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  1. layzie


    Crazy game yesterday, thought Shanahan coached well in the first half and despite the ridiculous call on Garland in the 4th we rallied to get the win and go 13-3. Regardless of what happens it’s been a great season and return to the playoffs. Tipping Comp was a lot of fun again this year. Unfortunately I missed out on top 3, the long term goal remains to get on that honour board Bring on the playoffs!
  2. layzie


    Saints, Packers, Steelers
  3. layzie


    The Cardinals are taking it to the Seahawks. Chandler Jones seriously getting in Wilson’s face.
  4. layzie


    Was good to get the win but we’re a bit of a way off challenging for honours. D-line couldn’t touch Goff and that is the 1 Wood. Sets up a great contest in Seattle next week but I don’t love the chances, happy to be back in the playoffs.
  5. I’m all in on Harley, he’s up for it so give him the shot. We need guys with a point to prove.
  6. Arrived on Thurs, 19 year consecutive. Would be 23 years consecutive but 2001 still remains a mystery at 15 y.o. All good. I did pay the extra $5 to get Maxy on my card but the regulation card has arrived in the mail and the office closed for the break as soon as I found out. Ah well, on the new year resolution list.
  7. layzie


    Ravens, Chiefs, Saints
  8. layzie


    Pats, Eagles, Seahawks
  9. layzie


    Ravens, Panthers, Seahawks
  10. layzie


    Saints, Eagles, Packers
  11. Yeah the Jose appointment while definitely spectacular and a statement doesn't quite gel with me. I'm sure He's still up with the tactics side but I think he needs to adjust his man management style. Bit less berating players. The guy loves a big cheque book too so it will be interesting to see how they works out considering what happened with the last guy. I do hope they can get back on track, I like the squad and I've just been real impressed with how they go about it in recent times.
  12. layzie


    Steelers, Lions, Packers
  13. Just reading it now DZ. Total shock. I know the results have been below par but it is some drastic action from some owners who can't really say they've given him everything possible to succeed.
  14. layzie


    Interesting game on MNF. Tough one to lose but I also kind of expected it, though didn’t expect a kicker from the street who flushed 2 previous to choke like that. Injuries are mounting and the roster is quite young, Pettis and Samuel’s 2 drops really hurt. Jimmy G did struggle to step up when it was on the line but at that point he was missing Kittle, Goodwin and Sanders who he’s built instant rapport with. Seattle are very good but giving Wilson the ball 3 times in OT doesn’t help. Far and way MVP at this stage.
  15. layzie


    Bills, Saints, Chiefs
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