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  1. Fritsch should never handball. Ever. His wrists are made of damp sponge. His handballs get smothered or intercepted every time. Also Goodwin has ruined all the potential Fritsch had by playing him down back. His best footy was forward and wing. Played about 2 good games down back. Yet he still persists. WTF was Smith doing? Just kick the [censored] goal. You’re not there to umpire mate. The actual umpire was 15 metres away, you would’ve heard the whistle. Just absolute stupidity that really sunk the dagger in. Salem’s worst game ever. That handball to the ground in the middle when we had a swarm everywhere really hurt. How no one could lay a tackle on that fat [censored] Rioli is beyond me, he stood still and they still flew past him with one arm. What a a waste of a season. We’re the new Bulldogs/Leicester, but without the gold to make the fall hurt less.
  2. I was sure we'd lose until I just came across this Now I'm putting the house on us.
  3. @Grapeviney I’ll wire you an even 90k, that should cover snacks.
  4. He won’t be able to see it below his fat guts, but yeah, he will be.
  5. Can’t wait to watch the 4 quarter replay of this classic. If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favour and stick hot pins up your taint instead. Both Gold Coast’s supporters will be fuming.
  6. How could a professional team in any sport butcher that last entry. [censored] this.
  7. Lewis trying to protect himself at all costs. Off now, that’ll learn ya. Seriously there’s nothing better than Kielty on the list? And has one [censored] picked the ball up below their knees or clean grabbed a mark? Just amateur hour.
  8. Don't bring the one true king, Stannis into this.
  9. I’ve seen some crazy Liverpool comebacks, especially in Europe, but that was virtually impossible in my mind. I can’t belive it happened. Probably the most emotional I’ve been over sport in a long time, especially after the low of that Kompany missile.
  10. And the umpires, probably 4 clear holding balls not paid against Hawthorn and a couple of iffy ones. All when we had momentum too.
  11. Hawthorn lost to Harmes. Game was a mess, Harmes stood out like dogs balls. A win is a win but my heart cannot take 3 hours of rubbish and a nail biting finish. Some excellent efforts from Frost.
  12. Now Gawn. Wtf are they taking corridor kicks that aren’t on? Unforgivable.
  13. Lewis once again Hawthorn’s best. Disgraceful this hack is still running around. Bring in some more VFL no names.
  14. Is Jordan Lewis [censored] serious? Grab the ball you cat. This VFL side is pure rubbish. Just unwatchable rubbish.
  15. No one really thought Lewis would be a positive change, did they? Lol seriously, he looks good when he’s having a picnic when we’re cruising, other than that he’s garbage. Goodwin can go now. Look at the Kent fat [censored]. Thank [censored] I have Liverpool.
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