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  1. lots of impatience and short memories on here chook. I reckon even superman would take a bollicking from some posters.
  2. yes i found it very odd with three freo players delightedly undressing viney i'll have to ask uncle bitters for his psychoanalysis, seems very freudian
  3. if he did touch it and it was a bad thrown in then common sense says ump should just order a new throw in. yeah i know common sense is a strange concept to the afl
  4. well i was only tossing up the idea Surrey park is actually right on the border of Box hill, Box Hill South, Surrey Hills and Mont Albert - hardly a wasteland https://www.google.com/maps/@-37.8273064,145.1134505,16z MCC already have a lease there and it is close to freeway and train stations and is a very pleasant sporting and recreation precinct
  5. i don't think the panthers need to be kicked out. the baseballers would be of course
  6. yes, that's probably/possibly true. haven't gone back and replayed it intensely to check talking of a free being reversed for an opposite free, i've always thought that the second free should just cancel the original free, resulting in a ball-up. otherwise it is effectively a double penalty. i even have a recollection back in my dim history that this was how it was adjudicated (i.e. a ball-up) but i probably just dreamt that
  7. probably is council owned but at least we have a leg in there and it is a sporting precinct which we could add great (shared) value to
  8. i worked out you could fit a full oval in (just I think) and the odd shapes left over could fit buildings. the parking i referred to is the existing parking including both panther and aquatic centre parking. the panthers have two ovals and i'm sure we could do some sort of deal with both them and the aquatic centre for mutual benefit anyway it was just a thought....
  9. mcc currently has a big block of land in Box Hill (at Surrey Park) currently the home of the mcc baseball club (and part of an extended sporting precinct) . big enough for a mcg sized oval plus buildings with adjacent car parking. approx 13-14 km from cbd with eastern freeway not far away. of course you'd need to also find a new baseball home somewhere else
  10. i wish oscar was more of an elephant, unfortunately he qualifies more as a giraffe 😩
  11. yes. far better to provide both figures btw, i think the afl stated averages are somewhat manipulated. the figures don't add if you take the average and multiply it by the total list or the list minus rookies. i suspect it excludes rookies (all types) and new drafted players on the standard 2 year afl contract. just more afl manipulation of stats without explaining qualifications.
  12. the worst thing we could do now is to put the cue in the rack need a decent base to kick off 2020
  13. ah yes, knees not waist p.s. scrotum plus attachment excluded
  14. some would argue the mfc suburban territory is the cbd, east melbourne, jolimont, plus maybe toorak, south yarra, kooyong and prahran (or even just the land roughly bordered by the yarra, se freeway, st.kilda rd and dandenong rd) agree it's difficult to define
  15. still thought it a trip. one angle seemed much more clear. remember anything below the waist is illegal (tripping)
  16. i agree but what makes me mad is i understand an umpire can make a split second mistake especially if his viewing angle is not optimal, but what grates is there are three umpires out there and at least one must have seen it was a trip. So why didn't he/they come in and confer with the umpire who made a mistake. It is so rare to see a secondary umpire do this and i don't understand especially in obvious mistakes.
  17. you're being over harsh methinks. there was quite a lot to like despite the usual melbourne errors margin in game only ever got out to 3 kicks and that was for a short time. most of game was only one or two kicks in it. our endeavour, effort and hardness stood out all game.
  18. well bub, we did win 3 qtrs and not all those when they had all their injuries take out some umpire howlers and we win by more
  19. funny that.......i don't see many "sighs of relief".......😂
  20. c'mon moonie, it means whatever the afl (and eddie) want it to mean at any particular time
  21. eeerrrh.......what integrity, rjay?........ lost that long time ago
  22. always? you must have been a gun 😉
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