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  1. I wont automatically renew this year . I shall hold off and respond on what happens in first matches .
  2. I saw that bad body language on the plane to Alice with the team . Something stinks to high heaven
  3. I can’t remember fair weather . We’ve been excreta for years and years besides last year . I tell you I feel it’s Goodwin who is the cancer along with several others
  4. Same here. Spent some $20000 for the in doors and I over the 17 years or so and it’s been a [censored] investment many’s years of constant disappointment. Enough is enough. They have not met my KPI’s and will not be rejoining until things miraculously improve by a long shot
  5. I think you would have to be there to know what I'm basing it on. Not high fiving, players do that after their too few goals this season !
  6. I would like to know how clear is this so called relationship with the players? I was on the plane with the team to Alice Springs and in the Virgin lounge before flying and I observed quite closely and I didn’t like what I saw. Bad body language . Goodwin didn’t speak to hardly anybody in the lounge and on the plane journey . It’s a fragmented situation . Mirrored yesterday as the players walked off . Im convinced Goodwin has lost a large proportion of the playing group .
  7. You may as well have a pump up doll as coach . No passion , no emotion and no game plan ! He has no plan obviously because he keeps on shuffling players positions from week to week , from defence to offence . He still doesn’t know his players strengths FFS . He has lost the players of that I have no doubt . He lacks communication. He has a game plan from last year of course but that is pretty simplistic and is not sustainable evidence high injury rate . Quite a kamikazi ( spelling) style . Now we are stuck with him because our idiots gave him an extension . And now dear fellow Dee tragics , we will suffer for several years to come with an inept team of highly talented but rudderless players unless Goodwin does the right thing and FO
  8. I was on the plane with the team last week and I didn’t like the body language at all . I don’t think I saw anybody talk to Goodwin at all . Of course I wasn't looking all the time .
  9. I thought Josh Bruce looked a lot like Basil Fawlty and we played like him .
  10. It’s like a pack of monkeys in charge of a Ferrari
  11. Completely agree with all that .
  12. Ok, so we had heaps of injuries from last season a many didn't get a preseason , but what on earth happened to their ball skills , hitting targets , fumbling marks falling over FFS . Most of them can't hit the side of a barn . i cannot see us doing anything next season at all . Lewis and Jones cannot be allowed to play in the same side , they are glacial by foot. It appears like just about all of them choke on a kick for goal . Petty appears to have a very good goal kicking technique and I thought he did well up front . As usual far too many AWOL , and leaving it to others to battle it out
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