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  1. dunno, but it should open up space and it'd be my preferred option to turning the game into netball
  2. i'd go 16 on field before zones quite happy for the 6-6-6 set-up to become a 5-6-5 one, sit six on the bench, and have rotations capped at something utterly arbitrary like 66
  3. They were never going to be appearing for Casey in 2020 It’s training and scratch matches only for our also-rans
  4. Looking forward to bears vs pear
  5. Players will get paid regardless of whether they stay or go
  6. agreed peter wright reminds me a lot of paul johnson
  7. we lost a forward; we should have been drafting a forward hindsight is 20/20 but goddamn....
  8. my god i wish we hadn't [censored] away a top 6 pick on may a king brother was ripe for the taking
  9. no bloodnut v bloodnut next week and the rising star is still wide open for someone else to claim
  10. interesting to see that they say he'll continue to be a part of the football program heading over to the west where he'll play in front of (albeit smaller) crowds fun times
  11. good piece from jake niall: https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/how-footy-turned-ugly-20200703-p558ps.html
  12. that's how the armchair commentators for cricket got their start
  13. you really can't, unless foxtel team are the commentary team foxtel / kayo take the c7 feed direct for the fta broadcast games - thurs / fri / saturday nights as a rule, plus the sunday arvo at 3.30pm one foxtel doesn't run a separate commentary crew on the fta games
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