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  1. brett lovett was a supplementary or under 19s at hawks, yeah? i don't think of him as recycled, and neither do i with farmer - they didn't play senior footy for any other club before ours i don't think... a few of those listed are before my time, so i'll go: brett lovett would be my #1 if he was considered 'recycled' jeff white brian wilson peter moore bernie vince clint bizzell peter rohde darren bennett anthony ingerson brent moloney peter vardy at #11 who comes in if lovett isn't 'recycled'
  2. 2018 champion data ranking points?
  3. nrl are targeting july 1 resumption - will try and go before that if they can
  4. this is the bad news message before they announce that the afl will be going 'full bernie' and taking all revenue in the game, distributing it evenly between 18 clubs in order for them to survive about time the afl went full socialist rather than the half-measures of salary cap, soft cap, and other some restrictive measures
  5. we developed him for about 165 games! i was a massive fan - not so much for his football, which was patchy at best, but cos he was a genuinely great guy
  6. some...generous...yep, let's go with generous rankings in there
  7. god the velvet sledgehammer is an utter moron
  8. Kolodjashnij Vandenberg Nietschke Hunt Baker Chandler Brown C Wagner J Wagner Smith
  9. when you look at that, we really haven't had many indigenous players in comparison with other clubs, have we? i'd go: aaron davey nev jetta jeff farmer eddie jackson matthew whelan andy lovell jeff garlett sean charles liam jurrah austin wonnaemirri if may, kozzy pickett, and bedford become regular senior players they'll rocket into the top 10
  10. yeah, it's not good is it they are saying that players will be available as 'supplementary' players in the need of circumstances but how that will work in a practrical sense i have no idea a reduction to 35 on a list would definitely mean that you wouldn't be willing to 'carry' injured players
  11. @Satyriconhome, it's not unsubstantiated and it's not a rumour presuming you mean 2019? at one stage i think we had 26 players to pick from... this makes sense to me too although they may think that with reduction of quarter lengths to 16 mins + time on that the wear and tear on bodies will be reduced anyway, negating the need for on-field reductions
  12. they clearly need to focus on the priorities, which is CLEARLY g & t, light on the t!
  13. i literally just read that: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/27/global-condom-shortage-coronavirus-shuts-down-production baby boom 2.0
  14. would welcome him back in a heartbeat but i doubt it'll happen
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