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  1. I wont automatically renew this year . I shall hold off and respond on what happens in first matches .
  2. I saw that bad body language on the plane to Alice with the team . Something stinks to high heaven
  3. I can’t remember fair weather . We’ve been excreta for years and years besides last year . I tell you I feel it’s Goodwin who is the cancer along with several others
  4. Same here. Spent some $20000 for the in doors and I over the 17 years or so and it’s been a [censored] investment many’s years of constant disappointment. Enough is enough. They have not met my KPI’s and will not be rejoining until things miraculously improve by a long shot
  5. I think you would have to be there to know what I'm basing it on. Not high fiving, players do that after their too few goals this season !
  6. I would like to know how clear is this so called relationship with the players? I was on the plane with the team to Alice Springs and in the Virgin lounge before flying and I observed quite closely and I didn’t like what I saw. Bad body language . Goodwin didn’t speak to hardly anybody in the lounge and on the plane journey . It’s a fragmented situation . Mirrored yesterday as the players walked off . Im convinced Goodwin has lost a large proportion of the playing group .
  7. You may as well have a pump up doll as coach . No passion , no emotion and no game plan ! He has no plan obviously because he keeps on shuffling players positions from week to week , from defence to offence . He still doesn’t know his players strengths FFS . He has lost the players of that I have no doubt . He lacks communication. He has a game plan from last year of course but that is pretty simplistic and is not sustainable evidence high injury rate . Quite a kamikazi ( spelling) style . Now we are stuck with him because our idiots gave him an extension . And now dear fellow Dee tragics , we will suffer for several years to come with an inept team of highly talented but rudderless players unless Goodwin does the right thing and FO
  8. I was on the plane with the team last week and I didn’t like the body language at all . I don’t think I saw anybody talk to Goodwin at all . Of course I wasn't looking all the time .
  9. I thought Josh Bruce looked a lot like Basil Fawlty and we played like him .
  10. It’s like a pack of monkeys in charge of a Ferrari
  11. Completely agree with all that .
  12. Ok, so we had heaps of injuries from last season a many didn't get a preseason , but what on earth happened to their ball skills , hitting targets , fumbling marks falling over FFS . Most of them can't hit the side of a barn . i cannot see us doing anything next season at all . Lewis and Jones cannot be allowed to play in the same side , they are glacial by foot. It appears like just about all of them choke on a kick for goal . Petty appears to have a very good goal kicking technique and I thought he did well up front . As usual far too many AWOL , and leaving it to others to battle it out
  13. MFC should actually offer us free membership next year for the horrendous slop and the total disappointment of this season . Talk about a member killing season
  14. There is no way we will contend next season . So many of our players are cooked and rudderless
  15. Well that stuffed up my week. And to think I’m going to Alice Springs next week . I want my money back
  16. Just a question , but what the hell has happened to Braydon Preuss? He seems to have dropped off the planet , not injured, just seems to be a non person left in limbo....
  17. He's a far better golfer than a footballer
  18. It's a real puzzle to me this problem of multi generational failure . It really seems like a curse . Different coaches players , management , they just can't fight this rancid malaise that has condemned us to so much misery for so long .
  19. I know it's been mentioned before, but. The mcDonalds are horrendous ! Absolutely bloody useless ! And is there any chance of Frost being able show some coolness under fire . He plays like Forrest Gump. I thought this was a home game for us. It seemed that most of the crowd were Crow fans
  20. So Richmond , Essendon , Collingwood etc get the Dreamtime game , we get the nightmare game . Thanks Dees for finally breaking my heart after 65 years . I cannot take it anymore , or until next time !!
  21. The silver lining to this miserable season is the experience going into our reserves, so many pressganged into battle earlier than expected and getting great learnings ( sorry about that cliche) Goodwin speak !
  22. I'm not one that blames the umps usually , but the last quarter the umps cost us 3 goals . Sure we stuffed up,many times in front of goal and we lost it there , but what about the unrealistic attempt to mark that was waved away that led to Kennedy goaling , the blatant handball seen by every viewer in the world , goal , then Smith sling tackle and probably out injured next,week that cost us a goal , 3 dead set goals gifted to the Eagles . Complete raut
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