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  1. both? tyson had currency once upon a time too
  2. i call him 'jog' cos that's what he does from contest to contest he's a super average kick dom tyson was cheaper
  3. one of few players we have with currency if we want to get value for him, now could be the time
  4. not expecting finals, expecting marginal improvement to be somewhere btw 10-14 out of the bottom four will be a 'win' ugh...i hate football
  5. let him roll thru into the psd, get him with pick #2 for nada
  6. if i was joel smith, i would probably want to leave to have another opportunity at a new environment i imagine the bigger question is whether, given his injury history, anyone else would be interested in investing in him
  7. peter bell will want our second rounder, our first rounder, and proud wa native neville jetta and won't accept a single trade less! 24 hours later...
  8. interesting thought i don't rate frost particularly, tbh, but i don't mind the idea of t mac, weed, and petty in the forward line as a trio of talls, albeit that would be going against the majority of modern football philosophies so...i'm kinda in agreement! B: Jetta - May - Lever HB: Salem - Petty - Hibberd with hore plus others (jones?) rolling back
  9. Not at all, but it would be funny to have five in footy dept from the one club
  10. he played down back and organised our defence he played in the vfl and organised the midfield he played up forward and organised our forward set-up we'll miss him as he's one of very few 'football brains' that we have on our side
  11. according to caro on classified last night, he has a trigger clause where he has to make finals in one of his first three years (2018-2020 inclusive) in order to trigger 2021 how many port adelaide people can we have? already got mahoney, chaplin and burgess on contract for next year, interested in richardson, is hinkley available? that's a LOT of chocco williams influence in the first three at any rate... richo and hinkley add different experience
  12. In terms of cap usage, Brad Hill + Dan Hannebery = Jake Lever + Steve May
  13. Steven to Cats, Kelly to Freo, Brad Hill to Saints, and various draft picks changing hands too Kerrrazy money for Hill I would’ve thought
  14. GW$ have gone goalless for the second half in back to back games. The last team to do that was University in 1911. AFL should give em a priority pick...
  15. Potential, you say? That sounds like something we can help him fail to deliver on!
  16. Anything that gets value for Jog is a winner for me!
  17. he's worth more than our second rounder; if we get him for that we should be pleased of course, it could be that he's holding off on his contract because he knows that if brad hill goes he'll get an extra $100-200k on his contract with freo peter bell will say he wants our pick 3 and second rounder for him, and won't accept a single thing less* *scratch that, will also want neville jetta as a wa boy coming home
  18. i have three - one afl members in my name, one in my wife's, and the 23+ year legacy membership which i renew as my 'donation' to the club and yes, i'll have all three next year please almost took the kids out afl silver memberships this year...decided against it before the season started...
  19. i think the pressure will come to bear on the whole football dept next season - off-field crew are keeping up their end of the bargain, now it's up to football side to get themselves together so many wanted mahoney appointed as ceo; i'm glad it didn't happen but we still have a lot of concerns with our football dept and i find it staggering that he is the one conducting the review into them
  20. yep, it's almost at the point based on his output in a pretty poor dockers side that our second round pick for him would be good value
  21. North will touch us up at their future home next week The pear doing their best effort to keep their crosstown rivals in finals
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