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  1. Yes. I am not expecting 15-20 games of High Qual, but we need at least 5-10 where he is in the best players
  2. Yes, but it is a big if. he showed absolutely no improvement last year as the season progressed, that is a very big worry to me
  3. I agree. But he does need to show serious form this year. we need him.
  4. I would expect it. We cannot allow 2019 to happen again
  5. My opinion of the above has more to do with the President than Pert. I have always been concerned that a Western Australian who played for Meth Coke is the President of the MFC I am sure Glenn is a fine businessman, who networks with the “Right” people, but i wonder whether he is the President we need it wasn’t just injuries that crashed us out last year, how deep did it go? If Mach 5 is close enough to know that all is not well off field, then it better be sorted out quickly Just my thoughts...
  6. Nixon is not the most reliable source, but he is not the worst. this one means nothing, good. now we know
  7. So what is the story (alleged)? Something has stirred...
  8. When have we come back? News to me...
  9. I think a 5 year ban would suffice one can dream Would be a great thing to see
  10. New Evidence obtained concerning Essendrug Damming Evidence
  11. Reg had a long run back in the halcyon days mate. We all watched it after school!!
  12. 7 years for a gun player is a fair trade in today’s market. i have never been a fan of long contracts, but sometimes they make good sense. Grundy can play all over the ground, the Filth don’t want to play against him, particularly in September I am sure it will be front loaded then taper off as he gets more battle weary
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