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  1. How many times did he not even provide a contest? Shirked the contest a couple of times too. 2 goals from being out the back inflate his stats and overstate his level of performance.
  2. In for Garlett who has been horrible.
  3. The AFL website is showing T. Smith out and Dec Keilty debuting. Is it a mistake or do they know something new?
  4. At least he sounded grumpy
  5. They’ve had two blessed years on the injury front. The weight of averages would say that it wouldn’t go on forever.
  6. Anyone else noticed the total drop off in quantity and quality of content on the official website over the last 3-4 months. It’s a complete dogs breakfast at the moment. I hope whoever is in charge gets a rocket. I understand that over the preseason not a lot happens, but I hoped that with R1 upon us it might have stepped up, but if anything its gone backwards. - No interview with one of the coaches discussing selection. - Two debutants that we haven’t heard anything from. - The photo used for the R1 team selection looks like (on my phone) its been taken with very the first camera invented. - Jay Lockhart drafted last week - haven’t had an interview. Last year there seemed to be an immediacy to the content where as soon as something was announced there was 1, 2 or 3 articles or interviews instantly. Now it seems to be drip fed over a few days. I’m really disappointed.
  7. I too am anxious about the early rounds. Less than confident going into the Port game to be honest.
  8. Has anyone got any intel from Friday's match simulation training? All weekend I've been nervously awaiting the news to drop that "Player A" is injured and going to miss a number of weeks. I'm hoping that no news is good news in this case. Fingers crossed.
  9. As others have said, Jones and Viney need the run at Casey more than the photo op. Max is next in line on the leadership ladder.
  10. Max is at the AFL Captains Day so i assume he wont be training either.
  11. Closed session tomorrow morning at Casey from what I gather.
  12. Someone should be held account for this. I understand the desire to play with 22 but the fact that both Smith and Fritsch had to play on while injured in a JLT match, which could jeopardize their start to the season is a huge stuff up IMO.
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