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  1. Gorgoroth


    When I read that Cooks, Woods were out, All three tight ends had been on injury during the week and Kupp had been sick Friday and missed practice, on top of half the offensive line missing I was thinking Bears by a mile. Then they change our whole format to a pure run block front, the two Rookies starting first games at RG and RT I thought Mack might break the sack record or a single game. Gurley was huge, Goff still throws super dumb at times but stood in pockets knowing his right side was unknown, Mack coming from his blindside and half his receivers missing and did pretty good. I was happy to see them work out how to get Gurley going, which in turn gives Goff an extra second or two. In a clean pocket Goff is good, outside that he is poor. Evans and Edwards won’t be replaced next game even if other OLine are ready to come back.
  2. Gorgoroth


    So Kap worked out today at a different location, that was supposedly only changed 30mins prior to the 3pm start time. He then went ahead with it at 4pm at a dif location, I read possibly due to liability clauses in the paperwork etc, but supposedly scouts from 25 teams were at the Falcons facility at 3pm. He is now 32, I can’t see a team bringing him in tbh.
  3. Gorgoroth


    I mean I can understand throwing a punch if upset but to over hand hitting him with a helmet is insane. The amount of damage he could have done.
  4. Gorgoroth


    Pouncey suspended for 3 games Garrett is suspended indefinitely which will not be lifted prior to the end of the year inc playoffs
  5. Gorgoroth


    He connects pretty well. Rudolph got ejected for a H2H that caused bleeding from the receivers ear. There was some dirty hits in the game.
  6. Gorgoroth


    Crazy end. Garrett has to go for big big weeks, there is already talk of him losing his contract at the Browns. Pouncey will also get suspended for the punches and kicking he does to Garrett in retaliation. But tbh, Garrett must cop a 16 week suspension. It has to be a year for that.
  7. Gorgoroth


    Jimmy G made some big mistakes in the second half with Sanders off, was high, should have been picked multiple times but in saying that, his own players dropped a few of his passes. He is essentially one season into his on field career, next two months will be telling for the niners and JG. Cracking game to watch, but f&dk me I hate them both 😂
  8. Gorgoroth


    McVay chose not to give the ball to Gurley for the first two drives and then none in the whole last qtr. He has lost it, our O line is beaten up and Goff is On he verge of being a bust, a bust about to get a massive pay rise. The offence scored 3pts for the game. Made 1/13 3rd downs. McVay needs to find a plan B, and FFS figure out how to adapt in game which he is poor at.
  9. That’s a weird th8ng if true. But I have a house loan so no probs then
  10. I usually do spring carnival and the odd race here and there. Always have some on Brownlow, NFL SB and AFL GF. As I stated about I’d love to do a few more exotic multis for NFL etc May look into getting an account just for the winnings I have from the spring carnival.
  11. So, where the catch...
  12. Gorgoroth


    Ravens, Chiefs, Bills
  13. I don’t do online betting which is prob a good thing for me I’ve not really looked into it. For some exotics I’d love to have online account bu5 it prob means I would be on a tonne of NFL/AFL Exotics on all the time 🤣
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