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  1. Kicked 11, should have kicked 22. Typical Jacko.
  2. Round 10 Carlton was sitting on four wins, but Judd gave them the nod so Carlton made sure they didn't win another game. The Kreuzer Cup was more about Judd than Kreuzer.
  3. I think the sibling rule is a good idea. There are not enough imperfections in the draft.
  4. I had thought we blew 1990 by losing to cellar dwellers, but the six games we lost were mostly against respectable sides. Hawthorn (5th), Collingwood (2nd but eventual premier), North (6th) and St Kilda (9th) all played good footy. Geelong (10th) had a poor year amidst good years. The Sydney (13th) loss, by 5 points after kicking badly, and the hammered percentage against North were crucial.
  5. When we got flogged by Norf, John Longmire was only 19 yo but kicked 14 and our percentage went from 119 to 106. A typical Demonesque loss. What's more, the Norf loss dropped us from 3rd to 4th but despite winning 7 of the last 9 games we stayed anchored in 4th place even though we cracked 16 wins.
  6. 2003. Anzac Day. There was a lot of booze and bad manners that night.
  7. Umpire Caulfield. Dogs got a shed load of goals from frees and to rub it in Chris Grant got 3 votes in the Brownlow despite getting killed by Neitz. (Which enabled Grant to get his Brownlow cancelled by Collo - karma bus.)
  8. I remember people saying Weetra was going to be a good player, but when he finally got a game, and I finally got to see him play, I groaned.
  9. I won't bother chasing a refund.
  10. He had an ugly kicking action, but the ball generally went where it was intended.
  11. There's as much chance of a privately owned AFL club as there is of Geoffrey Edelsten inventing a cure for Corona Virus and bringing Christopher Skase back to life.
  12. A cohort? I would have thought Darwin was more of a contubernium.
  13. Did Col Hutchison get to the Cats' game? He's an official AFL statistician, isn't he? He could probably have gone last night. The Tigers' Dave Norman had not missed a Tigers game since 1973, but his run stopped a couple of years ago. He named his son Jack Dyer.
  14. When Jones started out he developed a reputation as a bit of a dodgy kick, but it became apparent around 2010, 2011, 2012 that he had been working hard on his kicking and he had become an excellent kick. It was only last year, when our system fell apart he had no one to kick to, that his kicking again seemed ropey.
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