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  1. 6. Gawn 5. Petracca 4. Oliver 3. Harmes 2. Lever 1. Fritsch
  2. Just a vain attempt the be diplomatic really. But we do make them look like superstars.
  3. Enough is enough really. That was a depressing night at the footy and considering every week has been that is saying something. I see a few people are leaving the country, I honestly wish I was. Football this year has been a complete and utter waste of time and I say that about the league in general. I'd love to sit here and look for the positives but sometimes you just have to call a spade and spade and acknowledge that you physically cannot polish a turd. Midfield - Slow, picks when they want to run. This group doesn't get us there, we all know it can be good but it needs tweaking and we all know it. Wagners - Honest goers, not gonna win us a flag. ANB - The best heatmap in football, yay. Co- captains - Not the worst but definitely show 50% leadership each right now. Jayden Hunt - You look ready for the footy trip mate. Token tackling, token decision making, token effort. Oscar Mac - I've backed you a lot and will not pile on but you seem allergic to phsycial contact. Granted you played on decent forwards but seriously the effort is not where it needs to be. Petty was a plus. I would have loved them to shift him back to Bruce or Membrey because if we were going to lose this flub of a game at least someone like him could get some good learning in whereas I don't know if Omac is gonna learn much more getting torched repeatedly and possibly could use a stint up forward. We were great last season absolutely, but we over performed. Our list was never a top 4 list it was a 5-8 at best. This is very much about the mid tier. Everyone has list cloggers but we have too many, simple. Hard decisions to be made, possibly a trade or 2 that gets us arm in arms is necessary. We need to send the message that 2020 will not come automatically.
  4. Questions over the coaching undoubtedly.
  5. Too many players who won't win us a flag. Spuds
  6. True but he must give a better effort than that.
  7. No-one wants to run that bit extra. Says a lot, mentally checked out.
  8. I can't believe some wanted to extend Lewis based on 1 average game up forward.
  9. Insane in the Membrey strikes yet again.
  10. I'm sure many on here feel the same!
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