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  1. You are kidding. Melksham hit more targets in the F50 in the first quarter than any one else has for the year.
  2. Yeah really funny why don’t you combine it with an add of Tony, representing the life savers community, letting people drown. Then release it the week we have life savers drown heroically trying to save people’s lives. You’re a piece of work.
  3. Out: Tmac (rest / injured), Weid (omitted / weights room), Viney (injured) In: Petty, Keilty, C Wagner Petty to play back Keilty forward - guaranteed to have more influence than Weid. Better in the ruck and a more reliable mark. Give him a go. Move C Wagner back and Fritsh forward we win the inside 50’s, Frish has the skill set to kick goals and benefit from the inside 50’s If Pruese is ready bring him in for Petracca. Sit him in the goal square for the long bomb. When the ball is in our forward line with congestion he should be standing 70m out where if it comes to him he can take a few large steps an kick it through. It can either come through a quick panicked kick from the opossition or if we get it kicking it backwards to him. Jordan Lewis is a shadow of himself but is still a beautiful kick. We need to develop a strategy for him to kick it into our forward 50 and ANB to follow his man back so we don’t get slaughtered on the counter attack.
  4. Hunt was good last night. He needed some mates to help him with the pressure he was applying and get it to him when he was charging into goal with no one on him.
  5. I'm pretty sure the fact he spent most of the pre-season on crutches and in the rehab group is more a factor on his form than his "fad" diet. The human body isn't designed to have 3 meals every day. Just like if you exercise the same muscles the same way every day you wont get the proper benefit for it. You need to mix up your diet as well. There is also clear measurable benefits from fasting particularly with your blood cells.
  6. I personally thought it would lead to advantages for us because we generally win centre clearances with Gawn, Oliver, Viney & Brayshaw. A quick kick kick out of the centre and we have an open 1 on 1 forward line. We are down on centre clearances this year which has ruined the 1 advantage we should have got. Any advantage the opposition should have got against our brand of play has been multiplied by the absence of Lever and May.
  7. I don’t have the energy to pick 6 but I would have Frost in if I did.
  8. Ablett jnr was always talented but miles off at the same stage. Things can turn very quickly.
  9. I’m not a religious person but freedom of speech is important to me. If someone says or types something stupid the reply should be easy and call the speaker or writer down. it is very easy easy to call out an idiot or idiotic ideas. Folua is an idiot he should not be sacked from doing his job for it.
  10. Mitch Morton won them the game in his only good 1/4 of football ever.
  11. Goodwins game plane was horrible at the start of last year but we adapted. We will adapt again and be the them team every one ealch watches. Hunt is a forward.
  12. We have the best midfield in the league. The AFL unfairly changed the rules. Goodwin is not stupid. We will adapt.
  13. I have NFI with 17 post season operations operations we could be underdone. The new 6-6-6 rule might be killing us We might not be as good as we thought. Hawthorn and Geelong might have been cooked going into finals.
  14. I do sincerely apologise. As soon as I posted I looked to make sure it was the same poster. Obviously not. I even embrace the term rare idiot.
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