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  1. On further thought Alves should not be there. He was not a trade. He went to the VFL Appeals Board. Melbourne received precisely nothing in return.
  2. But I would be rapt if he made it back. He elevates our forward pressure incredibly. I was sorry to see Kent go like others, but he has been unusually resilient for the Saints. He really never had a good run at it with us. And as much as I liked him he was not particularly reliable in front of goal, although that seems to have improved too, like his fitness. Still, if AVB were fit we would not be missing Kent. I realise this answers precisely none of the questions in the OP but that's because I don't know.
  3. Are they "trades" when they are walk-outs? Alves, Wells, Spalding, Scully, Healy CHOSE TO LEAVE US. So if you're counting them where the hell is the best of the lot: R D BARASSI? Apologies for shouting.
  4. Dipper was North Kew from memory.
  5. I am old school. And possibly out of date, or maybe it's that kanga brand that fooled me. But it's not bloody pig skin. I'll cop Mason Cox but not Americanisms.
  6. Already answered that, but if the mods want to merge sure, but this is news not speculation. It explains why he hasn't been seen at any level recently. The body building part of your question is resolved in the full article.
  7. From The Age "Melbourne has put young defender Oscar McDonald through a mid-year mini pre-season to try to unlock his struggling form by helping him build his light body to compete with the big power forwards. The Demons pulled McDonald out of all playing for three weeks and put him through an intensive three-week weights and agility program to build his body and confidence. The coaches, including senior coach Simon Goodwin, have joined him in doing extra weights sessions. The mini pre-season has been structured to be timed around the bye to limit the games missed as the club sought a way to lift his form. "In the first part of the season Oscar was not able to do what he wanted to do and we had to find a way to help him get back to playing the footy he knows he can play," Melbourne football manager Josh Mahoney said. "In the end it got to a stage where something had to be done to get him back playing the footy we know he can play. He did a mini pre-season for three weeks tying it into the bye round. "The role he plays he is on the biggest strongest forwards in the competition so a lot of it was around strength and weights. We have done similar programs with Sam Weideman earlier in the year when he missed a few weeks. [Rookie tall player] Austin Bradtke as well." https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/demon-does-mini-pre-season-to-find-form-20190624-p520tw.html
  8. Pigskin? Really? No man, it's f@#$#%@ kangaroo hide. And give Hannan more time to run into form. It's not like Melkie is anywhere near ready.
  9. Excellent observation. That passage drove me nuts.
  10. Now if in previous weeks, say post the West Coast and Adelaide games, you'd made the observation that we played well and did everything but win, and that things aren't as bad as they seem since we were competitive and late in the game in winning positions against two of the competition leaders, I'd grant you this point. But since I don't remember any such level headed contributions (although you may have made them I just don't have the time to confirm my suspicion that no such offerings exist) I am going to grade your post as churlish and unworthy. This was a creditable win with two novices in Hore and Lockhart shining, TMac starting to resemble form, and the Weid continuing to develop. May was terrific, Frost apart from early game disposal errors linked up well with his fellow defenders and Petty gave us a bit. And we won despite Freo making up for their injuries with a couple of extras in yellow. You really did miss the point of it.
  11. Well, you can't spell 'Biffin' and you can't spell 'maggot' so, while this might seem harsh, I am going to dismiss your conspiracy theorising until you can tidy up the basics. Somewhat like Melbourne's forwards: won't deliver until they can correct the follow through.
  12. Some skilled coherent football from the mids, a backline that plays as a unit, forward half accuracy with no half-witted attempts to pass when kicking from within 35 meters, and more wins than losses in the last ten rounds, including reversing the EAGLES, PIES and SAINTS results.
  13. My concern on May early in the game was that the was leaving his man to attack aerial contests but attempting to mark instead of spoil with the result that his man was free. He seemed more effective after quarter time and commentators on The Age podcast complimented his work in repeatedly bodying Cox out of position. They were critical of the fact that Cox had been played at all and said he was outplayed by May.
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