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  1. A Night At The Opera sounds about right. Stateroom scene.
  2. Cornes overstates his case. He makes it sound like May and Lever have finished their careers. Those deals can't be deemed fails for some time yet. But that's how you make a career in the footy media if you're not a professional, with selective reasoning and cherry picked facts.
  3. Three out of state games in the first five weeks...and bloody Geelong and damn Hobart again! Giants and Tigers on short turnarounds in the first six weeks. Set up to struggle. Hopefully Burgess has us fit and ready to fire - we're gonna need be ready.
  4. Our recent record over there is good. Their old geezers will be that much older...ripe for picking. Could be a huge win. At the least I'd expect a massive effort pushing them to the line.
  5. I am a bit surprised that in the trade wash-up there is much talk about our lack of small forwards and no talk of Lockhart as a possible answer. He has dash and in his first year found the goal consistently if not spectacularly with 9 goals in 12 games in a team with a non-functioning forward line. He could not have had a more demanding debut year than 2019 with us yet showed promise. He's early 20s so close to mature and will only improve with a serious pre-season.
  6. Good points. The centre bounce ruck rule changed, robbing White of the chance to use his leap. He should have been shifted to the forward line where his leap would have been a weapon and we should have gone to a beanpole first ruck.
  7. Not taking it well, then? Never mind. I love dogs and I'll file that under 'Compliments (Unintended)'.
  8. Hee Hee. Pitdog I like it. Yes, I have read the thread and offer my gratitude to Bushie and the Pennant for pulling you up (a little more politely than me). Yeah, I'd pull you up on that in person too, no real guts required. The "whaaaat?" I opened with was a genuine reaction because I remember going to that game fearful that, like so many milestone games, we'd stuff it up, fail to honour his memory. I walked away very proud of the way our boys stood up. (Only after writing the first half of my post did I visit the records to check the detail.) My further comment goes to the fact that, to put it politely SK, you are a glass half empty kind of bloke. That's putting it kindly. If I wasn't being polite I'd say you are a fountain of negativity. Think about the mistake you made, or that your memory made. Maybe that glass half empty thing is invading memory too. Try to be open to some positivity because if footy does not give us hope it gives us nothing.
  9. Whaaaaat? What game was that? I remember the Troy Broadbridge Memorial Game as a triumph over Essendon and I have checked the stats and memory serves me right: 15.13 103 to 8.9 57: Melbourne by almost eight goals. You're a serial whinger SK and I am glad to have caught you out. Now I'll read the rest of the thread to see who else did not buy in.
  10. Thanks. That's very helpful. I think I've got it.
  11. Can someone explain the umpiring blunder in the NRL GF to someone (me) who does not know the rules. Six again? And how it led to the game deciding try...
  12. At 178cm you might be on to something. Prefer a little more height thanks.
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