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  1. will never work. too complicated and too hard to adjudicate. and anyway i can't see any benefit to it other than more chaos and confusion preferred your earlier thought
  2. player welfare argument is total hogwash, od. coaches will run players into the ground no matter what the rules are. let's make it a bit harder for them. eh? they might be forced to start developing football skills and natural football instincts instead? coaches use the interchange to get more burst effort from players by more 2-way running. net result is more strenuous. staying on ground forces coaches to rethink continuous defensive 2-way running. forwards might be able to stay more in position and surprise, surprise actually play as real forwards. onballers would rest on flanks or pockets and as they are resting are less likely to end up at the opposite end of the ground. we also know it works, because that's the way it use to be. despite what coaches might say the interchange was brought in to increase defense and possession at all costs. not only that they just kep ramping up the interchange numbers until it became ridiculous.
  3. no need to abolish interchange AND reduce players to 16 first see what abolishing interchange does after a couple of seasons nothing revolutionary here, just returning a part of the game to where it was before
  4. shades of alan jones and burlap bags........hmmm
  5. bench of 2 or 3 players, no free interchange (yep, zip, nada) only allow 1. permanent substitution 2. temporary substitution for concussion testing (with time limits) 3. temporary substitution for blood rule (with time limits) 4. temporary substitution for doctor approved medical attention (with time limits)
  6. c'mon eddie. the truth mate, the truth..........we know you want to unburden......we need to know, we don't buy the accidental door stuff
  7. no idea, good question. maybe more mystery injuries?
  8. filth propaganda mill running full bore where was the support for our boys when caught different rules for different clubs
  9. just that i would say that alcohol causes as much if not more damage than smoking. gambling i'm less knowledgeable in but i would consider it also quite damaging i was surprised you could separate these two from the other two i'm not claiming to be a wowser or anything, just that your comment struck a chord
  10. hardly a real scratch match 14 a side on a full size ground, them with 4 interchange, us with none not sure what you learn from this
  11. but you are happy with alcohol........i can't see any consistency here
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