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  1. Not needed this week. Sydney used McLean last week as their starting ruck. Grand total of 9 hitouts for the game. Aliir used as 2nd option...10 hitouts. Ben Reid took a few forward ruck contests, only 9 as well.
  2. Disgraceful coaching from Cameron last night. Carey picked it up early with Hawthorn stacking the half back line in the cold and wet conditions. GWS still trying to pick the ball up instead of kicking off the ground, hand balling instead of kicking for distance, Mumford playing in forward line most of match, leaving Simpson in ruck instead.
  3. Priority picks are not the answer, and we should want no more proof than to look at our own history. IF the AFL want to help GC, then simply increase their salary cap to enable them to retain the high draft picks they have had for the past couple of years. The COLA that Sydney were given enabled them to win a Premiership, and outbid others for Franklin. One extra 17 year old player will not make the slightest difference. 2 or 3 more experienced will, or one or two of their own not leaving to go to greener pastures ( Lynch/May), thus keeping experience and skill within the club. Then when things have turned around, the extra money can be taken back, to re-level the field.
  4. And if that's the case then only 20,000 of 100,000 Richmond members turned up, same ratio. And their team is pushing for top 4!
  5. Better tell the doctors what he is in for: Steven May | Hamstring – Test Jake Lever | Ankle – Test Charlie Spargo | Calf – Test Mitch Hannan | Groin – 1-2 weeks Tom Sparrow | Knee – 2-3 weeks Aaron vandenBerg | Foot – Season Neville Jetta | Knee - Season Jeff Garlett | Shoulder – Season Kade Kolodjashnij | Head – Season Tom McDonald | Knee – Season Aaron Nietschke | Knee – Season Joel Smith | Groin – Season Sam Weideman | Jaw – Season Guy Walker | Shoulder – Indefinite Or is this proof that the hip bone is connected to the jaw bone?
  6. Yes. Took far too long and wasn’t watching the clock.
  7. ANB just disgraceful. At least 5 goals from his turnovers and inability to pick up the ball. Missed Lewis and Fritsch to cost us 2 certain goals.
  8. Could it be next season as well....got to get it off to a good start....
  9. This could be the circuit breaker we need. Moving Victory out of AAMI would give access to that whole area north of Gosch's to build admin facilities. It would also mean Rebels could use the inside of the stadium to their hearts content, and not need an outside pitch for practice..
  10. http://www.bom.gov.au/climate/current/month/wa/perth.shtml Sorry it should have been 284mm for June and July. Still more than 3 times Melbourne
  11. The next coach in line to go has to be Don Pyke. As DD has pointed out, their captain does absolutely nothing, but so does their coach. Remember the Alice Springs game last year? All he did was stare at the players. Not a single move made by him from the 2nd quarter against the Bombers. No tag on Stringer. No-one on Tipungwuti. How many unmarked Essendon forwards got easy marks and kicks in their forward 50...Brown, Heppell etc.
  12. Perth rainfall June and July 2019 550mm, Melbourne 78mm. Those "hard" grounds in Perth haven't worried the Eagles this year or any previous years.
  13. Our percentage improved because we didn't lose by much
  14. The problem is team management. Is a half fit Brayshaw better than the options at Casey? Is a half fit Hannan/Jetta/Lever better than the options at Casey? We have Dunkley and Lockhart playing seniors. We have a 19 year old who has played 7 games in the backline, as our FF. Would they be playing in a "normal season" Casey had the following players from our list this week: Bradtke, Chandler, Jordon, Bedford. None have played AFL, Jordon had 17 touches the others single digits. Would you put these players in a side playing West Coast this week? They may get their chance in the last couple of games, not 6 rounds out. Those players need development, not a beating like was handed out to Petty last year. We have learnt the lesson. Others who may be in contention: Maynard (25), JKH(31), Baker (26). Maynard ( 1 AFL game) may be able to play in the middle but is he better than the half fit Brayshaw at the moment? The others aren't mids, and Baker was sent back in order to manage his load after playing a couple of senior games. If those were to come into the side it would probably be to replace the likes of Dunkley, Lockhart, ANB, Hannan....
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