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  1. Not even a chance. We will get belted next week by GWS. Vs Crows who knows, filth will smash us QB and then we are done. 8 wins is most I see.
  2. He will get games going on what he showed tonight. Awareness will come (hopefully), showed some decent skills.
  3. Petracca can fix his, the club should have been onto this years ago, we have all seen it and it ain’t got better. FFS, get Dunstall. He was to this day one of the best set shots the game has seen. But more importantly he never missed the gimmies. Garlett is harder to fix as I think he moves quicker than his brain has time to decipher the moment. Tmac will come good, he is just in a form slump. but I agree, people blame the umps as it’s easy. We lost that game because we missed easy shots, took shots when we could have handballed it to a player in a better position and our entries into f50 are putrid to say the least.
  4. His handballing this year is not much more effective and he hardly looks with those either, hell. He hardly even possess the ball properly.
  5. The pain he showed on the medical table before coming back on surely would have indicated more than a sprain.
  6. Idiots. All idiots. trying to take on tackles all over the field then they don’t man up from a slow play. [censored] THIS CLUB!
  7. Stretch is a terrible kick. Terrible. Offerring zero on the field.
  8. Tongue in poop mate, both in a Werribee creek.
  9. Neeld called to say we are [censored] and his teams would spank this rabble.
  10. Agree, we would not suddenly kick it well into the f50 cos Hogan was there, we would butcher it to him instead of another player.
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