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  1. Definitely Northey. We had so many great wins against tough opposition. Daniher era we lost just about every time we played tough opposition.
  2. Phil Gilbert kicked like a kid dobbing imaginary goals in his back yard.
  3. Robbo kicked seven on Rooke, although one of the goals came via a mark against Scarlett.
  4. He will be close to our most important player if fit. It's impossible to over-estimate the value of a dominant key defender.
  5. My point being that the AFL were obviously aware that the Dees, a battling club, would lose a revenue stream. Has there been a tacit agreement for us to make a statement about gambling with the AFL providing material support?
  6. How much of the impetus for selling the Leighoak was the AFL providing inducements?
  7. Amazed that there was a team below us, excluding the obvious Suns.
  8. I will enjoy the fireworks if Carlton finishes 3rd last again.
  9. "We were somewhere around 1965 on the edge of a premiership drought when the drugs began to take hold." ~~ Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a Demon fan in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a flag." ~~ Pride and Premiership "In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I've been turning over in my mind ever since: don't follow Melbourne." ~~ The Great Gatsby
  10. Never seen Jackson play and am certain Jason Taylor has weighed up all the negatives raised by supporters and yet he still picked him. I'm happy to put faith in the Taylor's judgement.
  11. As a teetotaller, 20 to 25 minutes for half time is a waste of time. Get on with the game.
  12. Oh, baby! Fire starter! Take the kill shot from the paint!
  13. If we were to employ an augurer, I bet we would hire Claudius Pulcher. Legend has it that Pulcher, before the battle of Drepana, took the auspices from the the holy chickens. But the sacred chooks refused to eat, which was a terrible omen. So Pulcher chucked the chooks overboard. "If they won't eat, they can drink!" Guess who lost. Melbourne ought to take those behaviours and learnings on board. Or overboard, as the case may be.
  14. Trac got some overdue love from one of the AFL data blokes today, who rated Trac's 2019 in All Aussie territory.
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