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  1. This. I don’t know why we persist for so long with players that clearly will not make it and will always be depth at best
  2. Disturbing. Waiting the year for free agency is looking better and better in hindsight. Can say I wasn’t keen at the time, though we didn’t know how badly this year would start (and that Moore would come back and play so well for the pies making May less of a need for them).
  3. Mitch Cleary is reporting 23 on track for captains run this morning. Team last week plus stretch and both wagners, minus may and sparrow
  4. Agreed. They have been very good. I’m amazed Richmond are this close
  5. Freo’s improvement is a surprise but otherwise this was predictable. North recruited very well. Collingwood were decimated (by north) and Brisbane not far behind. Carlton were weak last year and haven’t substantially improved. I suspect conference A will win both semi finals fairly comfortably when we get to that stage
  6. Exactly. Player managers like their players to get to the clubs they want to go to. Watch WCE get Kelly in with a minimum of fuss
  7. Pick 5 and 11 for Hogan and pick 36 Freo then send 23 and 36 to GWS for Lobb
  8. Would he want to go to a bottom 2/3 side...?
  9. I re-watched the first quarter of the prelim this afternoon (first time since live) and Tyson was deplorable. He needs to go. He is an inside midfielder only. We have other depth in that area. There is no need to hang onto him and we could get a pick in the 30s back (as he’s still young and a decent inside mid). Get it done
  10. Nothing less than picks 5 and 10 will be acceptable
  11. By my calculations, Hogan is NOT a free agent at the end of next year. Can anyone confirm?
  12. Interesting that our umpires won’t be doing the GF. Suspect that the failure to reverse after McGovern hit Viney and the ridiculous protected area 50 against Oliver (who was doing exactly what you are supposed to do in that situation) may have cost them
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