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  1. Whatever the talent that might be available at the mid-season draft, we certainly have to use it to fill our list. Not just for this year, but we will have too many holes which will need to be filled at year end. Lewis and Jones probably not around again. Garlett, JKH, Maynard, Baker, ANB, Stretch, Keilty (R), T.Smith (R), J Wagner, all out of contract, most of whom cannot get a game. And I'm assuming Frost, Weidemann, Salem are renewed. 11 players.
  2. yes he does, and he doesn't know how to lead.
  3. Sydney put up a dodgy TEN year deal to get Buddy. No club, NO club should help them out. Let them bear the consequences. And if Sydney are trying to get rid of Buddy, ask St.Kilda what sort of condition Hannebury was in when the Swans traded him out.
  4. Saints are playing the old Ross Lyon game plan.....strangle the game and keep in touch, hoping for a couple of errors to score. They will never win finals with that type of football as we have seen, but it gets them barely across the line enough times to keep the supporters at bay. The solution is simple: hit them hard on the scoreboard early.
  5. Even the soccer mob are complaining: https://www.theage.com.au/sport/soccer/a-league-players-union-calls-for-inquiry-into-scg-surface-shambles-20190406-p51bly.html
  6. Good to see that the MFC is leading the AFL by getting a microphone among the journalists so we can hear the questions.
  7. Spot on! But while the AFL will never admit they got it wrong ( like the AFLW season and its conference system) I think the next Melbourne player to front the tribunal will have a "more favourable" decision go their way as pay back.
  8. Congratulations to Adelaide for winning the AFLW Grand Final. Without a doubt it was one of the most decisive drubbings of a second rate side in Carlton who should not have been there in the first place. The disastrous 2019 conference system was all there to be seen after Adelaide were able to beat the two top sides in B division by over 10 goals and 7 goals respectively. That's not a finals series and only served to debase the efforts of better sides in the competition. Gil is lucky there are other things going on in the media at the moment, so the scribes have completely missed this debacle.
  9. People need to get over the numbers. The AVERAGE player is from the last CBA in June 2017 is earning $371,000.
  10. It is not possible to read anything in terms of defensive structures from the Richmond-Collinwood game. Richmond lost Rance, their best defender. Collingwood have Cox the tallest player in the league.
  11. Didn't trouble the people going to Collingwood/Geelong or Richmond/Carlton
  12. Still a long way to go for Carlton, but the fact they got within 2 goals in the 3rd quarter has shown the weakness in Richmonds armour. While it was only one game Martin and Cotchin have dropped off considerably from their 2017 form, but they are still very good players. It happens with age. Cripps and Walsh really took it up to them and the clearance stats went Carltons way. It's not the 666 stuff, that is a complete furphy. If Richmond were to lose Nankervis...then they would be really stuffed. The Bloos need to get rid of those old stagers that fill their side before they can become a genuine threat. Jones, Fasolo, and Simpson are just list cloggers...but then they haven't got anyone else at the moment.
  13. The AFL couldn't possibly go for this simple solution. An extra 2 goal umpires with eyes that can see....goodness! Much better to spend thousands of $ on untried untested audio technology and then sit some clown up in a video box reviewing everything and still getting it wrong.
  14. Exactly, and while I don't know the list situation at Casey, perhaps with Lockhart now a Melbourne rookie, it leaves space for them to pick up a "project" ruckman.....who was that one from Vermont who played in the game last week? Perhaps KC or Drunkn can fill us in?
  15. While nothing was as good as Hogan's heroes, especially when someone fails at the speccie and lands on their head.....I witnessed a really intriguing event while at the local ice hockey game in Revelstoke, Canada. As a fund raiser during the 1/3 time break while they re-ice the rink they drive a golf cart around the ice. On top of the golf cart is a large bucket. Before and during the game you can buy 3 frisbees for $5 , each marked with a number that is assigned to you. If you can get your frisbee into the bucket you get 1/2 of the nights takings from frisbee sales. It was amazing to see thousands of frisbees hurled into the arena, with a couple of successes to share the prize pool. Can you imagine the same at the MCG? Might be a little harder to clean up than the 1/2 dozen kids with huge brooms at the ice-rink were able to do...... but a real earner for that local club.....
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