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  1. Just popping in to tell @Satyriconhome his city is red.
  2. Abandon all hope ye who enter here. American Psycho aka my bible.
  3. We don’t ever spoil and kill a contest. Ever. It’s just [censored] infuriating. All year. We were killed in the air all preseason and it just hasn’t stopped.
  4. Are we the first team to lead at half time without their midfield getting a touch?
  5. Our defensive setup is deplorable. Everyone running around pointing like they know what they’re covering, while the opposition just chips it around for 2 minutes until they get a shot 20 out. Neal Bullen does absolutely everything wrong. I’ve never seen a player with a more negative effect.
  6. Full credit yeah, taking 2 years to realise neither is a defender... lifetime of credits their, Goody, bravo.
  7. Nearly every free has been there, we’re [censored] stupid. Why don’t our spoils ever go more than 2 metres? Never seen anything like it.
  8. I’ve never seen this Nadal put through a spaghetti machine ever kick straight. Now he can’t miss.
  9. I like how we set up after kicking a goal. Roll out the red carpet is an excellent strategy.
  10. How the [censored] is Wagner still on the list? Seriously how?
  11. It really is in a bad way. 24 to 31 used to be the score 10 minutes into the first quarter. Now it’s the half time score. Players are boring robots, very few characters. The few characters there are are social media vvankers. Skills are shocking. Coaching teams spend 2-3 preseasons working on a game plan and style, guess what, forget that we’re changing all the rules again. Dees are [censored]. It’s all [censored].
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