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  1. Four of the ten (including expected number 1 pick) are tied to clubs. Makes the pick swap look very smart if we can finish at least 12th.
  2. He’s hardly undersized for a ruckman. Seems close to average (assuming he grows another couple of cm which you would expect at his age). He should do well as a ruck. The question mark is over his ability to play as a tall forward for the reasons you stated. But no one (on here) has seen how he did up forward at colts level after the champs
  3. I think it might be Hayden Young. To replace Heath Shaw at half back
  4. If we want Weightman we need to split 6 or 8 with Geelong for 14 and 17 and get an extra player out of it. Doubt any other team would pick a small forward (that is not Cyril Rioli) before 15. It would be crazy to take him at 8.
  5. Our 2019 3rd round pick and future 2nd pick for Langdon and Freo’s future 3rd round pick might work (though seems indeed for Freo).
  6. Hopefully we can get the Hawks 2nd round pick for Frost and pass that along. Pick 22 has a lot of value
  7. We must get one of Elliott, Butler or Gray
  8. Yes. Gray or Butler would definitely appeal
  9. Good point. However there were much bigger question marks on Watts and Motlop than Tomlinson who has an excellent attitude and is durable, if a bit vanilla overall. Rockliff has been good for them when on the park - that would be the concern with Elliott.
  10. As if he’s on $500k. Where did you pull that one from?
  11. Some in the media have been giving him votes ahead of Haynes. Baffling
  12. Played his role really well today. Outstanding workrate. Kicking was hit and miss. He'll be a good pickup, without being outstanding.
  13. I know it has already been mentioned but spare a thought for $cully....sucka! I think Amon Buchanan's celebrations were directed right at him
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