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  1. The red button. It used to be a thing on Fox many moons ago and it was bliss. Sadly too many people used it so it was canned.
  2. Never mind leucopogon - Round 18 v WCE is where it's at. Got my flights and road trip sorted yesterday.
  3. It's very easy to set up your account to see every new post on the site. Exposure would increase on the initial posting but afterwards it would mostly just get buried beneath AFL posts. I think organic growth from a dedicated section is best long term.
  4. Demanding sources is a great way to get them shut down (at minimum.)
  5. Away from the limelight, I think Oscar had some outstanding involvements when called upon. Similar for Petracca and Tyson. Our collective inabily to finish notwithstanding.
  6. Delayed flight over Cancelled flight back Just got in the door Oh yeah:
  7. See you all there. Looking forward to the match and will probably have a look at the Perth Demons v South Fremantle on the Saturday (Current coach: Earl Spalding).
  8. Theatre. If a player threw the ball up like that at any other part of the ground it wouldn't go up 5cm before being called a throw. If a defender did it they'd be laughed out of the league.
  9. I haven't bothered to look at it again but my initial take on Gawn having to go off was a Geelong player deliberately backing into him and slamming the back of his head into Gawns nose. Correct/incorrect?
  10. ... think my tickets to Perth for round 22 might be worth more than the suprisingly small amount I paid.
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