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  1. I have no idea why Goal Kicking is not a standard training routine, i don’t understand why there are 10 coaches in the box and nothing changes in 17 weeks either
  2. I said it a few days ago. If he wants any chance at succeeding being a full time Coach there won’t be much of a holiday this Summer, he is going to have to work full time right through. We need a team that is physically and mentally sharpened up by 5-10% The effort is there, has been every week. But the players are not able to perform at the level on game day First Quarter is not fatigue, it’s upstairs Fourth Quarter is Fatigue... Both are not up to AFL standard...
  3. I just watched Goody’s Presser That is the first time i have heard him speak naturally. It was good. He knows the sharks are moving in. But is he strong enough to get through it? I hope he does, but the talk must be converted into action That first Quarter 1.5 to 5.1 says it all..and the 4 Quarter fitness He must demand the Club give him better fitter athletes...
  4. Goodwin must demand a fitter team Physically and mentally, otherwise his job is toast. Close enough is nowhere near good enough...
  5. The old Honourable Loss don’t they suck badly...
  6. Can’t run out the game i have defended Misson for a long time, but it is the right time for him to go Thanks Dave
  7. We cannot run out 4 Quarters playing this style... But they persist...
  8. This is when we find out, in these situations
  9. Yes he needed to stay longer, not hard to see why...
  10. Yes. We need a Culture that refuses to lie down When did we last have that?
  11. Pressure is off Praha. We cannot make Finals, so we are a big chance to “turn up” today... The first 10 minutes will tell a story
  12. Yes. Many on here refuse to see that History does repeat itself at this Club, i wish it didn’t but the evidence is irrefutable. Expectation has been a knockout punch 🥊 many times
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