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  1. Sports journo in The Age today questioning if GWS and Greater Suns will survive. wont be shedding a tear for those two money pits with their proud history
  2. Tongue in cheek wish for resurrection of our beloved VFL. plenty of jobs for everyone as I recall. hope you and your family stay healthy
  3. Hope AFL collapses and clubs fail. And footy players have to get real jobs. Those in Victoria - would always wanna play footy. Enough people can get together (when allowed) and reform our 12 clubs - in Victoria. Allow the hipster set around Fitzroy have a team.
  4. Nope. ABC said you get it as it is. Clearly heard players yelling, Dylan Grimes said they could hear commentators. Could hear rain lashing the plastic seats one time
  5. Only gobfull I got was from coach - reckon I wasn’t going in hard enough. Radar thinks - you wouldn’t go in too hard either if you had to do 14 hour nightshift after game
  6. Haven’t seen any video - are players still spitting onto the ground? yuk
  7. No category for “heart” “first” for dropping your head
  8. Was fortunate enough to be at Kardinia Park for “the Templeton game”. Monday after, still wrapt, wandered into Robbie’s Knox City sports store. I wanted the onfield goss - how we did it - he wanted to know what the supporters were thinking.
  9. Checked my Sportsbet - bookies have us favourite against Crows
  10. This. Recently always been ”Hawks/Swans/Cats/WCE played poorly all day, still found way to win”. In my day was Carlton/North/Tigers. Great teams find a way to guts out a win, 2 players down, come from behind, interstate.
  11. Odds v WC lengthened after our win
  12. Pray for undermanned back to wall effort next week - same as Daniher era
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