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  1. Uuummm how do you know this? I assume this is pure speculation?
  2. Young and Ash for me. based purely on the 2 mins highlight packages 🤷‍♂️
  3. Steven May and KK get to work. We obviously had some money put aside for Jamie Elliott. I’d be going very hard at him.
  4. Burton reportedly a major factor behind the issues at the Crows. Wouldn’t go anywhere near him from what I’ve heard. Not sure about Camporeale.
  5. I fail to see how Papley is worth a Top 10 pick...
  6. I've been really impressed with his composure. Doesn't look flustered at all and has the ability to make space for himself.
  7. Hope KK gets a decent run at it. Let him play for the rest of the year at Casey and get some continuity in his footy and his body (and head).
  8. His sons are the same age as mine. I can't imagine what he is going through trying to explain to those boys that their mum isn't coming home. Absolutely heartbreaking.
  9. Some of you guys are incredible. Need: Fast outside runner with silky skills, good overhead and can kick goals. How many players match this description in the whole AFL? A dozen? Most would have been top 10 national draft picks. This is a draft that’s the best of what’s left. Take the best of what is available. Dunkley looks solid, comes from a strong football family and is 19. He isn’t going to be Josh Kelly or Lachie Whitfield or Tim Kelly or Hugh McCluggage or Ollie Florent. But he might turn into a good player like his brother.
  10. I thought the same thing TGR.
  11. How many times did he not even provide a contest? Shirked the contest a couple of times too. 2 goals from being out the back inflate his stats and overstate his level of performance.
  12. In for Garlett who has been horrible.
  13. The AFL website is showing T. Smith out and Dec Keilty debuting. Is it a mistake or do they know something new?
  14. At least he sounded grumpy
  15. They’ve had two blessed years on the injury front. The weight of averages would say that it wouldn’t go on forever.
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