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  1. That may be the case mate, but you've got to work with what you've got. Frost isnt the smartest footballer, but takes the game on and is fast... more importantly got us 4 points!!
  2. 2 goals against us directly from players handballing to above the target's head. Professional athletes and they cant do the basics. Skills are appalling.
  3. Great summary. What concerns me are the potential implications of this year. The introduction of free agency and two expansion clubs during our rebuild meant securing young talent got immensely harder, and the talent we took the risk on, spent the time training, and finally those few that succeeded, was farmed and rewarded to the more successful clubs - whilst we got their leftovers. I finally thought we were out of this period at the start of last year with Lever nominating us, and our finals finish. Being bottom of the ladder is going to make a lot of players question their future at the club, and with blood in the water the other clubs are going to start to circle. I really dont think the club has it in it to establish a winning and professional culture without a significant change to current practices. The fact Goodwin hasnt even watched the preliminary replay is damming to their ability to learn from their mistakes and change.
  4. If cohesion, skills and the game plan are the main issues, it seems counter-intuitive to send everyone on a 4 day break. I would have thought going back to basics and working on inside 50 effeciency would be a good start.
  5. I respect the way Geelong and Collingwood control the ball. More than willing so switch it back or back again if they dont like their options inside 50 or that link into deep forward. Means they tire out the opposition defence, maintain possession and greater chance of scoring with a more meaningful kick inside 50 once they find a target. Antithetical to what we do. Ps, great summary.
  6. Any chance guaranteed Grand Final tickets are refundable and/or tax deductable?... asking for a mate
  7. I miss Vanders as well... good pressure and for a couple of goals
  8. Happy with Max arou d the ground tonight against Essendon. Played very well. However, would like to see Preuss play to take a bit of pressure off Max and also TMac. Hogan was still good for 40 goals and the #1 defender. No reason why Preuss cant be like Mason Cox and ease pressure in the ruck, forward and kick out target from defence.
  9. Im so disappointed. It seems to me that the game has passed us by. - too many players going for 1 ball (an issue last year) - not enough spreading (an issue last year) - mass inside 50s which clearly is a quality vs. quantity issue - poor forward pressure - zone defence when the game's 6v6v6 format advantages 1on1 - poor kicks from defence to 40m when clubs are taking advantage of new rules to 60m The stock is there, but the strategy isnt. Really poor coaching. We've lost a prelim, 2 JLTs and 3 2019 games... thats 6 in a row. What have we done to change? Never thought we'd be 3 rounds in and #18.
  10. Goodwin able to call Roos for some free ManShakes?
  11. He was captain under DB. Ive never seen a captain dropped, but being a captain sub was just as bad (cant lead from the bench). I can recall that it attracted a lot of critisism at the time.
  12. Did Bailey make Greene a sub once?
  13. Whats got me worried most is some of the coaching. - Defence: we're kicking it back in short around 40-50m. We should be going long and wide to force the boundry and put some distance to the goal (at least 2 possessions). The rules have litterally just been changed to make this easier. Salem kicking out in the 4th was a good example. Kicked it short and straight to Dangerfield on the 50m arc. Danger could have kicked it himself but centered to Menagola 40m out and goal. Geelong and Collingwood go long and wide. Seems to work for them. If we're worried about the contest and height, play Preuss. - Midfield: got to stop the long bomb forward. At least send it high so we can make it a contest and bring it to ground. Brayshaw was a good example in the 4th. We got the best tap from Gawn, Brayshaw cleared it to the centre square with no pressure (good use of new 6v6v6 rule) but goes deep and long straight to two Geelong defenders. There was a lead if he lowered his eyes or could have gotten a forward to make a contest if it sent it high to the middle. - Forward: servicing is a big issue, but there is no intensity or pressure. At least make it difficult to get it out. The current strategy of bombing it in and hoping we will get a goal isnt working. 25 more inside 50s but lose by 80 points is damming. It did feel like we were missing a player or two everytime it went forward, so focus on pressure and presenting. Anyone know where there are stats on forward tackles? Would ne interesting to compare ours against Geelongs. Long story short; we've been found out.
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