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  1. So Weid’s best game is for the same output as Petty’s 3 goals this week. Petty has played 1 game forward. More to come... In that final against Geelong the first goal Weid got was from a blocking free kick, the second, three Geelong players flew for it, Weid was out of position but it fell into his lap and he almost ruined it with 2 bites of the cherry. The third was brilliant. That is his best game and what is providing everyone hope.
  2. Actually 31 for Weid but yes it has only taken 1 game as a forward for Petty to show more than Weid. Can’t wait for game 2 against the best backline in the league.
  3. Garland played juniors as a forward and would also be a better chf than Weid. Petty was thrown forward in desperation because of injuries. He kicked 3 goals in his first showing and looked good. The opposition actually need to man up on him which is more than can be said about Weid who they know is no chance and peel off him.
  4. Petty is a better center half forward after 1 game playing forward. I really don’t care that Weid can allegedly take the ball at the peak of his leap. I have never seen it. Petty CHF Weid trade bait if we can get anything.
  5. We’re one all with them at their home ground last season. They haven’t lost at the G for a few years. A neutral venue suits.
  6. I wonder if he lacks peripheral vision. Some of the kicks he’s done from full back have been kicked perfectly at our bloke but the opposition float across and intercept far too easily.
  7. He said we are on top of the injury ladder and also the season is still alive. I take it to mean expect more injuries.
  8. Look in the mirror. No matter how good a club list or culture is, there becomes a point, where if you have too many players miss a pre-season and then have a heavy injury toll during the middle of the season it will stymie any chance of catching back up.
  9. Re-read what you just posted. It makes no sense at all. Great for bravado little in logic.
  10. It will rightly be shone on Melbourne if we get a preseason into our players, have a reasonable run with injuries and don’t get into the pointy end of the season. Until then what is the point?
  11. Clark Keating only played finals in the greatest team ever. AVB foot can’t stand up to the endurance, speed and body mass. Just prepare him him for September where he dominates.
  12. When Lever and May get to 100 we will have won at least one premiership.
  13. It wasn’t a mistake when you were a hopeless footy club, you got first pick and they threw in a priority. we just didn’t capitalise on it. Where we are now winning is much more important.
  14. He will come back on a wing.
  15. Some of his kicks yesterday were bullets. But we always seem to play our best footy when Hogan is injured so let’s see how he goes next week.
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