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  1. He commented that he ‘let himself down’ a few times, and was under the ball on a few occasions. Said it was about timing and match feel. After a year out, I’ll give him that.
  2. Umpires dont hate us. We simply don’t attract the positive bias that comes from winning flags, being Brownlow medallists, or being back page of the HS. This puts us at a significant disadvantage - unless the rule breach is clear, their expectation and confirmation bias will work against us, so we dont get 50/50, but more like get 30/70. When we are also considered ‘bad’ public citizens (May, Bugg, etc), this weighs against us as well.
  3. Came on 15 minute mark first quarter. Played 80 minutes
  4. No one really put their hand up at Casey. Sparrow was wasteful with disposal. Preuss started well, but gave away 3 frees in their 50 leading to shots on goal. Lever moves well, and is a class above, but didnt do too much. Jordon, Chandler and Bedford not pushing the selectors to pick them yet. Kielty looks better for the run at AFL level, and competed pretty well. Looked like they also had him down back in the second half, where he was less influential.
  5. Stopped winning it in close, and running second to most contests.
  6. Answer to my own question: On your iPhone: Download the VFL app to listen via the BROADCAST page or the SEN app On the web: Via www.vfl.com.au Digital Radio: SEN 2 digital Full replays: Click HERE for all replay games
  7. Missed absolute sitters from set shots. Dropped a mark 20 m out uncontested. Real standout moments that cost us. His groundball game was excellent, but the kid cant kick from a set shot ATM. THink his confidence is way down
  8. Some observations: TMAC was fantastic for the first time this year. His marks up the ground and at the start really set the tone. Sauce (Baker) did well. His first few touches were excellent. He got caught a few times, some from hospital passes, others from trying to take it on. Much to like. Trac is a concern. His work rate and his groundball gets have been terrific, but his set shots are diabolical. Jeff Garlett looks like he wants to kick off the outside of his boot and do the fancy stuff. Kick a drop punt FFS! That one on the run was poor thinking and execution. Max was dominant. No other word for it. His hitouts to advantage were a joy to watch. Leaving Preuss out was probably the right call. Smith made the intercept defenders accountable with movement that Preuss wouldn’t have given. Preuss may have been a big target, but all night big packs flew at either end, and the big guys were neutralised. Frost played a good game. One fumble on the line does not take away from his good work. Loved his tackle on Petruccelle. We structured up and played well. Losing 3 players to concussion must be a record (4 for the match). The loss of Salem and Smith had a massive impact. Smith was doing a great job making their intercept markers accountable, and Salem’s delivery was missed. The umpiring was significant. That Smith incident was appalling. We lost the 50 /50s all night, and that throw was so obvious and directly led to a goal. Another incident was when Kennedy flew for a mark, pushed the Melb player forward in the contest but did not even touch the ball. It went from that contest straight for a goal. So many more, that it was actually a blight in the game Was so much better to watch than previous weeks. We took the game on, and did so much better. Still need to fix our movement inside 50, and obviously our goal kicking, but there was a lot of improvement in what we saw. 3:6 is irrelevant from a historic point of view. We really can lose only 3-4 more games and make the finals. If we can pinch a couple before the bye, start getting the best team on the park, we could get close. The AFL would be happy with the game as a spectacle. Go Dees
  9. WTF? What do you want them to do? They were recovering from the contest, and you would not have expected the grubs to rub Max’s noses in it. And what for, not taking a mark? They didnt take the mark either. Vardy was OWNED by Gawn. His is a disgrace of a person for doing that. Max’s team mates pushed the idiots away, which was all it deserved. To escalate this would have been a pointless, and probably expensive exercise. Wanting them to ‘stand up for Max’ is simply stupid. There were plenty of times throughout the night when players supported each other.
  10. I note that the Casey game is 2pm Sat. Emergencies can hop on the late night flight and suit up for Casey.
  11. Good luck to Jake Lever, for a safe and high quality return.
  12. Wow. That was some fall for $7 million dollar man. I suppose running around in the VFL wasn’t to his liking? Payout for 19, no payout for 20/21. Gives them a mid year draft pick. Probably going to see more mid year retirements now the draft is in play.
  13. He wasnt letting go of his luggage until he hit the Swan!
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