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  1. I would rather know why Petty is not back training than see these mind numbing arguments What was his injury at the end of the year again?
  2. general feeling: pick 1 and 2 - rowell and anderson (gc17) pick 3-5 - green (gw$, cos someone will nominate him out of us, crows, and swans) pick 4 - jackson (dees) pick 5 - flanders (crows) pick 6 - ash / young / kemp / serong (swans) pick 7 - robertson (dockers) pick 8 - traded or ash / young / kemp / serong / weightman (dees) Jackson won’t get to pick 8 apparently
  3. Peptides mate can’t understand why they’ve ditched Brown considering that Hartley walked out She says he’s a terrific fella with a great attitude Reckons he’s on a par with McKernan for them
  4. in fairness, they're going to pay him $3m over five seasons, a third of that in his first season...lot of moolah for a bloke who is relatively unproven
  5. is there any shot bennell will be fit for rd 1?
  6. i think the thing is that a lot of players aren't drafted out of wa that much anymore - only 14 across national, psd, rookie, and mid-season draft in 2019 (and four of those to wa-based clubs) if a player is good - see kelly, hogan, yeo - then they often do return 'home'
  7. pure jealousy on their part that he's been part of a regular finals team for the last, what, five seasons? he has more finals experience than our entire leadership team COMBINED
  8. i remember in grundy's year i wanted us to draft him at 4, but alas he slid and slid and he's now a $1m+ player and the, ahem, second best ruckman in the competition if jackson is as good as some pundits believe then he'll go higher than grundy's pick 18 or english's pick 19 i'd still prefer young and kemp / serong / ash, but could understand why they might go a mid-sized player and a tall at 3 and 8...that's even if we finish with 3 and 8 by the time our selections come around
  9. and at a rumoured $1.5m over two seasons, he'd be crazy not to!
  10. Keep Howe, no Oliver...I know who I prefer He was always going to the pies after getting on the cans with his childhood hero in Bali Took less money and was promised a role as a forward...was back in the magoos and then recast as a defender straight away Has become a much better, more mature player at the Pies, as he should as he has had his prime years there
  11. One home (anzac eve) and one away (against the crows or someone like that)
  12. huge opportunity round 1 is always a mystery and there's usually some surprise results
  13. the delisted free agency period opens in three days due diligence happening directly before it opens? interesting...
  14. his management team has been harder at work than sam murray's to claim there's interest in him i am not opposed to it at all - certainly prefer him on cheap coin for a season compared to jack martin's $1.6m over two - but i just have no faith that he'll ever get his body right if we are doing a medical that means we're either very close to making an offer, i would assume? then it's up to bennell the thought of a fit and firing harley revving up the flanks at the g is tantalising... B: Jetta - May - Hibberd HB: Salem - Lever - Harmes 😄 Langdon - Brayshaw - Tomlinson HF: Petracca - T Mac - Bennell HF: Fritsch - Weideman - Melksham Foll: Gawn - Oliver - Viney I/c: Jones - Hannan - Petty - one of our early picks Emerg: Preuss - O Mac - ANB - our other early pick
  15. I asked a draft watcher today his thoughts on next year’s draft...he was...not complimentary Also said that he doesn’t believe a thing that is said in the media about Melbourne’s trade / draft plans as - since the regime change and Mahoney’s role change - “they don’t leak” He thinks we might trade pick 3 still but if we don’t then we’d be crazy not to pick Young
  16. Terrible luck From #1 pick to out of the game with under 50 games His concussion symptoms sounded horrific
  17. how many years has it been since he got through a season of football? we already have three injured for the entirety last year - four if you count kk we can't afford the risk of picking a player who is often injured when list spots are at a premium as we have four players from last year under contract who barely played, if at all pass
  18. lovely wrap up on the kid it's funny watching kids play footy as they grow up - there's a girl who plays for my local footy club, who i've known since she was 5, who is just an out and out jet sadly i doubt we'll ever see her in aflw because she'll be playing for the opals and the wnba
  19. He doesn’t want to be with us; move on
  20. surely we could get two of @olisik's bug bears in the one draft - an inside mid (roberton? serong?) with pick 3 and a tall defender (fish mcasey) at pick 8??
  21. which to me is an indication - along with already having bedford, chandler, anb, and others on our list - that all the talk we might be going for weightman with pick 8 might be just that; talk
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