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  1. Out Goodwin. He is a one track record that makes Lo-fi Black metal sound masterfully recorded.
  2. Lockhart has a cool head, I’ve liked his game so far.
  3. look familiar... 4.8 (32) 10.9 (69) 15.10 (100) 18.13 (121) Q1 Q2 Q3 Final 0.3 (3) 0.6 (6) 5.9 (39) 7.13 (55)
  4. during The shutdown they are talking about taking the departments down to bare bones. Goody should be worried.
  5. We have had 2 years and not come close to getting it right, don’t think 2 months will help 😂
  6. We kill ourselves with bad choices and rushed kicking.
  7. Still poor at kicking into f50. Its the biggest flaw we have.
  8. Gorgoroth


    I think he will be fine. We will no longer be a every diwn player but what I saw last year he was still productive behind a oline that struggled and a play caller who would stop using him for big periods of the game. You have got a gem and I’m gutted.
  9. Gorgoroth


    Gurley to the Falcons. The Rams are [censored]. We have goff earning 36mil this year and we have lost 7 of our 11 starting defenders... and our 5x pro bowl RB What a calamity.
  10. Gorgoroth


    Rams releasing everyone and signing no one. And still paying Goff 160mil more than he deserves.
  11. Setback could mean a tightening to a full tear. he would have been super lucky if he had no setbacks. I hope it’s more tightening than a strain/tear.
  12. Gorgoroth


    There is a leaked New Rams logo... it’s putrid.
  13. 99Rams is my team name. Last year was Melbourne Rams
  14. Def not all attacking the ball together then being fo4ced to only give 1 meter handballs. Switching play due to actually having people on the wings and also we are not pressing anywhere near as high up the ground. Still bombing the ball long to outnumbered contests in our F50 though.
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