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  1. I wish Weidemann had put on as much weight/muscle:
  2. So tell us which soft tissue issues we had in 2019? Then compare that with Collingwood for example.
  3. Colvin is a tackling machine, and can kick the ball further than most. Nice pickup.
  4. What makes you think Watson gave the medal back....last time I heard he "couldn't locate it".
  5. Spot on. Who will the Suns play in Darwin? .....Melbourne?? Let's see if one of our home games gets shunted to Docklands, like Collingwood, Richmond and Hawthorn.
  6. Yes. Or we convince someone else to take them for a pick. Rookie list is almost irrelevant now, so matters little if they are on that or the main list.
  7. In 2018 we had Hogan, Weidemann, TMac and Garlett as our key forwards. Today we have Weidemann and TMac.....what is missing?
  8. The interesting thing about Port in 2019, was that they had one of the smallest injury lists for the whole season...and still didn’t make finals. They will need more than a mini rebuild.
  9. Have we not learnt....don't trust Collingwood! If someone is on offer, it is either bluff ( Elliot) or they are just no good.
  10. Nothing asked or said about the role of the Board in all this? Don’t ask the reviewers to ask difficult questions... ... nothing to see here, move on!....
  11. If his assessment is correct....then we should have been given a priority pick!
  12. Tell us the last contracted player that was delisted..... NQR contracted players are tradeable...if someone else will have them. It's not up to the seller.
  13. All credit for this should go to "Cadaver" on Big Footy. He has mapped where all current AFL players played their junior football. Interesting is the lack of players who have originated in Darwin...(we have one in Steven May)....the absence of talent from Alice Springs ( our zone)...and the abundance of talent from S.E. Melbourne. https://maphub.net/kdavva74/afljc
  14. Cameron, Christensen and probably Rayner as well.....why would Brisbane need Elliott?
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