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  1. That's the truth. We are not going to see the defensive structures and how individuals fit into those structures and the expectations of how they will act in certain scenario's at an open training session. Even more so on Gosch's paddock which is undersized compared to the grounds on which we play in the main season. ( ground size is one of the contributing factors as to why Geelong fail in finals ). Same for the forwards. It is not just Tommy at FF, Weid at HF etc. How they will run their patterns is unknown to us until the first game. One of the reasons for Maroochydore is to get away from prying eyes, or Casey or indoors at MSAC. Wish we were in Essendons situation, who run their sessions inside an aircraft sized hanger, with 2 ovals outside in size equivalent to the MCG and Docklands.
  2. Brown is one of those players that you don't notice, he just does his job and at the end of the game he will have kicked a couple and you would ask when?.....He is training with the forwards and just fits into the scheme of things. He may play as a 3rd tall, but should any of the main forwards get injured he will be into the side post haste. He kicked 21 goals at Essendon last year which was only one less than Petracca, our leading goalkicker. He is tall, and can probably fill a role down back as well, if needed. Very nice pickup for us, and still baffled as to why the Dons got rid of him considering the situation with Daniher and other injuries in their forward line.
  3. Baghdad Bob may report soon, but the internet was down at his home base...and photos to follow from Hardtack and son... In rehab: Tomlinson, Baker, Spargo, May, Oscar with Smith and Petty joining them when the contact stuff in the main group began. No sign of KK, Hannan, VDB, Neitzke, and Chandler. Melksham came out and was doing only kick to kick for a short while, but only on his left, then worked with the physio for an extended period....abdominal? back? impossible to say. May was only walking post surgery, but should be back with the main group and running, very shortly. Bennell had a couple of light runs and was kicking both feet without ever missing, either at goal or to another player in the rehab group. So I counted 32 in full training, but given the ease of movement from Tomlinson, Spargo and Baker in their exercises, they should be back in the very near future. Oscar and Smith and Petty looked to be only a minor step away from the main group today, and joined in the final bit of match simulation with the main group. I'll leave it to others to report on the goings on, but really this was similar to other Wednesdays, with plenty of practice of ball movement and positioning, with lots of "keepings off" in various forms. Not much match type stuff. over to the others......
  4. A proper training base and home for the next 100 years.....not some stopgap measure in a public park!
  5. 2019: Watts 2 games 0 goals. Kent 13 games 12 goals.....not much in the way of goal kicking sources.
  6. Today was a "quiet" return from the Christmas/New Year break, compared to the exhausting, relentless sessions that we saw before the break. Having said that, the players had already run a 3 km trial before starting the main exercises which lasted until nearly midday after a 9.30 or thereabouts start. The rehab group consisted of Tomlinson, Jones, Spargo, Baker & Hannan, who all seemed to be running freely with Jones and Tomlinson certainly at full stretch. They must be very close to return to the main group and with multiple pre-seasons behind them it would seem not so critical to their overall fitness. Viney, Jetta and VDB were running their own 3km around the oval ( perhaps they arrived late to go with the main group) but they still had to do it. It really gladdened the heart to see VDB absolutely "street" the other two, and was a good 300m ahead of them at the end. Not sighted today were Joel Smith, May ( who apparently was in the gym inside) and of course KK ( mmm..) and Neitschke. I can't say that I noticed Marty Hore either, but others may be able to confirm that. Bennell turned up for 5 minutes, but didn't participate (mmm...) Brayshaw was wearing the number 43 which confused the watchers for a while, especially with a hat on to disguise himself even further. We even saw "the invisible man" Kyle Dunkley, called such because he will get 25 touches in a game and nobody notices..... he does the same at training! And that is the main observation from today. Of the 44 on the list 35 were on the track in full training. What a comparison with last year!! It means that the coaches can run nearly 2 teams in match simulation, something that was never done in 2019. Now I haven't much to report about the actual session, because it was just a series of drills with a small half ground match sim for only 15 minutes or so. Scoop Junior has covered off most of this in an earlier post. Just another observation in that Chandler has stacked on the muscle, and was heavily involved in all the midfield exercises. In sharp contrast Preuss has lost a heap of weight and for those that can't get to training, when you see him during season proper you will simply not recognise him from before! It was good to see Lewis and Stafford running goal kicking practice at the end with a final competition to see who didn't miss. I won't steal BB's thunder, so he can let you know later......
  7. 8.13 and 22.30 for some rippers in terms of distance.....
  8. Unless KK comes out in full training, post the Christmas break, this won't be the question....
  9. It wasn't surprising that the opposition during that period were accurate......we had little in the way of defenders! With little pressure, easy shots ensue. During that period we were missing Lever and Jetta for the whole time. May - all the period except for 1 game. But we also lost Hibberd, Salem, Lewis and Hore at some point for a couple of weeks. So it wasn't bad luck, we just didn't have the cattle to hold out the opposition. One would think that putting Lever, May and Jetta into those games in 2019 would have seen the opposition kick a couple of goals less. It was remarkable how close we were in those games..... The positive is (as you have alluded.)...it shouldn't happen again with the players now on the pre-season track.
  10. I'd love Jason Taylor to be picking my Tattslotto numbers because he knows who is going where before it is called......
  11. Article in today's little paper ( in fact the only decent one in this rag) from Mick Malthouse: MICK MALTHOUSE’S CHRISTMAS WISH LIST FOR 2020 "Fewer rule changes, less time wasting, no gambling sponsors and more competitive Victorian clubs. Here are 12 gifts Mick Malthouse wants Santa to deliver for the 2020 season." (I can't get up a link without the HS trying to sign me up, but if there are any smarter people on this site that can provide a link.....) In essence, he has articulated probably the most sensible 12 things that fans ( not Gillon) want to see for a fairer competition and game: e.g ..rules that are rules, not interpretations. ....a fairer fixture....a fairer and consistent match review system...a sponsor not involved with gambling or alchohol.... If only Santa were real......
  12. Since people can't leave the religious discussion alone.....locked!
  13. Which other club has a social club? They don't make money and fans don't live in 1 suburb any more like the 1960's. WE need a training base. Gosch's was unusable for 6 weeks last year. But you are right about a financial plan of being successful outcomes on the field. Half the sides in the competition fail every year! You need off-field income for those times.....
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