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  1. Thanks for the explanation and well done on coming up with a credible rating system. A long long way from some pot shots at players that appear somtimes.
  2. I am continually amazed as to how Stats are compiled and what criteria are used. Is a handball effective if it leaves the hand properly , goes 1M to another player who fumbles it (and is that a critical error for that player OR should it be an ieffective handball ?? Gus clearances are positive and provide a quick transition into our forward line. Is it an error to Gus, that the fwd leade into the wrong zone etc... I would hope the Club analyse (and I am confident they would) all this, because frankly I feell many of our posters take the simplistic view in bagging players.
  3. Could we let the kid : Learn the coaches names FInd his way around the building Learn the Club Song Then we will trade him !!
  4. Surely we are trying to build a culture and Gus has a culture and attitude a lot of clubs would love. So why do people come up with such "questionable thought processes" The next proposal will be to trade Clkarrie because he handballs too much. Then we can m ove on Gawny and Weis because they are not really good set shots when the siren sounds. If everybody was perfect and the game was so easy, nobody would play it.
  5. I hate to say this, but the statsd guide really fails to take into account the impact the player has. In this way I refer to Clarrie leading the rankings. On pure numbers he is streets ahead, but in effectiveness of his possessions/disposal I feel he is a big part of the problem in that his disposal via hanjdball at all costs is not enabling us to beak free. The same can be said of Jack V . We play a lot more effectively when the ball is cleared and Gus and Harmesy should be our targets to move the ball on as they are attacking midfielders rather than accumulators like Clarrie or stoppage people like Jack V. Question : Is Clarrie dual handed with his handballs, because I feel he is often handballing to his left (by his right hand) Bit too technical or wrong ???
  6. I can guarantee TMac and Jones will NOT be dropped !! Lockart , maybe, but I feel he is learning his craft in the VFL. If we had an outside MId who can run like the wind, then Viney as small fwd and Spargs back to correct some issues. ( Although you cannot doubt his effort and courage.) OMac in as CHF
  7. Apparently Trac is one of the leading "ground ball getters" in AFL. I think he is playing as an old fashioned HFF. THe problem is that he does not contirbute much in relation to keeping the ball in th Fwd line and he is not the only one. Furthermore I thought he was probably our best Fwd today. We mus get Fritsch and Salem to be our connectors into the FWD line. This time last year people were likening him to the great RF.
  8. Salem : Got sore head Petracca : Strong at ground level Garlett, Spargo : Too many fumbles Harmes : Strong Competitive midfielder Brayshaw : Attacking Inside Mid Brayshaw : Tighten disposal Team : Only kick to space /Make them run into kick Hannan : Learn right foot Gawn : Great Great Great Hore : Find of Season Lever : Settled and survived May : Showed good promise Frost : Missed him (did not think I would ever say this) Oscar Mc : Cannot be blamed this week Clarrie : Three more blinks per disposal = massive improvement to side Tom Mc : Too many roles
  9. I worry about Jack , because I reckon both he and Tommy Mac have sore feet !! He is nearly a liability in the middle now because he has misplaced the "oomph" factor he had twp years ago. We talk about lack of "grunt "in our forward line , yet we have an inside mid sitting outside in Gus. Why not play Jack as small fwd. After the first contested ball the opposition will know he is in the area. At the moment we are really not exhibiting enough pressure in locking the ball in. Put him in a confined area to learn and he could be a big asset to the team. We have inside mids already and unfortunately he is not in our top 4. To play as a small forward, you need to be quick or dangerous. If you are lucky and get a mixture of both we are laughing.
  10. Bit harsh on Braysahw and Hore. We looked a lot more purposeful with Max, Clarrie, Gus and Harmesy around the ball.
  11. 11Gawn 4 Gus 3 Petracca 2 Harmes 1 Hore
  12. Get the midfield of GAwn, Harmes, Clariie and Gus together and tell them to let rip. Confidence is a bid thing !!!
  13. At least OMac cannot be blamed for today's effort. However the mob have turned on Tom, who is rucking part time, trying to play in defence part time and then in the Fwd line.
  14. I thought he showed a lot of good movement and provided an option. The mark he took at the last was a pack mark.....pretty good under pressure, it is just that he did not finish it off otherwise we would be singing his praises. I can honestly see why he would be preferred to Preuss because of his capacity to play a game out. Preuss is there as a back up ruckman not as a second ruckman. For him to go from the first to the second he must develop his tank. Both Weid and Preuss are very youn g players in big bodies and need time to develop and condition themselves.
  15. Thanks for spelling this out. Demonland people are entitled to express opinions, but once people get a player in the gun they go overboard in many cases. There are many cases where DL forums have "shellacked"players e.g Jack Watts , Marty Hore (after 1 game) ,Nathan Jones (yes it happens) . But I do not think a player has copped as much vitriol as OMac ,and the "angries at everything" are zeroing on on a scapegoat. Let's face it ,Oscar was a late draft choice so in the opinion of scouts ,he did not have the natural ability as the guns. He is only early 20's so his body is still maturing. (We make excuses for Sam W , same thing). He is in a position where he is often one on one so is exposed visually ,so it is easy to blame. He now gets blamed for punching the ball in the wqrong direction. If he is a spoiler, then what about the smaller bloke learning to crumb better, but then if they did they would get all the credit and the bloke who got it there would just be forgotten. I sincerely hope players do not read forums ,or else they would be frightened to play the game.
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