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  1. 4th round? I don’t think so. He is worth a lot more than that. More like early 2nd round I would think.
  2. If the Dees don’t get bumped on Pick 2 with the GC PP. The Dees will take Noah Anderson. If this happens, I expect Brayshaw to be on the move to Freo.
  3. I think Jonesy still can play an important role. His best position is midfield. Not half back or wing! I would be playing Jones off the bench to impact as a contested clearance player. Similar to how Hawthorn played Crawford in his last year. You don’t terminate players who are part of the fabric. He definitely still has plenty to offer. Relinquishing the captaincy can improve his game also... don’t go down the JuniorMac path with club champions!
  4. I think the Hobart game is going to tell us a lot of where the players heads are at. And coaching! I expect there to be significant changes to the side to play North. Possibly Gawn and Lever not to be risked and the 2nd tier to be given game time. We will get absolutely belted out of the park if we choose not to run, man up and play contested footy. Kangas will be ruthless! I don’t want to see a belting of 100+ points which might be on the cards. If this happens! Watch this space...
  5. Haha... There is no way he would leave North to go to Melbourne. Not even for a Million dollars! Close thread...
  6. I say Yes too the Daisy Cutter. I think he is playing great football and still has a lot of dash in the legs! He can play in many positions and has some of our best 22 covered!
  7. We shouldn’t be Trading Pick 2. Pick 3 Yes or Yes to 2020 first rounder and player.
  8. On a serious note; Captain/leadership shuffle. Gawn & May are my obvious game day oberservations. Draft- Pick 2 = Noah Anderson (Pick not to be traded under any circumstances). I would like to see us bring in a couple of indigenous players. We play in the NT and should have access to the talent available. Target- Adem Yze and Brad Green to add to coaching and skills. Al Richardson or a senior head also. Trade- be aggressive to get the type of players we need. We should be targeting; - Hill & Langdon as a package - Tomlinson & Daniels - Higgins (North) & Smith (Hawks) - King (Suns) 2020 R1 & player I won’t list who we should trade out of respect! But there are many. Not sure what shape our salary cap is in. But we need to make room.
  9. Firstly! I’m sick of seeing Brayshaw playing out of the centre square... He is a contested ball beast! So play him to his strengths Goodwin. I’m as frustrated as Brayshaw is! Gawn - Oliver, Viney and Brayshaw shape as one of the best midfield clearance sides when up and firing! Gawn’s chemistry with these guys is top rate. Oliver- is coming off a double shoulder operation over the pre-season. Not making excuses for him but I do feel his handball game has suffered some what from this. Viney- needs some time and consistency after coming back from serious foot injury. I think we under estimate the seriousness and road back to Jack to be at 100%. Brayshaw- it’s simple! He has been played out of position most of the season and plays like he is frustrated and disinterested at times. With Burgess at the helm of the fitness department I can see these boys up and cracking for 2020. The recruitment of two dashing outside runners (Hill and Langdon should be priorities) is not to be under estimated as it will take some burden from these boys.
  10. Give the bloke a break! He is hard as nails... Foot injuries are quite serious and rehab and training to build his fitness base to compete with the elite takes time. Jack will be a lot fitter and raring to rumble next season! Watch out 2020! His best is very very good. I do however believe he needs to take a step back from the Captaincy to concentrate solely on his game as does Jonesy. Gawn to Captain! Viney and May to VC.
  11. Dees should be chasing Bolton from the Tigers. Can play forward, midfield, etc. Genuine X-factor and legs that run...
  12. It would be great to have a small forward of Eddie’s capabilities to play deep forward! Goodwin’s game plan doesn’t accomodate that! And it should...
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