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  1. When Don Blew blew, Norm Smith blued. Apologies in advance for any syntax or grammatical errors.
  2. And Norm Smith got South into the finals in 1970 but he had to change clubs to do that.
  3. If you watch the '65 grand final on YouTube between StKilda and Essendon it is easy to see that the talented players were gravitating to other clubs. StKilda and Essendon were two teams that showed us up mid '65 when we were unbeaten. I think by this time the Barassi Smith ranting methodology was wearing off and we overplayed the 'if only' victim game. I also think loss of rich talent zones had a lot to do with it.
  4. I was just starting to barrack for the Dees at this time, and on that weekend my father - an Englishman who hated aussie rules but loved soccer - took me to Olympic Park to watch Everton defeat Australia 8-2.. If only the day before I could have gone to the G and seen the amazing demons play. It was mid-season a year later that Saint recruits Cooper and Ditterich tore us apart, ending our reign.
  5. I remember Porterfield scoring the winning goal in the 1971 FA Cup, i think against Man. Utd. Sunderland were the rank underdogs.
  6. No, I got that one from my Beatles obsession (Bar owner telling Beatles to "mach shau"). The other one from uni days, world war two history etc.😎
  7. Well done. So now you will have to name them in positions!
  8. So did any players of German extraction mach shau with the Dees?
  9. Although he often played injured, Barassi's '64 season catapulted us into the grandy, and ultimately the flag. He wasn't a top performer in the finals series, but was undoubtedly the no.1 legend of the vfl, and losing him cost us our weltanschauung. there has been no viable replacement
  10. So that would have been Barassi's first game since August, 1963.
  11. Graham Molloy, from South Australia. A great player for the Dees in early 70s. Jeff White, Fremantle. oops, did JW start in Vic, go to WA and come back again?
  12. Don Williams left Melbourne late 50s or early 60s went back to play for Sale then came back to star in Melbourne's '64 premiership team.
  13. Norm Smith left Melbourne in 1948 and played for the Royboys as coach in 1949? He came back to Melbourne 1950s as coach.
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