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  1. Gold Coast will be getting the first 2 picks and a the mid range pick , no way they will not be aiming for that special mention to crows for a chance maybe , and hope so Carlton will be there
  2. Scully and Trengrove was by far the best 2 in this draft , everyone would have drafted them if they had either pick port offered pick 6 and pick 8 for out pick 2 to get Trengrove ! hindsight is wonderfully thing
  3. dont care what people say win at all costs a flag is a flag , what years when they didn't play finals ? or teams on drugs or over the salary cap.
  4. remember this game well , went to ground without ticket and ran into a mate that had a spare right behind the goals, sat around hawthorn people .. they didnt overly like me at the end !
  5. The AFL began this policy by offering A$6 million to any newly merged football team (an offer which grew to A$8 million by mid-1996)
  6. yes I did as did My wife ( ex hawthorn member) as did many of my hawthorn friends. at the time it was always going to be MELBOURNE ... something as we have changed our nickname a few times already Melbourne DEES Melbourne Demons Melbourne Redlegs Melbourne Fuchsias so it was going to be Melbourne Hawks ( which lets be honest would have turned into SMFC like on back of Swans Jumper over time) many reasons convinced us . the money on offer was great , the social club ( which I believe hawks since sold and rent back ) , the extended list and so on. As people might want to change history or some just forget Melbourne voted for the merger ( takeover) Hawthorn stopped it yes many say and most likely is true many top end melbourne supporters purchased memberships to vote for it same as Hawks did, to vote against it This topic comes up every few years , history always seems to get changed .. Some of us thought it was the right thing at the time , now would I vote the same now or would my friends vote the same , I doubt i would now.
  7. the Afl stopped it. Not Mfc , not saying MFC would have gone with it , but the AFL stepped in
  8. so we play freo over here
  9. kick straight ..... it will hurt us again
  10. not sure how much it will hurt but Last year at our local Footy club ( which Im told is the biggest Junior Club) , We had the option of either a Melbourne JNR membership when we paid our fees or St Kilda , this year we have only Saints Im told we had near 900 Juniors last year. I didnt tick the St Kilda option for all 3 of my kids that play and then received a email from them saying would i like the free membership, Not sure they will read my reply , but i stated in no uncertain terms NO.
  11. just watched the replay I have said many times , too many team too quickly , the spread of talent just isn't there yet. The Afl need to leave the game alone and let the talent catch up. its hurting the game Some of the commentators are shocking , one minute its the wind, next minute what wind.
  12. as its the home of the tassie Hawks , as the signs says as you out of the airport it has to be either Hawks or North take it over full time both already have support there , I would imagine some of these members and supporters wouldn't change to a new team maybe North play 8-10 games a year there and slowly decreases more Melbourne games , they can go back to Kangaroos again they can hop there and back ? cant see a 19th team just yet but hey its the AFL
  13. whats the scores ? found em 14 -20 at the start of the 3rd
  14. its shocking here near the city , cant see much past chaddy , just the smell outside is bad
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