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  1. we should get both blockbusters as it is still our turn. this years non event can't possibly count no sharing required though i don't like the way it has turned into 2 one year, zero the next year loop. So, we could share one next 2 years then revert to 1 per year so income is consistent year to year
  2. i didn't realise that socialists make every decision based on maximising profits 🥴
  3. you must remember charity, she had two knockout sisters, faith and hope.
  4. why use "we"? I can understand your personal view but don't be so presumptive of other peoples' views/conditions. You don't talk for them. and btw i usually get value from my membership, win or lose. i follow footy in general and the mfc
  5. quite agree rab, and for the latter camp it would better to argue for the benefits with a carrot rather than a big personal stick .
  6. wow, moonie, i didn't realise uncle bitters was stuck in america
  7. such a stupid statement........so judgemental and ignorant of other people's situation. some may have forked out 1,000s for a family. not your usual standard adc
  8. that's totally up to the individuals themselves and for their reasons whatever they may be and it's not up to others to even question their reasons for doing so or pass any judgement i''ll probably leave mine there, though it doesn't add up to much
  9. here you are....start counting 2014 squad[edit] Melbourne Football Club Senior list Rookie List Coaching staff 1 Jesse Hogan 2 Nathan Jones (c) 3 Christian Salem 4 Jack Watts 5 Jimmy Toumpas 6 Chris Dawes 7 Jack Viney 8 James Frawley 9 Jack Trengove 10 Shannon Byrnes 11 Mitch Clark 12 Dom Tyson 13 Jordie McKenzie 14 Lynden Dunn 15 Mitch Clisby 16 Dean Kent 17 Sam Blease 18 Daniel Cross 19 James Strauss 20 Colin Garland 21 Cameron Pedersen 22 Viv Michie 23 Bernie Vince 24 Jay Kennedy Harris 25 Tom McDonald 26 Daniel Nicholson 27 Aidan Riley 29 Jayden Hunt 31 Jack Grimes (c) 32 Michael Evans 33 Dominic Barry 35 Luke Tapscott 37 Max Gawn 38 Jeremy Howe 40 Mark Jamar 42 Jake Spencer 44 Rohan Bail 45 Matt Jones 46 Dean Terlich 48 Jack Fitzpatrick 39 Neville Jetta 41 Alexis Georgiou 43 James Harmes 47 Max King 50 Maia Westrupp Head coach Paul Roos Assistant coaches George Stone (midfield and strategy coach) Ben Mathews (midfield coach) Jade Rawlings (backline coach) Daniel McPherson (forward coach) Brett Allison (head of development) Brad Miller (development coach) Legend: (c) Captain(s) (vc) Vice captain(s) Long-term injury list Upgraded rookie(s) (vet) Veterans list Updated: 20 May 2014 Source(s): Team List, Staff Members
  10. just leave the browser tab for demonland open when you shut down browser. in browser settings take option to auto restore all tabs left open. i have demonland and a few other sites open all the time, never have to start (or stop) them
  11. well a reduced soft cap means less coaching, so that knocks that on the head
  12. i too am sick of occasions where the team didn't turn up to play many times but this situation was a completely different set of circumstances, so i am happy to ignore it as not being significant but hey. knock yourself out over-analysing a meaningless game in trying circumstances if it makes you feel better
  13. what did people expect.......but still sucked in to watching
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