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  1. Would like to see Salem on the Wing. Funny we made the statement last year that we tried 20 odd players on the wing and had no one this is why we drafted Langdon and Tomlinson. They won't have the courage to move Salem off half back so the Wings will be AVB/Brayshaw/Harmes
  2. Because we don't back our skill to hit a 20-30m target. We default to kicking it as long as we can and hope we can lock it in deep. We miss the shallow entry kick and it comes out real quick, with little chance of us defending. Jennings has just said what we have all be highlighting for 2 years, if not longer. I wonder if he had differing game plans that Goodwin shut down, this guy was our main assistant coach all off the sudden fell out of favour sent to the VFL and then gone.
  3. You are clutching at straws if you think Hannan is setting world on fire. It all stems from our game plan and disposal though, not many forwards in the competition would be on fire playing for Melbourne
  4. We only play at best a 4 man forward line, until we even this up our forwards will struggle. The hole idea is we win the ball at the contest maintain possession until we can get enough players forward to even up the out number. The issue is we win the ball handball, handball, handball and handball, each handball creates more pressure that either leads to a turnover at the contest or a bomb to the outnumbered forward line. Play forwards forward and element 2-3 of the handballs and if we are forced to bomb it long it isn't to an out numbered forward line, then have your forwards working hard to compete and locking the ball inside 50m or scoring, the issue is we don't do either at the moment, ball goes in comes out with speed and over lap that leads to our back 6 and mids having no chance to defend. That is our No1 issue and until we fix this we are stuffed
  5. The issue with the point about going to fast, when we try to slow the game down and keep the footy we turn it over. We go inside 50 enough to win games, the issue is we always go in to a massive out number, we don't have a side way or short option as all our loose players are with in 5m of the contest, that is our game style. In 2018 we played the same way but we controlled the ball from the contest our spread was a great, no we just have 3-4 handballs with in the 5m of the contest we don't seem to be able to find that over lap space. We then bomb long the the waiting out number. Every team knows how to beat us, it is easy, your back 6 stay across Half Back and rebound quick once we turn the footy over, do something different hold your forward 6, back your mids to win the footy and at least make our forward 50 entries a contest and even more so give us a chance to keep the ball in there.
  6. At the time No, we had Hogan and Tmac plus a developing Weiderman when we got Lever, we come off a successful season with Tmac and Weiderman standing up in finals, our biggest gap was key defenders. Now we have no Key forwards that can impact a game.
  7. I think we all need to understand the financial position of the club, we can't afford to sack a coach and the AFL doesn't have the money to give us to do so. We are stuck with Goodwin, we need to surround him with high quality assistant coaches.
  8. We can't compare our forward line to St Kilda or GWS, they have genuine talls forwards and high quality small forwards. The reason why we over handball is that is were our free players are, we push so many players to the contest with in 3-5m that when we get the ball the kick option is 3-4 opposition player sitting back waiting. This is our number 1 issue our game plan that was a carry on from Roos is to get players around the contest. We essentially don't play HFF's they push into the midfield, that leaves 2 defenders just sitting back waiting for the kick into our forward 50m arc. We need to maintain the ball until our players push from the contest forward, unfortunately we aren't good enough to maintain the ball we turn it over and our opponent has loose players everywhere as our guys are working hard forward to be an option, the opposition just holds a zone and waits for us to turn the ball over. Simple solution, have your forward 6 maintain position at least make it a contest when we go inside our forward 50m arc. Make teams beat you in your midfield and not beat you attacking of their Half Back Line. Every team knows the game we are going to play and are happy to let us do this as they know they can attack with speed of Half back. The last quarter the first 4 minutes, 3 intercept marks to Richmond in our forward 50m arc. When we are outnumbered like we are Richmond used the spare players to block and protect. The one's that frustrated me though was when we would win the centre clearance and our forwards were so far behind their opponent, the opposition should never take a uncontested mark inside you 50m arc after a centre clearance. Goodwin has a choice, keep playing the same way or make a change, I can't believe he didn't change our game style after 2019. It worked in 2018 because TMac was grabbing everything or at least bringing it to ground, add in Weidermans 4-5 game cameo we looked like a million dollars as our tall forwards were creating a contest. This hasn't happened in 18 months and the fact we don't play 2 tall forwards with the game style we play is a massive selection error. We play mid size forwards for run and defensive pressure, they offer little of both. At least Pickett has show he is willing to chase hard to put pressure on. If we don't maintain our 6 forwards nothing will change.
  9. Really it is 20 years of drafting and trading on this topic though we drafted a midfield of contested ball players for Paul Roos game plan, it works if you hit targets but our mids just turn the ball over by hand and foot
  10. We drafted the same players, again we went extremes, under Dean Bailey we went for runners, mobility his game plan was based around attack then Neeld and Roos wanted defensive mindset contested football and now we are left with an group that can't play the game as required today because we can't keep the football. If you turn the ball over like we do and enter the forward 50m arc like we do we just can't play the game style we want to play. It is simple push forwards onto the ball and out number at the contest, issue is we are all around the ball once it gets out we are out numbered, once it hits our forward 50m arc it is 2 v 4 ball goes in straight back out with overlap runners our back 6 have no chance the ball comes in that quick. Until we can keep the football we need to keep our forwards forward at least give us a chance to keep the footy forward
  11. The only first year player I had was Jackson, Weiderman needs 4 to 5 games crack at, Bennell is 28 yo top line talent when fit and Bedford second year. My team Jetta May Smith Lockhart Lever Hibbard Langdon Petracca Tomlinson Hannah TMac Bennell Kossie Weiderman Fritsch Gawn Salem Oliver Jackson, Bedford, Jones, Harmes
  12. If Brown is in our best team we are stuffed. Jones and Jetta yep for sure they will make us better. Jones comes in for Viney, jetta for Rivers. But i would like to see Jackson Weiderman, Bedford and Bennell as well. Some height speed and skill
  13. No point playing Brown, our season is cooked so its about getting games into the future. In Jackson, Weiderman, Bennell, Bedford Out Melksham, Hunt, AVB, Brayshaw
  14. Our club doesn't demand excellence, winning is not an expectation, in fact we expect to lose and accept losing. This isnt a Goodwin thing this is ingrained in our clubs culture.
  15. Blame paul roos, these are the type of players he wanted contested players. We loaded up on them the issue we have is we will the footy but turn it over because we have poor disposl skills
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