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  1. I think Maynard and Sparrow become important. Our current midfield are ‘get ball, butcher ball’ at the moment. I could see a role for different players in the guts, and shifting Brayshaw and even Oliver outside at times to get better value out of them. 30 possessions and 25 turnovers and 5 passes to players under heaps of pressure is not really a good day out for the team. I think Petty and Kielty must be really close, and if they can show form would add significant value to the main squad. I also see OMac as worth watching - can he discover his form? Chandler, Bedford and Jordon (and Bradtke) are really early in their careers, so let them build into the game. Oskar Baker is returning from long term injury, so I suspect needs a few games to get going before he would even be looked at. I would not write off any of these guys. It is unfortunate that they are even in the conversation by necessity at this stage.
  2. Goody has sent the players away for a 4 day break before they regroup at the club on Monday. After a few 6 day breaks and the 4 day break, it is probably a good time for them to freshen up. Goody said they might watch a ‘bit of footy’ over that time. Without kicking off a massive player bashing session, I am interested if that’s what a few of these guys need - a bit of time away and self reflection? Perhaps now the bath water has been drained and we are staring at the dregs of what should have been, a little time away to ‘freshen up’ might be time for them to get their heads back in the game. I would seriously be hoping the coaching staff take the time to take stock and reset. If J Lewis was speaking from the club approved position (to change the gameplan a bit), then they have very little time to work out what they want to change, and get the systems ready to train next week. Some of the players need to take a fairly solid look at their performances over this time and make some hard decisions about what they do from here.
  3. Colonwood scored 2 goals after quarter time. 2 to 7 and fell over the line. Sounds like the demons somewhat...
  4. We haven’t yet seen what we are capable of. Imagine if Lever and May had both been on the park, and we were able to structure up in the back half behind the ball with elite pillars? Imagine if TMac and Weids had a bit of form forward of the ball? Imagine if we were able to hit a target by hand and foot? Jesse wanted out. We made the best of that, and the deficiency we had in defence ‘appeared’ fixed when we secured May, and KK as a freebie to go with him. We have not yet seen how this will go. It looks like it will take us until the Bye to get all the right pieces on the park. I just hope that as we write off 2019 that we can use it to redefine a style of play that we can manage, and to get some cohesion into our players so that we can become ‘elite’ in 2020. I also hope we start playing a style that will encourage the AFL to give us premium time slots and not consign us to the rubbish time slots again.
  5. Currently Weids is within his rights to ask for a half sucked mintie and 2 musk sticks.
  6. Something stinks. I dont know how sacking people will fix the problem, but from the outside, it looks like something has gone really off the rails. We can sack the lot of them, but unless we find and address what is really going wrong, we are simply swapping deck chairs. How do we go from chocolates to boiled lollies so fast?
  7. Some time to pause and reset. Send Viney if fit to half back. Give him time to man up, tackle and dispose of it without being panicky every time he goes near it. Send Weid to a wing. Put Brayshaw on the other. Have a forward line of Preuss, Keilty, Smith, Frisch , Melksham, and try Bedford. Lewis and Jones both out. Petty, Frost, Salem, Hunt, Viney and Hibbard as back 6 Middle of Gawn, Oliver, Harmes, Maynard. Bench of TMac, Stretch, Trac, C Wagner
  8. Summary of press conference: We were better, because quite frankly, we couldn’t be any worse. Our skills are deplorable. Whilst I use the word ‘connection by hand and foot’, what I mean is the most basic skills that even the under 12’s would be expected to deliver. Our forwards are out of form so badly we cannot even hide them in the backline They will have 4 days away from the club. Seek.com will be busy. We are all in this together. No one can escape this sinkhole of a season with any dignity alone.
  9. He might be better served as a half back, where he has a little more time to decide. His panicky rubbish dish offs are embarrassing. Getting knocked over by the work experience kid was also embarrassing.
  10. If Jones and Lewis retire, can we get extra picks?
  11. Every player is poorly skilled and out of form. How does that happen?
  12. So, Goody steps up, what does he say: we lacked connection were hurting, we know our supporters are hurting we are gunna keep working its little things we got a week and a half to go back and work on it we are in this together, we are unified they we’re a great team, the tigers. what do you reckon?
  13. I cannot express how deeply disappointed I am.
  14. We are just rabble. It is done. Where is the sword?
  15. Can we just STOP kicking it to their half backs? Sheesh!
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