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  1. Their skills are right up there with the best. Wish we could do what they do.
  2. Free kicks Dogs 17 to Giants 5. It is freakin unbelievable how the Dogs are cared for by the pond slime. Every bloody week.
  3. Olisik: present for spelling debacle. As for Josh M, I have only ever heard positives but sure, blame him for everything that's gone wrong in his time and credit him for none of the gains.
  4. Ditto times 4 for the number of (human) memberships I buy.
  5. That was absolutely the right play. He was in perfect position to take a shot. He took responsibility as he should. It's his disposal that you can criticise there.
  6. Just two ins - or rather one in and one less out - so Preuss to relieve Max and Hunt to provide a marking target forward could have made a difference. I have no idea what went on at selection unless the intent was to break the club's confidence entirely.
  7. Utmost apologies for urging you all to go tonight. They had no pride.
  8. Cannot believe how many are choosing not to go. It's a HOME game. A bigger crowd helps the club. Pull ya fingers out!
  9. This is a truly impressive grasp of history you have here. It is a tad unkind to Roos, who after all said he was only in the job for three years all along; and it's a tad unkind to G Lyon, who bled for the club many times and was one of the finest captains the club ever had, and truly gave it his all, and yet it's also in so many ways so right.
  10. He bled for the club. He still does. However, he did deliver Neeld to us.
  11. True to a point...they built this group on the back of picks 2 and 5 in a super draft (2004) and pick 1 (2001) that won them Hodge, Ruughie and Lance F...then they made some smart buys. They did in fact bottom out to get those picks and spent a few years bumbling around in the lower reaches in the early naughties while we were playing finals some of the time and they kept those players on the park for a long time. Not arguing about the rightness of a Clarko trained coach however. See my comments re Yze.
  12. I have long wanted him back as a kicking coach but seeing him watching the game so intently last night and the last couple of weeks, pointing out things on the field and dealing directly with AC it seems he is much more than a specialist coach. Looks like he is a genuine number 2. He would be a great addition to our group having worked closely under the angry man but I was told recently by a former player that Ooze was happy at Hawthorn. Still, we can hope.
  13. That was quick. I drove by about 11.30 and there was no-one in sight. Having said that the Pies' oval was also deserted.
  14. Interesting stats. I disagree with those who dismiss them entirely or who rely on them utterly. But this comparison is fascinating. It suggests Martin is the more complete player able to win his own ball as well as finish. Look at the balance between his contested/uncontested possessions, and also disposal efficiency suggesting a player who is where the heat is. Hill however, looks to be the better finisher: different contested:uncontested ratio, fewer disposal errors due to playing a linking role and on the outside. If these criteria were all you were relying on, given our lack of quality finishing, you'd have to go Hill.
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