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  1. Carlton there as well...has a rumble been arranged?
  2. Bumping this one for a Pedo update. Heard from the brother-in-law that Cam took out the League B&F with 38 votes (inc 10 BOG's). Looks like thethe Dogs have been through the season without a loss too...one draw.
  3. Even when it's not the Demons involved the West Coast crowd [censored] me to tears. Bunch of wankers. Go Dogs!
  4. 12 degrees here. Raked some leaves, about to do a run to the recycle centre. Public holiday tomorrow, the fridge(s) are stocked, the only thing missing this arvo is Tom $cully to say some nasty swears at. Giants by 22.
  5. What's really starting to [censored] me is this [censored] look everytime...
  6. Our kids both got sent codes but my wife and I haven't received anything.
  7. I'd like to hear him try and explain the growth on his upper lip in this photo...
  8. What I found really annoying about Morris On The Couch last night, apart from his huge noggin (like an orange on a toothpick), was his use of the word ample. 'He didn't have one or two beers, he had ample' something like that anyway. It doesn't say anything...ample for Tom might be a pot of shandy.
  9. Go one better and get this mob for their throat singing and old school fighting lyrics... "If you come with evil intentions, we'll give you a fight!" was surely written with $cully in mind.
  10. Flying down with the family for the week which will get us to this game (fresh off the plane) and the Tiggers match. MFCSS has me expecting the worst...
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