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  1. May: good until late Bennell: very smooth mover Max Gawn: Owned the sky Viney: Willed us onward Pickett: pressure acts rule Omac: Solid and dependable Weideman: Played important role
  2. really annoyed at the string of soft free kicks and downfield frees given to the suns. Soft as butter, yet nothing was done when weed was continually shoved forward in almost every contest. It felt like the umps were trying to keep the Suns in it.
  3. Have another drink, sigh deeply, feel terribly frustrated and get on with something else. If we win, I will be pleasantly surprised. We should, but that doesnt mean we will...
  4. Did he go to NSW? Would probably stamp his papers if he stayed in Melb...
  5. The pressure acts point is an excellent one. In the Carlton game, Q1 was elite in terms of pressure acts. The result was clear. It has dropped off since = look at the results.
  6. So, I think it doesnt matter where we finish. We got Kozzie (plus change). He was an absolute need, and we are unlikely to see his type for a while. Then, add COVID. Kids in the draft this year are almost 12 months under-developed to normal draft years, so we will have 2 years of Kozzie before the kid North get probably is ready to go. Then, add the fact that the draft is apparently compromised with all of the F/S and academy picks. We could have been bidder way down anyway. And we have less of an idea who is likely to be top of the pops as there is no quality competition to see who is developing into the next Rowell. Early calls are going to have to stand. It is beat up the Dees week, which I am very happy about. If Kozzie takes the next step, takes that mark or kicks those goals, he will be worth way more than a chooklotto kid. We also dont have a great record at making high picks work....
  7. I am happy that all the muppets are yelling from the balcony. It means the emperor is exposed. What they say can be patently incorrect into ‘why’, but I love the fact that they are calling us out. Now the heat goes on, then we need to see the response. Going on as it simply has been cannot be allowed, and this spotlight on incompetence is something we as supporters should be absolutely cheering on.
  8. As long as they can do sessions in smaller groups at Manly, maintain fitness, practice their elite skills..(on, wait!). Its a solid trip in traffic, but the freeway makes it OK. They can have some kumbayah singalongs on the bus. Manly is a nice little neck of the woods. They probably had to travel that far to get to Casey anyway.
  9. A midfield of Harmes, Petracca and Brayshaw. Jack Viney locking down the resting midfielder or first rotation. Oliver playing forward. Salem off half forward to deliver into 50. TMac, Brown/Weid Fritter, Kozzie, Oliver and Hannan inside 50. May, Lever, Omac, Rivers, Hibbard, Jetta. Gawn in the ruck. Langers and Tommo on the wings. Gotta win the contests forward of the ball (Goodwin). No more rope a dope from a flood back and keeping s off. It means hard pressure in out front half - which was a hallmark of 2018 and completely missing now. This will rely on better skills, but also the forward half of the ground has to be defended hard - we have rarely seen that this year (or last). It just gets clogged up with flooding (the way to beat MFC) and they run it out, without us chasing adequately. Bennell on the bench with Viney, Melksham (rotating through HF and the centre to get back into the game) and perhaps ANB/Lockhart
  10. Even at 17th, I think we did well from the swap with North. Kozzie will get better and better, and was an absolute need. Most of the kids in the draft 2020 will have sat out significant amounts of development and footy, so may need longer to get up to AFL standard.
  11. Did he keep complaining until he got a free drink?
  12. Take your pick. Clarry, Jack for starters....
  13. A bit of heat on them would be good. The irrelevant club has slid under the radar a bit too long. No excuses, just exposure now. Let’s see the response. To hell and back? My [censored]. No ‘back’ to be seen. Big statement by the club and players needed. Not ‘it’s disappointing’ and ‘we are working on it’. Enough.
  14. May is doing well down back. The Smith experiment is one to question. Lever is generally good. If we look deeper the problem is the lack of pressure between the arcs. By the time it gets to May, it is all or nothing. There have been half a dozen lazy actions that have led to that pressure. dont take May from the backline. Just give Weid or brown a go in the forward line, and give the midfielders who cough it up like a COVID carrier at a trump rally a rocket (or drop them). Omac is probably better than Smith, don’t know what the FD want? A racehorse rebounder?
  15. Discussed in Blacktown thread, suggest merge?
  16. Goody “our execution is costing us games”. Yup. Now what are you going to do about it? The pressure might not be on you yet, but man, the steam is building.....
  17. He gets the ball, but panics. He should be encouraged to get a few holding the balls against him and take a little more time. Learn to take the tackle. Get ball/panic disposal puts other players in terrible positions or simply costs us possession. His handball to Smith’s boots was terrible, and his kick in the middle was unbelievably poor. Add to all the other moments, it must be heartbreaking to work so hard just for him to give it up. I think he has read his own press. Needs to do better with ball in hand.
  18. That was unacceptable by every measure. If the gameplan works, why do we only play it for short periods? Why do we persist with players who frankly cannot cut it? Why dont we show commitment to shut down opposition when they get going? Why do we make such appalling decisions and skill errors? Oliver should be dropped - he cost us at least 2 goals directly (handball to smith on his boots from 3 m away) and that woeful kick in the middle. He gets the ball and his panic release makes him a liability. Too many passengers, not enough pressure, not enough commitment to deliver on the plan. Trac was a gem, Hibbard best game in ages. It is really hard to feel anything good after that. It is a [censored] time right now, and it would be nice to barrack for a team that actually cared.
  19. Not much to redeem this. Risks are obvious and not coming off. They simply don’t have the skills or intellect to deliver.
  20. This is spineless. Playing these fools back into form.
  21. Bloody Viney overposessing. Stupid handball and absolute hospital
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