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  1. Just like Hawthorn did with O'Meara (sp) and Scully. Depends on your medical staff diagnoses and an A1 medical/fitness team to get them right. Scully I'm still not sure about but did I just read that O'Meara has extended his contract? You take your chances sometimes.
  2. Lesson learnt. Left the MCG years ago v Fremantle and headed for Jolimont station. This was in the dark days. Heard a few roars from the remaining crowd as I trudged up the hill and assumed the Dockers had piled on a few more. Little did I know, Miller et al made a miraculous recovery and won the game. The lesson I should have remembered was at the Whitten oval when Robbie marked and goaled to seal it and make the finals after we looked like losing in the last quarter. Nearly got some serious aggro from the Footscray faithful as I celebrated. It's never over unless you're 20 points behind with 30 seconds to go. Now I'm older I turn to radio coverage or live scores from the AFL site. My blood pressure can't take it anymore.
  3. Exactly what I think every time I read some of your comments.
  4. I attended the finals of the yo-yo championships at the Palais theatre in Melbourne many years ago. Pretty sure it was sponsored by Coca-Cola. Sensational show. "Rocking the Baby" was a stand-out.
  5. Thanks for your sage advice two rounds in. Noted.
  6. Very unlikely to see Stretch on the G again. Great heart, great trainer, not so great on the skills & footy brain required to compete and win at the next level unfortunately. Wish him all the best.
  7. As it's Welcome Day tomorrow at Fed square & the G I'm more than happy to donate most of my scarves to those new to the Demons at the MCG on a Saturday. But I'd like to retain at least one or two of my fairly extensive collection. (Some are still wrapped). I'm leaning towards 2007 before the plastic decals got stuck on. Nice knit and an aggressive looking Demon as the motif. What should I divest, what should I keep? (Always wanted a collection to decorate the house should we ever climb that mountain again).
  8. What have we here? A grammar Nazi, (with apologies to Seinfeld). Wrong on more than one count unfortunately Dee-Vina. People in glass houses etc. Firstly, 'crimes against English' might be understood as the UK having to front at the war crimes tribunal. I'm sure you meant to write' the English language'. Benefit of the doubt. "Completely unnecessary' ...'completely' is redundant. Look it up in your Funk and Wagnells. Your punctuation is an absolute mess. A question mark indicates the end of any sentence and requires a capital letter to follow. And a full stop is the customary way to finish any sentence or post. Next time you apply for a job I'll be happy to review your resume.
  9. Quite irrelevant to the topic Roger...I'll see your monicker and raise it to Jeremy Futcher, his dad's a butcher. One issue, featuring your good self, (Aus/NZ no 6), also featured 'The return of Terry F***witt, Buster Gonad, and of course Johnny Fartpants. One of the leads was "Is your neighbour a Vicar...how to spot the tell-tale signs". Not to mention "I was the third Kray twin". Classic British humour.
  10. I wouldn't put too much emphasis on the performances in a praccie match played in Shepp in 38 plus degrees heat. Regardless, you underrate Spargo. What is he? 19/20? This year is his second year in the big league. A very smart footy brain and mature beyond his years. ANB I have no issue with. Garlett is very secondary backup if he, at his mature age (for a footballer), ever gets his body right again. That's the ruthless way it is if we are serious about winning the flag...and about time.
  11. Barring injuries from our preferred team, I'd be surprised to see Jeff Garlett out on the G again.
  12. If I ever see another post opening, or finishing, with "discuss" you can read it as dead in the water.
  13. I wasn't sure initially which of the Riewoldts opinion this was. The dumb one or the slightly less dumb one. As if it matters.
  14. Thanks for such a clear and informed explanation Dr. I get it now.
  15. Not sure where to start here Tappy. Okay, deep breath. Yes, Spargo's small. You can't seriously propose that there's no room for smalls in a current AFL team. It's not height, it's heart. One of the beauties of our game is the variety of builds that compose a successful team. For a first year payer in 2018, with a team under the pump for a finals berth, I'm not sure what else you could have expected from him. Not fast? He's quick and sharp at the fall of the ball and knows where his best positioned teammate is and delivers more often than not. Review some replays if you doubt this. Can't kick? Now you're really going out on a limb. Correct me if I'm wrong but I seem to remember him slotting one, under some pressure, from just outside 50 from the members half-forward flank. And his teammates got around him. Not to mention he was nominated for one of the top 5 MFC goals of the year. Not strong? You're having a laugh. He's strong like Boomer Harvey was. You play to your best with the hand and height you're dealt. Not in the top 25. We'll see.
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