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  1. Great job Josh and team! Any chance of the best mates being drafted with each other in Parish and Mathieson to add to the ANB/Stretch combo last year? To be honest i think we cant go wrong who we pair up. Great position to be in to bring even more talent to this young growing list. Love to see the common characteristic being brought in with free agents, that being "competitors'. There will be competition for spots and it will be great to watch Carn the Dees!
  2. For those that live interstate and did not see or experience this- Was the bells from the song Hells Bells (ACDC?)
  3. I have already said i reckon he will get 33. CP33
  4. He was just on the live show on afl.com.au with Matt Thompson, Garry Lyon and Cal Twomey http://www.afl.com.au/news/2014-11-27/watch-our-live-draft-show there is the link but not interested now the messiah has spoken.. Bring on the Draft!
  5. I agree, always been hoping for the Brayshaw, McCartin double but wont be disappointed at all if we get AB and CP. Cant lose. Well...we cant lose today at least !
  6. I would choose Brayshaw. My preferred 2 and 3 is Brayshaw and McCartin. Will be happy with Brayshaw and whoever the club rates though.
  7. If we get Petracca i vote for him to get number 33. CP33
  8. Needs to reconnect with his culture.. (Jon Ralph) Link- http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/dom-barry-quits-afl-leaves-melbourne-to-return-home/story-fni5f91a-1227120387215
  9. Jon Ralph reporting on twitter that he has quit the club and is heading back to central Australia! Wow.. Guess there is your pick 40 spot.
  10. I emailed the club asking about the logo a few weeks back. I did this because i remember the President stating they were going to have a new brand strategy going forward in 2-3 months (stated in June or there abouts). They said at this stage they have not committed to a logo or visual identity change and that they took the opinions of members in the survey they dished out last year seriously and it will dictate future decisions. After seeing all the kits today though i wonder if it is going to be another year of creeping the monogram idea into it without getting rid of the emblem. Personally i love the monogram, clean and simple. I know when i am looking at those pictures what stands out more looking at the new one on the top and emblem on the shorts. Hope all is well Demonator!
  11. Know not much people care about this topic but i did notice that the monogram is more present in the photos i have seen of today's training. Seems to have replaced the emblem on the training jerseys and coaching staff kits http://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2014-11-05/photo-gallery-wednesday-5-november
  12. From a perspective of a fan from Brisbane, shattered that this is two years in a row they wont be playing either at the Gabba or Metricon. Boggles the mind how this can happen when there is two teams now in the state
  13. Fantastic appointment! Well done MFC and Welcome Brendan!
  14. Have no idea about Newson but i would be interested in Stevenson!
  15. Any news on this? Thought the article (published in June) said a new strategy would be unveiled in 2-3 months??
  16. I have no reason to believe you but i have no reason not to believe you! If we do get Kennedy i will be over the moon! Can you please tell me if we will still be able to draft Brayshaw though?
  17. Is Trengove actually coming on this trade show? I need to know cause this is extremely hard to listen to
  18. Yep i know that but like i said, i don't think it matters with him. Shown just as much as Tyson did at GWS. Coniglio, Brayshaw and Lever is > Brayshaw and Petracca IMO anyway. Looking forward to the end of this haha IN ROOS WE TRUST!
  19. In my opinion Shiel is no chance to move. IF there is one midfielder from GWS that could move it is Coniglio. Sure he is not from Vic but i dont think that matters to him. Best mates with Tyson, ex Pick 2. I heard rumours he was a real chance to get to the Dees earlier on in the season (rumours dont mean much i know). Dom Tyson like trade: Pick 2 or 3 (Petracca) for Coniglio and Pick 6 (draft Lever) would seem fair to me (4 goes to the Bulldogs for Griffen and 6) If the Trengove rumours are true, love him, but willing to back the club in the direction they want to go! If we end up with 12 or 10, take it to the draft and get one of Laverde, Pickett, De Goey, Lamb Ideal incoming: Coniglio, Brayshaw, Lever, Pickett, Stretch, Garlett, Lumumba, Frost
  20. Mahoney and Co have played a great trade period so far in my opinion. They targeted some big name players (Dangerfield) and were not successful and they would of known it was an up hill battle to pull off. We add Garlett, Lumumba and Frost all able to play key roles next year and finally we have a bit of run and carry capability. Brayshaw, Wright, McCartin all in the mix for our first two picks. In good hands!
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