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  1. We went in undercooked this year but I wasn’t expecting it to include the coaching staff. They’ve evolved.
  2. I was taking the [censored]. I’m amazed that people actually believe we haven’t analysed that game endlessly. As @Ethan Tremblay wrote in another thread Goodwin has played this perfectly do one thing and tell the media another when it is to the benefit of the club
  3. They’re not training this week so they don’t have to watch replays or talk about what happened last time they played.
  4. Hunt very stiff to poll so low this round. He was good all night except for the last 2 minutes where he bought his game to a new level and won us the game. He spots up Hore who kicks the goal to get us level. Then when Gawn boots and up and under with about 14 seconds left on to the cusp of out 50, Hunt smashes through two of them and the ball spills to Harmes. We win.
  5. Probably don’t have one. They don’t like keeping records.
  6. Do you think the CEO should be involved in the game plan?
  7. Pert will have us positioned somewhere between Melbourne and Perth. Dud. Why does he go on triple m and talk about our game plan? He was removed from Collingwood for having too much involvement with the football department. He should be getting us the football facilities we need as CEO. Needs to learn his position.
  8. Thanks for highlighting my deficiencies in English. My spoken language. My cousin played for GC with May. I see my cousin a few times a year and every Christmas Day. A couple of years ago when he moved from another club to GC, he told me on Christmas day, (over a few beers! that he had been told by GC to just continue what he was doing. The GC had no program for him. My cousin was professional the Gold Coast weren’t.
  9. I went on the Daniher drive last year to help raise money for motor neurone disease. i’m also mates with one of the lead scientists fighting the beast. Daniher almost certainly won’t save himself from this insidious disease but his actions will save millions of others. This could be last Big Freeze with Daniher in attendance. Daniher is Australian of the year for mine. And Pom Pom on the beanie.
  10. Burnside would change our policy of drafting to diversity over best available. We have enough problems with our drafting as it is. When we have a transgender, lesbian, indigenous, centre half forward he will be happy but we will further from a premiership.
  11. I’ve said in other posts I have a cousin who played at GC in same era and he was told he knew what he was doing and given no training program.
  12. Bring back Daniher, send all the boys on a weekend on the [censored] and let us all reload.
  13. This is the biggest non story. I have a cousin who played with May at the GC. He thinks May will be a dominator for us fwiw. There are team rules and common sense. Not drinking in short term injuries for a quick turn around is fine but if you are suffering a longer injury, as long as you are not binging it makes no difference, infact it is probably good for their mental health. i was slammed from pillar to post for saying Weid was not up to it after is break out game in the finals. He simply isn’t a good enough mark for his body size and has no tricks. May is the opposite he will be a superstar.
  14. If there was a button to emphatically like a would be tapping it.
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