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  1. It is a real concern that we are seeing so little from the ones we need to see the most from. I know Bedford and Chandler were later picks, but each week they manage about 20 dream team points each. It was reported that JKH shirks contests. Kielty is down on confidence and Tim Smith did his thing without dominating. We have Sparrow and Jordon, one injured and one putting together a few good games. What to do with Maynard? Oskar Baker is definitely a keeper, and you would think Spargo, who had good tackle numbers, is also still on the edge of the AFL. Bradtke and Oscar Mac didn’t even play. Perhaps a hot knife will be going through much of this list at the end of the year. We certainly need healthy players pushing for selection, and at the moment - in fact throughout the whole season - this really has not been the case.
  2. In the Age today, a two page spread on Steven May: Melbourne defender's journey has at times been difficult since his move from the Gold Coast. http://www.theage.com.au/afl/melbourne-demons/steven-may-s-long-road-back-20190719-p528rx.html?btis worth a read, and gives some perspective to his journey. I really like that Goody challenged him, then stepped up and trained with him. That is some serious leadership from the coach that you dont see from outside. To winning the flag at the Dees, Steven!
  3. Wow. Terrible free to decide the match
  4. Brilliant goal Tex Walker, as much as it chokes me to say it!
  5. Bruce is a flo.g. Apparently Essendon have the biggest injury list of most important players in the league. Savaloy on the soft palette, I reckon.
  6. Here is a different take on this. Yes, we have had a terrible year. Yes, on our path, we haven’t beaten too many top teams. #1 On our way up, we had an easier draw and less games against top sides. This year, we are worse and play more of them. Natural progression would have seen us play more top sides, and beat them. This did not happen. #2 Lots of reasons we dropped the bundle this year. It is a complete write off. If we can look to next year, then it is what we make of this car crash that matters. A few things like: Getting a back 6 that plays cohesively together. With May and Lever AA quality, surrounded by a group working and understanding each other (not all flying for the same mark, etc.) Getting a midfield that has some experience, and can shift from ‘panic’ mode with the ball to actually using it productively. Building confidence in each other and doing more than just winning the contest, but winning the quality clearance. Having a forward line that works. TMac back in form (he had been moving like gollum this year) and more development into Weid. A small forward and some clean half forwards. Gaining confidence in each other and improving basic skills. Most of the team are kids, and we have played something like 38 players this year. Getting development into Preuss so he can be the second ruck, He is definitely a work in progress, and not there yet. The addition of some outside run. We are simply young, damaged, without confidence and struggling to apply a complex system under pressure. If they use what is left of this year and the pre-season, it will not be wasted. Then we can best a few more of those top teams (and hopefully get the easier draw and a nice draft pick as additional bonuses.)
  7. Agreed. I thought we were going to be stitched up with the inconsistency in the holding the ball decisions in the first quarter, but there were poor decisions across the park. The Gawn/Dunkley one was incomprehensible, so it drew attention. But Kyle Dunkley’s mark (paid by the umpire further away) would have had us all howling if it was paid to the opposition. The Umpiring did not cost us this game. We did
  8. Did you notice the handball that Gus received from Clarry before he got run down in the tackle? It was a looping, slow handball that Gus had to check his pace to receive, opening the way to be caught by Dunkley. If Clarry had put a bullet handball and Gus could run onto it, there would have been no tackle, and probably a goal. It is a million moments like these that are costing us in every game. Like the bomb kicks into forward 50, like the way we get sucked en masse into contests and the opposition run around the outside, those over-the-head-to-no one handballs, the giraffe kicks not to advantage.....We are putting in loads of effort, but it must be so disheartening when stupid errors make it meaningless.
  9. So I saw a series of outstanding performances, well orchestrated and full of highlights. Oh, I couldn’t make it to the footy, I was at a concert... When it ended I had that moment recognising we lost, but not being surprised. Can’t comment too much on the game apart from what I saw of the first half on my phone. We seem to be losing to a lot of mediocre teams this year, which really says a lot about where we are at.
  10. I hear he watched the World Cup semi final, too...
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