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  1. At Ikon Park it would be a Royal Rumble.
  2. As someone who played umpteen games of footy and cricket in Fawkner Park, can I just say "What hill?"
  3. Carlton employed Bolton, and kept him on past his use-by date, to hold the fort while SOS rebuilt the list. There's a word for that, too.
  4. Jeff got most of those goals as the last man in a chain. Cyril invented his goals out of nothing, plus he gave away plenty. Jeff's a seagull, Cyril is a jet.
  5. I'm sure Melbourne gave Harmes' contract no thought at all, and simply plucked a number out of a hat. Unlike Kane, who has all the info on the Demons' inner workings.
  6. Kane Cornes on SEN was going to say something about a recent Melbourne signing, but I got out of the car. I assumed he was going to criticise Melbourne for signing Harmes to such a long deal.
  7. Our certain win will mark the start of our Deenasty.
  8. Round 1, 1972. Had 8 to half time. For some reason I was at Moorabbin watching Saints North. Out of interest, does anyone know what became of John Stephens who kicked a lot of goals for StKilda in 72, but stopped in 73? He also played cricket for Victoria.
  9. The win in Perth in R1 will be the perfect launchpad for our Deenasty. (Not Dee nasty.)
  10. As I hear it, his ankle / Achilles / calf region is cactus. Won't play again. Would love him fit and firing at Demonland. Exactly what we need. Can't see it, tho.
  11. I'm with you. Time on ground = hard running reeks of non sequitur. I'm tipping Jay had actually confused TOG with metres covered.
  12. I wonder to what extent Weid missing the game-winner against Adelaide will affect his development. He had a chance to be the hero, but blew it by missing from straight in front.
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