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  1. gw$ players going down like ninepins but they're absolutely striking carltank out
  2. bit wet at adelaide oval i wonder if gc17 can find a way to lose another close one - they've made an art form of it thus far in 2019
  3. that's not a bad back six plus two defensive wingmen big q's around fitness of may and lever, and continued development of petty
  4. i reckon he could be a significantly more valuable player than cox fitness remains his biggest issue
  5. sounds like everyone got thru vfl with no more concerns? theoretically it could be... Injury List: Round 10 Jordan Lewis (ankle) – test Alex Neal-Bullen (concussion) – test Christian Salem (concussion) – test Tim Smith (concussion) – test Sam Weideman (soreness...hip?) – test Mitch Hannan (knee) – 1 week Jay Kennedy Harris (knee) – 1 week Steven May (groin) – 2-3 weeks Michael Hibberd (broken collarbone) – 2-4 weeks Jake Melksham (foot) – 4-5 weeks Joel Smith (groin) – 5-7 weeks Aaron vandenBerg (foot) – 5-7 weeks Neville Jetta (knee) – 9-11 weeks Kade Kolodjashnij (concussion) – Indefinite Guy Walker (shoulder) – Indefinite Aaron Nietschke (knee) – Season it remains a seriously large list of injured players
  6. i don't remember him at all; before my time - literally finished the year i was born, but given that tom flower didn't even make 30 games i think fritsch has him beat already but i'm disagreeing that fritsch is a natural half-forward (something my mother vehemently disagrees with me with, so yr not alone there amongst other fans @picket fence) - he's much better off playing as the defensive wingman floating back at this stage, as he doesn't tackle or chase have a look at ryan's workrate by comparison when he took that hanger; he left him for dead at the previous countest - fritsch's second efforts are hit-and-miss anyway, back to the changes at hand, preuss was strong around the contest in the vfl and is a man mountain but his fitness is pretty bad - did nothing in the last at all (was he on the bench?) from what i saw on the live stream, but i must admit that as they started to dominate my interest started to wane corey wagner was busy enough lever looked slow at the contest, as to be expected, but that mark early on was seriously nice and his kicking was clean - i'd give him another 3/4 game then full game at lower level but i reckon he could be right for either adelaide in the alice or the filth on qb hoping heaps that salem - any reports on how serious it was? - will be right, but tim smith and anb looked seriously cooked on the bench and mandatory concussion protocol should mean that they miss next week, nine day break or not be interesting to see what they do with lewis if his ankle is good to go
  7. will play again, as next week against gw$ we have to combat cameron, himmelberg, and finlayson
  8. you are as mad as the proverbial cut snake @picket fence
  9. OUT: ANB, T Smith (both concussion) and i wouldn't be surprised if Salem was as well given the knock he took late IN: one of C Wagner or Sparrow (depending on how tomorrow goes), Preuss brayshaw had a real dom tyson vs meth coke; he can only play the one role - inside mid - and whenever he has to play a different role (e.g. the lewis role) then he gets completely lost, and his fumbles and up-and-unders are momentum killers i wouldn't mind seeing brayshaw forward, but his defensive pressure is just non-existent so he's a liability anywhere but on the ball - he's too good a player to be performing like he is currently billy stretch skating on super-thin ice for mine - he holds up play every time he gets it; hoping a youngster can start to show something for casey to replace him as a runner petty holds his spot as we'll need all tall hands on deck vs cameron, himmelberg and finlayson B: Hore - Frost - Petty HB: Salem - O Mac - Fritsch 😄 Jones - Oliver - Baker HF: Hunt - T Mac - Lockhart F: Petracca - Preuss - Garlett Foll: Gawn - Harmes - Viney I/c: Brayshaw - Stretch - C Wagner - J Wagner Emerg: Jordon - Sparrow - Chandler - Kielty
  10. won't be dropped based on that performance
  11. We’ve thrown everything at them but the maggots and, let's face it, better side get the win
  12. 100% from memory he lowered his ball drop, learned to take a big breath before beginning his approach, and relax then kick through it
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