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  1. 6. Gawn 5. Oliver 4. Hore 3. Brayshaw 2. Melksham 1. Salem Mention to Hibberd, good job.
  2. Thought sleeping on it might help do a proper review but it didn’t, the 2 hours sleep doesn’t help matters. The intent from the outset was there and we ran hard to cover and spread (at least try to spread) but we did not have the cutting edge or composure to record a win and we are quite a way off last night’s opposition, who really didn’t play all that well. It really is quite incredible how we just wanted an effort last night. This really looked like a bottom ladder team having a crack and every little bit of good fortune coming from sheer hard work because the talent gap between the two sides was so big. Which is absolute bunk as we know. I don’t know, no-one seems to know. But my word I am getting sick to death of everyone I come into contact with asking me “What is wrong with Melbourne?” “What happened? They were in the preliminary finals last year?” You know, the kind of token idiot water cooler questions. I’m so sick of trying to explain this as it usually needs more than 5 mins and is a waste of my precious energy. Ala Saturday no potting of players, just the positives: Viney’s workrate was great but is not fast and is limited in the chaos ball game, Oliver seems to be intent on kicking more now after all the talk about how he doesn’t kick enough. I was one of those people, but it may have taken a bit away from a great handball first player. Marty Hore continues to impress me immensely, backs into packs and uses it well. Lockhart must stay in the side for the next month straight at least. Weideman is presenting but he really needs to hold a few more. Frost is working his end off and it has to be said. Ended up at the Social in Swan and then for the 3rd Anzac eve in a row, Maccas in Richmond for a sorrow drowning BM. Man that’s sad! I would have driven last night if it wasn’t humanly impossible to find parking and make it before the Anzac service (which was worth going to the game for alone mind you). Realised PT was on stupid time so ended up getting an Uber back east and then driving a friend home to Kensington, hit the hay at 3, up at 5 and yeah here I am.
  3. 2019 over peeps. Back later for review and votes. Chins up
  4. September feels quite a while ago now.
  5. Just don't see our forwards kicking the score
  6. Am I completely missing something? Honestly, the conditions are perfect and we're handing the ball like a cake of soap?
  7. Time to put the earphones in to block out the fugazi
  8. We arent pressing as high which is good. Yeah it might mean we have to wait for runners to get forward but it's refreshing to not see opposition walking into open goals all the time.
  9. Haha. Reminds me of "the customer is always right, except when they're wrong"
  10. Can't complain, they're having a dip. A lot more running back to help out as well.
  11. In the MCC tonight and still manage to have a row of Richmond nuffies behind me..
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