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  1. Checked my Sportsbet - bookies have us favourite against Crows
  2. This. Recently always been ”Hawks/Swans/Cats/WCE played poorly all day, still found way to win”. In my day was Carlton/North/Tigers. Great teams find a way to guts out a win, 2 players down, come from behind, interstate.
  3. Odds v WC lengthened after our win
  4. Pray for undermanned back to wall effort next week - same as Daniher era
  5. Hasn’t improved since Alf Potter’s day. Why don’t they ever have one camera focused for sun and one for shade?
  6. Forward line Isaac, Tom S and Joel
  7. How is that other court case going? after Rich Hawks Final last year, alleged Wellington Parade bashing. Are solicitor family of accused doing everything possible to keep it out of media?
  8. Thought it was our captain. In Thailand and video not great. If it was Chunk, on the field, cop 4 weeks.
  9. Answer - Josh Kelly
  10. Thankyou Footscray, dubious honour usually reserved for us
  11. I always felt the Anzac Day game should between the two highest finishing Vic teams from previous season. Dont think “Birds of Tokyo” appropriate in any way shape or form https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-australia-47796046
  12. Actually most significant days are September. So long as we are there and not Essendon.
  13. They only get Anzac Day with Pies We get Anzac Eve with Tiges we get QB with Pies Hawks get Easter Monday with Cats Tiges get R1 with Carlton Recently GF has been Roos v Dogs Roos pushed for GF for years “RCH game” trying to justify/tie it to RCH. North and Footscray were two suburbs nearby the hospital for some reason this year, Dogs (don’t think they were seen as good enough for potential showcase game) replaced by Essendon - logical replacement given proximity of RCH to both clubs. Several fans could ask why we get QB ( birthed from 50s folk lore)
  14. We were favourites marginally in last year final v Eagles
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