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  1. Well I suppose it depends who you mean by "us". I'm glad PJ is at the helm but it would be naive to think that there is no conflict. For what it is worth, I think it is technically Mahoney's call but would obviously involve consultation with the CEO.
  2. Does anyone know who at the club has ultimate responsibility for the decision to appeal or not? I think PJ has been doing a great job but he could have a conflict of interest as an AFL appointee.
  3. That's fine when you're not an arrogant, nasty cheerleader. Those italicised quotes in my reply to titan_uranus are from you by the way.
  4. You're right in that that thread is pretty civil compared to many but even on the very first page there are comments from that thread that, coming from me, would almost certainly result in a ban: "It means someones finally getting serious about a job that reuires hard decisions and a steel nerve. Something many of you obviously lack !! ya whinging bastards" "Im sick of the whinging stupidity that comes on here at times. There are some who obviously have the brain power of a 5 yo on green cordial and then there seem to be a lot who obviously couldnt run a [censored] up in a brewery yet challenge those that actually know how to do it. I wonder sometimes is it out of jealously, pure ignorance, or some relative of the tall poppy syndrome." You've been around here for long enough to remember how I was loudly mocked for years for being a lone voice of dissent with respect to the performance of our club's Board and Admin. Ben-Hur, then known as "Hannabal" deserves special recognition for the nastiness of his often personal attacks during that time. He's a bully that can dish it but can't take it. I feel no shame in pointing out that his continued arrogance and mockery of others is absurd in the context of his embarrassing track record. There is a world of difference between being a bully and calling a bully to account.
  5. Nice try BH, but my views on the payers and how they will go in 2014 have nothing to do with the shocking calls you made with respect to their performance in 2013. Dawes to kick 40-50 goals in 2013 - kicks 12, averages 1.0 goals/game Pedersen to be even better than Dawes - averages 0.5 goals/game Pedersen to play 22 games in 2013 - plays 10 games "Love the Bloke" - "Neeld's a disaster" The wins will come in 2013 - Wins: 2 Losses: 20 Hmmmm. I'm sensing a pattern here.... On Neeld: In the lead-up to round 1: ***Hmmmm, the bandwagon seems to have changed direction. I may have backed the wrong horse here. I know, I'll just be really nasty and haughty*** On Pedersen: ***Hmmmm, the tide of majority opinion seems to have gone out on this bloke. I know, I'll just be cruel and imperious*** On Schwab: Ben-Hur circa 2007~June 2013: ***Passionate defense of Cameron Schwab*** ***Hmmmm, I seem to have been the last to read the writing on the wall here. Even I can't continue to defend this guy. I know, I'll just continue to be my usual arrogant self and kick him now he's down*** Loudly trumpet the views of the majority and then loudly and nastily mock those views when majority opinion changes. It's typical schoolyard bully stuff. It could be forgiven in someone who doesn't take himself so seriously.
  6. Cue several pages of me being shouted down by the Neeld bandwagon including Ben "Love the Bloke" Hur Anyway, my point about BH was not that he made a bad call (or several shocking calls as the case may be) but that he shouldn't be so vicious and pompous when his own record is so abysmal. In any case, I think Cross is a good pickup, especially since we didn't give him a 3 year "pedersen special".
  7. Thank you for the warm welcome. I must say it is strange to come back and find that the majority suddenly agrees with the last few years of my "trolling".
  8. Dawes kicked 12 from 12 in 2013 and you don't get to blame the mids because at the time you wanted tall timber for "structure". lol Terlich and M Jones, 3rd and 4th in the Bluey. Your best additions for 2013 didn't make the top 10. Pedersen payed 10, kicked 5. lol - a far cry from the "Neeld's a disaster" party that you showed up late to. Although, the wins did come in 2013 - both of them. And then who can forget you passionate defense of Schwab, Connolly and McLardy for all those years. You shouldn't go so hard on the other nitwits when your own record is so laughable. You must be araldited to the saddle on that high horse of yours.
  9. lol This time last year you were on the "Neeld needs structure" bandwagon. You thought Dawes would kick 40-50 goals and Pederson would be better than Dawes. Bob's right. You're funny.
  10. It clearly hurt you to say it but you got there in the end. I have been accused of a lot of things on this site but struggling to articulate myself is a new one. You don't get to make a painfully qualified concession accusing me of being inarticulate and throwing darts in the dark and then go on to ask why we can't all just get along. Again, you can't back up your claims and still, you haven't explained what I am supposed to be embarrassed about.
  11. Nice post. Still too many of the previous Board members for my liking. They were either complicit with boys club or too weak to stand up to them. Having said that, with Schwab, Connolly and McLardy gone, we are hopefully over the worst of it. Good signs from Peter Jackson so far. It would be nice if we went back to having a "Chairman" instead of a "President". Roos vs. Neeld goes without saying.
  12. Would you care to explain exactly what I am supposed to be embarrassed about? I seem to recall being one of the very few voices of reason amongst the Schwab cheer squad on demonland. A cheer squad that was always far more willing to attack me personally than it was to address any of the points I raised. I think history has proven me right but perhaps your skin is thick enough to persist with the Schwab apologia even now.
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