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  1. Tommy Mac represents a big problem at our Dees He has issues ( fitness/medical) he was persisted with when clearly it was the wrong path. He wasn't the only one. We've run players into the concrete( gosch's ) What i do agree with wholeheartedly is that he should have been the cover,but we stuffed up, yet again. The idea suggested that we had Hogan's departure covered imho was reasonable. that it fluffed was due to incompetency of our FD. That things have gone awry isn't surprising to this reader
  2. trade Angus ??? lol Probably trade most of the FD first !!!
  3. well done... actually going to a member of the causality of this fiasco Peter Jackson did many great and mercurial things for this club and we are mostly the better for them all. That said Football as such wasnt his forte...Administration WAS. Initially PJ simply left Football to Roos. But with his departure and shall we say some interesting turns of events within the FD it basically became infested with a new-boys club accountable to only themselves. Mahoney can take a bow for much of this mess. Jackson was WRONG to think he JM could run this club...he cant run the FD successfully. I for one will not be sorry if he's a casualty in this. Even if this was not Pert''s initiative it's only happened because hes there.
  4. clouds are parting...people starting to see clearly now
  5. Jackson had NOTHING to do with the Football Dept...This is entirely someone else mess. We need a Hardwick style cleanout. Doubt the real offenders will be pushed though
  6. My suggestion: Make Rawlings senior coach. Hes the only one with a clue. Let him pick his staff. Let Goodwin play with the magoos...it's about his level.
  7. macca came to the Dees....many left we've done so well since
  8. Well it's about bloody time . Hopefully the club has the clarity to firstly identify those causing our underwhelming results and providing rubbish advice and secondly have the gonads to show them the door. I know whod be on my list...wouldnt be many left tbh
  9. @rjay id like to think there was reason to believe you're right. I however view it quite simply. Without change...there's no change. A possibly over simplified stance but it's apt. Unless those at the helm change their ways , it's only bound to repeat, as it must. If Goodwin maintains his entourage of cronies as currently listed then nothing will change with one caveat. It may actually get WORSE !!
  10. Not a chance in Hell....and we run the place !! havent looked likely to from the get go. May as well check the Lift reports...get ya Rossignols and Salomons out and enjoy winter the way we Demons are meant to
  11. We've missed this boat. We've squandered our best chance in decades. We will fall back to the pack permanently if not very careful. probably unavoidable now It's not all Goodwin's fault, just most of it. We persist in a game style which bears more resemblance to Roman legions attempting to emulate the sacking of Carthage at every weekend outing. The toll was predictable. The blame lays square with Goodwin, McCartney and the likes of Viney Snr. All of whom envisaged some gladiatorial incarnation in red and blue. In reality we just play dumb predictable easily countered football. We dont have our best 22 because we ran them into the ground playing a ridiculously bruising style of monodimensional British Bulldog football. We simply try to push the ball through the goals. Theres no real plan, style, nuance just kick it in, keep it in,...push push jump on ball ....somehow will it through the posts. I have said it time and time again. We lose by DESIGN. We lose because we have no idea of actually how to play smart football. We have no understanding of tempo, we have no idea about redeploying strategies on the fly. As long as we have the current FD set up we are doomed. It most likely cant change until personnel can be moved on or removed. This will use up valuable time among many of the players who are actually quite talented and capable , just they're instructed to play stupid football. it's not hard to really understand why we've gone backwards.
  12. I wonder if that's how Ted Bundy looked upon it ? 🤔
  13. Yep... priorities....fmd. Beyond belief.
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