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  1. I went down to watch before venturing over to the tennis with my young daughter. Ash Barty & Daisy great role models so a great double header. Jack Viney was there. I love the way he embraces everything MELBOURNE. Also worth noting no crutches or strapping unlike the same time the last few years.
  2. Assume you live in Drysdale. Bomber made quite the impression when he was on the bellarine peninsular. Stories are legendary. First year players would go to home house (night club in Geelong) and leave before him. He’d Go straight through to the next training.
  3. @drysdale demon i’m sure you are well aware of that inDrysdale
  4. Bomber Thomson coached a team to a flag when he was on ice. It doesn’t mean things are going well.
  5. At least non-partisan, indigenous, unifying, number 1 in the world, Ash Barty got the Young Australian of the year. The country is behind you Ash.
  6. Unfortunately, the most deserving Australian didn't win Australian of the year again.
  7. I have zero information internally at Melbourne, however, do have on good authority he was toxic at Collingwood.
  8. Not expected best 22 i’ll take Bradtke and he is a project player. A case can be made for everyone else on the list.
  9. Jordon is an accumulator of the footy with elite vision and kicking skills. He has a tank too. Expect him starting in the centre in September.
  10. He’s had completely different treatment since leaving Freo. They cut the area out of his calf that was rubbing on his nerve. It might work it might not but a minor setback should not be make or brake it should be expected.
  11. Age is a significant factor in my version. Not sure what you base yours on. Maybe horoscopes?
  12. HB is in his prime and an extraordinary talent. He is nothing like we have drafted before. He is worth the risk.
  13. Kind of the opposite of Boyd who gave the Bulldogs nothing except an elusive premiership.
  14. The best thing is I do rate them. Chandler and O Mac the next most likely. Any of them could play. For the first time since we have had an affiliation with a VFL team every single player on the list is a chance except for Bradtke who is a category B rookie anyway.
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