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  1. filth, ferals, scum or druggies win the wooden spoon......i'm not fussy which one
  2. NObody connected with collingwood can be described as "good" or an "authority"
  3. well you NEED to say more, otherwise the perception is you are doing nothing if demonland is not a good enough forum then why bring it up here and say nothing?
  4. certainly for me especially as i have no idea what is meant by the nebulous "off field cuture" but thank you for keeping me uninformed
  5. what is "off field culture"?..................
  6. all the players should be given an all over brazilian and 1mm buzz cut on top.
  7. i presume there is some reciprocality, after all the dorks have home games in tassie and vic dork members probably get replacement games too.
  8. avb should be banned from contact training let him bottle it up for the opposition in the real stuff
  9. wot? no checker hughes? 7 premierships.....2x player richmond, 1x coach richmond, 4x coach melbourne [sorry] just realised it was for post 1964......carry on, i'll go back to reading my comic
  10. yes, but it still wasn't a smart deal either initially or now. It was a big gamble based on very long odds grundy's deal is much different and better, but still carries a decent risk
  11. heard it was to be special robert and one of his flinders street bridge neighbours and i'll put my hand up for b&f
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