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  1. Yes, silverware is nowhere in sight this year. Wooden kitchenware is....
  2. Unless you know what he does around the club, I don’t think your views relating to his leadership are fully informed. He provides leadership onfield in that back 6 by virtue of his experience. Are you wanting JWags to lead the group? Hore? I am not sucked in by others, I made my own judgements of his performance on the day. I feel your view of his performance is overly harsh, and I wonder who you think will replace him in the best 22 next year? Kielty? Petty? OMac? He and Lever are going to be important pillars of our defence for the next few years. When they get co-ordinated and in synch, I can see them being lauded as perhaps the best defensive KP structure in the AFL.
  3. This was excellent analysis. Their view is that we are not that far away, when we simply clean a few things up, such as: Play outside the contest (we smash it inside, but lose it when it move away from the contest) Slow down after marks and control the play more Take more marks Stop butchering the pill, especially with inside 50 delivery. More efficient entry to score ratio (currently lowest ever) Could we be the best wooden spoon team ever??
  4. I watched May fairly closely, and thought he had a really good game. He added leadership to the back half, did a lot of little things, used his body well, positioned himself well and attacked the contests. For a first game (I’m discounting the quarter he played earlier in the year), he gets a big tick from me.
  5. Bet he hits the turnstiles and doesn’t make it onto the ride.
  6. Either, Rusty. I seriously appreciate the effort you put in to advance the conversation.
  7. Spot on with your comments, Rusty. For me, the interesting questions that emerge are around the number of ‘elites’ versus a real bolstering in the middle class. Take a team like Geelong this year, that have been outstanding. They might be the benchmark. Or Richmond of their premiership year. We can then keep an eye on the Melbourne team and see how far off this ‘marker’ we are. It is a historical analysis that may only be correlative, but it could give us some moderate predictive insight into where we need to improve to get to where we want to go.
  8. Whilst we are on the bye, I wonder @Rusty Nails, how many players over a weighted score of 5 a team should have? We currently have 2, one at 4, then drop off into the threes pretty fast from there. It would seem that we lack elite talent (or elite performances), and a huge drop off to mediocre certainly describes our season.
  9. Watching the players shoot on goal prior to the big slide thingy, I commented to my mate how few were goals. They were woeful in practice, and woeful in the game. It is a basic skill ffs!
  10. May stood up and led the backline all day, as well as played his own role. He might be giving them a spray, and if he is, good. We lack leadership across the park, so to see him leading was one of the best things of the day.
  11. Breathe...just breathe... I keep telling myself... 16 th vs 3rd, and we played like it. Honestly, we ‘tried hard’, but had no skill or finesse. We butchered the ball, and made terrible decisions. Goody slowed them down after half time, and that manic ‘play on at all costs’ improved a bit. We simply dont have the skills or talent to play this style ATM. Some players were simply awful: TMAC, Jeffy. Spargo not far behind. Jeffy is a compete liability, and is responsible for at least one 12 point turn around (his non shot on goal that transitioned too easily). Fritsch had 2 kicks in a minute from half back and missed both targets by >10 m. Hopeless stuff. We tried to switch when it wasn’t on, and got caught out. Stephenson should have kicked 6. What, we cant run someone with him to make a contest? We have to lag 10-15 m behind every time. I thought May and OBaker were good, Lever improved, Max was simply enormous. Harmes was good. VIney did some good things, and some pathetic things. He is in the clear and kicks it straight to a Puss-filth-scum defender all on his own. Really? We had players open of that could have made a contest. We are so far back at the moment. Time to cut out the crap and being in some new blood. Rest TMac if you have to (Goody says he will persist). Early umpiring was confusing both ways. Would have been better if the maggots had not decided that they needed to be important.
  12. I have my reserved seat (expensive!), and will hope the boys can have a red hot crack. Have tipped us (nothing new there...) but also think we can be competitive. Hopefully for the whole game and not drop away. Go Dees! i like the event of the big freeze, but have no care for any of the people going down the slide this year. Zero interest.
  13. The commentators were saying he was the steal of the draft. Others were recycled, trimmed from other lists. Kyle is a fresh up and comer.
  14. Seemed to do really well early, and poorer later. His little dinky stuff didn’t work, but he got the ball and distributed it well otherwise.
  15. Bradtke was a big lump of a kid. First game at this level, and not disgraced. Really good by hand and foot. Needs a lot of development needed, but I think worth the effort. Gonna be a monster when he grows into that frame!
  16. 9 Out of 10 of the banner are playing. now we need several of them to pick up their performances. onward and upward!
  17. Cats making the Tigers look like Demons.... Gonna be a big blowout.
  18. Weid on bench. Good to see Bradtke get a game. Omac not sighted. Like Darwin.
  19. Wow. Dr Kildare to emergency! Talk about pulling the proverbial pud. Sounded fine to me. Answered questions, stuck to his ‘talking points’, didnt fall over when he got up to escape. Imagine if he farted, people would think he was about to die! Come on.
  20. Gawd! Imagine how many filthy holes that tongue has been in.
  21. We have to play the best player in each position. We now have someone else for FB, so OMac no longer is the best available. Lets hope he redefine what his best role will be - or maybe its just backup to Maysie Mouse.
  22. One of the big issues with goal kicking in the modern game is that instead of a forward resting on the fence with a ciggy until the ball comes down, forwards are running huge distances, doing repeat sprint efforts and being smashed in contests prior to needing to calm themselves, find their routine and do a different type fo skill. Think of Biatholons, where athletes have outrageous heart rates, then have to consciously calm themselves super quick to shoot accurately. It is more than just technique, more than just pressure (although the mental stuff certainly comes into play). It is being fit enough to be able to switch between high intensity and accuracy type skills in the 30 seconds, having a routine with replicable skills that can be deployed consistently, and the smarts to make a good assessment of the kick that is required (ie, Jeffie, not always some dribbler off the outside of the boot, but a drop punt FFS). Goal kicking is harder now than it has ever been with the nature and speed of the game.
  23. Reported as a torn meniscus in the knee.
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