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  1. Wow just Wow! I was disappointed that we could not attend the match but now I am glad we were kept out. What was the plan? There was no recognisable style? Wow just Wow!
  2. Was at the game on Friday and we had them on the ropes for most of the game. Our defensive pressure was forcing West Coke to kick sideways most of the night. The last quarter we seemed to lose the defensive structures that was a mark of the game until then. It was disappointing to watch. Then realised that we had lost ANB, Salem and Smith in between halfway through the third and into the final siren with concussions. Some things I noticed about the game 1. We have improved, the loss aside, when West Coke had the ball we held up their run and pushed them sideways for most of the game it was awesome to watch. 2. When we connected through the corridor we were slicing through like butter, it reminded me of how we were playing late last season and we just need to see more. 3. Tom Mac's competitiveness and form can sometimes be a detriment. He would be better if he was less selfish and bring others into the game. 4. O Mac's spoiling is great I also love how he often flops down and squashes opposition players after a spoil don't know if it is intentional or just a happy byproduct. 5. Frosty has only one mode and that is fast and furious (I like it) he is some great form. 6. Hunt is becoming a good link up player 7. I have no idea what is going on with Gus it seems he is up and down in games, I have noticed this in other games its like he has lost his passion for the game. 8. Fritsch needs to be dropped he is out of form and needs to find some in the magoos 9. Oskar Baker played well for his debut 10. Marty Hore is a great pick up 11. Our back 6 are performing better then expected considering we have Jetta, Lever, May and Lewis out. 12. West Coke fans still suck and are the worst fans in the West and our boys kept them quiet for most of the game. I guess until they got enough alcohol in them to find their voice. 13. God I hate West Coast please oh please Melbourne based supporters in Rd 21 make sure you give them hell when they come to the MCG. Others will have different takes but that was mine.
  3. Like everyone I have been hurting this season, seeing the boys lose again and again. But I have moved through the cycle to the acceptance stage where I realise maybe just maybe I over estimated the boys. When you look at their form last season you realise we were not consistent. Sure we had a run of 6 games in the middle of the season but this was followed by 3 losses in a row. We didn't string 3 wins in row until we hit the finals where we got to 4 wins and then had a shocker in the prelim. So I still believe we can turn it around but we need to be more consistent. Sure it will take some luck but as some sage person once wrote..... So come on boys lets go!
  4. Well That Was Bad! I am going hold fire on the criticism this early in. I will wait for a body of work so I reckon about Rd 5 or Rd 6 I will have a sense of what the hell they are trying to do this season. So I, will see you all, round 5 or 6 hopefully with a better reaction then....Well That Was Bad!
  5. OMG this is seriously wacky stuff, we win against a top 4 side and we have supporter who questions some dodgy umpires calls and attributes them to the AFL wanting a good new story. Firstly dodgy umpire calls happen in most games Secondly why would the AFL want to compromise their own competition for the sake of a feel good narrrative. As the OP says it is their conspiracy theory. Like all conspiracy theories it is pretty poorly evidenced and has more conjecture that fact. IMO the OP should look into it more and provide other instances of this theory occurring in other games with other clubs, as it would make a great story. There are times in this great game where I have thought wow you just can’t write some of the drama, joy and tears that can happen in this competition. But I will admit sitting with Demon Army at Optus Stadium on Sunday my care factor for the fairness of umpires call paled into significance when the boys took it up to Weagles and I have little sympathy for them or for a view that they did not win the game fairly or without assitance. The way I see it the Weagles have form for imbalanced umpire calls so all fair in live and war. Go the Dees!
  6. Or we might not...it’s going to be fun to watch though. I am just rapped footy is back! Go Dees!
  7. 11.3.5 Contesting the Centre Bounce (a) The centre bounce or throw up of the football shall be contested by one nominated Player from each Team. The Player nominated to contest the centre bounce shall be positioned in their Team’s defensive half of the Playing Surface and with both feet within the 10-metre circle until they contest the bounce or until the Umpire calls ‘Play On’ due to an “offline bounce”. The Player may only enter the Team’s attacking half after the football touches the ground, in the act of bouncing, or leaves the field Umpire’s hand, in the act of being thrown up. The Player shall not be permitted to block an opponent’s approach to the contest. No other Player may enter the 10-metre circle until the football touches the ground, in the act of bouncing, or leaves the field Umpire’s hand, in the act of being thrown up. (b) Where a Player contravenes Law 11.3.5 (a), the field Umpire shall award a Free Kick to the Ruck on the opposing Team. Max could try and jump at the bounce each time as the free kicks were awarded when he stayed on the ground. This may be being interpreted as blocking. Apologies if this was posted earlier.
