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  1. What we did back then was wrong.......... simply wrong. It set the club back years. I think it is clear though, that Dean Bailey always conducted himself with dignity and should not wear any of the blame. I have my thoughts as to who perpetrated this scandalous episode in our history, but certain defamation laws preventing me saying so here. However, those concerned are no longer at the club and I suspect will never get another job at the elite level again. But to dredge all this up again, when we have well an truly moved on is a travesty. My only real regret is that none of us will ever know, just what DB might have achieved, if he wasn't so blatantly white anted. RIP Dean.
  2. At his best, Col was a prodigious talent. Gone too soon of course. I wish his family and friends, peace and time, as they mourn his loss. Requiescat in Pace Col.
  3. In the light of day, this makes me smile.
  4. Like most of us I feel pretty miserable today. We all know what happened in Perth and the 2's couldn't get it done in the GF. I've looked at several phantom drafts, which have reminded me that we don't have a first round pick, because we on traded it last year. So the question, which sits in my current state of emptiness. Do we have any currency, which we can use at the trade table, to at least marginally improve this current list. I certainly hope the match committee have got something up their collective sleeves.
  5. Back in the 90's - can't remember exactly when - we beat the Pies at the 'G by 8 points. As I was leaving the ground, there were a bunch of drunk filth thugs giving it a bloke driving out of the car park in a Range Rover. It wasn't until one them pulled rest up and said "Ang on, ave a look at the sticker on 'is car", It was a Collingwood sticker. Absolute gold it was at the time.
  6. This!!!!! So true. He is still young and will only get better. He is an integral part to our entire game plan. Well done Nibbler!!!
  7. Not good enough .... yet Need class finishing
  8. We have a reputation of being downhill skiers. We have played some great footy this year, when we have been permitted to run freely. But if we really want to go to the next level, we need to learn to step up when more physicality is imposed on us by the opposition. At this stage, it would appear to be so close yet so far.
  9. Guys. Think about this. Injuries permitting, we are on the crest of something special...sorry Bruce...time to put our arms around our collective shoulders and enjoy this. No negativity anymore. Let's believe. It's infectious
  10. FFS. Get off Nibbler's back. A great game. Get on board people or cash in your Myki. Ummm. Sorry
  11. Trying to think of the last time a team kicked in excess of 140. Just sayin. A momentum builder today
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