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  1. A better than expected result for mine. I had us losing by a 100. Hardly worth the pixels commenting on this any more. The FD is obviously clueless. They have to be otherwise signs of change would appear and we'd be improving. We aren't. I see and hear a lot of hurt as many deal with the grieving process. Yes we've killed another season. No one wants to listen. We're a pitiful laughing stock again. Take a bow MFC. It's not the players in the main. Think about that. Some don't want to. Doesn't fit their narrative. They'd have to admit they have this all wrong. So....those that thought we'd still play finals, how that going for you? Those that couldn't see our season was f#@;d three games in, how's your September shaping ? The legacy of the build...is dead.
  2. Two games tonight Richmond v Melbourne Realists v Delusionals Those starting with R win
  3. P Roos will never come back near the G whilst BMac is on the payroll. I don't blame Roos. I don't even blame BMac...he is who he is. ( But he doesn't benefit us ) Just saying So ..Fischer's..Rossi's...Kneissl's ???
  4. Mate..even after the analysis..which is fine ( unfortunately) ... that's a spectacular Nic !! Cheers Go Dees ( someday )
  5. This to me is partly where we get our whole game WRONG. This fwd pressure BS. It's closing the gate after horses have bolted. Again..a fundamental of the game is EFFECTIVE delivery to the forwards and afterwards kicking a score. We worry too much about ad-hoc entries...keeping it there...and somehow scoring. Others have plans and skills. If there was ever any evidence of snake-oil chicanery I've not seen it. We lose by design.
  6. Agree... it's not that hard. There's always going to be different takes on it but the fundamentals remain constant and it's the fundamentals we stink at. Goodwin needs to bin his current ideas as to a style/plan and reinvent our game inline with the fundamentals. Unless he does he'll remain Simon Badloss. Here's hoping he changes...or its an eternity in the wilderness....again.
  7. Hmmmm...you don't like Scotch...and barrack for Melbourne..... Just can't take a trick can ya Red lol
  8. I'll just leave this here for those interested : https://www.j2ski.com/snow_forecast/Australia/
  9. Memo: Jeffy.... disregard any box- instructions regarding pressure efforts and other BS stuff....play your instinctive FORWARD game...aka....kick a bag !!
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