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  1. Well, you can't spell 'Biffin' and you can't spell 'maggot' so, while this might seem harsh, I am going to dismiss your conspiracy theorising until you can tidy up the basics. Somewhat like Melbourne's forwards: won't deliver until they can correct the follow through.
  2. Some skilled coherent football from the mids, a backline that plays as a unit, forward half accuracy with no half-witted attempts to pass when kicking from within 35 meters, and more wins than losses in the last ten rounds, including reversing the EAGLES, PIES and SAINTS results.
  3. My concern on May early in the game was that the was leaving his man to attack aerial contests but attempting to mark instead of spoil with the result that his man was free. He seemed more effective after quarter time and commentators on The Age podcast complimented his work in repeatedly bodying Cox out of position. They were critical of the fact that Cox had been played at all and said he was outplayed by May.
  4. In a word, yes. And a Carey/Lloyd goal kicking coach too, please.
  5. Some literary types believe Orwell arrived at the title by a small shift for the year in which he was writing (1948) to suggest England was already on that path. As for the substance of the topic: it's time umpires became professionals. Maybe then the standard of their work will improve, but for now they leave themselves open to criticism with their constantly shifting decisions.
  6. Sorry to be a dog in the manger but Robbie and Stan played in many more losing sides than winning ones. For many years Stan was the main reason to go see Melbourne; and for many years after he left Robbie was the main reason to go see Melbourne. We didn't see a lot of wins. Stan never played finals with us. Robbie waited until the end of his career to play three finals matches. Now a pair like them would be gold right now but let's not overstate their impact on the G or anywhere else. And on related matters I agree TMac should be rested. Preuss may not be the answer long term but he is mobile and he is fearsome and able to break up aerial packs. He also has goal sense. Give him a run until TMac can return to his best. I agree with others who don't see Spargo's value. He provides a contest is all. He is not a penetrating kick; rarely hits the scoreboard and buggers up other's work. He is unable to break free of the opposition and lacks the small man's best attribute which is pace. What they see in him is a mystery. Hopefully we'll all be proved fools when he becomes a star (unlikely).
  7. I thought everyone knew it was OP...at least that's what Joel told a premium member's pre-game function before the Hawthorn game. He said "I am in quite a bit of pain" and used the term "osteitis pubis". So the post 427 pages ago seems to have been on the money. And as for the article that accompanied the chart above, it seemed to significantly understate the impact of Melbourne's injuries by suggesting Collingwood had coped better because of their greater depth. It shows Melbourne's best-22 missed games are 89% greater than Collingwood's and 63% higher than Richmond's!
  8. You've a snakey edge to you Elegt that does not warrant encouragement but I must agree with this comment. Preuss would have been much greater value given how tall and mature-bodied the Giants were. We had no target forward other than Hunt who had a kind of decoy role. Preuss would have been a destination for those long bombs and could at least have made a contest.
  9. It's less and less likely that Spargo is going to make it. He has no penetration with his kicking, is not particularly quick and does not win much of the ball. It is inexplicable how often players kick to him when he is always going to be out-sized once the ball is overhead. That said, he is a second year player and the Second Year Blues used to be a thing. Maybe it still is.
  10. Late in the GWS game cops evicted several Giants supporters from the northern stand...anyone here know anything?
  11. Matthew Lloyd...Wayne Carey...unlike Yze they are available, and they'd have plenty to teach about positioning and general forward play.
  12. Ling says he will cop one week. And it was a two goal turnaround! I think Margetts was the fraud who called it...anyone confirm?
  13. The ugliest win I can remember. Brayshaw terrible, Trac continues to disappoint...our skills have vanished but we are alive and have another week to find our touch (although Lewis I fear has lost his for all time).
  14. Virtue signalling is the new "fake news". Using it you say more about yourself than anyone you tag with it. Burnside happens to be entirely genuine. I had dealings with him many years ago and saw him at first hand. He is entirely authentic regardless of who he does or doesn't support in football. I'd expect he'd resist any entreaties to attach himself to any club he didn't already follow.
  15. Correct. It's very exploitative of Benny. I suspect HawkFan TV is using B's disability as cover for having him say things others only dare think.
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