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  1. as a matter of interest, have any of the regular track watchers kept note of who is / isn't at or completing sessions? would be interesting to calculate the % of players who are deemed to have completed all the 'public' sessions as we know last year, too many players failed to get through a solid bank of preseason which grossly limited their 2019 prep
  2. I’ll never forget the glory of our AFL X premiership
  3. i had a dream last night that i spoke to a scout from an oppo side when i asked what he'd made of the dees thus far this preseason his response was "they've got a helluva lot more players out on the park...skills are still dee-plorable but"
  4. mebbe gideon haigh? vic marks? martin is a terrific writer, as is his (booker prize winning) brother richard is proof positive (as is augie march's glenn richards) that they can definitely still write down in tassie
  5. Underage level, not Shield Was told in no uncertain terms by Blight that he’d not be playing cricket again
  6. a basketballer, you say? get around him cos that's the perfect prep for a future afl career! very exciting to be waiting on offers from the states - good luck to your boy
  7. and does the interest in robertson indicate we have no faith in oliver, brayshaw, or viney as inside mids? yr pulling at straws to pot a player you don't like
  8. meanwhile, afl set to re-up with bet easy (aka crownbet, soon to be part of sportsbet) to the tune of $8m a year for the next three-five years “If this goes ahead, the AFL will have abandoned their right to moral leadership in the community,” Alliance for Gambling Reform spokesman Tim Costello said. https://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/more-news/afl-closing-in-on-8-millionayear-deal-with-corporate-bookmaker-beteasy/news-story/fbc9a5f8895c5b85300f770cd04cee42
  9. he was a champion defender in terms of 'modern' key defenders, it's hard to past him as the best of his era
  10. off to doorknock for jesus, as he said he would
  11. This Deakin Pereira? https://www.meltonbasketball.com.au/copy-of-carl-davis
  12. they're not...but the afl commission, led by anti-pokies strongman richard goyder, is STRONGLY against them and will eventually make it that all clubs divest themselves of poker machine licenses
  13. the rich get richer; the poor get the picture
  14. i would hope, at a minimum, we're in the conversation for a spot in the 8 as the season comes to a close i seriously think the competition is so even from likely positions 5 to 14 (like most i have tigers, meth coke, gw$ and geelong as a top four) that it all comes down to luck, form, injury, and confidence as to who makes it and who doesn't
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