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  1. One of the saddest days in footy was Fitzroy’s last game and it was in Perth. Very similar feel, who knows when we see our beloved Demons again in the Comp we know and love. 1 quarter to go.
  2. That’s the Melbourne I know
  3. Bit late to the party but there’s nothing but strange feelings. Haven’t felt like this since the merger game in 96.
  4. Why is the comparison so obvious according to Mitch? Not pulling a Bulldogs, not an Adelaide, no it’s definitely Melbourne. Only remote similarity is being out of the finals so long.
  5. Good to hear, now let’s get it done! Relatively early would be nice. Save the ego for the next contract after he’s torn the competition apart.
  6. Well that could indeed be the case, I think a lot of us thought Jack might have been the heart and soul of the club with his history and his never say die approach. We can only go by what we see I guess.
  7. Lever has got his eye in again Mitch Brown adds something else to the forward line Ed Langdon finds space with his running, badly needed Viney’s tackling pressure immense Trac showing hopefully a glimpse of what’s to come. He’s huge but he looks to have more agility now. The guys look primed fitness wise, The hard mental breaking yards have been done and these guys look like a group of SAS soldiers.
  8. Ripping videos mate! Look forward to more!
  9. It’s the right way to go. Jack will still very much be a spiritual leader and continue to lead by example on the field. It also doesn’t rule out regaining the role down the track. Captaincy is never an exact science.
  10. Definitely a bit of excitement and it’s good to see most here share that view. No real expectations other than I’m interested in seeing how Trac is used, how Mitch Brown fits and our Pickett looks. There’s probably more but I’m happy to just observe.
  11. A typical Simeone performance from Athletico this morning, credit to them it makes the tie more interesting.
  12. Cheers for the tip WJ! Look forward to it, enjoyed his DL and Open Mike interviews in the past.
  13. Get us back to the finals then build from there in 2021. Took two steps back last year.
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