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  1. well of course umpires won't always be 100% correct.....that's not the issue problem is despite 3 field umpires and 4 boundary umpires they are making more mistakes, changing rule interpretations and being incosistent within and between games than before, whilst every other aspect of the game is improving (well, mostly) and the afl does nothing but fiddle at the fringes and make it worse but.......if you are happy with afl umpiring.....i guess we will all have to get over it..... thanks for your advice, i had obviously been imagining my concerns and had problems with my eyesight and understanding of the rules....
  2. surprised you're posting today dv8. i thought you would be in a total catatonic state
  3. either atrocious goal kicking or poor umpiring accounted for at least 3 goals so you can legitimately blame either or both for the loss local umpires in perth games is just wrong and easily fixed by the afl standard of umpiring is a real issue for the afl and there are a number of really easy changes the afl could make if they had any leadership make all the apologies you like, macca, but it is simply not good enough to tell people to just move on
  4. no need to over react wasn't a good look but there was nothing vicious in what the two west coast dlckheads did move on guys
  5. or better still moonie, just move into the zoo. we'd be right at home there
  6. they don't get used anywhere near as much as the g or marvel
  7. couldn't the other aami tenants actually just train on aami itself?
  8. i'll leave it up to ernest to discuss it with arthur given he died 29 years ago.....
  9. it's software not hardware (i.e. machines) ....not hard to know the difference. yes, i know they call it "machine learning" but that's just bs marketing. i first got involved in ai 35 years ago (in a minor way)
  10. far far too early to be definitive coachess are still experimenting and there is a move to play safe by playing ultra defensive, hence low scores could take a couple of years to settle down and even then certain teams will go down separate paths based on their particular strengths and coaches' preferences
  11. well just to be a pedant, it's not really "machine learning" but "software written by humans" learning and thus has the same weaknesses embedded in it as it is based on human logic (albeit hopefully those of superior intellect)
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