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  1. We had to make a change to the make up with our strong bodied mids who aren’t blessed with level top pace. The pressure’s now on Angus Brayshaw to perform.
  2. Reckon we’d be on top of the ladder based on our big win over the Blues last week.
  3. Maybe they can get Wale-Buxton back. He was a pretty decent back up ruck when he was at the club.
  4. The fact that our injury list seems to be shrinking probably means that it’s less likely that we will find it necessary to fill the vacancy caused by Nietzche’s long term injury.
  5. Stay tuned for the announcement of the squad?
  6. 1. Clayton Oliver vs 4. James Harmes 5. Christian Petracca vs 2. Max Gawn
  7. 1. Clayton Oliver vs Neville Jetta 6. Bayley Fritsch vs 4. James Harmes 3. Jack Viney vs 5. Christian Petracca 7. Christian Salem vs 2. Max Gawn
  8. 1. Clayton Oliver vs Nathan Jones Tom McDonald vs 5. Christian Petracca 6. Bayley Fritsch vs Jake Lever 7. Christian Salem vs Jay Lockhart
  9. Oscar McDonald vs 8. Angus Brayshaw Ed Langdon vs 5. Christian Petracca Jake Lever vs Tom Sparrow Tom McDonald vs Mitch Hannan Neville Jetta vs Aaron vandenBerg
  10. Braydon Preuss vs Ed Langdon Toby Bedford vs Joel Smith Kysaiah Pickett vs Marty Hore Jake Lever vs Adam Tomlinson Luke Jackson vs Sam Weideman
  11. Mitch Brown vs Kysaiah Pickett Harrison Petty vs Kyle Dunkley James Jordon vs Luke Jackson Kade Kolodjashnij vs Tom Sparrow Jay Lockhart vs Charlie Spargo
  12. Austin Bradtke vs Adam Tomlinson Toby Bedford vs Aaron Nietschke Corey Wagner vs Oskar Baker Kade Chandler vs Steven May Trent Rivers vs Ed Langdon
  13. It was mentioned earlier in the week that James Jordon had built up considerably over the off season. Here’s a photo from yesterday’s training. He looks like he has a bit of a way to go still. Would any of our track watchers like to give us a comparison of the development of these three young blokes drafted 12 months ago: • Tom Sparrow (2 games, injured for parts of the season) • James Jordon (0 games, would have been close to senior selection at times) • Aaron Nietschke (0 games, ACL early and out all year) I would imagine that Sparrow is the most advanced. What are their prospects for selection in 2020?
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