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  1. happy birthday old man .... not that i can talk i'm 51
  2. we have been playing with 10 of our first 22 out some weeks and more NO team can cover this ...
  3. sad so to read this , no words can be said my deepest condolences goes out to you brad and family anyone who has lost a wife ( partner ) , the mother of their children , I can tell you its so F&*King hard , so hard to tell the kids so hard to get up again try explain it to a 6, 9 and 11 year old , I can feel you pain Brad and know exactly whats coming , I really hope the club gets around you and you have support . you will miss your wife everyday , every minute , the little things that break you down , over and over again you never forget , you sadly learn to live with it . I tell my kids about their mum any chance i can. Mark
  4. i think you are completely Wrong on MAY , he is a lockdown one on one player. thats his role in the team , to play on one player and lock them down. not the zone type like the rest.
  5. read he was paid 1.7 mill first year , so yes it was front loaded what did he really cost bulldogs ? Pick 6 , Griffen ( 400 a year of his salary too ?? ) what was the full deal ? im pretty sure any team would do the deal in a heartbeat to win a grand final
  6. mate , i walked out back and started watering the garden in the rain !!
  7. great video ( i think ) we can only get better from here . I still have some belief we can make the finals this year. I know Im a tragic ...
  8. they didn't vanish they got turned down
  9. markc


    no one has ever said that to me , not sure do i cry or laugh i will do both when we finally win a premiership !!!
  10. markc


    I would take him in a heartbeat , He would command the best back man every week. Put him sitting in the forward 40 area and stays there, even in a pocket. Could be the icing on the cake we need, with Lewis gone at the end of the year, we are losing lots of experience. We will be chasing a experienced player . We have the salary cap room, we have already started that we have room for one more star. If what i've read is correct he will earn approx 3.5 to 4 mill over the next 3 years, then he worths a second round pick . if the swans pay some of that expect a first round pick. But remember we have salary cap space and need to use our first round pick ! Would you pay Boyd 6 mill for 6 years to win a premiership ?? there are no guarantee's but Buddy would get us closer !! And I want to see us win at least one Premiership !!
  11. He couldn't believe the difference from GC to Melbourne , the training , the expectations ( Even not having Player sponsor ) Not trying to Justify how he arrived. Im sure he will catch up and be much better for it as the year goes on. Like all new players they do take time to adjust to the game play of the new teammates. From what I saw at GC his job was the nullify one player , where as we have more a Zone defence.
  12. needs to get a run , time to play him and Max together
  13. when you have your 2-3 of your best defenders out ... when May , Lever and even Lewis are back Im sure our backline with look a hell of allot different even just having May back ( when fit ) both frost and Oscar move down the pecking order when Lever is back one or both of them have to go .
  14. Sam is a fantastic young man , had plenty of chats with him and even at the player sponsorship a week or so ago he seems very happy at melbourne and cant see him leaving once he gets this new deal done .... Very easy to talk too and very open , very much like Steven May, quite forth coming.
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