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  1. Talk of Umpires ,maybe we could get special permission for Clarrie toto wear black & white and he will get all the free kicks going, based on Brisbane vs AFL Umpiring panel game currently under way.
  2. I have been one who has defended Oscar. I will admit he is limited, but last year was showing signs of developing into a good stopper. That role is not a stats feast so inside the group his worth may be appreciated more. By saying Frost was our best defender last night highlights how badly we played. As I mentioned on another post, he gave the impression when the ball was coming down that he was hoping somone else got it, that is how badly he seemed to fell. I have said that Frost is when he gets possession and thinks he can run. Unfortunately he loses somthing in relation to reasoning when he has the ball. However last night he was being beaten in 1 on 1 contests (eg Baguley) that he should eat up. Remeber at the moment we are probably paying 1.5 million to defenders who are not playing. That is a fair gap.
  3. Too many loose rinning entries into our Defence makes life unbearable for defenders. I felt sorry for Frosty who had a horrible night , but you could see on his face and Body language he was dreading the ball coming into his area. To be beaten by blokes half his size in marking contests does not really cut it. WHen we have three players running in to tackle the ball carrier . Blind freddy could see that there are 2 spare people hanging around in the medium viciiivty i.e NcD-T , Smith McKenna < Zahaha and the list goes on. TWO WAY RUNNING IS REQUIRED.
  4. " ..we continually get sucked into the contest which allows an easy outlet for our opponents. Oliver lays a tackle, Viney wants in on the act...the EFC player scrubs a hb over to Viney's player 20 metres in the clear and off they run." This Scenario happened too often last night and was really obvious. This is the way we were playing 4 years ago and i thought we had moved on from that.
  5. I feel that he has enormous potential as a mid fielder at centre bounces hwere the heat is really on. He has demonstrated many times the capacity to get the ball to our runners. This works to his strength of good decision making in close ( basketball background). This buys time for our runners wh owill then be able to deliver the ball better to our fwds. Do not give up on him yet.
  6. The AFL are real happy because we play sides that are above us each week. ( Just like they did not tell us that it was not a 4 game JLT season)
  7. I remember listening last year (early) and the commentators were saying Melbourne had trouble playing the MCG, because of its width ( and our incapacity to run when off the ball). We seemed to correct that pretty quickly, so it may be an attitudinal issue rather than slackness. Confidence is a big thing and when down players go to the ball and not the "position". Consequently when it breaks into the open we have 3 or 4 around the ball (or where it was) and nobody in position to counter the break. That was exactly what happened yesterday ( and @ WC last season) So all is not lost. Again I will defend our defence because the ball was coming in with options available and our blokes still up the ground wondering where the ball went. Our defence in very vulnerable to poor defencive positioning and impact by the Fwds and Midfielders
  8. An absolute belter of a game of footy. The umpiring was great in that they did not panic with decisions and were not whistle happy (like Razer & Nichols). This allowed the game to ebb & flow. I thought Ryan's tackling in the 2nf half was brilliant and Shuey was a worthy NS Medallist
  9. When they shifted Gus into the middle for the second half against Essendon. He took his chance and the coaches had enough nouse to leave him there. The 15-20 minutes of perfect football v Footscray when we wacked on goals coming from BRILLIANT Ruck work and clearances. ( It really showed our class in Max, Clarrie & Gus. When ypu see the video concentrate on Petracca's role because he was also extensively involved with those sublime handballs that enabled the clearances to be really effective TMac when he was fairdinkum and attacking the footy. ABSOLUTE HIGHLIGHT was Neville Jetta's stitching up Dangerfield in 1 on 1 's v Geelong in Elim Final. Jetta the Magnifico !!!!
  10. Let us celebrate Gus and Gawny's results. Maybe the umpires are closer to the action and realise the "quality"of a players involvement a little better than from a TV Screen or from 200 metres away. Let us recognise it is an Umpire Voted award. The Coaches have their award and Channell 7 have theirs etc. The one that would rate the least credible is Ch 7 , because the organisation of last nights count resembled a school concert, because they could not work out what the main event was. ( It was really Richo/Cooney skit which was great.) Let us revert to making it a radio event and have reported driving around Melbourne to find the winner. ( and telecast that !!!)
  11. Looks like we have found our scapegoat. Amazing how , after a loss, we seem to find the odd chook in the chookpen !!
  12. Martin Flanagan reinfoces his standing as possibly our greatest football jounalist, purely because he loves the culture of the game. A terrific Ode.
  13. There are two rules that frustrat me : The 50m rule for a bloke following his direct opponent within the protected zone. It is being milked. Clarify the below the knnes rule , particularly the Brayshaw situation last week. Is Brayshaw supposed to wait there until the opposition player gets to the ball before he can tackle him. I thought the bloke with the ball should be protected, rather than the one that flies in knwees first and lands on the back of the bloke actually getting the ball. The rule was brought in to stopp the "sliding" into the contest area and taking an opponent out. , but the ball carrier or competitor should be protected more. Ar we going to legislate against the ClArrie/ Sellwood clash last week , when both players went for the ball and Clarries skills were sublime to maintin posession and feed the handball off in the time it takes to open the phone box door.
  14. Gunston is not playing this week !!! I just feel the brains trust would be very happy with the side's current form. Tyson is a strong body , which gives room for Gus or Clarrie to move forward for a while but still have presence around the ball. Bernie would love to play( and it would have been good to fit him in) ,but is also mature enough to realise that it is pretty hard to break into a side that is gelling so well together and players are all playing their roles. A case could be presented for Jeffy to replace Spargo, but the kid is providing a consistent presence and level of involvement in the last few games. It is not as if we have been playing practice matches against Coburg anf Frankston the last few weeks.
  15. ANB has been one of our really big improvers this year because he has had a role and been supported by his coaches. Same does for Weiderman ,Frost and OMac. Confidence is a marvellous teacher. The we have the "babies" in Spardo (only 19) and Batley Fritsch . First year players. Both with a lot of upside. Then you really have the cream on the cake in Salem & Gus & Clarrie & Tmac . I also feel Dom Tyson is working into his role and Tracc is supplying the X factor and will develop consistency. Our coaching and development team are providing a terrific program Future is bright. I was disappointed that Jack Watts was traded ,but I now can see that he did not fir into the "Brand"that Goody was developing.
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