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  1. I just love that he kicked a few out on the full and got reported. He literally did everything in that game and I remember watching it.
  2. A good news story on Garry Ablett snr. The greatest player I have ever seen. Volunteering for foodbank on the belarine penisula. Doing well and making good of his life after football. He visited my aunty today who has a connection with the charity. Everyone is watching the Jordan and Chicago Bulls documentary the greatest basketballer ever but the greatest footballer ever is quietly doing charity work (I think there might be an article coming out but that is to promote the charity )
  3. Bennell will play. He won't start on the bench either. What amazes me is Weid gets support from most on this site and has had one lucky game. All the marks fell into his hands when all the others around him fell over. He was like Bradbury on ice Scates. Bennell has dominated the league when he played injury free.
  4. There is no chance we finish last. Get on Betfair and take the odds against it.
  5. No way. I'd take Montagna as an assistant who was doing match analysis for him. Both Clarkson and Dimma almost lost their jobs and they have gone on to be the dominant coaches of the decade. Let's stick by Goody
  6. I've seen Jack Viney say he can't keep up with the way Oliver trains. As a football club who hasn't won a premiership since 1964, we have lots of problems. Oliver isn't one of them.
  7. 1) Tingay 2) Stynes 3) Jeff Farmer 4) Theox 5) Alan Johnson
  8. There are two champions of the club that have worn number 9. Both have been picked in this thread a few times.
  9. Mitch Morton played 1 brilliant game in his afl career. Just happened to be on grand final day. Cometh the hour, cometh the man.
  10. Trengove also played like Clarry in his first year. I’d love to see his draft camp numbers over 20m sprints. He seemed to lose all his power and pace after injury.
  11. I was about to write something. Similar he can run all day but he’s not a great kick.
  12. I agree with almost all you are saying but interested in your opinion. I work for a company with over 800 employees in Australia. There is no psychologist on staff. i played footy from Vic Kick (now Aus kick) through to the amateurs which was about 15 years of playing. It is good excersise and you build great lifelong friendships. I’m not belittling mental health or metal health issues. But why do AFL footy clubs need psychologists? Most organisations don’t have them or require them.
  13. I’m more sceptical about his sons brownlow.
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