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  1. Agree, you have surgery on a muscle bit of scare tissue and it is just waking everything up. He will have tight calves and need to manage them. He is the cream on a pretty good trade and draft period, no essential but a big bonus if he does get through
  2. We are the worst kicking side in the AFL, great on the club for using a junior training tool but my point is they shouldn't need to, the fact they are in concerning
  3. I'm not getting worked up about it, more highlighting that the club need to revert to an U9/10 training tool due to the fact the players we have drafted don't have the ability to execute the most important skill in todays game. So it isn't nothing, it is concerning we have to revert to this tool
  4. It shouldn't be needed to be used at players at the elite level, it is the basis of the game. I remember a few years ago Paul Roos came out and said that AFL clubs shouldn't be teaching players how to execute the basic skills. You won't be able to improve players at this age, the motor skill is already developed as soon as the pressure comes on you will revert back to the way you have been kicking the ball for the past 10 odd years.
  5. Not saying it wasn't a problem, it is a massive problem, just goes to show we drafted players that could win the football the disposal side was secondary, my point is players at this level shouldn't need a teaching aid like this.
  6. The coach, he designed the ball to help with ball drop. To change players at this age ball drop and action is extremely difficult and really shouldn't be something an AFL club should need to do
  7. These are meant to be the elite players of the sport, to use a coaching aid that is designed to teach kids is a bit worrying. To get to this level you should be able to execute the basics of the game at a very high level, to me this says we need to re-teach a number of players to kick.
  8. Can't believe an AFL club is using the Mark Williams Ball, this is the one with the yellow line up the middle to teach kids how to drop the ball correctly
  9. Weiderman look big across the Shoulders. He gets first hands on the ball hopefully in 2020 we see him strong enough to mark the ball more
  10. The west Aussie boys leave Perth mid 30's degrees arrive at training what would feel like mid arctic conditions
  11. The trade Draft period has been extremely successful for our club, I'm a B+ but that could quickly turn into an A depending if Harley Bennell gets through pre-season. He is that outside class if fit and in right frame of mind, serious ability and moves like silk. Lots of boxes need to be ticked off but getting Bennell right would really be the cherry on top of a pretty good period.
  12. Maybe just add in Pickett to bring the height average down and add an element of a player that wants to hit players hard
  13. Would have been great to get Young and Jackson, then make our social home Young and Jackson pub. Spoke to a couple of contacts in WA about this kid most said think Jeff White great leap good mark but more agile. Wasn't a fan of taking him at 3 as we need players that can kick and keep the football, hopefully he can have that impact we need early as a forward ruck, then later as a Ruck.
  14. That's good he will fit in well with the rest of his team mates.
  15. No one would have us taking Jackson at 3, not one journo or draft expert had Jackson anywhere near top 3.
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