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  1. Things will be managed until the vaccine arrives The 2nd wave of The Spanish Flu was far more vicious btw Victoria has to be very careful, right now. with Winter closing in the right decisions must be made
  2. Every time i see the Astrology predictions for 2020 ad i laugh 😂 Not this year fellas!!!
  3. I have “The Coach” still a fantastic book Probably because i went to all 5 weeks of the 1977 Final Series Shall NEVER forget the drawn GF
  4. It’s Eddie just being Eddie, should have seen his temper as a Cadet Journo back in the late 80’s! Jones was asking a fair Question, many people are flat broke right now. Food on the family table Footy won’t happen this year 2 Filth Supporters btw... Ch9 Self Promotion
  5. Morrison was saying 6 months at his press conference today
  6. What absolute [censored] i am doing 14 days Quarantine in my own home right now. It isn’t fun. those [censored] are getting 3 meals a day. Throw them out. Make them work in a Hospital. so many soft [censored] Australian’s these days Despise them
  7. Can’t say much else really what actually happens in 6 months could be very different
  8. It’s actually very informative Thanks for all the above links guys
  9. A True Demon was Mr Heywood, he loved calling our games. A true gentleman too
  10. The AFL told the Clubs there is no games. i expect The AFL to keep all Clubs viable. That doesn’t mean pay all wages for now, people have to go. But the Clubs must be kept alive... The AFL should die before the Clubs, if it comes to that point. No one barracks for the AFL
  11. Merging with Carlscum should never ever be considered or spoken about. i would rather the MFC ceased to exist than to join forces with those bastards
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