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  1. layzie


    Chargers, Ravens, Chiefs
  2. layzie


    Can’t really fault this much at all. I too give the edge to the Saints as best in NFC, fantastic and might now even go up a cog with Brees back. Loving what the Packers are doing at the moment, give Rodgers a running game and it’s amazing what he can do, they’re back. Real proud of the Niners, we’ve got talent but are we world beaters? I do not think so yet. Running game helps a lot to open up that play action and the big question is when that running dries up which I expect it will but the team is playing with a lot of confidence and guys are stepping up across the board. Big soft spot for the Texans. Mainly because a colleague is a massive fan! But I too love the way Deshaun goes about it and that play late in the game against the Raiders? It’s been understated just how good that was. I did think they would crunch the south but gee the Colts have been amazing. Bit like the Swans of the NFL (pre 2019).
  3. layzie


    49ers, Packers, Cowboys. Definite trap game tomorrow but hopefully we get it done.
  4. layzie


    Seahawks, Eagles, Packers
  5. layzie


    Vikings, 49ers, Patriots
  6. layzie


    Yeah no arguments from me there. Rams running was slicing early and it did seem like it wasn't going to stop. More often than not there's no way around injuries. Lose players, lose games. It sucks.
  7. layzie


    It did at times feel a little too easy getting to Goff, he definitely needs a good line in front of him as many others in this league do. Rams are way better than what was on display yesterday. Still only 1/4 of the season in but its gonna be a very tough division to top. Well done Niners! Great defensive performance. Jimmy G still hasn't really got going so I wonder what he'll be like when the running game dries up a little and he has to just stand in the pocket and throw darts. Still it's nice to show that we have an actual team and prove some people wrong. Last season was tough but most teams would struggle without a starting QB, RB and tackle for most of the season.
  8. Well, you gotta laugh sometimes. Especially after this season. And you do have the skills to pay the bills! Yeah the future second rounder is nothing to sneeze at, definitely handy. I don't think Frost will get better than this but I don't think the hawks got a bad trade either.
  9. So he had no trade value whatsoever? Ok fair enough, I thought there was a little after his year but that's ok. We move on.
  10. Love how you can tell the tone of someone's reply purely through text, definitely a rare skill 😛 But no I wasn't being a smartalec so sorry if it appeared that way, I just thought he played a good 'bait year' was open to trading, didn't seem to have a gun to our head telling us we had to deal with Hawthorn so assumed at least a top 35 pick would come back to us and possibly another Bailey F find taken in the draft. I guess you dont win every single trade. I think we did really well in the Langdon trade so as long as they level out it's ok.
  11. layzie


    Seahawks, Saints, Cowboys
  12. Gee mate I dunno, maybe something from this year’s draft that isn’t chicken feed would be a good start.
  13. I am loving the ‘pile on’ mentality right now towards the MFC. A LOT of these very same people thought we had the most talented list 12 months ago. It’s not just in the media but friends of mine are doing the same thing. We went backwards this year no doubt, we have glaring weaknesses in a few areas no doubt. But an AFL list doesn’t go from most talented to complete basketcase in 12 months.
  14. Definitely struggling to see he value in his trade. Been pretty flat out this week so haven’t been quite as up with the news this week but it hasn’t passed the eyeball test with flying colours. Was always open to trading Frost as I felt he didn’t quite fit the plans going forward and played a ‘trade bait’ year. Thought something might have come in return that could help us instantly. Instead we’ve given up more picks and Frost for essentially a second rounder next year.
  15. Thanks for the efforts Frosty. He has a bit to offer although I think he played a bit above himself this year. All the best
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