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  1. If the Forum comes across as “Honest” in terms of questions, discussions and even debate then i think it is worthwhile. if it is a closed shop, where certain things are not discussed then it will serve no use at all
  2. I am hoping the reason for this forum is to explain what went wrong. The AGM is about the on going journey 2 different topics
  3. No. It’s not a matter of bleating. What happened between September ‘18 and September ‘19 was more than a small problem, and yes i am aware that some changes are happening as we speak. But what happened at The MFC doesn’t happen at most other Clubs, other Clubs fight through problems, and often prosper. I want to know why the MFC keeps falling over as soon as Roos and Jackson leave. Most serious problems, like what we all saw don’t last 12 months, but they do at Melbourne. I hope the reason for this forum is to finally address this issue once and for all, and I applaud Pert for having it.
  4. Ahh yes i know. I have been watching closely. USA, England, and Australia all of them a big mess Get Drunk and Dance with Girls
  5. Does an answer bother you? I would be more concerned if nothing, or very little was said. Injuries aside, there were other issues and as a long time Member I would like to know what they were. We fell so far down (2 wins and 3 very lucky ones) for the entire season... Let everyone know, so there is understanding
  6. Single Captain for me all Players should be in the one camp...
  7. Agreed. Trump will get a 2nd Term. The Dems have no idea what to do
  8. Albernese is in a coma. There is no opposition in Australia at present
  9. I think his whole season was underrated, we were that bad, i think a lot of Tracc’s hard work was unnoticed. And yes his goal kicking was ordinary I am aware of that, but that can be fixed.
  10. He had a good Season in 2019, better than most gave him credit for, i believe. He can certainly still go up a notch or two. he has good balance, like Martin. he needs to use the ball better, but that is practice. Balance is a trait.
  11. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/nov/12/more-than-half-of-italians-in-poll-say-racism-is-justifiable?CMP=fb_gu&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1573570072 It exists all over....
  12. I think racism gets more prevalent in proportion to Population Growth. On the Surface it seems not so bad, but Australia is still a very racist Country. It goes on in Melbourne every night, whilst most of us sleep. Police working the night shift deal with it every day. violent crimes and racism. Education is the only way to lessen it, but it will always be around. humans like their own, most of the time. The Indigenous Community has to get stronger and keep being strong. I hope they do it.
  13. Throwing Tantrums in the rooms at Halftime Number 1. B Goddard Does he have his eye on Slobbo’s job? Goddard has just appeared, full back page yesterday... Who cares.... (We know how bad the forward line was, as bad as your decision to go to Essendrug...)
  14. Abbott had no intention of keeping the Industry going. His Fleet of Cars when he was Sworn in were all 7 Series BMW’s That was the Death Knell right there
  15. I am not doubting your figures, but i am suprised. i do not see GM products on the road anymore, and and as a 60’s baby, they used to be everywhere in the City and the Country
  16. Still German Companies though, subsidised by the German Governments. we should have kept one Car Maker in Australia, 3 was too many. Assembly Plants are in Asia. The Economies over there allow lower wages
  17. Neck and Neck? German Cars are all over Melbourne now VW, Mercedes, Audi and Porsche. where are the GM products? Seriously i see about 2 a week now.
  18. That’s a lot of $$’s Carlscum, but no doubt VISY can find some spare paperbags... i doubt any GC$ player is worth anywhere near that price. Hate Carlscum always....
  19. I am not disagreeing with you. Just Gobsmacked that Doc Reid was able to keep his job and that Essendrug have never been truly challenged to produce Paperwork and Receipts 🧾
  20. Ignorance is no excuse. 1st rule of law i was taught
  21. Always been my top Concern both Essendrug and Dank have produced no Paperwork or Receipts for ANYTHING. That tells me a lot. Both sides know they are gone, if any of those records get out. And if anyone wants to challenge that line of thinking, prove it with solid records... How the Essendrug Club Doctor is still allowed to practice is mind boggling
  22. Not suprised at all, if that happened
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