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  1. Last ruckman who was captain. Big Carl?
  2. V. average ball release, not your neville fields or barry price.
  3. Earl oF Spaulding like Jesse H. planted his non-kicking foot so had no follow through. Like Jesse also in that he was a very accurate shot round the corner shot.
  4. Lee Harvey Oswald, high impact with intent.
  5. What about all the clubs we have beaten in a finals Game who have subsequently won a flag themselves. The list is impressive: Swans,North, Carlton, Collingwood, Hawthorn, W. Bulldogs, Essendon, Adelaide, West Coast from memory.
  6. Changed his style dramatically. In 1963 was a Debonair, understated commentator.
  7. Was 'I tipped this'. I'm so nervous I out the cigarette in my mouth the wrong way". Closing seconds, '66 gf, Butch and Mike exchange.
  8. It was Umpire Blew, the umpire not the limerick.
  9. Melbourne had done their dash by '65, both Barassi and Smith knew it, and both were seeking greener pastures prior to our demise. Losing the exclusivity of the MCG (in '65) also played its part. Smith was a great coach who had a great list. How dismal that both Saints and Essendon also rose dramatically in 1965.
  10. Move him to the half back flank, a la Topaz Tilbrook.
  11. Acc. to Goodwin post-match interview he will be alright.
  12. Beelzebub has a devil put aside for the Dees.
  13. Salem may hunt Stretch but Harmes Fritsch...
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