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  1. No one really thought Lewis would be a positive change, did they? Lol seriously, he looks good when he’s having a picnic when we’re cruising, other than that he’s garbage. Goodwin can go now. Look at the Kent fat [censored]. Thank [censored] I have Liverpool.
  2. It’s an absolute shambles. Imagine playing a good team. Saints have been rubbish and now kick away. It’s unwatchable.
  3. lol Hibberd. How the duck was he All Australian.
  4. How can we not get this [censored] right? Especially early, you think it’d be drilled into them. It’s embarrassing.
  5. He always plays well when we play St Kilda.
  6. Imagine spending your war chest on Jared Polec.
  7. I’ve been relentlessly crank calling them over the first 3 rounds, probably why no one can get through.
  8. Roaming Brian would be so much better in the losing rooms.
  9. The negatives. Sydney are rubbish. No Preuss no Melbourne and he definitely looks like he’ll miss a few. The positives. We won’t go winless this year. But seriously, Hunt and Petracca were very good, exciting and involved. Jones goal seem to be a release of pressure, we were free flowing after that. You just can’t completely shut out Oliver and Brayshaw. Overall i I still think we have big issues, especially defensively, but a good win against a [censored] of a team. Hopefully [censored] gets going from here.
  10. Is Hibberd ever near anyone in a defensive contest in the air?
  11. Ah false hope restored! I love this feeling whilst it lasts.
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