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  1. I think he is the last bloke on the list whose intelligence is questioned . !!!
  2. I agree wholeeheartedly, because the game has "been kind" in a playing sense through no fault of his own. His attitude and pride in MFC was exemplary. He has definitely given his best shot. Well done and.....please find a way to come back to MFC.
  3. Maybe we could get Lynch, Prestia or Ablett as a Trade
  4. Let us say that Nathan Fyffe is a truly worthy Brownlow medallist as were those close to his tally i.e Paddy Dangerfield, Patrick Cripps and Tim Kelly. The rest of this is pure sour grapes and vindictiveness.
  5. There has got to be some limit though, because clubs can defer part payment of contracts so in theory you could get anybody for a year and then what. Havew a look at some suburban/country clubs who pay big $$ for players and then when they go thewy have got nothing because the development work they put in on potential players has brenn wasted. Sorry, there is no way that Tomlinson is worth Jones, BNrayshaw/Petracca, and ANB/Hunt . N No wonder they call this part of the year , the silly season.
  6. And the Ch 7 commentators fawning over the whole show. I know it is for a noble cause , but..............
  7. I have been shouting from the rooftops about Viney in the Fwd Pocket. WOuld make others walk taller because of his strngth and willingness to attack the ball. He would ease the pressure on our defence because our lack of forward pressure lead ot our defence being swamped too often. Petracca in the guts would provide someone with his vision and hands to clear the ball out better.
  8. Sorry must have assumed he would be injured. We have got more depth than I thought.
  9. Jetta Frost Hore Lever Petty Salem Stretch Oliver Dunkley Petracca TMac Melsham Fritsch Weid J Viney Max Harmes Brayshaw Jones Lockart Hunt Hibberd/ ANB/ Preuss/No 3(????) Dunkley and Lockart did not have preseason so will improve Petty is still a kid and will improve heaps (ala Wetering) HArmes could go back and Salem go centre as outside mid/ crossing with Melsham. Expect Trac to be a contested in the guts !!! Brayshaw getting it out and TRac making the play. Viney will forced to make decisions close to goal so will not hold things up around the ground. Plus will supply a lot of fwd pressure My concern is the defence with Frosty the only Lock down bloke. Harmesy could do a job as could Jones
  10. Unfortunately the "Football Media"has become so crowded that the only way to get noticed is by making a "Very Loud"negative pronouncement , often without any inside or supporting facts. e.g. Matt Lloyd's continual criticism of Essendon (and everybody else), Judd's Training wheels comment, Damiann Barret on anything, Schwarz on MFC , . Sam Newman for just opening his mouth because it is full of vitriol.etc etc Do not even give them oxygen !!!
  11. If you want pur effort, Frosty !!! Lever & Melsham are too busy pointing at everyone deflecting the deficiencies in their own game. Agree Maxy is the "chosen"because he genuinely puts in. TMac would be my choice as VC . Lever's disposal is not worth the money he is getting and he has to learn to lead. There is more to it than finger pointing otherwise Jack Watts would have been capt ages ago. A capt is not neccessarily the highest paid recruit. May needs to get on the park and stay there before he can lead. Melksham...No Way ...too selfish Harmes : Committed but does he have the pedigree. Trac : Averages > 20 disposals a game. Thinks, does good things . Has skills to show the way. Brayshaw : If only he had a better year then 2018. Needs to reestablish himself. Last few games showed a lot of committment Clarrie : Ball Magnet ....turnover king( or the bloke receiving is. Needs to look at Jobe Watson, Greg Williams on relation to moving the ball or Jobes cousin an the way he delivers the ball with his Left ft kicks. AN ideal Outside mid is Seb Ross
  12. Actually the Club is waiting for Matthew Lloyd to tell us what role he will have. Then the Hun will make up the rest and then shove it to Robbo who will tell us it is gospel. The Media are stuffing (could use a stronger word) a good sport up. The Club are not going to announce what his role is until they look at their whole structure. But I am sure they have a good inkling, plus why would you let a bloke like RIchardson walk past you when he is available.
  13. I am assuming that AFL footballers all have the natural ability to learn new roles and associated skills. Oliver and Trac should train together all summer. One to learn endurance running and the other to learn how toi handball to a target more than 5 metres away. WOuldn't that make a difference. I do not think Viney CAN change because his genetic witing is see ball / I want it and I will not give it up. Let's face it he does not lose too amny one on ones. Somehow we have to get our insiders to back off once we have reasonable chnace of extraction , and be prepared to move wider. Oliver would be sensational with his pace and capacity to control the ball . The hooray punts have killed us this year. Before we write Brayshaw off, look at some tapes from last year where he broke games open with his vision and delivery. Lots of work to do over summer, but we have got the cattle to make it succeed. In a way I am glad we did not get Pick 2 because we would probably traded it to St Kilda for Carlisle. I will go home if they trade their first pick..
  14. I just posted on another thread about Melsham . It was the second selfish thing in about 1 minute by him at both ends of the ground. He should have let frost ( who rarely gets outmarked) compete and cover the ground ball (if it came) but he went to sleep after trying a spekky.
  15. That is how you reward loyalty.????? Give the bloke some slack and I feel we owe him.
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