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  1. And Drew Morphett doing a lot of the commentary.
  2. These days I watch our games hoping for a miraculous resurrection and once again I'll see the exciting, free flowing team of last year. Alas, it's not to be. That team has gone like the snows of yesteryear, like the hopes of decent umpiring, like the idea of not handballing at a team mate's feet. Gone, all gone, all lost. Adieu.
  3. An answer will be given that justifies the decision and pointing out that Max was lucky not to have 50 awarded against him.
  4. When Hunt took that mark on the wing all by himself... In the old days he would have just taken off and headed for goal. Now, he stood and waited. I miss the old days.
  5. I want Angus in the engine room, not out on the wing. It's where he played his best football toward the end of last year.
  6. For decades, I've seen teams like Hawthorn and the Swans play like rubbish in games like this and then snatch a win, often from us. Now , we're doing it. Good.
  7. Likewise the two handed scoop where the fist is somewhere limply behind the ball but the motive power comes from the other hand.
  8. Confidence is a bubble, easily burst - and then you're left with nothing.
  9. It's the weather I tell you! The games we've lost, it's been unseasonably warm, and we're a cold weather team. Winter is coming; watch us turn things around! Makes about as much sense as any other theory for our woes ...
  10. Why do I get the awful feeling that JKH will be ready before Vanders or Joel Smith?
  11. Overthinking it is his downfall.
  12. Looks like we're going to have to win the flag from eighth spot on the ladder.
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