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  1. From MFC website tonight. Sorry if this repeats anything. MELBOURNE duo Steven May and Joel Smith both underwent minor procedures last week but are expected to be back running shortly. May experienced some discomfort in his knee during the holiday period, while Smith’s injury came in the unluckiest of fashion when he stood on a sharp object at the beach. While the pair will be held back from the main group temporarily, performance manager Darren Burgess isn’t too concerned by the news. They’ve both had minor setbacks through no fault of their own,” Burgess told Melbourne Media. “Maysie had a cyst pressing on the nerve of his knee which required some treatment. His pre-season has been outstanding so far and this won’t affect his program going forward. “Joel cut his foot while on holidays which was pretty unlucky. He treated it straight away and did all the right things, but that wound got a bit infected, so he’s just had to look after it.” Although May and Smith will return to training via the rehab group, Burgess doesn’t see the injuries impacting their start to the 2020 season, expecting them both to be back on the track next week.
  2. Everyone at the Pies is overrated. Always. It's because that club is media-hyped up the yinyang. Remember the little kid on the Coodabeens who rang every week to ask if Craig Starcevich was going to win the Brownlow? That said it all.
  3. Sorry, RDN but you misunderstood my question. I am wondering what if anything we give to the home club in our Melbourne 'return game' in order for our members to have free entry because they can't get to the AS game? After all whoever the 'return game' home team is, say this year it's Hawthorn, they are losing when our members are given free entry to their home game. What does Melbourne do to compensate the Hawks in that case?
  4. Does anyone here know what the club gives up, or provides to other clubs as compensation for playing in AS? (Hopefully not a ritualistic spanking or similar.) Serious replies preferred.
  5. Bugger. This thread is turning me into Accuracy Cop! Sorry MD but one of the lesser reported elements of the Info Night was that in addition to the interrupted and inadequate pre-season preparation there was one other major factor affecting performance through the season - the weekly injury toll. Every week there were at least two forced changes to the team due to injury or illness. While Brisbane had six weeks with no forced changes, we had none. This related to your points in this way: the football department said they knew we'd be in strife, or would struggle through the first two months of the season. But they hoped to be in a position to build fitness from there. They hoped to win enough games in those first two months to be able to build into the season. As the injuries continued weekly to disrupt the team's preparation and the players had too little time to implement systems within a stable unit this did not happen. From their account they did understand the scale of the problem but the strategy they had to overcome it was never able to be implemented due to the recurring injury toll. No-one has to accept the explanation but that is what they offered. It is consistent with accounts we have heard of Misson briefing the board that the early rounds were going to be a tishfight.
  6. I am not wanting to be personal here but I must ask: were you not at the information night? If you were there, or if you know what was presented, how could that not change your opinion?
  7. It was Jordan Lewis who had done the most work - arguably the least important of the midfield group being highlighted. Max was the only other individual to have done more than half the prep and I think you're right about it being 80% or so. Also correct that no other player had done even half, Oliver was around one quarter! Melkie I think was at zero.
  8. I renewed on the 8th December and was told at the time that they had finished their pre-Christmas mail-outs so I don't think there's cause for concern.
  9. Wayne Johnston asked for a clearance to Melbourne while playing for Prahran. Unfortunately Alex Jesaulenko, then coaching Carlton, insisted on seeing Johnston in action before clearing him. So close.
  10. I have never bet on football figuring I lose enough emotionally let alone financially. But one time I did think I should have a go because I had a good feeling, so I resolved to put $100 on us to make the eight. That was pre-season 1998. We'd finished last 1997, but Neale was just starting out and we had finished the end of '97 on a high. It just felt right for recovery. I didn't put the money down in the end, to my regret. I say back your instincts.
  11. Hugely missed last year. On his 2018 finals form he would be transformative for our forward line defensive pressure. He is one of several "new recruits" - like a fit TMac and Brayshaw - who could give us a memorable year in 2020 and beyond.
  12. Last night I dreamed Saints pantsed us in a practice game, sinking membership sales. Does this mean I have MFCSS?
  13. Luckily I do have a backlog, but the plastic pockets have a limited shelf life. Officeworks my next stop.
  14. I'll take those wins and finals as fair exchange for the loss of my very handy former lanyard. To explain, as an MCC member you have to display your membership when you return to your seating area from the bar, sunny, food concourse etc, so being able to hang the thing around your neck saves hunting through pockets. I have the MCC card back to back with the MFC card (which I almost never use) so the lanyard and plastic pocket are about the only useful things in the old members' pack. The calendar; never looked at it more than once, the stickers...the choice of design was nice but most went unused, the plastic envelope was also next to useless. It would be great if the letter included an explanation for the cutbacks, especially if they were taken as a matter of principle for reducing waste. I suspect, however, that it's a cost cutter only and a reflection of our financial standing.
  15. I didn't suggest it as a dare. I was trying to be constructive. Tell ya what...I'll go and ask for you. Assuming nothing unforeseen intervenes, I'll come back to you. (I was intending to raise the topic anyway, but if someone else put the question first I wasn't going to grandstand.)
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