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  1. I don’t really care if we win the Corona Cup But i want this club to be involved in pressure games. The whole club needs to lift it’s profile. We need to play finals and win our share The Coach has to prove himself in my view. Not next year. Do it now Don’t waste time. Use it wisely. Anyone can fail....
  2. I am actually Fekking Tired of my Club, The MFC writing off a Season, because it is all a bit too hard and thinking about Next Year. Now you maybe a lot younger than me EO But i can assure you we have made an artform out of putting up the white flag over many decades. All Clubs are having a crazy year, as is The Earth 🌏
  3. Really! Grundy got 2 votes That is a joke
  4. He was Carlton before that!!! i had forgotten about Who I did 3 weeks in the cooler getting rid of him in 2018. He was out of control back then. dry doesn’t strike me as having that manic edge. But you could be right...
  5. Call it whatever you like. You attack other people’s opinions far more than you give your own. This Club needs a rocket up its clacker quite often. it does fail far too often. Goodwins Plan A got obliterated in Perth September 2018. He is still playing the same cards in 2020 Many of us are tired of watching (last week was a perfect example) it’s crap to watch. Massive over use of the ball for miniscule results Week after Week....
  6. You must really be the life of the party Personally i think you post on here to [censored] people off, because you rarely if at all ever talk about anything to do with the Club
  7. All clubs would be down on Memberships this year, but 15000 is a huge slab for us Goodwin has a responsibility to make the game attractive as well as wins. This lack of scoring was also the same problem last year. It’s not new
  8. Of course i do. But the gamestyle is killing any chance of Membership building. Last week on the MCG in perfect conditions we were 3 Goals at 3/4 time. it’s not acceptable. Would have loved to have heard Glen’s views on that the Saints Phones would be running hot today.
  9. This is the Crux We had 58,000 members coming into 2019 and we should be aiming for 60-65,000 this year if not for this Putrid gamestyle that is just not working
  10. I think you are the whiner actually Schooner boy It’s certainly the only thing you do in here...
  11. Yes. Where is the first and third quarters?? Last week 3 Goals in 3 Quarters in PERFECT Conditions It is just so far off being acceptable
  12. The Aints are the youngest team in the Comp right now Didn’t play like it last night. The MFC have used it as an excuse to cover up Coaching deficiencies for years so much BS
  13. Yes. But winning should still be number 1 Teams may have played in pouring rain and won, but are still penalized not right So bonus points do bother me. It all comes back to the interchange bench that is where players are re energized. Put the brakes on there
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