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  1. Yes the Launch process. Goodwin completely blew that last Summer, thinking the Preliminary Final was just an off day. Finals are done, but we shouldn’t give up on any season before Round 20, it is to much of a get out clause mentality. When players sign these contracts, it has to be a tough road, physically and mentally....
  2. No you also miss my point. Injuries happen. Our replacements are not at the level they should be. The Top Teams front up every season, we don’t I thought all this shiit was behind us once Roosy came in. Clearly it isn’t Not for one moment do i advocate thrashing injured players. That was done with Jack Trengove. I want 45 players on our list to be at AFL elite standard
  3. I am not dealing in cliches at all. The Competition we are in is bloody tough. There is no excuse for coming into a season under prepared. That is a Cop Out. Gameplan and Structure I agree, is our Coach out of his depth?? I am concerned. The Filth had Massive injuries to their backline last year, made the GF and are tracking pretty well for yet another tilt. We do not need to put the cue in the rack after Round12. We need to toughen up Physically and Mentally, that is the reality. Because the same thing will be happening in 2021, or is that a year of for The MFC??
  4. I know what you mean Nev, what i am saying is this club NEEDS to be driven hard and then learn to Recover for next season, otherwise we will always come up short
  5. But this club has no right to pull the pin, at any stage. That is my point, and it is what must change. We have pulled the pin for years at times and we see the results. Over the years Whorethorn have always played to win even if they missed the odd September, a winning culture is the premium objective. We need that attitude locked in. What i will say is this, i wouldn’t rush anyone back into the side until they are ready to go
  6. I heard the same interview and it was fair enough from his point of view. But it didn’t explain one thing... The same thing is happening at The MCG This is an AFL directive....
  7. What absolute rubbish Round 1 we were not ready to go...
  8. I do agree to a point, but to pull the pin on 2019 after 12 Rounds, which is basically what you are advocating, to me could be very dangerous New Gameplans should be being worked on RIGHT NOW by all Coaches over the bye week. As a Club, We need to beat Freo at the MCG next week...
  9. I understand that Nev. i want us to win more games than we lose in this last 10. Learn to hurt and hurt to win Fine line getting the balance right
  10. Interesting points, but does that build a winning hardened mindset or is it a Sign to give it away for the year?
  11. There is just no way i will go to a Match live, if there are security guards pacing the aisles. It’s just wrong, and if it is only the Victorian Grounds they are doing it at, this scenario will not end well
  12. Far from it Sunshine, i have been hoping this team would improve “Over the next few years” since 1971. That year we won the first 8 games, but failed to make the Finals.... As only we do....
  13. Losing to The Aints at The ‘G just disgraceful....
  14. That will be entirely worked out on how we finish the year. Win games strongly in these last 10 and the damage will be minimal. But if we lose badly and give out weak excuses, it could be the tipping point of many. We must ride this club hard for the next 11 weeks, what it has done in 2019 is a disgrace and we must not let it rest meekly. The Culture of winning is still a long way of, but now there is no excuse, just hard work. New Leadership on the field, the sooner the better. Jones and Viney should step aside
  15. Is it that hard??? At last years Preliminary Final we were 0 Goals at half Time, playing Goodwin’s style. He says it wasn’t us. Yes it was, because we are still playing it now, and it is still not working. Why? Because other Clubs have pulled us apart fully...
  16. Stratton will be a marked man now. What a weak act Brown and Gold Crap 💩
  17. I just hope ALL the Coaches are putting in 12 days over the bye week to try and sort out some remedies. I expect wins in the the last 10 games. This Club better not put the Cue in the rack and say “oh it’s too hard” We have earnt no Respect Nothing.
  18. I am enjoying Whorethorn looking so average, may it flourish for years to come. Sad that it means Essendrug win, but what can i do...!
  19. Planning for Asia will begin on Monday, leave Late August after my Mum’s 80th Back before Christmas 🎄 footy is done and dusted at the halfway mark. That is depressing
  20. Correct. Without a solid structure nothing happens, except the odd bit of luck. We got some structure this year against Meth Coke, but after losing a game we should have won, that structure has since evaporated.
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