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  1. You need to learn some history dieter. Take your time and don't shoot from the hip. Try AFL archives or Wikepedia for starters. Why post this reply without any knowledge?
  2. Tough and reliable player Roger Dean. I remember him mostly as a nuggety back pocket. I was at the game. He faked Barassi's contact big time. The irony is these days he would be suspended for staging.
  3. Racking up a lot of meh posts recently since joining the board Sorry. It's "their" btw and either "wishful" or "fanciful" is redundant. I'll leave your use of punctuation alone. Take your pick but don't feel the need to pontificate on everything you read. I thought the school holidays had finished.
  4. I suggest that you stay in the "confusion room" until things become clear to you. Trust you recover soon, take the meds, (and can actually post again with some degree of attention to how a proper sentence is written and punctuated btw). Another Spargo basher who is writing off a second year player. And love your dumb Nazi monicker to boot.
  5. For goodness sake. Let's give some of this virulent May bashing a break. Yeah, he's to blame for our current woes and won't provide anything down the track.
  6. Must be a bad moon rising. We may get a win tonight (and I hope we do)...doesn't really matter over the course of this season. Even if we fluke enough wins and make the 8 this year it's not going to be pretty. I'm already in reload mode for 2020. If we can get key players back fit and healthy and draft smartly then watch out. Until then.
  7. Drop-kick. Move on.
  8. If the Bluey votes were tallied right now, I have little doubt that Christian Salem would be leading the board. Big difference between Brownlow votes between two teams each week and internal club voting for best player in the one side each week. If he maintains his current form I'd back him in.
  9. "We need to maintain core stability" according to Hemingway. More like "core instability". We fell over the line by 5 points and got lucky for once and now have two wins. Forget injuries, operations and limited prep. Either O'Mac takes the game on and shows a bit more footy nous, awareness and attack or he'll be treading the same water that Petracca sank in.
  10. Nice quick google research [censored]. You're now on ignore.
  11. Matsuo Basho indeed. You have a lot of front and nerve in ripping off one of the Haiku masters names. Sounds mysterious and exotic with a hint of authority to many. FAIL. Your observations and comments do a disservice to him. He would roll in his grave if he had to read the combative and assertive posts you serve up. That was not the spirit of your namesake to any degree. And before you reply, I have lived and worked in Japan and have no respect for your posts under his name.
  12. My modus operandum for watching Melbourne matches live to air so far this year. Turn the TV on but it's sound off and you can't see it without turning around from a laptop set up in the "sports room" as my other half calls it. Follow the updated scores on the regular AFL site occasionally and nervously. Turn up sound when we get lucky and quickly switch back to TV again. We get in front or even remotely mount a challenge... Cough loudly as I sneak another bottle of whatever's available into the front room and hope for the best. Getting flogged..you can guess the rest.
  13. Just got in and there's 4 points in it. Apparently we're playing like crap and got poor umpiring decisions. Not slashing my wrists quite yet.
  14. Just like Hawthorn did with O'Meara (sp) and Scully. Depends on your medical staff diagnoses and an A1 medical/fitness team to get them right. Scully I'm still not sure about but did I just read that O'Meara has extended his contract? You take your chances sometimes.
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