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  1. Kossie is a definite starter for Round 1. He is exactly what we have been missing and is a major part of the jigsaw... I expect LJ to partner Gawn in Round 1. Especially, with both being able to play forward. This allows the ruckman to drop back in the centre of the ground for opposition rebound when we are in the F50. The rucks can almost play the ground in half’s!
  2. I’m playing catch up on what’s been happening. Do we have a spot for both Bennell and Brown on the list?
  3. I would love Robertson but he will be gone. Sharp would be a great get at 28.
  4. Robertson would be the one exception I would possibly take before Pickett at 10. He should end up at Freo at 7 or 8.
  5. It’s spelt incorrectly. His name is Deeven.
  6. Yes. We need Pickett desperately! Pick 10 will be well worth it!
  7. If we take Pickett at 10. I would be inclined to take another small/pressure forward at 28 as well! Small forwards have been non existent in a Dees team for quite some time. Two in our F50 is a game breaker and I think gives us a significant edge. As Goody said! We have no problem getting it in there...
  8. I want Pickett at the Dees! If it’s Pick 10 it’s Pick 10. So be it!
  9. I like it... Potential to take 3, 4 and 28 to the draft. That would be a smart move if we could pull it off! I would think another team would be able to trump us here though!
  10. Would GWS really pass up on Green? Green is rated a definite top 3 if not Pick 1. It wouldn’t surprise me if GC take Rowell and Green and pass on Anderson.
  11. I say bid on Green... Screw GWS! Unless we trade Pick 3 for Freo’s 7 & 10.
  12. I loved watching Farmer at the Dees. Hopefully, I get to watch Pickett in the Red & Blue in the same vein. Dees at there best when we have an indigenous forward.
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