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  1. Yep T mac needs to be running that is when he is at his best working up the ground and working hard back to deep forward. Pruess comes in as a deep forward, stand him 25m out Phil Davis will panic manning up on a bloke this size
  2. I reckon more like 1999, of an amazing 1998 making a prelim 1999 we won 6 games, injuries and a changing of the guard with a few old blokes coming to an end. 12 months later we played of in a grand final.
  3. Agree with the handballing in the first half most our goals resulted in a some really good handball chains. Second half we started handballing to stationery targets and panic handballs. Our field kicking was terrible all night
  4. I dont buy into this, best endeavour no question, our basic skills of kicking the entire game and handballing in second half maining was suburban footy standard at best. Our goal and field kicking was terrible, you can try all you want but if you cant hit targets you cant play well
  5. The game was there to win and we choked kicking was at u10 level.
  6. Good luck with that, we had a perfect stadium to train at as well, except 4-5 clubs call it home so does cricket and no side is allowed to train on it. If you get a chance check out West Coast or Fremantle training facilities. Even Essendon, two ovals ample space Hawthorn is building the same. We need to face facts, we will not get what we want to keep up with the competition inner city. I reckon ideal spot close to the City, the ovals along the Monash past Kooyong, starts with the Baseball field, soccer/Athletics, then you have 5 or 6 football ovals along the creek towards Malvern.
  7. Haven't Selwood, Dangerfield and now Ablett all been let off or a reduced sanction at appeal this year
  8. I would be more upset with the coaching staff that made him play on one leg in a preseason game
  9. I watch Perth V East Perth on Anzac day, looked lazy and just wanted to take mark of the year, didn't hunt defensively and we need forwards that will keep the ball inside our forward 50m arc
  10. I think his work rate has been good at AFL level, just was dropping a few marks that he will take as he matures. His buddy up forward is lucky he has a few credits in the bank, if McDonald was is half decent nick it would take pressure of Weiderman. He will be good just needs to start holding his marks
  11. Culture, it was the day the clubs culture started to change from a club that was feared and expected to win each week, to a club that is happy to survive. Winning is hard, losing is easy unfortunately our club taken the easy path for the large part of 50 years. We almost changed this culture in the Northey/Daniher years, but the clubs culture won in the end. It looked like Roos, Jackson and Goodwin starting making in roads to effect change but again looks like we are heading down the familiar path off easy beats.
  12. Yep, I had 2 dees supporters now 2 West Coast Eagles supporters, heading to Geelong on Sunday. Kids have choices these days, the issue we have as parents to try and keep our kids as dees, we have sucked for so long, one good year and we suck again and boy do we absolutely stink at the moment. You can keep kids interested if you have a couple of goods years, we have had 1 good year in 13 years so any kid that is below 15 years old as a Melbourne supporter you have just copped crap onfield and from your mates at School. Last year you could give a bit back, now you will be copping it even harder. Don't blame anyone for jumping off, the club has serious issues and no matter what we do to turn it around we just can't losing and failure is in the culture of the club.
  13. No idea what happened at qtr time, we went from play on take risk team to slow ball movement down the line. We played the last 3 qtrs trying not to lose by 10 goals, we gave ourselves no chance of winning. Our forwards pushed that high into defense leaving 6 Richmond defenders accross the middle of the ground free picking of any ball we cleared
  14. The issue we face is we drafted players for the now that includes players to fill holes in our list and players that fit our game style. Unfortunately the game style we are playing is outdated and all of the sudden we are left with a number of players especially through the middle that aren't quick, aren't clean by foot and at the moment getting beaten on the inside and outside. I look at our team, if I'm an opposition coach the only player on our list that you don't want delivering the ball inside our 50m arc is Salem, he is the only elite kick on our list, Jetta is a good kick as he knows his limitations and is smart, the rest have no kicking consistency what so even. The 2019 game is about keeping to football and making the ground big for defenders by 35m kick changing direction and running hard to the fat side, we don't have the leg speed or kicking ability to play this way. We will go Ok this weekend on the small SCG the only issues we face is Buddy, no one that will play this week can stop him, we need him to have an extremely bad day
  15. I reckon the 6/6/6 factor has completely stuffed us up. I reckon the game plan was based around Max Gawn domination of the middle and creating the pressure from the centre bounce. It seems we are lost if we don't win the center clearance and out side that small part of the game we are disorganised. It is worrying, we have no chance making the top 8. Lucky we didn't sell our future pick
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