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  1. it's an improvement on "so,"
  2. take some spare batteries and videotape it all on your phone, od
  3. your consult invoice is in the mail as we speak
  4. we are talking here only of the horrific excesses of hitler and his nsdp, and there is no way that these mirrored civilised society (germany included) in the 1930s and 1940s. There wasn't so many convictions at nuremburg for crimes against humanity for nothing. Once hitler seized power (unelected) germany became a totalitarian state where people ceased to have the luxury of freedom of speech and state secrecy was paramount. certainly hitler in part mirrored some of germany's aspirations and prejudices but much of what he did or was responsible for, he did not, and it is that for what he must be ultimately judged on. If you had said he mirrored german society at the time in some aspects i might have let it go but your statement was too broad brush, because he obviously grossly exceeded what was acceptable at that time in german society.
  5. what you actually said was "not expect others to have to limit their freedoms to allow for prejudice." oh well, so long as everybody barracks for the demons it might work out
  6. a world without prejudice........i'd like to see that......golden
  7. you seriously think hitler mirrored society's view at that time? you seriously think having a role in a famine mirrored society's view? my last line just indicated i didn't want to get further off topic. .. as i said i was devils advocate in relation to the excuse afforded to trudeau for the reference to society's view at the time, pointing out the inconsistency when it comes to judging history on today's moral attitudes. anyway we are drifting a bit far off topic
  8. yeah rjay pm'd me. was worse than i thought, quite disgusting and sick i hope he's outed, banned and shamed
  9. devil's advocate here. so why is it ok now for those of the neo political correct to call for the removal of statues (etc) for historical figures whose behaviour mirrored society's views at that time? I don't really need an answer
  10. what did they say? you can pm if you prefer
  11. well it aint soy and lentils.........
  12. i actually think the opposite. because of the afl's, protect the head, pay a free kick, a lot of players are now perversely putting their heads in positions that are extremely risky......just to win a free kick (and maybe show how tough they are)
  13. agree, and then there is the virtue-signalling hypocrites like bransom and joyce and organised religion et al. i blame population explosion for igniting these baser sides of human nature. 8 billion [censored] people and climbing exponentially. 44 years ago it was just half that figure.....think about it. solyent green may be just where it's heading after all
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