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  1. Brayshaw- not a wingman play him in the guys or not at all. Like jones when they had him on the wing. It’s not their game, they aren’t that sort of player. Dumb coaching again.
  2. We fumble so so often and we try and tackle with just our arms instead of getting our bodies behind it and they waltzed on through.
  3. Missed a simple handball on the wing that would have put us in the clear and into an empty f50 with numbers advantage, instead he turned it over and they kicked a goal. Second a poor handball 10 meters out from goal resulted in a scramble instead of an easy goal. centred the ball at the top of the 50 to an outnumber whilst under no pressure and they ran it down the other end. He turned the ball over badly with simple skill errors. He was as bad as he was good.
  4. Viney: always takes on tackles (even when not the best option) Weid: better at chf Salem: fumbled twice, weird. Frost: Dr.Jeckyll and Mr Hyde Nibbler: misses goals regularly Hunt: cost 4 goals Hannan: oh he played? Petty: might have future Pruess: good game Jones: good game Hibbo: patchy, but solid Oliver: very good again Dunkley: good first game Hore: big loss Tmac: found form... injured Trac: play on instinct Fritsch: still can’t defend Brayshaw: lost on wing Harmes: another solid game Lewis: past it. Lockhart: will improve May: solid again
  5. All votes should go to the fans who sat through that [censored]
  6. Hunt has cost us 3 and nearly a 4th goal.
  7. Viney once again takes on tacklers and once again gets pinged. Never learns.
  8. Gibbons bananas from the boundary after Hunt can’t make a 10 meter handball. Game looks cooked.
  9. Trying to play safe and not lose... so we ar3 stuffed unless they try and attack and win.
  10. And there is a Frost to give away a needless and super stupid 50.
  11. Summed it up Summed it up summed it up Summed it up Summed it up Nailed it.
  12. 2.5 from set shots plus some out of bounds...
  13. Jones and Lewis with two of the most panicked handballs I’ve seen.
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