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  1. agree. i can't understand why so many posters want to make so much out of just one game in a season of 25. we had a bad day, and lets not forget that within a week of that game we had 9 players in for surgery, and that wasn't due to the pf. our deteriorating physical condition must have played a part, even though there was no comment (excuses) on it before the game
  2. oh, and why are we the only comp that retains the blood rule.......even for v. minor bleeds?
  3. the other thing i've noticed is once the opponent is tackled to the ground the tackler can tackle any way he wants.....over the shoulder, round the neck, jump on the back etc etc. it gets quite physical on those extra long scrimmages the umpire now allows, with fatigued players getting increasingly sloppy and another......when did we allow the tackler to be tackled? happens all the time. should be a free
  4. severely limit interchange scrimmage time allowed to be greatly limited (as it used to be) reduced time limit for holding the ball decisions when prior opportunity (as it used to be) get rid of nominated ruckmen and also allow 3rd man up (as it used to be) get rid of new 8m extended area for kickouts (achieved fa) min 20m kick for a mark (maybe?) playon for backwards kicks, except in team's forward 50 big crackdown on what is a legitimate handpass (after an extensive slo-mo video study of archives) reduce protected area from 10m either side to 5m either side more generous interpretation of protected area violations (i.e. common sense) have a 25m and 50m penalty (and allow umpire more discretion to ignore inconsequential technical breaches) free kick reversal to result in a ball-up (i.e. no double penalty) completely re-write the ruck rules, both for bounce-ups and boundary throw-ins and that's just for starters
  5. don't you just love the smell of a masochist in the evening just before turning in for the night............jaizus
  6. think of all the wonderful character building opportunity you've had.....you lucky bastard.
  7. i'd call a block using your body using an arm would come under shepherding, holding, chopping or pushing.....but not a block reading those appallingly worded ruck rules i can only think what a joke the afl just seem totally unable to write the rules of the game adequately
  8. you must have been on industrial strength drugs then when juice was on the list, picket :}
  9. last week's game against carlscum was so tense in the last qtr i got the angela merkels
  10. if gil wants to get real state of the nation afl feedback, then he should invite the demonland illuminati around for dinner. it might be too much of shock for him, but
  11. "no major review" is code for a complete clean-out of the fd and playing list at end of season
  12. looks like rdb has overdosed and norm hasn't noticed
  13. won't play jetta. he only got a 1/4 in the magoos
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