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  1. be interesting to see if Bedford and Chandler come on this season. I thought Chandler's debut was pretty good and I reckon he has that pest look about him.
  2. 2019 we weren't fit enough because of our high turnovers. We ran out of steam because instead of controlling the ball we turned it over and had to work back all the time, work hard to get the ball again just to turn it over going into our forward 50m, we just didn't get a breather. Our fault though, tidy up the turnovers and you don't have to work as hard
  3. Depends if West Coast want them or not. I reckon if WCE chase a player they will get them 7 out of 10 times. Freo take what they can get
  4. Do the get the Tiwi Islands as well or just Darwin, I think Hawthorn and Essendon have the Tiwi Islands and the AFL won't upset them. The NGA as it currently stands is a total farce, it is basically returning to the old Zones for the northern state teams and token zones for the rest
  5. Massive difference, Sydney/GWS/Brisbane/Gold Coast have full access to any kid in their zone no matter where they come from. All other clubs are restricted to Indigenous and kids with one parent born overseas(multi-Cultured), WA in relation to other states have much higher participation of Indigenous kids in AFL football they will always have 1-2 each each from their NGA.
  6. If you look at pick 3 at the moment we have 4 players that on this site we the favourites for this pick Kemp, Serong, Young and Ash, my point in downgrading to 6 we will still get one of these players, then 2 picks later we get another pick and one of these could be still available or Flanders or best small or Tall Forward in the draft.
  7. Understand what you are saying, we drop back 3 spots by trading 3 to 6 and pick up a first round pick next year. Based on what you say our current first pick in the 2020 draft is going to be equivalent to a third round pick, so we may as well not attend the 2020 draft, but we have to take 3 picks. There are kids that will be rated top 25 picks that aren't NGA/FS priority access to other clubs, what you are saying is we shouldn't try to even be in a position to pick these kids up and wait for the uncertainty of picking kids up in the late 30's, 40's and 60's.
  8. so on that basis our current first pick in the 2020 draft will net us a third round quality player. You can't tell me that there are players outside the NGA and father son priority picks that aren't considered first round picks. You want a first round pick so you can bid on players that will take away clubs second and third round picks so you elevate your pick. If clubs like us that don't have any top picks in our NGA don't bid all off the sudden the clubs that do are picking up top line talent with first round picks then Priority FS/NGA picks with second third round picks. So what you are saying is our current first pick will be mid late 30's to 40's. The pick will be 8-15 we can't control what other clubs have in the FS/NGA so if that falls back we still are in a position to grab the best kids that aren't priority access picks, there isn't going to be any quality around with later picks
  9. Yes next years draft have a lot of top end NGA and Father son picks, with so many clubs looking to cash in, doesn't seem though the MFC is one of these so we still need picks to get access to the talent outside the priority access picks. I'm the opposite thinking, we need to get back into the first round next year, unless we do have a kid in our NGA or a Father son that we consider a first round pick .
  10. Still think it will be Pick 6 and Future first round pick from GWS for pick 3, it gets us back into the first round next year most likely between 8-15, really we could take either Young, Serong, Flanders, Ash at 4 and you should be getting a quality player. Then you look at either Kemp, McAsey(tall Forward), Weightman at pick 8 or one of the first 4 mentioned slip through
  11. What about 7, 10, 22 from Fremantle for 3 and 8
  12. Who is on our NGA or Father son priority list for this and next year. Do we have someone that we consider a top 8-10 pick in 2020 that we will get priority access to. We do need an injection of some quality young talent, hopefully we get it right. Can see us offloading 3 to GWS for 6 and future first round, giving us 6 and 8
  13. Nothing it is another option outside getting Pick 6 plus something, really all they can offer us is future first rounder which really will be 10-18 or a player. Or we get involved in other deals to try and get 2 top 10 picks for this year
  14. GWS want pick 3 to get a player in before anyone bids on Green. Could we be involved in this Sydney: Get Daniher, future 3rd pick out Pick 5 and Papley Carlton: Get Papley and Pick 26 Out Pick 9 and 43 Essendon: Get Pick 3 and 43 Out Daniher Melb: Get 5 and 9 out 3 and 26 future third round pick We go to draft with 5, 9 and 50, keep Round 1, 2 and 2 x 4th rounders in 2020 and add Langdon/Tomlinson
  15. and what pick are we using for Langdon?
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