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  1. Fourteen Fourteeeeen fourteeen 😭
  2. Sadly this is where we are after 3 matches and looks like we could be blasted back to a few years ago. Cant disagree with any of this post .
  3. I guess all those operations 17 of them has taken its toll on the preseason preparations. Shadow of last seasons form!
  4. Blasted back to 2008 . May must think he's back at the Goldy
  5. So, what about Infiniti? Have I missed something?
  6. My pack is God knows where .. no faith whatsoever in Auspost
  7. Sadly , this could very well happen with Auspost. Certainly not the best service from that mob !
  8. Does anybody have an idea when the membership packs will be sent out ? I seem to remember we had them pre Christmas in past years so they could be given as Christmas presents!
  9. Carlton have always looked and hoped for a Messiah in all that they do ! Doesn’t exist! its their buy success attitude.
  10. Hopefully they don’t use Carlton’s self valuation of the said charter flight ??!! Would the AFL have a barcode re jet charters to go by ?
  11. So greasy, so Carlton .
  12. He may prefer the MCG rather than Marvel and getting belted every week running around with the Saints ?
  13. I got this but id forgotten to put in the Member codes, then all was well . got 2 tkts P6 level 2a row D
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