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  1. 6 Pass 5 Gawn 4 Brayshaw 3 Petracca 2 Harmes 1 Lewis Cannot put a fwd in who kicks 5 behinds ,mostly from set shots. It was said last week that Treloar gained more metres IN THE FIRST QUARTER than Clarrie did gfor the whole game. If he got more constructive than accumltive we would be busy in September.
  2. Brayshaw 24 disposals, 8 tackles. Hope I am around when he comes out of the spiral Chandler: 9 tackles indicates effort !! Goalkicking : shizenhousen at best
  3. The big issue in that clip above is not Gus, but 3 of our players standing boundary side and 4 or 5 Collingwood players UNMANNED on the goal side. Gawny is near the contest because Grundy is thre . Gus is being positive, but the rest are stagnant and in the wrong spot. Josh wagner is too close to the other 3 boundary side. A lot of this is confidence in your team mates..
  4. I reckon "Oscar : Limited but tried" nearly amounts to a BOG Baker : basics before party tricks Wagner : Had redhot go. ( Potentially a Small defender (when Nev retires ) or a small fwd .....now !!! Petty : Looked likely a lot. Dunkley:: extremely promising kid. Viney : If you get the ball you do not get to take it home. May : Nothing 15x 2km time trials will not fix.
  5. Some issues : Steele Sidebottom summed things up in his halftime interview, when he stated that they were confident that all they had to do was maintain/improve their pressure and we would make mistakes (make him an assistant (playing) coach straight away. at one point Melbourne had 5 bloks going for 1 ball. Collingwood had three areas covered outside. We got ball gave to outside and Collingwood outnumbered us EASILY and just marched down the ground. I thought we got out of that 3 years ago. I feel Hore would be cheaper than Lever ,....and more effective. Lever cannot seem to be able to man up when required. and once he gets the ball it is a big kick dwon the line .......to nowhere. SImple mistakes after a passage of good play leads to rebounds that we do not handle well Some positives I know he is a whipping boy, but Oscar's efforts were impressive. There was one post during the game criticising him for not beating Grundy in a ruck contest.. Get real even Sir Maximus with all his ruck craft does not win every hitout against Grundy. Oscar provided a competive big body in the forward line contests, and Fritsch took a good grab after Oscar provided the space. A team thing !! Patience is a virtue (too much is .........) but : Dunkley (19 yo) first year, late entrant to AFL training , Petty( big with a bit of aggro) is going to be a beauty because he contests. Hore is a terrific first year player although he has not done much for a few weeks.. Wagner is still really a first year player so has not picked up the tempo like Carlton's Walsh, but has a red hot go. Lockart is competitive and also a first year player who arrived into this years system a bit late. Baker also shows promise. All is not lost. 2020 roll on with May ,Weidemann, McDonald all having full preseasons. Fritsch is only a second year player. and plays above his height. Oliver is too good a player not be able to be more effective. i.e. get more positive yardage out of his contributions. Guss has worked his way back into some good areas in the last few weeks. Increased Tackles, Breaking lines with good disposals ,etc Believe it or not I am more positive about next year than what I was about this year (at the same time last year
  6. Bit harsh on Oscar. He has been serviceable. TRac disappeared that quarter because Hibberd Viney and Lever are stuffing up "the connectivity" In fact Oscar has been competitive in Fwd line. Provides a bigger target. He will be handy as backup swingman. Lever seems only good when he ia by himself , not a strong 1 on 1 . Hibberd has lost pace and confidence. JKH, Wagner both compeitive and committed.
  7. 6 from Carlton . How come Henry from Gellong missed out and Blakey from Swans
  8. What has happened to Joeboys 3 word analysis last week? I did not think we were that bad !!!
  9. Apparently Phil Walsh (dec) thought the wolrd of him in his ability to relate to players and develop them. We saw the results a couple of weeks ago . I am not knocking Ratten , but these kids are the ones who RIcho has been developing. He has had no luck with a few longterm injuries etc (i.e. Mc Cartin and , the HB Flanker with Heart problems. both of them quality players. )
  10. Yeh, the gate to the members lounge did not work ....is that Omac's fault too !!
  11. I hope not. He needs to learn some "man Management" first. You would have him in front of Max ?????
  12. Yes I think RIchardson would be a good fit for us. AN Excellent Development Coach . Must keep Rowlads though .
  13. Well, I follow Melbourne because mu uncle's teacher left his school in the Wimmera to play with Melbourne in the middle of the year. THat wa in the mid 1920's and my uncle followed them all his life ( he died @ 92). As a kid in 1950's, I thought I was onto a good thing (still do) ..First saw Melbourne play in 1963 @ Junction Oval (CArl's first game ) Robbie Flower made it worthwhile going to the footy . Gary Hardeman could mark anything and Stan Alves owned the Members wing. I still think we are recovering from the hidings from Hawthorn and the loss after the siren. I was numb !!! The good thing about Melbourne was that any little success became great. Beating Carlton on the eve of the finals when we finished in bottom part of ladder and they won the Flag nearly was equivalent. Last year was the start of our Decade of Arrogance , but it seems it has hit a hiatus. This year has taught us to be humble in our period of greatness. ( and I have only just opened my bottle of red !!!) Normal Arrogance will resume next year !!!
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