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  1. Training the wrong things last Summer. WHY??? inexcusable....
  2. Complete lack of fitness. Darren Burgess start your engine Ramp it up i do wonder whether Dave Misson has taken his eye off the ball even slightly, after announcing he was leaving. Doesn’t take much
  3. This was the comment that bothers me. What the hell did Goodwin do last Summer? Did he expect to just get better or was he out of ideas post the Preliminary Final debacle? Minimal match simulation with new rules introduced !!! What an absolute wasted year...
  4. Feel Free to have Blind Faith i will sign up when i see this Club show some real fight and take responsibility for itself, rather than giving excuses.
  5. They bounced back mate how often do the MFC do that? we set our own standards, it has to stop otherwise we won’t make it
  6. To all those who will renew, at least make the club earn it. They need to know that the support base has had enough At least wait until the AGM to hear what the plans are. Don’t give them free money 💰
  7. 10 now and people on here don’t want him. Total madness!!!
  8. Mono it is the reason I believe our history is connected. It lurks in the background 55 years and we don’t rule the MCG for many reasons.... Garry Lyon said it last night. We are an Emotional Club. Up and dow. We don’t just get the job done. If Goodwin and Mahoney don’t sort out a solution they will be gone sometime next year.
  9. May should be the number one project for Darren Hughes. Get him playing weekly and in charge of Defence... May is a Leader, but must get much fitter before he takes on any roles apart from his primary job.
  10. 9 straight to Sideshow Bob imagine a Full Forward at The MFC doing that
  11. The AGM could end up like the Dallas Brooks Hall in 1996 We need an EXTERNAL REVIEW of The Football Department. Simple. If it aint done Membership is not renewed.
  12. I will renew, only after mass changes are made. If Jones and Viney remain Captains, then i will take no interest. I will take great interest as to what Darren Hughes has in store for the list over Summer. The AGM will be watched carefully. If the Club just regurgitate spin at me I will keep my wallet closed I hope other Members feel the same way. The Club must be put on notice, lift your game...
  13. Look at the way Nought play for pride... When did we finish a season like that? it has been many years.
  14. I agree mate. This year is a complete collapse. I don’t care what the spin tells me. What we have now has failed, and it must be treated that way. It collapsed in The Preliminary Final and has remained broken all year. Totally unacceptable to 52,000 Members. I hope most Members with hold paying next years Membership till later, after serious changes have been made and instigated otherwise we will go nowhere fast
  15. Correct. I don’t blame him. You are either a leader or you are not. Both of our Captains right now are not natural leaders. It’s plainly obvious. I can still hear Max’s speech at last years B & F. We need a clean slate next year
  16. I am happy for Jack to remain a Demon But he cannot be a Captain. It is just not on Both Captains have failed in their duties, responsibilities must be accepted for this horror year
  17. If Members hold back on next years payment, we will get honesty. It will just take a little time
  18. Pride and Passion have been smashed out of the club this year, it began in September 2018 in Perth. How it has been smashed and by whom, must be found out this off season or else nothing will change. This club has very dodgy DNA 🧬
  19. There is no trust between team mates at this point. Everything is breaking down. We need real leaders on field
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