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  1. The only PP who comes to mind is Paul Payne.
  2. It'd help if our midfielders kicked more goals themselves. Throws a cat among the pigeons if they storm to fifty and bang it through a few times.
  3. Glenn Swan, 1973. Kicked eight goals in his fifth game but only played thirteen in total. Another coodabeen.
  4. There's some doubt about its continuous status from foundation until today.
  5. Let's just go multi-ball - two footies on the field at the same time.
  6. I'm puzzled by the strange game plan - players lowering their eyes and kicking to a leading forward who goals. Weird.
  7. Two Brownlows don't get Ivor Warne-Smith a mention? It's the cult of recency.
  8. Having a year where we end up with a stunningly positive free kick differential like the Western Bulldogs did on their premiership year.
  9. One way for us to have a better year is for other teams to have a stinker. Any idea on which club could plummet?
  10. I'd like to be in a position where we can look back on 2020 as the first leg of our premiership threepeat.
  11. The AFL site has changed recently. You used to be able to watch the 2018 finals there, but I went to view them this week and couldn't find them anywhere.
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