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  1. We will find out soon enough, the current situation cannot go on too much longer
  2. To much imagination there buck What we have is reality
  3. Can’t change Clubs Nasher, simple as that. This year has really pushed me though. I have been worried since the PF, the coach let the players off. They didn’t hurt enough over last years loss and are now paying for it. How else can a team like last year become an embarrassment within 6 months?
  4. You already have your answer. As soon as PJ retired the whole club has collapsed. NOBODY has the drive and desire from within. Have you heard a word from the President this year? this club can only survive with training wheels, take them off and we are a pathetic shambles.
  5. Tmac stays back until Lever and May return
  6. Play in the Seniors until he learns Train him hard... Train him hard...
  7. The words “Footy Club” will be mentioned regularly
  8. Yep Cocktails 🍹 rather than hard work So Melbourne after 1 finals series....
  9. Hogan for a fat slow full back Great trading Just great... Marty Hore hold your head high....
  10. So that’s the game we get when the team give effort...
  11. It was so smart to sell the forward line Unbelievable....
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