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  1. so its a mill year one then 500k next 4 years so 3 mill over 5 600k per year is he worth 600k ?? for me its a yes , he would be locked in for 5 years
  2. no he wanted more forward time . if anything what i was told he went for LESS money
  3. CHAMPION DATA’S RANKING OF THE 2020 DRAW (HARDEST TO EASIEST) 1. West Coast Eagles 2. Hawthorn 3. Gold Coast Suns 4. Essendon 5. GWS Giants 6. Carlton 7. Richmond 8. North Melbourne 9. Geelong Cats 10. St Kilda 11. Collingwood 12. Western Bulldogs 13. Brisbane Lions 14. Port Adelaide 15. Adelaide Crows 16. Melbourne 17. Sydney Swans 18. Fremantle
  4. that is the question , how far do you back yourself ? like life I go all in, so its bit of both !
  5. we need to back ourselves in that we can convert him to staying if he front loads his contact and back ourselves in to make him better player we need some X factor
  6. the MFC need to make a stand and Take him , you think collingwood wouldnt ? even carlton would if it was a player we wanted bloody hell freo did it to us ? time to grow some balls and say enough is enough. if he is the best at pick 2 then we take him
  7. with father and son and all other picks taken and we win the flag our first pick could very well be 28-30 and we would have had a player on our list for a year already
  8. we just gave up 26 , 50 and next years first round for pick 8 why would we now give up 3 for 6 and 25 ? there would have to be way more in it for us to give up 3 now
  9. i agree and isn't he a free agent end of next year anyway ?
  10. its just a threat to push GWS to give us a better value for pick 3 pick 6 and ???
  11. i think i need to watch my grass grow at night
  12. https://www.realestate.com.au/news/gws-giants-player-adam-tomlinson-selling-balmain-terrace/?rsf=ps%3Afacebook%3Anews%3Answ&fbclid=IwAR3-kGXt89wUq9-zsTr7UrRc6zN2mQ4gVIbtxd1Vzo2S1Fv5Pi1o6yWXVwM Guess he is moving ...
  13. Im all for taking a chance and picking the odd one , and even had a bet here and there myself , so happy to take that Bet Yes he does take the game on I agree , but ODD mistake .... you mean every quarter right ...
  14. now thats different , yes a project player but not a gun player
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