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  1. Gorgoroth


    The SB does look good, but I also feel one team may blow the other away.
  2. Gorgoroth


    Not even the half and the niners are killing GB.
  3. This reminds me of what they were cooking at carlscum... and how well that turned out...
  4. Gorgoroth


    Titans O is on fire right now! good game so far, Henry gets hit behind the LoS so often but just keeps moving and gains 1, 2 yards when they should have been a loss.
  5. Really we live in hell and make the occasional foray up to the surface to get crushed and put back to hell. Not a massive fan of thief’s pump up videos. Maybe if we were hitting September, but otherwise... a lot of room for egg.
  6. Gorgoroth


    Titans 24 - Chiefs 37 Niners 30 - Packers 31
  7. Gorgoroth


    @DemonDave I think the packers D 5 will have their hands full with the run but they are also very good. I think Kittle is key for he packers D. Stop him, break even against the run and it’s game on. The rush from the niners will be interesting, will the packers with their decent oline try and protect the pocket or dial up some fast quick screens and slants to make them hesitate. Jones’s running could be key and niners need to hold Adams, those two are key.
  8. Gorgoroth


    Houston was weird, they let Kelce just do what ever he wanted too. That hammy strain he got is interesting, if that goes KC chances drop significantly. Niners love the short pass over the middle. Garropolo was picked once there, and should have been another two times. you guys need to plug that area, make him throw elsewhere. I think your run D is good enough to contain their run. Your biggest concern is stopping their edge rushers. But if you run the ball down their throat early it might back them off.
  9. Gorgoroth


    You beat Seattle and upset Pete Carrol, everything is good! Very good!
  10. Gorgoroth


    If you need a laugh get on the twitter feed from the a Ravens game.
  11. Gorgoroth


    Jackson has quite simply stank it up in two playoff games.
  12. Gorgoroth


    It was my bday yesterday and a quiet day turned into a great (read messy) evening 😂
  13. Gorgoroth


    Been out all day, forgot the tips. Know I’ve missed the early game but if it matters I would have gone san fran baltimore chiefs packers
  14. Gorgoroth


    Seattle barely beat Philli seconds and will get pummeled by the packers. Vikings with a HUGE win over the saints. (Get stuffed Payton, sorry Breese) Sony Michel is now my most hated player as all others got a TD in my multi and that nonce couldn’t with multiple attempts from 1yrd.
  15. Gorgoroth


    Bills shitte the bed on that one. Henry is a gun and Sony Michel missing from 1yrd stuffed up my multi TD scorer, got Watson from the earlier game. What’s the best Kamara and Lynch now score.
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