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  1. which is why ash would seem to be a risk when compared with rowell, anderson, or serong
  2. based on what we've seen this year, i'd rather get brandon ellis as a free agent and keep our second round pick and use it at the draft
  3. Yes I didn’t like that either Should have had that mad Trac fan do it
  4. He’s got us competing and he’s as sick of us losing as everyone involved in the club is Our effort is there but we don’t convert our opportunities Our players absolutely choke under pressure
  5. 6: oliver 5: fritsch 4: salem 3: may 2: lewis 1: brayshaw
  6. game was symptomatic of our year - our effort was solid throughout but our execution is routinely appalling and we had yet more players suffer injury i'm half expecting the medical report mid-week to come out and say may has torn his hammy off the bone and petty has broken his tibula / fibula, while viney is suffering ongoing concussion symptoms it would be right in keeping with the rest of our year
  7. Hawks all over the Cats but can’t kick a goal
  8. AFL admitted they were wwwwwwrooonngg?!?? Miracles will never cease!
  9. That ground is notoriously hard George rainfall records be damned; both freo and meth coke players and footy dept have commented on it Neither club trains there now as a result
  10. the norm smith continues even after you leave us! hope he gets betterer like others, i can't imagine playing on that rock hard oval every second week is doing his feet much good
  11. langdon appeals from an outside speed factor, but the only way you'd want brayshaw being in the trade was if it was for freo's first plus langdon for brayshaw and our, i dunno, third or something langdon is a gut running ball sprayer who doesn't seem to be a big tackler - two out of three traits that'll fit right in with the rest of our side! surely we'd get him for second round pick, perhaps even swapping ours and freo's thirds if required
  12. peptides' workrate is enormous they don't give up and they keep fighting at the moment - they're on a run not too dissimilar to that which we had last year as a football side they play a brand of footy that is entertaining to watch
  13. Now it’s the Crows turn to stop! Topsy-Turvey game
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