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  1. Had to post this one. Highly recommend watching the whole thing but if you're in a hurry make sure to at least watch the four minutes from 5:00 onwards. Mind boggling.
  2. Flew to Adelaide last year for $56 and met up with a Darwin based mate where we hired a car for ~$26 per day. Leg 1 drove to Port Augusta and stayed in a decent motel over the bridge. Leg 2 6am-5.30pm Port Augusta to Alice Springs. I flew back direct to Melbourne with the team. Mate drove back to Adelaide then flew back to Darwin. Between the two of us flights, fuel, car hire, accommodation, entryx2 was cheaper than a return trip plus it's not a journey you're going to take/see too often in a lifetime. Pity the team came back only to fade away.
  3. Add a third team in WA as well and it could work out.
  4. "But in a leaked email to players, he accused some players of using "the media and an external legal organisation to conduct an aggressive and damaging PR campaign" against the association." I believe he's saying that some players, and some clubs specifically, who are attempting to use the CBA as a bludgeon will suddenly find themselves with a signed and sealed CBA if their delays further hinder the rollout of season 2020. The draft is in two weeks. Pre-season can't be scheduled until a CBA is in place. They are demanding a CBA that almost doubles the number of home and away games from 7 in 2019 to 13 in 2020. Are venues even available for that? Not to mention support staff (both club and ground), catering, television, radio, sponsors.. A pure power play that deservedly got hit with a reminder that not only are the vast majority of players happy with the proposed CBA but that such willful and damaging obstruction can and will be rendered void if necessary.
  5. 22.095 Max Gawn 21.090 Clayton Oliver 19.250 Steven May 15.381 Jack Viney 14.500 James Harmes 13.917 Jake Melksham 13.318 Christian Petracca 11.714 Tim Smith 10.650 Christian Salem 10.5‬00 Jordan Lewis 10.455 Bayley Fritsch 10.143 Marty Hore 10.067 Tom McDonald 09.545 Angus Brayshaw 09.476 Jayden Hunt 09.273 Sam Frost 08.727 Nathan Jones 08.700 Harry Petty 08.667 Jay Lockhart 08.083 Josh Wagner 05.909 Sam Weideman 05.632 Michael Hibberd
  6. Like it but it's not what I was expecting. Sounds a bit like Carey, Jones and Chandler invited 'the APC singer' over to their long weekend jam session.
  7. Why wouldn't we? ...... "Tom Browne is an expert AFL contributor for 7NEWS.COM.AU" Clearly well on the way to elite AFL distributor, just needs his level 4
  8. Oscar was 5 metres to the side and 2 metres behind his opponent.
  9. Will be there in the company of a one eyed Eagles supporter. Oh to see a repeat of the look on his face at Perflands in season last year. Pre drinks and bbq at the motel. Come one come all.
  10. The number of one percenters tells us little about their quality. As I understand it, one percenters officially include knock-ons, spoils, smothers, and shepherds although coaches also use a number of other measures when they speak of one percenters. Only knock-ons specifically have a team advantage requirement built in to their definition. According to the stats I can find Oscar chalked up 4 one percenters v Adelaide (I presume mostly/all spoils however no data I found had the individual one percenter stats listed). Spoils can be a dangerous thing. He also had 4 clangers (gives possession directly to the opposition), 9 kicks and 2 handballs (63.63% DE by my math but afl.com.au have him at 72.7%), 8 uncontested possessions with 3 contested, 3 marks, 2 frees against (0 for) and 3 tackles @ 95% time on ground. For what it's worth his afl fantasy and supercoach scores were 46 and 38 (84 total). Only Spargo and Hannan totalled lower (83, 75) however adjusting their scores up to Oscars time on ground puts Spargo at 114 and Hannan at 86. Oscar needs to adapt, and quickly, because I think Goodwin rates resilience as highly as 'hardness'.
  11. The red button. It used to be a thing on Fox many moons ago and it was bliss. Sadly too many people used it so it was canned.
  12. Never mind leucopogon - Round 18 v WCE is where it's at. Got my flights and road trip sorted yesterday.
  13. It's very easy to set up your account to see every new post on the site. Exposure would increase on the initial posting but afterwards it would mostly just get buried beneath AFL posts. I think organic growth from a dedicated section is best long term.
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