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  1. and for the most telling book ever written about us...by our own Supermercado.......just to cheer you up during this time: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/32955680-the-great-deepression
  2. This was what is known as a "media beat-up". A Ch 9 employee baiting another Ch9 employee in a news segment to promote Footy Classified to be shown later on that night. Ed knew exactly what he was doing.
  3. Alf Copsey.....player number 666 for the Demons! http://demonwiki.org/Alf+Copsey
  4. Andy....it's raining rather heavily at the moment. We need Demonland to keep us sane, while the cyclone and monsoon continue and we are all locked inside. $100 on its way
  5. Sorry, I meant 2019....but with a list of 45 we had 19 injuries. 35 - 19 = 16 players available. Or if we do it by percentages 45% of list missing. With 35 on the list we would have had 19-20 available.
  6. If the list were reduced to 35, we would not have been able to put 22 players on the park in 2018. And no ability to develop young players by keeping them at lower levels for a couple of years. Players on the list only account for about 20-25% of club costs. Just another "thought bubble" out of AFL headquarters....
  7. If the peak is in 2-3 months, then we will be in the same position in 4-6 months as we are today in terms of infections, and we aren't playing any sport now. There won't be any football this year.
  8. It is really pleasing to see that people are STILL buying memberships to support the club. Since last Saturday 317 people have effectively made a "donation" to the club, to keep it alive. Total as of today: 37,888
  9. Perkins virtually won the game for the Demons. When we were still 2 goals down, she was the one rucking and burrowing in and tackling to keep the ball in the forward line, while unfortunately, others stood around and watched. Birch was the saviour in the backline, and I really fear what a high scoring side like Freo will do to us, with McEvoy and Goldrick not around to help her out. There were a couple of GWS goals that simply would not have happened should Goldrick in particular have been playing.
  10. Dogs were just awful. Bontempelli completely taken out of the game by Adams. Johannisen unsighted all night. Macrea not much better. If Wood and Keath weren't there to hold the defense together, it would have been even worse as a result. Bruce is overweight, and why they recruited him with Naughton, Lloyd and Schache there already is hard to understand.
  11. Good to see Preuss in full training
  12. But it means the CLUB does not have to put its own operational ( week to week ) money into that project. It can retain that to keep the club running.
  13. There is no-one better off using the H-S methodology. Would playing Brisbane last year be seen as easier, because they finished near the bottom the previous year? Tell that to the teams that lost to them. Same this year. In the Marsh series, GC, St.Kilda, Melbourne and Fremantle filled 4 of the top 5 positions. Yes I know it is only 3 games, but all of those teams are not going to be bunnies in 2020. The real analysis should be WHERE you play the other sides in the overall picture. You only play each other once. Would you prefer to play Port in Adelaide or the MCG? WCE in Perth or in Victoria? Geelong in sleepy hollow or the MCG?
  14. Far better..if people are so inclined....is to donate directly to the club through the Red & Blue Foundation: https://www.melbournefc.com.au/support-the-club no third party involved ...and it is tax deductible as well
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