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  1. I’d play Stretch, Spargo, Sparrow, Keilty, OMac, and Weideman every game for the rest of the season. We need to get games into our young players I’d get Ratten in to coach the midfield and look for some changes to our assistant coaches. Petracca cannot be traded Patton must be chased as should one or two outside mids playing Jones, Lewis and Frost seems a luxury we can no longer afford be brave MFC and 2020 might just be a rippa
  2. Yes you do as it gives you clean possession and the chance to move it 70 metres toward goal with one kick
  3. Surely McDonald plays on Lynch? thank god number 9 is out thank god the Wagners are out great pity Nev is out to avoid an epic flogging we’re going to need everything to go right tigers by 86
  4. Apologies to those who read my “We’ve got Gaff” posts. That was my mail. I’ll hold off next time I hear something and let others confirm. He would of looked great in red and blue on $750,000
  5. I’ve stayed away from this thread until just now. I’m not coming back after reading the above post. He was in AA form and now.........oh ckuf it, what’s the point
  6. A small but vocal minority who will leave with a big smile, possibly a black eye and an inner belief that maybe, just maybe we can do this thing!
  7. He’s massively over rated besides his one goal was he even on the ground last week?
  8. Jetta is of little consequence to this game
  9. The modern game hasn't happened yet. Who would have thought a bunch of fast 5 footers would win Richmond a Premiership, maybe 2 at the end of 2016? All of Hogan, Weideman and McDonald are very mobile. Exciting times ahead. I suspect quite a rivalry between us, Richmond, Collingwood and GWS will develop over the next decade. Oh yes and and I was an early doubter of Weideman but boy was that first quarter fantastic
  10. Saints will rookie list him I'd imagine
  11. 90% going on accuracy of previous mail. I’m assured we’re not paying $1.2 or giving up any talent.
  12. We’re not paying $1.2 million for Gaff nor are we moving any promising players on
  13. Oh for a Saturday at 2.10 got time for lunch, kids home at a good hour. It just makes sense. Oh that’s right we sold footy to Fox
  14. AS long as he’s fit and on form during the back end of next year
  15. If Hogan’s fit he’ll play, no rest required I think Smith will become a very handy player in time. Sure he made some mistakes but he did some good clean things as well. He’s going well. Not everyone’s first 50 is going to be like Oliver........oh my how good is this kid!
  16. I don’t often come on here during a game and this will be my last post. You guys are pathetic under pressure. Did you expect Adelaide to roll over? They’re a quality side at home, in form for a spot in the eight. It’s going to be tough but I’m confident we’ve got this
  17. We’re not playing well but effort is there. Had we kicked straight we’d be in front so relax. A lot of nerves out there, ball is hot and slippery
  18. He is far from our worst. Find someone else to unload your deep seated frustration on. Try a therapist
  19. We’re Not playing well but jeez we’re fighting hard. I’m enjoying it
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