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  1. TBH, I doubt I’d be upset if the club folded. My frustration with them has gone other than on game day, once that’s done they become mostly irrelevant in my life as does the AFL.
  2. They would prob use the money to extend his contract knowing our luck 😂🤣
  3. We can’t afford to pay him out. We will have to suffer through his ineptitude and winning personality for at least a year. Enough to drag the members in eh.
  4. We will go nowhere with this coaching group. Oliver has gone backwards so fast he will soon end up being worthless to us. His ability to hit a target in a good position is non existent. Our mids don’t put much pressure on, our forwards do not chase other than picket. North are loving this.
  5. Another goaless qtr under Goodwins amazing coaching skills
  6. God damn, please tell me that isn’t the norm? Going to have tops like the bloody NRL where you can’t see the top due to all the stupid sponsors plastered all over it. The blue rectangle over the red is putrid.
  7. Ablett kills Harmes, Harmes isn’t a natural defender.
  8. So with Jetta oit who plays on Ablett? Nev has a great record vs Ablett when he rested forward, I don’t trust anyone else for the job.
  9. Jetta dropped... was that cos they let him be matched up on the blues talls and then when he didn’t beat them in a marking contest he played poorly? I don’t understand this club, we seem to love shooting ourselves in the foot.
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