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  1. I agree with some of this but Kennett was not dead right. As someone who was born here, is a third generation Australian and knows the game back to front but when seen in person could pass for a ‘new arrival’ as Mr Kennett put it I found the comments pretty offensive.
  2. Good win today! Behind at every change but showed real character to pull it off. I don’t care where you are on the ladder is there anything better than going to the g on a Saturday afternoon and getting a win! Plenty of good performances. For the first time in ages we all had to leave good ones out of the DL voting. Viney was immense today and I thought Gawn was serviceable in the first half before really taking over in the second. Harmes sacrificed his game a bit to slow down Fyfe who was just rinsing us in the first half. Jay Lockhart, I just love a kid that comes in and still has the head bobble. No complications just see ball, get it, kick it towards goal through the big sticks. Sam Frost is working his way into some rich form, seemed to go pretty hard at it today, but could also just be his haircut. I definitely saw a turn in confidence and willingness to go with the first option more today. Ok we benefited from Freo losing man power but we did what we needed to do and transitioned the ball very well in that last quarter. Bravo Dees, let’s build on this!
  3. 6. Viney 5. Oliver 4. Gawn 3. Lockhart 2. Boogieman T-Mac 1. Frost Apologies (and there were a few) Brayshaw, Trac, Salem.
  4. Brilliant Gus! Wish we looked where we were kicking more often!
  5. Look they were getting into it and being passionate but no swearing or anti social behaviour at all. No-one around them including myself thought this security action was necessary.
  6. Security guards just came down to tell these 2 guys to stop yelling. And blocked everyone's view. Enough already.
  7. 96,999 now. Wonder what this 'new member function' business is going on in the Keith Miller room don't I get to go in? Tea, coffee and all sorts of delectables in there.
  8. En route to the G now via tram. Had to go to Jeff's shed this morning. Nothing left to say really.
  9. Can’t argue with any of this. I just wish like hell it weren’t the case. We’ve been worked out so bad it’s not even funny anymore. Lack leadership, footskill and my god effectiveness up forward. At no point today I felt like we’d kick a winning score. You look up forward and T-Mac can’t get near it, Garlett off with the fairies, no-one else there when it gets to ground. The fact that we have to rely on Jayden Hunt to kick a winning score is not right at all.
  10. 6. Gawn 5. Harmes 4. Oliver 3. Fritsch 2. Petracca 1. Brayshaw
  11. As I sat in the MCC with my Collingwood supporting father a young lad from the MFC family in the row in front turned around to me and completely unprovoked said "Why are Collingwood so smart when they take the ball inside 50 and Melbourne are so dumb?" I've never been so dumbfounded/amazed/proud/depressed in the space of 1 second.
  12. Getting sliced up through middle. Treloar is rinsing us
  13. Yeah about what I expected
  14. Hardly a great goal but will take it
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