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  1. Would we take both Jackson and Kemp - two players who will take a few years to develop?
  2. The plot thickens. The Suns get to pick a player from Darwin and the Dees get peanut shells. Suns' likely Darwin pick set to bring pace, pressure and tricks
  3. No biggie about APS beating AGSV. It happens every year. The APS have won the last nine of these games in a row.
  4. No full stop really. We have one place on our senior list vacant at the present time and therefore have the capacity to select one more player under the PSSP system between 1 December and 15 March next year. The beat goes on.
  5. What if the free kick is given inside 50 and the result is a goal?
  6. So Kolodjashnij got through his first session with no adverse concussion signs?
  7. His father won the b & f at Frankston in the early 90s. I think he might have tried out at Melbourne at some stage but not 100% sure. I have doubts as to whether we would recruit him if he was available at 23. I think we will be going for a more seasoned big man or some more mids.
  8. Its good to read that there are two people engaged at the club doing that sort job with the players. Well done. Thanks
  9. Is Partington related to the Phil Partington who played with our reserves in the 80s?
  10. There were others who gave us an A so it's all in the eye of the beholder. Remember, everyone was raving last year about Port Adelaide - where did they finish and how did their recruits go?
  11. And on that note, we are not likely victims of any pillaging through new agency with loyal skipper Nathan Jones our only player in this category and hardly a candidate for jumping ship.
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