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  1. I’ve never seen this Nadal put through a spaghetti machine ever kick straight. Now he can’t miss.
  2. I like how we set up after kicking a goal. Roll out the red carpet is an excellent strategy.
  3. How the [censored] is Wagner still on the list? Seriously how?
  4. It really is in a bad way. 24 to 31 used to be the score 10 minutes into the first quarter. Now it’s the half time score. Players are boring robots, very few characters. The few characters there are are social media vvankers. Skills are shocking. Coaching teams spend 2-3 preseasons working on a game plan and style, guess what, forget that we’re changing all the rules again. Dees are [censored]. It’s all [censored].
  5. Absolute garbage. This game, the state of the game in general.
  6. Must be the 2 goalless quarters now. How can every other team chip it through from half back but we kick long to a 3 on 1?
  7. Does Ling know the rules? Any of them? He’s a [censored] moron.
  8. lol. I’ve seen him go hard at the ball one time since he’s been with us. Lost count how many times he didn’t go. But he belts blokes, what a hero. The positive is I won’t see him for at least another week.
  9. So you’re telling me drafting a reserves player in the middle of the season hasn’t solved all of our problems? God we are hopeless.
  10. I prefer the Brendan Bolton school of thought, if you only count the last quarter we won that game easily.
  11. Does Wagner know he’s left footed? I’ve never seen a left footer constantly run himself onto their right like he does. So dumb.
  12. Can he coach? Looks the goods.
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