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  1. Would GWS really pass up on Green? Green is rated a definite top 3 if not Pick 1. It wouldn’t surprise me if GC take Rowell and Green and pass on Anderson.
  2. I say bid on Green... Screw GWS! Unless we trade Pick 3 for Freo’s 7 & 10.
  3. I loved watching Farmer at the Dees. Hopefully, I get to watch Pickett in the Red & Blue in the same vein. Dees at there best when we have an indigenous forward.
  4. I don’t think Pickett will get to 23. Bulldogs also keen... And I don’t think we would take both Weightman and Pickett. It would be just the one of them.
  5. I had Young at Pick 3. However, I think Deven Robertson will be the draft bolter and is seriously to be considered at Pick 3. I think he might be the best live pick! He will not get to Pick 8. I wouldn’t be surprised if Freo trade for our Pick 3 to take him.
  6. Don’t be our own worst enemy Dees! Definitely bid on Green! It’s a Win-Win for us. Massive Win for GWS if we don’t! Taylor said they would take the best available player. And it sounds like he is it!
  7. Can we trade Pick 3 to Freo for 7 & 10? Robertson 7, Next Best 8 & Weightman 10
  8. I said it a little while ago. But I believe Harmes 5 year contract (possibly back ended) was done early to free up space to take Martin...
  9. I believe is my gut feel! No Sauces! 😂 The Dees have a 5 year plan to win a Premiership! I think we are heading into year 4 or 5. They will pull the strings they need to achieve this success! We sacrificed Pick 6 and $$$ to land May. We paid overs to get Lever, trading away 2 first round draft picks! We will do the same with Martin $$$, however get him for free... The Dees will and should be ruthless in there approach. The time is now! Langdon, Tomlinson, Martin & Bennel along with Picks 3 & 8 is a significant step in the right direction.
  10. I believe Martin can be a very good player. He will go to another level which ever club he lands at. He is only 24 so has plenty to give. I would expect he plays half forward with stints in the midfield. Capable of easily being a 40+ goal kicker.
  11. With a year to run on his contract, James Harmes signing of a 5 year contract is evidence we are freeing up some room in our cap to make a big play this year. I believe the Dees will take Martin in the PSD and trump Carlscum with Bennel also coming as a DFA.
  12. I think the Dees should get this guy ASAP. Is only 22yo and can run and kick. Exactly what we need. And he is FREE! We still can take Young at 3 and Bennel as DFA. Hibberd and Jetta getting on. And Murray is more daring and countering than Salem I believe.
  13. I can see us taking Young 3 and Stephens 8 if available. Stephens is versatile. Can play wing, outside mid and half forward. Has a lot of zip! I do think Adelaide would be prepared to take him with Pick 4.
  14. After listening to the Taylor podcast. If we keep Pick 3. We will bid on Green with GWS to match. We then take Young! However, I think the more likely scenario will be to swap Pick 3 for Freo’s 7 & 10. Therefore, Pick 7 = best available, Pick 8 = Luke Jackson & Pick 10 = Cody Weightman
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