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  1. Would rather do a Carlton and trade our 2020 first round pick to get another top 10-12 pick in 2019.
  2. We need a top end midfielder that has speed and can hit a target, or a Half Back, or forward that have the same attributes. All we want to hear is elite speed and skills. We need to inject this from the draft our core group is 22-25 years old adding most likely a top 5 pick plus a mid 20's pick is what our club needs When is 2m Peter a free agent
  3. We are coming up against a small quick side, Lewis will come in fro Wagner I reckon that will be the only change although Mitch Hannan would want to start getting a kick, if we had a small forward that was capable of coming in he would be dropped
  4. Skills are just terrible We dont have 1 forward that can mark or apply pressure
  5. So you can abuse your own team, just no one else. Lucky we support Melbourne we don't need to yell at anyone else our side is protecting us from from this by playing so poorly that we only yell at them
  6. If anyone believes our coaches didn't review the Prelim or our football department isn't being reviewed you are living in Fairy land. Like any business you are continually reviewing the performance of your departments, each board meeting you will have Pert delivery the admin Josh the footy side and questions will be asked. Is it an extensive review no but questions will be asked on what is going on what are we doing to turn it around and what additional resources are need to turn it around. There will be on going discussions about Football department staff , then closer to season end you will make decisions all football staff positions, just like players. The Prelim, I will guarantee it was extensively reviewed by the coaching staff, players not so much but the coaches would have.
  7. Doesn't matter who is at the helm we have a losing culture in our club, I reckon PJ and Roos started to change this, then PJ and Goodwin kept it going but we have certainly gone back to what is easy losing games of Football. That is the problem for our club it is to easy to lose games and as a club have taken the easy path to many times and now it is in the fabric of our club. We just continually get it wrong at the draft table, we draft for now not where the game is heading. Dean Bailey was all about the running athlete type of player and the game turned into a contested structured game, then we went the contested bulls limited skills but great around the contest, we saw 1 year of relative success at the end, then game evolved to uncontested keep the ball off style we just don't have skilful enough players to execute this style. A football oval is massive when you defend teams try to make it small, attack teams try to make it large, the issue we have we make it small on the attack and play into oppositions hands. They know we will turn the ball over in our forward 50m arc and they just get ready to run to expose us. Melksham makes a defender accountable as they know he is dangerous with ball in had, they also know that our other forwards aren't so they can get attack off them and we don't work hard enough back into our forward line to be dangerous.
  8. This is the recruiting, we have recruited for a contested Paul Roos style of game, control the footy at the contest and keep it. The issue is we do get first hands on the footy at the contest but don't have the skills to keep it. The game has also evolved to get the balance between contested and uncontested ball, we don't have the players on our list to compete on the uncontested side. We are a boring side no exciting players with run and dare. The biggest issue we have is keeping the ball inside our forward half, the ball just gets transitioned way to fast from our forward 50m arc to our defensive 50m our back 6 have no chance. Yesterday Hunt and Petracca really get a c- for their games Weiderman a D the other forwards Tmac, Garlett, Spargo, Hannan just offer nothing, Hannan has an excuse the other 3 are just plan woeful. Time to inject more youth Chandler, Lockhart to play small forwards, Pruess deep. Tmac, Spargo and Garlett get back to Casey and earn your way back into the side.
  9. We are absolutely broken, players are done. Lucky we had May Lever and Hore this should be 100 points
  10. Isn't Dingley where Hawthorn are going. The Hawks are based at Arctic Park it hasn't stop them being able to lure players. Agree Casey isn't the answer, shame as Casey Fields has every thing you want with space to expand
  11. Ok on that basis lets move to Casey to keep the admin staff happy, players will crack it but we will have a happy admin team.
  12. Yep guess what, Tullamarine isn't Windy Hill, Where Hawthorn is going isn't Glenferrie, The Glass house isn't Victoria Park, Lathlain isn't Subiaco, Coogee isn't Fremantle, it is a training head office base, we need to move on from the past and find somewhere to build a future
  13. All State and federal governments are concerned about is increasing female participation numbers or look like they are trying to do this. Even the Victory announcement was for their Womens team and academy. We need to expand our club, the facility needs to include Male and female Football, you need to get the Vixens on board and another group, North was the Hub, Pies I think was VIS and the community running/walking hub for the yarra, Richmond has received funds for the Bashar Hawli Academy, Hawthorn is looking at their facility to have high performance Basketball and Netball. It is almost turning the clock back 30 years to the old Sports Club model, we started this with Team Melbourne, great concept just didn't gain any real momentum. Join forces with the Vixens look at the land near the State Netball and Hockey centre, there is already Football Ovals there between the centre and the Childrens Hospital, think outside the box with something that can tie into the Children and Women Hospital maybe a secondary rehab center that caters for out patients. Look at a Ronald Mcdonald house as an extension of the facility. You need something that will not only benefit the MFC but the broader community
  14. And that doesn't include the dropped chest marks with from players on their own deep inside our forward 50m arc. O Mac played like a player resigned to the fact that he is now our 5th tall defender behind May, Lever, Frost, Hore and instead of doing what Frost has done and fight for his spot he has just dropped his bundle. His brother has gone from a bloke that marks everything to a spud.
  15. Watching this Young from vic country would be great off half back
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