  8. I reckon playing the man has dropped off not only because we are winning but it is a seasonal event. It always used to ramp up during the Pre-Season training reports. Each training post is 90% vigorous argument/debate, 5% Banter and 5% actual training report. But it does make for some entertaining reading that's for sure.
  9. Was at the game tonight and god I am still buzzing. My voice is sore from belting out the Grand Old Flag! Best game I have seem them play live so far and all my children were there to see the boys topple West Coast. So nervous that last 5 minutes along with many supporters around us. But the euphoria after the siren sounded was amazing. Love the way the boys just kept at the Weagles all night, umps were atrocious i think it was something like 27 to 16 Frees for the home team. They had about 3-4 goals gifted to them by bad calls and non calls also, but who cares we won. So proud of the boys and the coaches tonight Go the Dees #RaiseHell
  10. I guess all in all the you could say every Dee had a bad first half and improved in the second half. O-Mac is frustrating to watch but some of the disposal of Lewis, Vince, Viney, Salem, Petracca during the match left alot to be desired.
  11. I keep hearing whispers about us being into Liam Ryan but as it's that time of year it's all needs to be taken with a grain of salt.
  12. First let me start by saying I don't think we need Rockliff and I hope we don't get him. But the video on Fox Mahoney says "I have no interest in Tom" which in itself could mean either the club has no interest in Rockliff or he Mahoney has no interest in him. I dint think he is coming but the video is not definitive. Just sayin!?
  13. Motlop may be a good pick up for the MFC. If our recruiting team decide to pick him up then I would back them in to get it right. I don't believe they make these decisions on a whim or get caught up in the emotion. I would expect them to maintain there non-negotiables for the type of players that will help the club achieve the ultimate. Personally I always think that a trade whisper like the one put on twitter can be used to get a player to a club but not necessarily the club named in the tweet.
  14. What is the trade value of Big Butts and what's their best position?
  15. Right now Jesse Hogan plays for the MFC. I don't know what he plans to do and I don't expect him to announce it until he is ready to. When he announces his intention then I will give it some attention. Stress over it i do not. What's the point?
  16. So anyone heard any whispers about possible players the club is into? Or are people just stating who they want the club to draft or trade in?
  17. Yes from Geraldton he should be playing in the WAFL GF on the weekend.
  18. Have heard whisper about MFC possibly being into Liam Ryan from Subiaco over here in the west.
  19. They can not retain any top up players past 31 October every team can then draft them OK so you believe they team that gets the wooden spoon gets the number 1 pick and that is being richly rewarded. If thats the way you rate it fair enough. Fined $2 million, ruled ineligible to participate in the 2013 AFL finals series, stripped of draft picks in two drafts 2013 and 2014 and 34 players suspended from any involvement in any Football for 2 years 12 of whom are current players and the top up players were included in their salary cap. I agree that Brisbane deserve a priority pick I just don't get all the slashing of wrists over the fact that Essendon have a high pick in the draft. You make the decision on what will help the Lions not how you shaft Essendon.
  20. No I disagree I still don't think they have been richly rewarded and I also think EFC would agree that they have not been.. Also it mean those 10 top up players that came in to assist Essendon whom had 32 Players left in 2016. In the last 10 season AFL teams on average utilise 34 players from their list each season so they may have fielded a team but there is chance that they may not for all rounds. The AFL would have been screwed. Thanks for telling me that we weren't guilty of a drug culture I did not know that? Please let me be clear I dislike Essendon as much as any one. But at some point you just got to let go its just unhealthy to perpetually hold on to the anger and continue to grab the pitch fork and torch and shout kill the infidels.
  21. If you were Essendon and the CAS found that they were comfortably satisfied that the 34 of your players were injected with Thymosin beta-4 and they were suspended which means that you lose 12 current players to suspension,then you have to top up which means you play crap all year come last on the ladder then as per the AFL rules you get first pick in the 2016 drafts would you say you have been richly rewarded?
  22. Isn't the PP there to assist struggling clubs? and isn't Brisbane struggling? If the AFL approve it I personally don't see the the big drama over it. On a side note Essendon have been punished by the AFL and then the players got done by WADA and made to sit out a season. As much as I dislike Essendon if they done the crime and done the time regardless of whether you thought it was enough you cant keep punishing them. They will get the number 1 pick because they have the wooden spoon not because they are drug cheats.
  23. Please No Zac Clarke is no where near what we should be looking for he barely maintained his form to stay in Freo's side this season.
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