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  1. So when the brakes come off, they could organise the Competition into 2 conferences. A southern conference (including the 2 WA teams and 2 SA teams) and an Eastern conference (including the two QLD teams and the two NSW teams). 9 teams in each conference, dividing the Melb teams odds/evens based on last years ladder position (removing the interstate teams), or work it out on who played who in round one (we played West coast co we go into their conference, etc) The AFL could then play a shortened season within the conferences, then have cross-over matches for the finals. This would create some sort of competition, allow a shortened fixture with lots of fan interest and allow a reasonable way of getting a winner at the end of it all. Even better would be to cancel the result of round 1.... Thoughts?
  2. Thanks, Andy. I’m cool with that. Think this is but a small sacrifice in the current climate. Good luck to everyone.
  3. I reckon the moment they are allowed to play again is the time to do this. Many of us dont know if we have the cash or income to ‘cross the bridge’, let alone support the MFC
  4. Wow. Massively impactful. It is hard to see how the season will recommence - teams will need a ‘pre-season’ run in, probably at least a month on top of maintained base fitness. Look to AFLx style matches to rush through games if needed. Although I doubt that the AFL will run this year at all.
  5. May had a really good game. So good when he has ball in hand, some of his passes were excellent. Holding nuffy mcbeardo to 4 touches all day (and no impact) is a win for him.
  6. Funny game (season) that. Better intensity at times, but we didn’t apply any pressure to stop easy transitions, didnt two way run, and didnt spread. We had a few players who were really good (Viney), Max who worked his way into it after being well beaten, and a great start in Kozzy. Glad to see his family there. late in the game, it seemed that the care had completely gone. Hardly a tackle and circle work for the most part after half time. I cannot comprehend the entry into 50. The Weagles just set up to intercept our long bombs, as they have for the last 3 years. They flooded back much better, and we rarely had a spare inside 50. We should have instructed the guys to run it over the 50, rather than kick it. Much to work with (and on). 3 months may not be long enough.
  7. I would love to see more GWS and less Suns in our game... good luck Dees. I hope the preseason shows out in high pressure, high quality footy. Weagles are a tough first up opponent.
  8. Have just seen that Red Bull have joined the MFC as a ‘partner’ (sponsor?). Great match for the colours, and hopefully we can be as exciting and successful as their other partners! Welcome! Red Bull gives Melbourne wings
  9. Change Melk and Viney on the team sheet. Bench of Bedford, Pickett, Lockhart and Sparrow.
  10. I wanted us to win AFL x, (which we DID!). So there is no other answer than YES. I will still be [censored] for a week, behave unsociably for an extended period and rub every Richmond and Collingwood fan’s nose in it. Expect the same from most here.
  11. AFL will have to pony up for clubs shortfall in gate receipts (they have been doing this in their rescue payments each year for St Kilda etc)- I suspect ANZAC day will be lost to us (if the season has not been cancelled), but things should be good for QB. If not, there are much bigger fish in the pan than AFL games (the economy will be stuffed, unemployment will be through the roof, businesses will be bankrupt...) MCG should use canned cheering for goals to us, and silence for the opposition.
  12. How awesome when Weid and LJ both play at their best?
  13. How good is the centre line of Langdon - Petracca/Oliver - Tomlinson? This could be the fulcrum of the rise up the ladder. Certainly as good as any centreline in the league.
  14. They would have been told before, and asked if they wanted the jobs, surely? The reveal was for everyone else.
  15. A much more ‘mature’ gameplan. The number of contested and uncontested marks shows how different we are moving the ball, looking for our new wingers and switching to them when we can. Defensive setup and zoning looked good, and contested ball was also a positive area for us. Entry inside 50 and our out of touch talls is perhaps the only real concern. Dorks marked the incoming balls too easily. Need to at least halve every entry. good signs, but we are not quite there yet. More to work on, and I think lots of upside in the squad.
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