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  1. guaranteed we're scheduled to play gc17 as an away game in darwin, innit?
  2. Riley Knight is more of a mid, isn’t he? Stretch has zero value as a trade
  3. Significantly Frost has great burst speed but there’s no way he can run with the consistency required by a permanent midfielder And as others have pointed out he doesn’t have the smarts for it either
  4. He can play, but has ‘drop kick’ written all him in china white
  5. cats have had one of the best sides over the last few years and definitely should've won a premiership in the time since scott's first year that team coached itself
  6. i've been hoping the same for half a decade! super professional, super well-run, well-resourced, and excellent developmental club
  7. if elliott falls over he'd be a nice to have fall-back option has pace
  8. length of contract is what will secure him at the dees pies' salary cap is bursting at the seams, from all reports, with some pretty big players in grundy (who could easily command $1.3+ a season if adelaide are serious about getting him back) and de goey (who ain't exactly going to be lowballed either) due for negotiation next year elliott wants a three year deal minimum, and pies have offered two on pretty low contract if jake niall is reporting that he's interested in a move in order to get greater security, then we're on like donkey kong
  9. Game is being played on the inside
  10. be interesting to see what we do in terms of trading a future first then... if we split pick 3 into 12 and (let's say) 15, plus a gw$ player, then we'll have the ability to trade our first rounders in 2020-2022 each year
  11. i think that's the real key the split pick could end up being worth pick 12 and pick 18 - all tbd at this point
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