Got the ball and effort was there in tight but an inability to have an impact with disposal is keeping him from the AFL, also doesn't spread well enough for someone with is pace.     

    King - Liked his game, has limited minutes but his tap work is good and is a whisker away each week from taking a few contested marks.  He just needs to build some strength but he looks likely.

    Trengrove - Has his step and agility back which is great, one of his poorer games though in terms of disposal.  He displayed very good hands but tried to generate some ball movement with riskier kicks which didn't come off.  Also struggled to put defensive pressure on which was disappointing.

    Spencer - The most disappointing on the day, looked a mile off it and Casey were beaten in the stoppages.  Hasn't regained the same form yet from last year after his injury.

    Weiderman - Looked OK but not a great day for the forwards, he was outnumbered all day and wasn't able to impact the game.  The only real criticism was that he got sucked up the ground to much leading to some of the issues going forward, gave the team a spark when he went into the Ruck.

    Maynard - Got a lot of ball in tight but wasn't able to generate any impact from his disposals, wasn't able to get much of the ball in transition which limited his impact.

    Kielty - Competed well in the air but not much influence with the ball.

    Johnstone - Was ok but didn't have much impact on the game, there was almost no forward pressure on the day so from that point of view was disappointing but DJ spend some time on the wing as well.

    Kent - Played on a wing and had a crack, needs to improve his kicking and work rate but if Garlett misses he is a chance.   He doesn't use his pace as much as he should and his kicking can sometimes be way off especially in the midfield.

    Sums it all up. I would add that Weideman suffered from bad delivery which made it very hard for him, as opposed to the previous week where the delivery was good.  Joel smith got better as the game went on, tried to generate some run from half back but was out of position when a turnover ultimately meant the ball went back over his head (he wasn't necessarily the cause of the turnover, it was a bad day skill wise for Casey). He did show good signs. 

    We are down on players so I would say any ins would come from the usual..JKH, Smith, Kent and Weidemann, depending on what the footy dept see is required. Maybe time for Trengove as well, from a leadership point of view.

    Goodwin, Mathews, Mahoney and Jackson were all at Port for the game.

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  11. JKH was ok and generally classy in what he did so would probably be under consideration. Joel Smith got better as the game went on, but I guess it depends on how the FD see his game if he gets promoted. Ben Kennedy tried hard but turned it over a few times, Weideman went into the ruck at times late in the game and got involved in some good passages of play.  

    The general delivery around the ground was very poor and Casey got punished for a lot of them. 

    Old boy Lucas Cook had a good game I thought down back for Port.

  12. 18 minutes ago, jayceebee31 said:

    Please advise how did Trengove play and istats please if known .

    Trengove played but was didn't really dynamically impact play. He was directing players where to go and marshalling down back. He did some OK things.  I don't know if he realises his cards are marked and plays accordingly.....

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