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  1. This. Lets see how deep they go - we made it to the Prelim and hit our wall, The doggies went 2 better and got the chocolates. Playing on emotion is a wonderful thing, but running out of puff is a real risk - as is dropping like a stone next year as often happens to rapidly rising teams (tiggers, doggies, dees, etc have all done it). However, they look good, and I like the way they are playing.
  2. Imagine the joy of being selected this week. Down to an absolute toilet of a venue in Blundstone Arena, where the wind blows worse than Casey, and it is one hour closer to Mawson base and cold AF. To face a team with Crusty McFlopper that has just kicked 10, a new coach to impress for, with their tails up. And us? Dispirited, frustrated, giving each other bakes, cant kick straight, cant get anyone vaguely interested in running two ways or applying pressure. Send all of the VFL boys on our list down for a go. Bring in Jordon, Bedford, Kielty, JWAGs, Bradtke. Bring back Petty Baker and Omac. Stick Preuss in against his old mentor Glodstein. Then work backwards and leave out anyone who we might want to be in good nick in the pre season. Lever out, Gawn, Salem, Brayshaw, Petracca. Stick with ANB, JKH, Chandler and CWAG. Then tell them it is an immunity challenge like on survivor. Photos of the coach with a farm animal are the only immunity idol (ANB, ready to play yours yet?). Best players don’t go to the fire pit for elimination.
  3. @Lucifer's Hero posted this at the start of the year, somehow it tells the tale of the tape before you add in injuries: The Roar has produced player list analysis: Team Profiles The Average isn't the best measure; I prefer The Mean Median. Nonetheless, the Roar tables are a good indicator of each team. I was a bit surprised to see Collingwood so high in the age profiles. The likes of Lewis and Jones are raising our age profile somewhat. For us to finish 4th in 2018 when on average age we were 9th and average experience we were 12th shows what a mighty effort it was by the club. An interesting comment from the article: "Overall the numbers hint at a few possible conclusions, one being that putting heavy 2019 expectations on the likes of Melbourne, Fremantle and Essendon because of their notable trade period recruits might be a little premature. Of these three sides, only one – Essendon – is in the top eight for age, and they are eighth. None is in the top eight for experience. That’s not to say that these lists aren’t capable of achieving great things in 2019, but instead that they are still some distance from hitting their high-water mark in terms of talent maturity". Nonetheless, the expectations on us will indeed be 'heavy' and we will rise to the occasion! Edit: change 'Mean' to 'Median' —- i find the line about expectations quite prescient in the article quoted. In 2020 we will lose Lewis, but have gotten games into lots of players. Hopefully this sets us up to be more competitive for longer.
  4. How about give Rawlings a go as coach in the dead rubber?
  5. A young man who was probably one of our best 3 players for most of the year. We have a number of key players who are ‘down’ on form - if they pick up, things will improve dramatically. Salem is a bit down, but it has been a hard year carrying this mob. Also down, by my reckoning: Brayshaw, Hunt, Hibbard, Melksham, ANB (so far down...), TMAC, Weid, Jones, Viney, Lever (injured, finding touch) We then have a whole string of VFL level players that we could carry one or two for roles, but not half a team., Seriously, we have been injured, out of form, and seriously down on confidence. We are approaching the most important off season in the last decade
  6. There is nothing redeeming about that ‘performance’ tonight. We are supposed to be the clearance team - we got smashed We are supposed to be the tackling team - we got smashed We are supposed to be exciting and fluid - we were turgid Was it the lack of talent? The lack of cohesion? The lack of heart? The lack of skill? There is no spin for this one. I have always looked for the positives, but that was devoid of anything. I will be a member next year. It is hard to be a supporter, and I am not a fair weather follower.
  7. How come every them we play has ‘promising youngsters’ and we have [censored]
  8. This is simply disgusting. The panic, keystone cops fighting over the same ball. I cannot believe how poor this team is, in all aspects and phases. What a bunch of losers
  9. Several players are stamping their papers tonight.
  10. Zero skill, zero confidence. Taking tackles we should avoid
  11. They have been raping our forwards, and Reid gets that as a hold??????
  12. The seven commentators have serious wood for Alir Alir. We need to stop making him look so good. If we drop anyone onto him when he lags off max, he will not look so good.
  13. I like the look of the forward line. All year we have been bombing out on the head of the talls, and the entry patterns have been so obvious. Now we will have a forward line that works like the pies - have to hit a fast leadup target. Milky, Fritzy and Trac are all good marks, and good in the contest. This might just work. If I was going to add a tall it would not be Preuss. He has a lot of work to do over the summer to get into the team. And he only got 75 hit outs and 3 x the possessions of Chandler at Casey.
  14. Like looking at my wife and deciding whether you should go out with Elle MacPherson! Would suggest they each get judged on their merits. This Half forward role has eluded us for most of the year, with spargo dropping off. Don’t know what to make if it, but hope a rest and a pre-season (and a few angry pills) gets him back on track. Chandler will not stamp Spargo’s ticket. I hope he has a great game and shows us that he belongs.
  15. Something else on, so not going to this 3XL blockbuster. what has Chandler done to deserve a game? Routinely gets 4 disposals and about 20 AF points at Casey. i believe we can win this one.
  16. More like: AFL decide to give GCS a priority pick, and ensure that King Goes to Hawthorn for 2 old chuppa chupps.
  17. 11 players down by more than 20%, and another two down by 19% on last year. Look at the names: Viney, Brayshaw (Jones), Lewis, Hibbard, TMAc, ANB,Melksham,(Omac) Tim Smith, Garlett, Hannan, Spargo. Last year their contributions got us to a prelim. Take these 13 players (more than half a starting 22) and have 20% less value from them in a game where 5% matters, and is it any wonder we are down the toilet this year? What a horrible reflection in the reality that was (is) 2019. This year 11 players scored over 2.5, last year 17. This year 5 players scored greater than 3.0, last year it was 9 players. Our top end was considerably weaker as well. Frost, Hunt and Harmes hold your heads high and proud, only significant positive movers.
  18. This clip is instructive, but not for the Gus contest. If the kick had of worked, it would have been the Collingwood players that looked 'lazy'. Gus would have been open, corridor side, ready to go. The kick was crapola, and the contest became a mugging. If it were a set-up contest like a ball up, then this is terrible positioning - all on the wrong side, too many committed, lagging off too far. This is easy to say that in this example, simply because it is what we do at every contest. It was a clear tacking by the wobblers to have one man out the back or side in the clear to exit stoppages, and we simply acted like a bunch of Labradors that see a tennis ball. It also speaks to our lack of two way running (we get out of position and then give up and dont chase back) - but given how often the players have run for the man, only for the ball to get butchered, is it any wonder all they can raise is a half-hearted jog? hen you see Max shaking his head at what is happening, you know this runs deep. We seem to lack the footy IQ to adjust on the fly. When this contest happened, the lack on adjustment was clear. I am out of position - I just stay out of position. Or I get the ball, even if I get my team mate's way. We have no cohesion, our system appears overly simple and without flexibility, and our players have no trust in their team mates to do what needs to be done because the have worked together so often that this knowledge is second nature. Lazy is how it looks, but it is so much deeper than this.
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