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  1. Suffered some trouble with the law which was a shame. His injuries, debts all played into it I believe. Nickname: Piggy.
  2. Aaaah BB, that old line. OK, Everyone’s entitled to an opinion. But not everyone’s entitled to claim some special authority for their opinion, and not all opinions are equal. First, this article appears under a picture byline on a specialty sports publication or section, just like professional writers like Mike Sheahan and Jake Niall. Now theroar is free and the writer may go unpaid for all we know, but in its presentation this opinion lays claim to authority, not just an opinion like you find on here, so it is judged more harshly. Second, its bold declarations (slow as treacle, cannot kick, one dimensional) are blunt, not supported by evidence and not qualified by descriptions of other attributes the player may have, such as in this case courage, determination, capacity to inspire team mates, and endurance, which you would expect to find in a considered piece. Third, it’s ignorant. Some of the game’s finest midfielders have been comparatively slow yet succeeded due to other positive attributes such as ability to win a contest and release a team mate. And it’s inaccurate. Viney simply isn’t that slow. In full flight he is a steam train. No, this isn’t just an opinion. It’s an amateurish grab for attention based on sweeping and unsupported statements. It’s the work of a try-hard. Let me also point out that his article appears with the word ‘Expert’ next to the writer’s name. Dear me. No, no number of limp-wristed platitudes like “everyone’s entitled to an opinion” or “we all make mistakes” can make up for the fact that this bloke has tried to promote himself by making an inaccurate assault on someone else’s standing. Because it’s ignorant and wrong and ill-timed and ill-considered he warrants the clown stamp. I hereby re-dub Cameron Rose a ‘Clown’. He no doubt will continue to call himself an “Expert’.
  3. After Sunday's game I wanted to bump the topic about The Roar's article bagging Jack V but since it's been closed I am here declaring its author, some nobody none of us had heard of previously by the name of Cameron Rose to be denoted "A Clown''. This puts him in such miserable company as BT, Anthony Hudson, Mark Robinson and assorted other bozos who have a microphone or keyboard but bugger all insight.
  4. More likely pick 23 given how compromised the draft is this year.
  5. Interrupted preparation for the skipper. I suspect he was underdone.
  6. Positives: Oscar's best game; Langdon gave us some penetration through the middle, Viney was fantastic, Pickett and Bedford both showed promise. So it was not all bad, but it looked a lot like last year. Still plenty to learn about setting up the forward line. Can't tell from 3000kms away but were our forwards sucked upfield again? Because Hurn had it easy. Would love to see that turd made accountable.
  7. that would be a coup, right? or are we racing pigeons...
  8. Exactly. Why no asterisk for Fitzroy 1916 premiers in a four team competition shrunken by the First World War (Collingwood, Carlton & Richmond were the others); or Collingwood premiers 1917 in a six team competition? Or how about Fitzroy 1944 premiers after five years of war that hit, most of all the Melbourne and St Kilda clubs, and Carlton 1945 premiers after six years of war? You won't find John Elliott or Eddie McGuire worrying about asterisks.
  9. Thanks Sue. I do understand that people'scircumstances change - people lose jobs, take on new responsibilities - but we do know there are still about 10K MCC members who don't contribute. I know they have paid about $600 for their MCC dues but I'd like to think they can find another $85 for the club at least. If the Demons are rubbish then their MCC memberships are devalued. They can maximise the value of their MCC membership by helping the MFC to stay healthy. I must admit I don't understand those others who say they'll wait to see how the season goes. For mine it's all in or out.
  10. Age is irrelevant in the face of your absurd sense of entitlement.
  11. Jeff K...I know, I know he's a donkey, but anyway...Jeff K warning the Covid 19 crisis means a 10% cut to Hawthorn's revenue, and that's before the attendances are taken into account. Our club's going to hurt. From afl.com: Hawthorn president Jeff Kennett has called on fans to get behind the team with the coronavirus having a huge impact on the club's financial situation."In going through our revenue, line by line, given the perception that the virus has already created, the situation is looking grim," Kennett wrote in a letter to club supporters. "The very best scenario is that our bottom line might be hit by about 10 per cent of budgeted revenue over this football year. This is before the AFL informs us of any curtailing of the AFL season, so clearly this is serious."
  12. I thought so until I remembered that the Chinese doctor who tried to sound the alert back in December, and was arrested and interrogated for his trouble, died of Covid-19 in February and he was in his 30s.
  13. Gawn is our outright MVP. TMac on fire is great and Petracca and Oliver also, but a dominant ruckman is a rare thing. Any number of beanpoles can fill in the ruck and any number of battlers can give you a chance in the ruck but a standout winner is irreplaceable.
  14. I like to think of it as slightly more nuanced than that, but you're close.
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