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  1. I’m playing catch up on what’s been happening. Do we have a spot for both Bennell and Brown on the list?
  2. I would love Robertson but he will be gone. Sharp would be a great get at 28.
  3. Robertson would be the one exception I would possibly take before Pickett at 10. He should end up at Freo at 7 or 8.
  4. It’s spelt incorrectly. His name is Deeven.
  5. Yes. We need Pickett desperately! Pick 10 will be well worth it!
  6. If we take Pickett at 10. I would be inclined to take another small/pressure forward at 28 as well! Small forwards have been non existent in a Dees team for quite some time. Two in our F50 is a game breaker and I think gives us a significant edge. As Goody said! We have no problem getting it in there...
  7. I want Pickett at the Dees! If it’s Pick 10 it’s Pick 10. So be it!
  8. I like it... Potential to take 3, 4 and 28 to the draft. That would be a smart move if we could pull it off! I would think another team would be able to trump us here though!
  9. Would GWS really pass up on Green? Green is rated a definite top 3 if not Pick 1. It wouldn’t surprise me if GC take Rowell and Green and pass on Anderson.
  10. I say bid on Green... Screw GWS! Unless we trade Pick 3 for Freo’s 7 & 10.
  11. I loved watching Farmer at the Dees. Hopefully, I get to watch Pickett in the Red & Blue in the same vein. Dees at there best when we have an indigenous forward.
  12. I don’t think Pickett will get to 23. Bulldogs also keen... And I don’t think we would take both Weightman and Pickett. It would be just the one of them.
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