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  1. After the negotiations Sidebottom received a stern warning and Collingwood received a priority pick.
  2. Lockhart is the [censored] worst. Looks like he’s having a laugh though so that’s the important part.
  3. Great zone defence this. Leave gigantic gaps for this boring 15m [censored] to consistently chip through us. Get rid of this [censored] coach.
  4. Pretty much the only reason I tune in in the first place is to watch Oliver. Not much else excites me. Trac has joined him, though.
  5. Is this one of those we’re all being too negative so I’ll post any old positive garbage threads? Carlton came out in social distance mode. I’ve rarely seen a worse quarter from any team. If anything we should’ve put 8 goals minimum on the board in the first quarter. If Goody gave Carlton their pre game rev up, then sure, great coaching. Unless we can beat teams in a shoot out, we’ll lose every week. We’re too easy to score against, and no team will ever give us a 7 goal head start again.
  6. Positives. Petracca, Rivers. Negatives. Melbourne Football Club
  7. Oooo here comes Goody, don’t worry boys, he’s come down to turn it around, crisis over.
  8. Lever and May are the biggest frauds in the game.
  9. 5 defenders jumping for 1 ball. Just unwatchable this [censored] defence.
  10. Kicking goals would help, but we’ve been slaughtered defensively since Roos walked out the door. Can recruit all the defenders in the world, makes no difference when whatever the team structure is just let’s them waltz down the field at their leisure. 10 haphazard inside 50s v a few open forward line entries with no pressure. Same old same old.
  11. I’d take Black Plague with pick 3. If Spanish flu lasts until pick 21 you’ll be getting that for sure.
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