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  1. We don't need one. If May and Lever stand up, our backline is set. We've got our wings sorted. We win contested footy like no other. The ball will be in our forward line all day. Even Weiderman should look good.
  2. Ooooooze to farmer goal. i like it.
  3. i don"t care how his knee is going that he injured towards the end of the year. What about his toe? He was hopeless from the beginning of the year with a toe problem.
  4. Petracca's ball drop height sometimes it is ridiculous. The bloke can kick he just needs to drop it closer to his knees than his shoulders. For a number 2 draft pick with skills you would think this should have already been addressed.
  5. Every forward on our list went missing for periods this year, some for the entire season. I don’t know that is a fair criticism given the way we bombed it in all year.
  6. His run without the ball, towards our goal, facing away from play with a backman running with him, then turn around with an explosive lead towards the ball carrier is the best I have ever seen any Melbourne player do (maybe excluding Jackovich) He did it enough this season to make me think he is a natural forward. He has the pace to put immense pressure on opposition rebounds. The way we bombed it into our forward line this year wasn’t conducive for crumbing forwards. It wasn’t a year for our forwards at all really. I’d train him with the forwards.
  7. Will Hunt train with the forward or backline this pre-season? I prefer him as a forward.
  8. For a team that pays over the salary cap in paper bags they are hopeless!
  9. Is it ok to say we win the flag if Harley Bennell turns up in good shape week one of his training?
  10. Silvani is the worst recruiter in history. I'm glad he took the same dud players from GWS to Carlton. Looking forward to watching Friday night footy this year, without having to watch that incompetent list.
  11. I think he actually kicked 6 that day and had over 30 possessions. Carey and both Abblett"s would be jealous. I'll back Max Gawn to set the standards this year. Captain or not. If we get Bennell"s calf right it could finally be our year.
  12. Dustin Martin, Sydney Stack & Marilon Pickett. Bring these guys into a good culture and let their actions speak.
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