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  1. David King being put in his box by Pert over this: https://player.fm/series/series-2343030/david-king-v-gary-pert-crunch-time
  2. Definitely, and when we see the return of Neville and Hibberd, then Salem and Fritsch can be moved wingward, where we have been deficient all season.
  3. Today’s crowd number will be the perfect example of why we play games in Darwin
  4. ...because with our injuries we had to play young players who normally wouldn't have got a sniff at a senior game.
  5. Perhaps there is a small glimmer of hope, in terms of getting Melbourne Victory out of Goschs. https://www.melbournevictory.com.au/news/victory-secures-funding-maribyrnong-academy-site If they were ever to move, then that area currently used as a soccer pitch, alongside Swan st could be used to build something we need. The Rebels then can have the whole of the inside of AAMI to themselves for training, and wouldn't need their training ground outside either.
  6. How many times....how many times do people have to be told....Cricket is played on the ground 6 months of the year! Where do you do a pre-season from November to March? Then if you visit the ground during the football season, you will see lights about 2metres apart on mobile racks covering the ground after dark to make the grass grow.
  7. I suspect our "injury" list is bigger than told. Tom McDonald had foot problems pre-season, and still cannot jump properly...means he cannot mark in contested situations, and the failure to not make a 40m kick last weekend is symptomatic. Brayshaw is probably playing on the wing, because he too is carrying some sort of injury. Watching him close up at the GC game, he couldn't accelerate to get to a ball in the open, something he would have gobbled up last year. OP? Bayley Fritsch also cannot kick as far as he was doing last year. His mind still thinks he can, but the clanger last weekend as an example was because the kick was short. OP? The trouble is that these players would have normally been rested, but when we have 17 players injured that leaves us only 4 or 5 to pick from 47, including rookies. Take out Jordon, Bedford, Bradtke and Chandler as they are too young and one can really see our plight. We can barely put a team on the park, and cannot rest any of those who need it, and have no option but to play others who are obviously sub-standard.
  8. We should be picking a young player who can be developed rather than a solitary player who may be able to play this year. Our problem is injuries, so when (if) those players return, it would be unlikely for a "ready made" to get a game....i.e. a wasted pick. As well we have a whole raft of players who will retire or be delisted this year. I could give a list of 7 today who would not affect the present or future performance of the club. We don't need another one who would be added to that list. We need to think about the future, not this season, which is already shot.
  9. We have a forward line that cannot kick goals this year. Without Preuss in the side, we have to use Weidemann, Smith or McDonald or Keilty in the ruck for those 10 minutes each quarter that Max requires a rest. So we are even less likely to score during that time. Preuss provides a ruck option and a forward option. And as was seen in those last minutes of the Sydney game, Preuss covers the rucking in one half of the ground and Max sits a kick behind play to repel and defend. And when he plays in our forward line he takes the opposition biggest defender. However, if the weather is as forecast, other options need to be considered...... however limited those options are for us with our injuries.
  10. A long time supporter/backer of North once told me " North cannot afford to bottom out". That has shaped their recruiting policy for the past 15 years at least. Better to finish mid table than the bottom, because the small supporter base would evaporate. The recruiting response to that is to bring in the likes of Tyson, Polec, Pittard in the hope it can keep them in that mid range. They only get mid range picks at the draft and never some real top end talent. In other words, they are never recruiting and managing their list with the aim of winning a Premiership. Scott leaving will do nothing for their situation.
  11. You underestimate Preuss, moves well for a big man brings ball to ground can take a mark and kick a goal as he helped win our first game against the Swans. Proved to be of value. Big bodied player. Tim can play but l feel that he is a magnate for injuries just can't string games together just one of those players l guess. I am not comparing any player just saying Preuss was missed last night. Hurn or McGovern would have had their hands full. A good distraction. Time will tell how good Preuss will be. The argument shouldn't be Smith or Preuss....both should have played. We lost Melksham, Hibberd and Lewis. Last week we played against a side with 1 ruckman, this week 2.
  12. He isn''t "seemily overly rigid"....he is! I have long said his running technique is fundamentally flawed, and how he has not been given an athletics coach to work on it in the time he as spent at the club is simply beyond me. His first 3 steps are sideways. He doesn't run on the balls of his feet at this point. So he is slow to accelerate, which is why he gets caught. Then because he goes side to side, and he carries the ball with elbows straight, the ball gets moved side to side prior to kicking. That is why he is so inaccurate.
  13. If his contracted salary is not left in the Bulldogs salary cap for 2020 and 2021 this will lead to others rorting the system. Sydney will try to do the same with Buddy's contract if he can't get back on the ground. The Bulldogs and any other club can now go and offer $1M per year to any available player for X number of years and when they fall over before the contract end, "cancel the contract".
  14. Because it is even smaller than our current allocation of space, and is too small for our current needs and there is no more room at the MCG. .
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