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  1. Yep completely forgot about Hannan...when things are glum there’s worse to come!
  2. Our performance is currently substandard, our player development has been poor, we constantly lose stoppage and contests, our backline is under siege, our forward line isn’t functioning, our midfield is getting thrashed for contested footy and ball usage...our rucks are going okay......ish...... Who of the football dept are OUT of contract? Cos it’s all well and good to say “SACK EM!” But we are not a rich club and can’t afford to just sack contracted coaches willy-nilly
  3. OUT: Viney (injured / rested), Spargo, C Wagner, Jetta (injured) IN: Stretch, O Mac, Garlett, Lockhart B: Hore - Frost - Hibberd HB: Salem - O Mac - J Wagner 😄 Harmes - Brayshaw - Melksham HF: Petracca - T Mac - Hunt F: Preuss - Weideman - Garlett Foll: Gawn - Oliver - Jones I/c: Lewis - Stretch - Fritsch - Lockhart Emerg: Spargo - ANB - C Wagner - Kielty That is not a good lookin’ squad...I reckon eight missing from an ideal 26...it’s a big proportion of quality and depth just not there at the moment INJURED: May, Viney (?), Lever, Kolodjashnij, vandenBerg, JKH, Jetta, J Smith
  4. good to see sellwood is allowed to throw the ball without any repercussions
  5. especially when you consider he was eligible to be a free agent at the end of 2019 we could've held our nerve, held onto hogan, and then traded him as a non-free agent at the end of 2019 and picked up may on a freebie disastrous list management when all is said and done
  6. Oliver is miles ahead of any other player in his draft year carlton's list is utter dreck when the likes of marc murphy, kade simpson, liam jones, daisy thomas, matthew kreuzer, ed curnow, and levi casboult still running around as key players for them, and all are on the wrong side of 29 gimme our core players over theirs any day
  7. ah, righto well, look, no matter what happens, we're gonna have an 'early' pick in this mid-season fiasco...no wonder the sanfl / wafl / vfl clubs are huffing and puffing about it
  8. i thought lewie taylor was third option behind salem and freeman? i'm happy to acquiesce to yr thoughts, but i thought he was third cab off the rank
  9. Not Nathan Freeman as first option? Jason Taylor tossed up between him and Salem at the time for pick 9, and he’s had a rotten run of injury at two afl clubs, but has the background to know what is required to make it at afl level When is the actual ladder order determined - is it immediately prior to the draft or slightly before? If current positions hold, only North will be picking ahead of us, and it would be reasonable to expect that they’ll go for a tall forward who can impact immediately, whereas we are probably looking for someone with leg speed
  10. We’ve both won one game and both look like bottom four clubs to me They’re not very good, and neither are we Our best last year was miles ahead of Carlton’s best for the last decade or so, however But yes, it seems football has changed quite significantly in 2019, and we look miles off the pace
  11. he looks like a better version of sam walsh to me
  12. matthew rowell or noah anderson, come on down!
  13. helps when you've got mids honouring yr leads...carlton lower their eyes going i50, makes a world of difference
  14. bont, libba, macrae and hunter all massively down topsy-turvy season can carltank break not just the win ledger but crack the 100 point mark?
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