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  1. its very poor by the ALF re Anzac and Queens BD , we should host one each year , or are we planning on have a good year the crap year again ..... like the 90's one up one down !
  2. talk about kick and hope why cant we kick to a player ??
  3. sadly they can be ... the brown paper bags are coming back
  4. what has been said by the club , saying we have room to chase another A grader
  5. we have plenty of room to spend , on hill and others
  6. We all Know Freo are crap to deal with , whether we are late to the race or not they will drag it out to suit themselves, it will all come down to the offer that is made. Freo wont care if its hawks or Melbourne , it will be the best offer for them.
  7. glad to see us catching and passing a few teams . we better preform next year.....
  8. would nice to see which zone they received the free kicks in or even free kicks to the 3rd quarter only and even on a umpire basis to which team they favour
  9. sadly i agree , think we be lucky to get within 60 points ... i can never work out why we have to player interstate sides in NT , its a advantage to them. I know re $$ but we need wins.
  10. im guessing this was in the last quarter and the player was Brayshaw , I am wondered why a score review wasn't asked for, the commentators suggested Brayshaw claimed a goal ?? anyone see this ? was it or wasn't it ?
  11. for pick 88 and they pay 60% PLUS of his wage you would consider it, but he went back to SA for family , not money. I very much doubt he will come back to Vic to play. Why would he when he is getting paid serious coin there to play in SANFL
  12. having spoken to Steven And sat down with him , He seemed like a very no nonsense sort of bloke , very honest and up front. He just wanted to get on the field and play football and let it do his talking. which it finally is. things take time and I believe we have a Leader in waiting and a general of our backline ( maybe forward line too ..... ) mark
  13. happy birthday old man .... not that i can talk i'm 51
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