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  1. One team has skills, one team kicks like spuds.
  2. In: Lewis, Jetta out: Omac, Stretch
  3. Gorgoroth


    It’s getting to the point where I think the QB money is getting silly again. Sure they are super important but O though wilson would rather a good oline to protect him and 5mil less a year. Might even survive the four years.
  4. Gorgoroth


    Wilson’s new deal is 4yrs at $140mil, wow. QB money is getting silly.
  5. Gorgoroth


    Russell Wilson might be leaving Seattle. Wants a bigger contract than Seattle will give. I hope he leaves and goes to another division 😂
  6. Well technically he is now a co-captain...
  7. Also will be seeing them in August at Brutal Assault, I’m pumped for it.
  8. Do the smart thing, be here instead!
  9. Every time. The faster his feet move the dumber he gets and he ain’t starting from a high place.
  10. How the [censored] is Frost still in the team. Wagner a bit stiff, he at least had a dip last week. And I hope Todd plays instead of Jack, reckon he would move better.
  11. I’m pretty sure Cristian has one of these that he spins where he has changed the words from the one shown.
  12. Todd would have out ran Jack on the weekend.
  13. I too thought the same during the game, I don’t even remember a Melbourne chant by the cheer squad... But tbh I’m usually pretty quiet at games.
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