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  1. I've been watching some of the highlights of Rowell, Ash and Anderson on the NAB league app. Anderson really stands out, absolute class. Not that impressed with Rowell - Oliver 2.0 but without the tricks. Good burst but kicking and decision-making not the best. Ash's most recent game playing midfield was very impressive and addressed some of the question marks around him - lots of clearances and contested possessions (in addition to good overhead marking, trademark speed). I'd be taking him before Rowell without a second thought.
  2. I agree that Richmond didn’t look like they got out of second gear, but the wet suited them massively. We are the worst team in the comp in the wet, they are the best. Could have been much closer if it stayed dry. Not that it really matters. They would have beaten us either way.
  3. He was in the top 40 All Australian squad in 2017. He has already shown he is capable of far more than solid.
  4. Essendon are missing only 4-5 of their best 22. Their injury woes this year have been exaggerated by the media. Collingwood is another story. Good depth.
  5. Umps dragged Essendon over the line
  6. Disgusting. Afl needs to fine him and it’ll be done
  7. Omac was injured in the tackle
  8. This. I don’t know why we persist for so long with players that clearly will not make it and will always be depth at best
  9. Disturbing. Waiting the year for free agency is looking better and better in hindsight. Can say I wasn’t keen at the time, though we didn’t know how badly this year would start (and that Moore would come back and play so well for the pies making May less of a need for them).
  10. Mitch Cleary is reporting 23 on track for captains run this morning. Team last week plus stretch and both wagners, minus may and sparrow
  11. Agreed. They have been very good. I’m amazed Richmond are this close
  12. Freo’s improvement is a surprise but otherwise this was predictable. North recruited very well. Collingwood were decimated (by north) and Brisbane not far behind. Carlton were weak last year and haven’t substantially improved. I suspect conference A will win both semi finals fairly comfortably when we get to that stage
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