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  1. Thanks to those people who put me onto Footywire stats. Conclusion Rebound 50s . We were -16. Think that says it all. Langdon and Hibberd had a lot of possessions and they rate as effective . Question is to Whom ?????
  2. BIG QUESTION : Could someone tell me where I can get the Stats from yesterday. There does not appear to be section ofn the MFC Website and the Age is not really comprehensiv. Thanks in advance.
  3. Exactly , Hibberd and Langdon in particular had a lot of the ball and did not hit targets OR did not even looked for targets. I cannot blame the forwards because of this strategy. They are are like sitting ducks. Even Neitz would have trouble kicking a score because the ball would be coming over his head all the time. OMac and May at least kicked to a receiver to set a pattern in place . In order to kick a winning score there must be some lowering of eyes !!! We got slaughtered on the rebound ( plus the three attocious handballs that directly lead to goals did not help. Having said that they only kicked 11 Goals (with their 2 key fwds being well held.
  4. In Weidemann, Salem Hore Out Spargo, Brown, Hibberd
  5. We reckon last year was an exception I think the one before was. How come WC had so many intercept uncontested marks in OUR forward line > Because we continue to bomb it in . Hibberd has been practicing by kicking it to cardboard cutouts it seems. Well in this short season these cutouts actually move ( especially the opposition ones ) Viney was great so I will cut him some slack for a couple of poor disposals. Brayshaw came good when he was on the ball. Trac has arrived , he loves short seasons. Pickert shows Jeffie when he was fit, a good first up effort. Sorry , but Spargo has not quite come along and Browne must be waiting for Weids to be fit. MAy & OMac kept Kennedy & Darling relatively quiet. Some positives, but completely undone by the way the ball was delivered into the Fwd line !!!!!
  6. When is Hibberd going to realise it is not a long kicking copetition ???
  7. I think he is the last bloke on the list whose intelligence is questioned . !!!
  8. I agree wholeeheartedly, because the game has "been kind" in a playing sense through no fault of his own. His attitude and pride in MFC was exemplary. He has definitely given his best shot. Well done and.....please find a way to come back to MFC.
  9. Maybe we could get Lynch, Prestia or Ablett as a Trade
  10. Let us say that Nathan Fyffe is a truly worthy Brownlow medallist as were those close to his tally i.e Paddy Dangerfield, Patrick Cripps and Tim Kelly. The rest of this is pure sour grapes and vindictiveness.
  11. There has got to be some limit though, because clubs can defer part payment of contracts so in theory you could get anybody for a year and then what. Havew a look at some suburban/country clubs who pay big $$ for players and then when they go thewy have got nothing because the development work they put in on potential players has brenn wasted. Sorry, there is no way that Tomlinson is worth Jones, BNrayshaw/Petracca, and ANB/Hunt . N No wonder they call this part of the year , the silly season.
  12. And the Ch 7 commentators fawning over the whole show. I know it is for a noble cause , but..............
  13. I have been shouting from the rooftops about Viney in the Fwd Pocket. WOuld make others walk taller because of his strngth and willingness to attack the ball. He would ease the pressure on our defence because our lack of forward pressure lead ot our defence being swamped too often. Petracca in the guts would provide someone with his vision and hands to clear the ball out better.
  14. Sorry must have assumed he would be injured. We have got more depth than I thought.
  15. Jetta Frost Hore Lever Petty Salem Stretch Oliver Dunkley Petracca TMac Melsham Fritsch Weid J Viney Max Harmes Brayshaw Jones Lockart Hunt Hibberd/ ANB/ Preuss/No 3(????) Dunkley and Lockart did not have preseason so will improve Petty is still a kid and will improve heaps (ala Wetering) HArmes could go back and Salem go centre as outside mid/ crossing with Melsham. Expect Trac to be a contested in the guts !!! Brayshaw getting it out and TRac making the play. Viney will forced to make decisions close to goal so will not hold things up around the ground. Plus will supply a lot of fwd pressure My concern is the defence with Frosty the only Lock down bloke. Harmesy could do a job as could Jones
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